So I had no idea this was even a fandom. But it's kinda awesome, and I'd like to post a little tribute to one of my favorite video games ever while I'm trying to rustle up ideas for Searchlight.


Year One: Peak One

Blinding. Snow, sky, everything was bright, impossible to look at. Griff slid on his goggles.

The world changed. He opened his eyes wide, feeling the chill of the air and the shiver from the mountain's beauty all at once.

The field of snow stretching below was untouched, pure from the previous night's storm. Dark spires of rock jutted out from the whiteness at random intervals, but most of the peak was obscured from view by the clouds.

A bank of fog, thick and misted in the early morning, stretched out to the horizon. With the goggles' shade, Griff could see the unending sea of clouds that met the sky. Oh, the sky... If he kept his vision level, he couldn't see anything except the deep blue above and the stark white below. Anyone could get lost in the beauty, the striking contrast of the scene.

He breathed deep, letting himself take it all in for a few seconds more. Almost nothing could compare to this. The sun. Snow. Clouds. Pristine, beautiful, almost... heavenly.

And boring.

Griff turned his board sideways.

He couldn't help himself. "Blastoff!" he yelled into the freezing dawn.

Suddenly, he was there. The mountain was everywhere, and the white and blue was streaking past, and the wind was so cold that it wasn't even cold anymore, and Griff could feel his heartbeat in his head, and the rush, the absolute rush was taking over and everything was perfect.

This was the reason. Not the beauty, but the beast, the raging monster that only woke up when he was moving, really flying. The other riders thought he was just a goofy kid, looking for a better cheap thrill than caffeine, and the weird thing was... they were absolutely right. The mountain was candy, it was the ultimate sugar high, and Griff never felt more alive than he did right now.

Had the sky ever been this clear? Had anything ever moved this fast? Had any place on earth ever been this new, and shining and bright?

He was approaching the jump. It took his breath away, and he was practically shaking with excitement. The snow was sliding past, faster and faster and the horizon was rushing up to meet him-

Nothing. Space. He was completely free, lost in the sky, and the world was spinning and turning around him, and there was nothing but the clouds and the blue and the sun, flipping over and back until Griff closed his eyes and just let it all be.

A single thought pierced the serenity in his mind. The clouds.

He couldn't see where he would land.

For a second, fear shot through him, but even this was part of it. The danger, the unknown was flooding him until he felt like he wanted to scream and sing and laugh all at once, and he finally opened his eyes to watch the fog bank rise up and surround him.

As soft as a kiss, the board landed on the powder, gracefully coasting to a slower speed as Griff leaned back. "Frame it," he grinned, exhilarated.

Nothing could be better than this.