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"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all." - Emily Dickinson

The game had ended with the Dallas Cowboys winning (making Alfred squeal and fan-girl like a twelve-year-old girl) and after several failed attempts of both Arthur and Ivan trying to get the blond's attention, Ivan had finally used his trump card looking proud as he grinned at Alfred.

"Do you want to go play some football, Fredka?" Ivan asked raising an eyebrow and motioning towards the abandoned and beat up football sitting in the corner next to the back door.

Alfred brightened while Arthur's content expression diminished immediately.

Alfred jumped up. "Yeah! That's sounds so awesome! I'm totally going to kick your butt, Vanya." Alfred exclaimed laughing before stopping and looking at Arthur a little concerned. "O-Oh, maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea after a-" Arthur cut off Alfred by standing up and glaring at the Russian before giving a fake smile.

"Alfred, dear, you know, I would never spoil your fun. We can play, I'll just learn as we go." Arthur exclaimed his confidence faltering a bit at the end of his sentence.

Alfred bit his lip he didn't want to make his best friend sad but he also really wanted to go outside and play some sports, he didn't really know what to do. A light bulb suddenly went off in his head as he grinned before racing up the stairs.

Arthur gasped sounding a lot like his mother at the moment. "Alfred! What did I tell you about running up the stairs? You're going to get hurt!" He scolded worry hinted at his words.

Alfred let out a laugh not even paying attention to his weird friend who worried way too much sometimes before running in his room and finding what he was looking for.

He raced back down stairs ignoring Arthur's shocked sound of complete fear as he jumped off the last four steps back to the first floor of the house holding in his hands a soccer ball.

Alfred grinned looking at his brother and his friends. "Here! We all play soccer-" Alfred stopped before looking at Arthur. "well all of us besides Arthur plays soccer, he plays European football." Alfred mocked using his free hand to make quotation marks laughing as he rushed outside to avoid getting grabbed by Arthur.

Arthur turned red with annoyance. "Hey! You little-" Arthur threatened before chasing the exuberant blond outside to the backyard.

Ivan and Matthew followed in hopes of keeping Alfred alive.

They had started a scrimmage after a long deliberation on whose everyone team member would be, everyone besides Alfred, who didn't care had an obvious preference but Ivan's and Arthur's hopes were soon squashed when Alfred grabbed Matthew and told him they were a team because he was sick of waiting.

Arthur and Ivan were both reluctant team mates both glaring at each other for a few seconds before mentally preparing themselves for a match against Alfred and Matthew and one between themselves to prove who was the better soccer player to catch Alfred's attention.

No goalie, it was just defense and offense. Alfred and Arthur were playing offense while Matthew and Ivan were defense.

Alfred grinned at Arthur before making a whistle sound in his mouth. "Ready, set, go!" He exclaimed before dribbling the black and white ball down his backyard laughing as Arthur soon managed to get it back the Brit smirking as he did so.

They played until the chilly fall morning air turned warmer and more crisp as the afternoon rolled in and Alfred and Matthew's mother had came outside to make sure the teens were okay.

The game ended with no one really knowing what the score was, they lost track after a while and just started having fun. Alfred and surprisingly everyone else having a pretty good time. Arthur and Ivan both lost focus of hating each other and was just enjoying spending time with Alfred, their best friend.

The friendly spell ended however when Alfred picked up the soccer ball and grinned at the two teen boys in front of him reminding both Arthur and Ivan what they had to lose.

Alfred smiled moving a hand in his tousled hair. "Good game." He stated simply spinning the soccer ball on his finger like a basketball player would.

Arthur smiled back and was about to reply when Ivan stepped slightly in front of him. "Yes, Fredka, it was." Ivan replied throwing an arm around his shoulders and leading him inside.

Arthur felt his mouth drop and his eyebrows furrow at this display of affection.

It pissed him off how Ivan just practically man handled his Alfred like that, sure it wasn't like Ivan was hurting Alfred or like the boy minded but it still was an invasion of personal space and a lack of respect for touching Arthur's Alfred.

Arthur's eyes flashed dangerously but softened when Alfred looked back to make sure Arthur was following them back inside the house.

Arthur couldn't and wouldn't do anything now about Ivan because he knew it would just make Alfred angry with him if the lad knew his friends were fighting but he would do something soon enough.

At the moment however he would just glare daggers at the damn Russian hand resting on Alfred's shoulder.

Several days had went by after the visit to Alfred's house and now it was Saturday evening, not only that but it was an important sport event their school had waited for, for weeks.

A football match against their school's rival team.

Alfred's and Ivan's football team had been preparing for weeks getting ready to compete and win against their competition.

The school's football field was completely packed. All bleacher seats being occupied by either the home school's students of the visiting school's student.

Arthur could hear loud exciting chattering around him as he desperately looked from his seat for Alfred somewhere among all the other football uniformed bodies. Arthur was seated high up in the bleachers next to some obnoxious teenage girls who were smiling like hyenas and looking at the football players with unmasked glee on their faces.

Arthur sneered in disgust knowing they were probably looking at Alfred like that, Alfred was the star player on the football team. Arthur knew nothing about football, but even he knew the boy was good.

But of course, Arthur could say Alfred did everything well because in his mind it really wasn't far from the truth.

Arthur knew Ivan was somewhere down there as well, the silver-haired boy also another starring player on the team and a fan favorite like Alfred.

The girls besides him squealed in delight. "Oh my God! It's him! Alfred F. Jones!" One girl said dreamily.

The girl next to her raised her eyebrows grinning. "You're right, he really is cute in that uniform!" She exclaimed sounding a little too interested in Arthur's mind.

