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You'll be reading some about Arthur's and Alfred's first meeting, their childhood and Arthur's and Ivan's first real fight as kids. Enjoy!~

"I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you walking toward me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you." - Cassandra Clare

After the whole movie theater situation, Arthur had followed the two boys who went to go get ice cream in his car, he watched them for a bit from the parking lot as they ate outside, thankfully nothing really happened besides the moment where Alfred had gotten his birthday cake flavored ice cream on the tip of his nose and Ivan cleaned it off with a napkin, which almost made Arthur jump out of his car and interrupt them to do it himself but he didn't because he knew the situation didn't call for immediate action since he would have blown his cover. (he did however curse and sent death glares which he knew the Russian noticed because he kept looking back.)

Now it was a chilly, Sunday morning and Arthur was sitting in Alfred's living room drinking some hot tea the American's mother had made for him before heading out for groceries. Arthur hid his smile behind his tea cup as Alfred came back into the room with a coffee cup bigger than his face with marshmallows basically spilling from the top.

Arthur sighed but chuckled. "Alfred, are you sure you need that many marshmallows?" he asked amused.

Alfred looked at his best friend like he was a idiot. "Duh, Artie, of course I need these, they make the drink better!" Alfred exclaimed his baby blue eyes twinkling with laughter at such a silly question.

Arthur felt himself not hiding his smile anymore.

Arthur had always been a stubborn grump, since birth he liked to do things other kids didn't like to do. Most kids wanted to play games such as hide-and-seek or tag while the small British boy just wanted to sit at his own home and read by himself.

He was never very sociable and whenever he was around other kids he was either teased for being boring and quiet or gotten into fights, his parents hardly knew what to with him because as soon as his schooling started he had no one at all.

But then their new neighbors moved right next door, A beautiful young blonde woman, a handsome blonde man and their two children, who were twins.

The one twin, named Matthew who apparently was the older one. (although he didn't seem like it.) was also quiet and a homebody like Arthur but had a more gentle and calm demeanor. He was as cute as a button but was usually overlooked by everyone besides his own parents because of his twin's loud and dominate personality, although Matthew seemed not to mind much and probably loved his brother more than anyone else there was. (besides Arthur, himself, of course.)

Then their was Alfred. A baby face, blue eyed boy who had more energy and crazy ideas than anyone else in the neighborhood.

The moment Arthur and Alfred had met, Alfred grinned this huge grin and practically took down the older child in a bear hug before pulling away and laughing obnoxiously.

"Hi! My name is Alfred, wanna be friends?" he asked happily as his mother seemed amused and Arthur's own mother squealing at how cute this was.

Arthur only reddened and sputtered out something incomprehensible in astonishment at the direct question.

Alfred only tilted his head and waited with his lips parted in a expression even Arthur at the time knew was adorable.

Arthur's mother gently pushed him towards the younger child making him answer.

Arthur looked away still red. "...Fine, we can be friends, I guess." he replied embarrassed, not used to this feeling he got in the pit of his stomach.

Alfred smiled this goofy smile that Arthur to this day can still remember because he could remember at that exact time, it was almost like the Dr. Suess's book 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' because even despite his tough exterior, Arthur could actually just feel his small hard heart growing three whole sizes that day.

After that the had been inseparable. Arthur was Alfred's first friend in his new neighborhood and Alfred was Arthur's first friend in general, it was hard for the two to not be away from each other.

Their whole childhood, Alfred had basically taken the older boy (and his twin on most occasions) on crazy adventures from things such as sneaking out at night to go play at the playground, which didn't end well and landed them all in punishments for weeks and to things like going around their street and leaving flowers into people's mail boxes. (something about wanting to be a hero, even though they did take the flowers from their neighbor's own flower beds, Arthur assured Alfred, it was still the thought that counted.)

They went to the same school but since Alfred was a grade younger they couldn't always be together, something they both weren't very happy about, especially Arthur though. Arthur knew Alfred would make friends fast, it was impossible not to love the boy almost immediately, he was always happy and he was funnier than almost anyone and Arthur was scared the lad would forget and abandon him for someone cooler and less grumpy.

But to Arthur's surprise, Alfred never did forget about him, sure he made friends, even some best friends like Kiku Honda and Toris Laurinaitis but he always seemed he would rather hang out with his first friend more and Arthur was happy and proud of that fact.

