Samtina Story

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Tina POV:

"I don't know, I feel as if I should go either stag or not at all then with someone I really care about for prom, ya know? I don't want Tina to go back into that relapse, but I don't really want to go with her…" I heard Sam say to Blaine.

Don't want to go with me? Well, fine you wont have to!

Sam POV:

"And the last Prom Queen nominee is, Tina Cohen-Chang. Congrats, and may all your lives be whatever. I don't really care." Sue's voice ran throughout the choir room.

"Wow, Tina, I'm so happy. I'm going to prom with a potential queen!" I told Tina.

"Sam, I'm really grateful you and the other guys gave me that offer, but I also know how you don't really want to go with me. You'd rather go alone or not at all then with me. And don't worry about me going back into 'that relapse' Sam, I'll go stag, and you can do the same, or with someone else. This is your senior prom too, I don't want you to regret it." Tina told me, tears brimming in her eyes before she ran out of the choir room.

"Tina, wait, he didn't mean it like that!" Blaine yelled after her.

"Wow, nice job. You guys finally pull Tina out of her haze, and Sam has to go be a jerk." Kitty said, getting up.

"Oh, and just where are you going?" I asked Kitty, a slight bite in my tone, even I could tell that.

"Well, since not even Blaine, her gay boytoy, is going after her, she needs a friend to lean on. Right? Didn't you guys sing that song that one time? Was that a fake? I'm not even friends with Tina, but I do know how it feels to be rejected, and I'm going to help her. Because apperantly, no one gives two shits about Tina. Maybe the only one in this club since the very beginning, and only given two solos, when your lead soloist was out, and all the other girls were not even on this team!" The last part was directed at Mr. Schue mostly, but everyone could see how that would feel.

"Oh, and if anyone says that you empathize with her, stop lying. Because no one has been what she's been through. No one knows, because no one has the curtesy to ask!" Kitty said storming out.

What she's been through? That last part makes no sense. What has she been through that she hasn't told us? Probably a lot… Kitty's right, we just yell at her without asking where she's coming from, and even if we do, we don't listen.

What is wrong with us? Kitty, the mean one is the only one to go after Tina, and she isn't even friends! They haven't spoken more than two words with each other, if Kitty isn't calling her "Tina Cohen-Loser".

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