After another squeal fest from the girls when Alfred waved to the crowd like the natural show pony he was, Arthur gave them a pointed look.

"Will you all just shut it?" He asked glaring looking completely serious making the girls shut up immediately as they saw the dangerous look sent their way.

'Much better.' Arthur thought sighing in relief, he heard whistles being blown as the game started.

Arthur didn't really enjoy these games because he always went home with a headache. Parents screaming at their kids to play better or over indulgent mothers exclaiming their kid was the best football player in the world or some other delusional thought like that.

Or stupid girls like the ones next to him eyeing Alfred up like a piece of meat, it was always the same thing.

Soon the football was thrown right into Ivan's hands making him run down the field avoiding the opposing players to get to wherever he was supposed to go, Arthur didn't really know.

"Go, Ivan! You got this!"

"Ivan, come on!"

"Let's win, Braginski!"

Arthur heard his whole school chanting support towards Ivan making the blond roll his eyes, this was the reason he came home with a migraine, people like them not knowing when to shut up.

At that moment Ivan had thrown the ball to Alfred who was running down the field to catch it and when he did Arthur ironically let out a sound of excitement.

"Yeah! Good job, lad!" Arthur cheered louder than anyone else grinning like a mother would as Alfred apparently did something good considering he saw his school's side of the bleachers start clapping.

The game had been going on for about an hour now and Arthur didn't know the score but he knew they were winning so that was all that mattered to him at this point.

Arthur was grinning when Alfred was passed the ball and started running down the field to score, Arthur could almost just imagine the bright blond grinning underneath his helmet in excitement.

Arthur smiled gently imagining that.

At that very moment it was almost as if everything happened in slow motion in just a matter of seconds Arthur watched as a big burly football player from the other team deliberately just completely crash into Alfred.

Arthur had seen Alfred get hit and knocked down several times but this one was different even the crowd noticed as they all gasped at the sound of the impact made when Alfred's and the other player's bodies came into contact with each other.

Arthur heard Alfred scream and the soft smile on his shocked face melted away into panic. He heard the whistle blow and watched as everyone stopped to rush to Alfred's aid.

Arthur practically slammed passed people on the bleachers to get to Alfred.

He didn't care who was in his way and didn't give a flying shit when he knocked someone's drink out of their hand making the sugary carbonated liquid spill onto his shoes.

All he knew was that Alfred was hurt and in pain and that he needed him.

Arthur was freaking out. "Get the fuck out of my way!" He screamed trying to get past everyone who had taken Alfred's injury for some sort of damn break to go get blasted snacks like disgusting animals.

People glared at him when he finally got the grass, he saw Alfred lying on the ground his helmet off with his hands on his face. His mother and Matthew crouched next to him looking worried.

Arthur ran faster than he ever had in his life to get to Alfred injured form.

When he got close enough he could hear the coach and the ref talking sounding extremely worried which made Arthur panic even more, he could also see Ivan sitting next to Alfred his purple orbs concerned.

Arthur finally crouched next to Alfred and took deep breaths trying to calm down his breathing from running so hard and from just the sheer fear he felt as he looked down at Alfred who still didn't look up at him.

Arthur combed his fingers through the boy's blond strands of hair and felt his green eyes tear up as he wondered how he could fix this.

"Alfred, dear? Are you okay?" He whispered softly making a expression of pure pain when he felt Alfred slightly shake his head 'no' still not moving his hands away from his face.

Ivan growled. "Of course, he's not okay! That ublyudok knew that was dangerous move." Ivan said looking pissed and even though Arthur didn't like Ivan he did know they at least had a common enemy now to hate even more than each other.

Arthur was too worried with Alfred's state of health to go kill whoever did this at the moment however.

"Alfred, please just let me look at you." Arthur pleaded his eyebrows furrowing in worry.

Alfred shook his head again keeping his hands from revealing his face although Arthur could see the way he jaw was tightened and knew the lad was in serious pain.

Arthur saw Matthew and Alfred's mother talking to the coach and when they came back to Alfred's lying form they smiled weakly at him.

"Alfred, we need to go to the hospital." His mother said her weak smile not meeting her eyes as she looked at her son extremely concerned as her usually stubborn child just nodded from behind his hands.

Arthur and Ivan looked up at the same time both shocked.

"It's that bad?!" Arthur exclaimed almost on a verge of a panic attack wondering what on earth was wrong.

Alfred's mother nodded. "They think his leg might be broken." She replied tearing up at the end like a normal mother would, Matthew patting her back looking just as upset.

Arthur gasped and felt the world spin, Alfred had never been hurt like this before. The kid was always lucky, always doing stupid things and never once getting injured, Arthur had never once thought something like this could happen to Alfred.

Arthur stood up slowly. "I'm coming to the hospital with you." He stated as Mrs. Jones just nodded expecting as such from her son's best friend.

Ivan stood up as well. "May I come as well, Mrs. Jones? Fredka is my friend." He said causing his football coach to make a sound of complete shock. "You can't go, Braginski! We need you here!" He exclaimed looking upset at the idea of losing another player.

Ivan shook his head. "I'm sorry, Fredka is more important to me than some sport." He replied seriously before helping Alfred up letting him lean on his shoulder.

Alfred hissed in pain still holding one hand over his face as he hobbled next to Ivan on his good leg.

Arthur quickly grabbed Alfred's other shoulder helping him up.

When Alfred let his hand fall off his face to hold Arthur's shoulder Arthur could only gape in horror at the tears falling down Alfred's face.

But what made him feel sick to his stomach though looking at Alfred was the fact the look on his face was so different than the one he usually wore, so confident and brave, now he looked like a scared little boy.

That scared Arthur more than anything.

ublyudok - bastard

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