Arthur still was grumpy and moody to everyone else, especially the immature kids in his grade, although Alfred sometimes acted the same way as Arthur's classmates and could be childish and slightly annoying, Arthur just thought it wasn't nearly as charming as when his friend acted that way.

He never told Alfred about the fights he got into on a regular basis because he knew Alfred would've been upset and tried to be the 'hero' and save him, he couldn't ever let the blond haired boy get hurt because of him.

One day however when Alfred's and Arthur's grade got to share a recess schedule time, Arthur had managed to get into a fight with a Russian classmate, named Ivan Branginiski and it resulted into something physical.

Arthur remembered Ivan saying something about Alfred being his best friend and Arthur told him politely to shut up and that he was wrong and it transpired into something very bad.

Ivan and Arthur were punching whatever part of the other's bodies they could land a fist on and yelling as school kids gathered around them and chanted. "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

"I've known Alfred longer!"

"Fredka is in the same grade as me!"

"He's my next door neighbor!"

"He's my seating partner!"

The two children argued heavily, even though Ivan was younger than Arthur he was much stronger and had gotten the blond child into a head lock quickly.

"Admit he's not your best friend, and I'll let you go, da?" Ivan threatened glaring at the child he had managed to pin down.

Arthur practically growled. "I will do no such thing!" He replied yelling curses ten year old children probably shouldn't have known.

Ivan laughed. "Suit yourself, comrade." he replied sarcastically about to start fighting again but froze the second he saw a angry looking familiar boy come running up and pushing the crowd to pass through.

Alfred glared and looked so un-Alfred like it made his two feuding best friend's breath hitch.

"What are you two doing?!" Alfred asked angrily stomping his foot childishly into the ground.

Arthur bit his lip and scrambled back to his feet as Ivan let him go looking equally as sheepish as his new enemy.

Arthur sighed and started. "Alfred, I'm sorry but I had to start fighting, this boy said you were his best friend, he was lying!" Arthur defended himself hoping to hear Alfred sigh in relief and agree with him that he was right.

Ivan scoffed. "I am his best friend, I would not lie about things like that." He replied his Russian accent rolling off his tongue in annoyance.

Alfred didn't look amused with a scowl on his face he crossed his arms. "You both are my best friends! You can't fight with each other, or make me choose. I like you both!" He replied making the crowd of children around them make a annoying 'Ooh' sound as the drama unfolded.

Arthur and Ivan both made sounds of disbelief and started both talking at the same time.

"You can't possible be friends with this imbecile!"

"He's not like you at all, Fredka, he's completely opposite!"

"He's wearing a scarf and coat and it's eighty degrees outside!"

"He's wearing a stuffy old person sweater and has a stupid pocket watch!"

They both stopped abruptly seeing their best friend's angry blue eyes softened into one of pain and hurt.

Alfred's eyes brimmed with tears and he sniffled making the two in front of him insides tightened and their eyes fall to look at the ground in shame at what they had done to their friend.

"I like you both! You're both my best friends. You need to get along or else, I-I won't be friends with either of you!" Alfred announced his usually so confident appearance erasing away as he burst into tears, his young age showing immediately.

Arthur immediately was next to his crying friend and wrapped his arms around him, making almost all of the kids in his grade confused at this comforting and friendly behavior they've never seen before from the weird British boy.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, love! I didn't mean to have made you upset, I'll try and be civil to your friend." Arthur ended trying not to spat the last word out in spite and make Alfred even more upset.

Ivan was patting Alfred's shoulder his strange lavender eyes looking guiltily at the scene in front of him.

"I agree, I'm sorry Fredka, I'll try too to be nice to your friend." Ivan said with Arthur sensing Ivan also trying not to say the last word with much distaste, although obviously failing.

But Alfred didn't noticed and wiped at his eyes sniffling the last of the tears away on Arthur's sweater which Arthur didn't mind considering he just wanted his best friend to stop crying.

"Thanks guys, I'm glad you're friends too now." Alfred replied naively smiling gently glad to have ended everything peacefully.

After that day, Arthur and Ivan had been ratted out by some tattle tale of a kid and was given detention together which not only made them hate each other more but also gave them more time to sit and think about how annoying Alfred's other best friend was.

Over the years, Alfred and Ivan had definitely gotten closer much to Arthur's irritation.

Arthur, as soon as he entered sixth grade knew he loved Alfred more than a friend, in fact he realized he loved his friend really the day he met him he just didn't realize it himself.

