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General POV

Humphrey woke up to his alarm clock, except this time it wasn't a surprise, nor was he mad he had to go to school. Because he got to go to class with the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, Kate. As he got up he looked all around his room. His walls were covered in sketches that he drew. They were all designs for cars, engines, planes, and buildings. Humphrey admired his work for a short while, but shortly got up and started to go downstairs. John was waiting for him in the basement.

"Ready to workout Humphrey?" John asked.

"Yeah lets get this over with." Humphrey said. They proceeded to do an arm work out, because yesterday they had legs. After they both went up to take a shower and eat breakfast. After his shower Humphrey moved over to his dresser and put on a pair of darkish blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He then put on a black sweatshirt over it. Next he went over to his desk and put on his necklace which was given to him buy his father. It was a wolf head made from a type of silver that reflected the light in such a way that it would sometimes make a rainbow on itself, and it also had sapphires for the eyes, that looked like Humphrey's when th e light hit John got out of the shower he put on camo, as always. This time it was white and blue forest camo for his pants and for his shirt he put on a white shirt with blue trim and sleeves. They both met in the bonus room to get there stuff for school.

"Hey John what do you think of our new school?" Humphrey asked

"I think if we play our cards right…we could have the best time of our lives." John said as he thought of what could be. "I know you like Kate, and I know, you know that I like Lilly. And we both know that they have douschbags for boyfriends. So if we can do this right….." John finished with him trailing of when he started thinking about Lilly. He started getting excited and decided to end it, "Lets just go." With that they ran down the stairs and raced over to the key rack.

"Lets take the truck." Humphrey said. John grabbed the keys to their truck and exited into the garage. They checked to make sure they have everything before they left. Then they opened the door to the garage and went over to their truck. It was a Ford Raptor with a 450hp 6.7Lv8. It was the car they used for everyday purposes. It wasn't flashy and could do some hard work if it needed too. They hopped in and started the car and within 15 minutes of listening to music they were at school. They arrived at the school at 8:15.

"Still got thirty minutes left before the first bell rings" said Humphrey.

"Lets go to our lockers and see if we can find Sebastion" John replied. They walked in and went straight to their lockers. As they walked the looked around trying to get a better look at what the school looked like. Their lockers were in a hall that connected the History and English halls. They soon arrived at their lockers and put there stuff up.

"Hey Humphrey I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Wait for me here OK." John said as he started walking down the hall to find the nearest bathroom. But unknowingly to them Garth was ready to make sure that he meant business. He was waiting for Humphrey to be alone, and now he was.

"Hey! Faggot!" Garth yelled as he approached Humphrey at a meaningful walk.

"Thats not a great way to greet som….." Humphrey was cut short as he was shoved up against the lockers by Garth

"Listen here. Kate is mine! Her ass is mine! Her tits are mine! Her pussy is mine! Stay away from her!" Garth said in a very angry hushed yell. Humphrey could have done something but chose not to get a scrappy reputation on the second day of school.

"Understand!?" Garth said wanting to make sure his point got across.

"Piss off." Humphrey barely got out before he was punched in the kidney. And fell to the ground coughing and holding his side in pain. Garth soon left to go to his locker which was on the other side of the English hall. Right on cue Kate walked in seeing someone on the floor slowly getting up.

"Hey! Are you okay!?" Kate said as she ran to help the person in need. "Is that you Humphrey?" She said as she stood next to him.

"The one and only." Humphrey said as he succeeded in standing up and leaned on his locker. Kate let out a slight giggle from his comment.

"What happened? Why where you on the floor." Kate asked curiously. Humphrey thought for a moment about what to say.

"Oh I just slipped on something. haha. No big deal.'" Humphrey said trying to cover up what actually happened.

"Oh, well then. Be more careful next time." Kate said as she looked Humphrey in the eyes.

"I will." Humphrey said as John came back from the bathroom and Kate went to her locker.

"So what did I miss?" John said sarcastically thinking Humphrey just stood there the entire time.

"Well since you ask." With that Humphrey lifted up his shirt revealing a purple bruise on his right side

"How'd that happen?!" John asked

"Garth did it. He told me to stay away from Kate." Humphrey answered

"Well…What are you gonna do?"

"I'll try my best…" Humphrey said as the bell rang and they soon moved to class.

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