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General POV

"Well the science rooms are that way. The math rooms are that way. The english rooms are that way. And the history rooms are that way. And also the fine arts are down stairs with the lunch room right down this hall." Sebastion said pointing all over the place. Just giving them a basic layout of the school.

"Thanks….but anything else we need to know. Like who not to mess with and social advice. Stuff like that." Humphrey asked

"Oh yeah. You guys might want to know these things," He said with a chuckle "Well to start you guys are probably gonna see 3 very pretty girls named Kate, Lilly, and Katelyn. Don't get cought starring. It will not end well for you. Their boyfriends will step in and they don't play friendly. They are Garth, Easton, and Josh. They are over glorified, superfags. One way or another they will eventually do something to you. And for social advice…You two seem nice and smart enough to get friends and people to be around." Sebastion said hoping that they wouldn't make the same mistake he made.

"Thanks Sebastion. Oh and could you lead us to our lockers?" John asked handing Sebastion there numbers

"No fucking way! You guys got yours right next to mine. Follow me." As the two brothers walked down the hall they took in their environment. They looked around at each group of friends getting a good picture of who's friend was who's. They took all the talk to see what people were talking about. While also putting a mental map of the school in there minds. When they reached their locker they put all there books in and then took the books for the next class out. They looked at their class schedule to see what classes they had. Since John and Humphrey were both had ridiculous brains they had all AP classes. Sebastion saw there schedule.

"Wow! You guys are insanely smart! I got two classes with you guys." Sebastion said as the bell rang for the start of the first class.

"Oh Shit" they all said at once as they all looked at each other so their eyes met in the middle. They took off sprinting to there first class which they all had together, All of them were going as fast as they could. Sebastion looked to his right and saw that the two brothers were keeping up with him, a track star and starting cornerback for the football team. And when they turned a corner in the hall they came out of it with power in stride. They all slowed down when they saw the door. From inside the class people were wondering what the thumping sound was, And who was late to the first class.

When the teacher unlocked the door the three boys came in panting from the full on sprint. When they looked up they saw the three most beautiful things in the world.

Sebastion looked up and saw his life long crush, Katelyn. Except he hadn't seen her since school last year and boy she was hot. Her figure filled out and she looked like an angel to him. He couldn't stop starring

Humphrey gaze was fixed upon the most intoxicating thing he had ever seen. A gorgeous tan and red fur girl was siting on the side row of the class (Kate). Just looking at her for only a few seconds Humphrey found his goal. He didn't really know her, but he wanted to soooooo badly.

John was never one to stare at a girl, but he saw a pure white furred girl sitting right in front of Kate. Her hair was hanging over her eye, and she looked adorable. He saw her violet eyes in perfect contrast with her fur. Her body was perfect and he was stuck in place.

"Ok boys take your seats now." the teacher said snapping them out of there daydreams. All three of them went to the back of the class.

"Welcome, all of you to my class. I am Mrs. Stewart. This is advanced placement, so that means harder tests, stricter assignments, and your favorite, you will write down ever piece of information I say…." She continued to blab on about class rules and handed out procedure papers, but Humphrey, John, and Sebastion were all starring at the girls. After what seemed like no time at all the bell rang and the students were dismissed.

"Okay what class do we got next?' Humphrey asked John while they were standing next to their lockers.

"Ummm….." John said as he pulled out the schedule. "Math."

"Great." Humphrey said while rolling his eyes. Math went by slowly, in fact John and Humphrey got so bored that they started playing bloody knuckles to pass the agonizing time of which the teacher provided with his bad puns and creepy sayings. After math they had a free period, then lunch. Then two more classes. But to the brothers' delight, they had all their classes, save one, with the prettiest girls they have ever seen. And when the day ended they went to their lockers to put their things away. They both slowly turned their heads to each other.

"Dude, did you see Kate?" Humphrey asked hoping to get his brother opinion

"No. because i was too busy starring at Lilly. Bro I think we just found our…." John was interrupted by hearing a yelp of pain coming from down the stairs where the old locker rooms where.

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