Arthur never let his feelings show towards the American in fear their friendship would be ruined and he never wanted anything like that to happen.

But at the same time he didn't want anyone to come take Alfred away from him so whenever they entered high school and Alfred and Ivan had grown apart due to new friends and different class schedules, Arthur was so relieved and happy that Alfred had more time for his real best friend.

Everything was fine and dandy before Ivan came back and decided to try and win back Alfred again Arthur thought his green eyes darkening at thinking about the stupid annoying Russian.

Arthur was snapped out of his thoughts as Alfred poked him in the forehead peering at him in confusion.

Arthur's eyes widened and he almost spilled his tea all over himself as he saw Alfred's face centimeters away from his own.

Arthur could have touched Alfred's freckled nose with his own nose if he only tilted his head farther. He could see Alfred's wisps of blond colored hair fall into his blue eyes and slightly resting on the straw colored feathered lashes.

Arthur focused on Alfred's parted lips reddening at the close proximity between his mouth and his own.

Arthur was so thankful at that moment for Alfred oblivious understanding of personal space.

Alfred furrowed his dark blond colored eyebrows and poked Arthur again sounding annoyed. "Artie! Are you even listening to me?" Alfred whined pouting like a kicked puppy dog.

Arthur shook his head getting his thoughts out of the gutter and smiled apologetically at his love.

"I'm sorry, lad. I just have a lot on my mind right now." Arthur replied feeling empty as Alfred moved farther away to lean comfortably against the couch.

Alfred smiled back. "It's okay, Iggy. Wanna talk about it?" Alfred asked sounding worried making Arthur's head spin at how sweet Alfred was.

Everyone thought Alfred was completely oblivious to others' feelings, and he was when it came to love considering he never even had a inkling of a feeling of Arthur's thoughts towards his self but when it came to his friends feeling upset, Alfred always knew and wanted to make things better.

It was the 'Hero' or something inside of him, Arthur had guessed, whatever the reason was though it was something that made Arthur love him ten times more.

Arthur knew he couldn't really say anything though. "Well, I just thi-"

Arthur was cut off as Alfred's phone went off a ringtone going off that made Arthur freeze, a song he heard on some stupid Wii dance game Alfred liked to play.

'Ra, Ra, Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen, their was a cat that really was gone~'

Alfred's face lit up as he heard the ring tone pulling the phone out of his pocket and sending a apoplectic look towards his friend before answering.

"Hey, Ivan! What's up?" Alfred asking happily.

Arthur felt his blood run cold and he just wanted to hear what his enemy was saying so that could stop whatever creepy thing he was probably talking about.

Alfred bit his lip and looked towards Arthur before answering whatever question Ivan asked.

"Dude, I'm sorry, I can't, I'm hanging out with someone right now."

Arthur smirked in victory seeing Alfred reject Ivan for himself.

Alfred looked a little sad hearing whatever Ivan was saying but then grinned this excited grin.

"Man, I have a idea! We can all just hang out, that'd be so awesome!" Alfred had exclaimed looking excited.

Arthur's green eyes widened and he scowled not wanting to hang out with Ivan after his little lying tirade he went on yesterday about loving Alfred more.

But Arthur sighed at least he could watch Ivan and make sure he wouldn't do anything to his Alfred, at least their was some positive side to this.

Alfred finally said goodbye and ended the call.

"Okay, so we're going out for lunch, we're getting pizza with Ivan! This will be cool! We all haven't hung out together since like my fourteenth birthday party!' Alfred said grabbing his leather bomber jacket already ready to head out to see his friend.

Alfred looked over at Arthur who still sat at the couch with a slightly worried look on his formerly happy face.

"You want to come with me right?" he asked looking younger than he really was as he pouted slightly in anticipation.

Arthur felt his insides melt as he begrudgingly stood up and walked towards Alfred also grabbing his jacket off the coat rack.

"Fine, let's go." Arthur replied watching as Alfred started grinning again and they headed outside, one with with excitement and the other with hatred brewing on the inside at knowing he's have to calmly interact with his rival.

'This will be interesting.' Arthur thought not knowing whether to internally smirk at the idea of battling secretively to gain Alfred's attention or whether to be worried Ivan would try and ruin his plans.

Either way, Arthur knew this would be a intense battle with Alfred in the middle chomping on his pizza oblivious to the murdering glares passed between the two sitting next to him.

Arthur chose to smirk in the end and looked at the smiling adorable idiot walking next to him.

He had to win, he just had to.

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