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America's POV

I close the door to my youngest son's bedroom and head back to my own room. I have three children. Prince Astin Cullen Schreave, Princess Aria Mae Schreave and my little Prince Brooks Kenneth Schreave. Their names, as peculiar as they may seem, suit them. It was not only Maxon and I choosing their names though, but countless advisors that determine if their name will suit who they are and their lifestyle.

Astin, for example, is my eldest son; therefore he will one day take the throne. Astin is of French origin for a 'strong, trustworthy leader'. Many advisors agreed to this and then chose the middle name, Cullen. I was shocked when they decided this because Cullen was certainly not what I intended for his middle name, but it means 'handsome' so of course it must be Cullen.

My next child, Aria, was different. Because girls aren't as important as boys, advisors were lenient towards her name. I loved the name Aria since I was young and thought it would suit her. Aria meaning 'pure, chaste and melodious', advisors were pleased with my choice. That didn't last long when I chose Mae for her middle name. They were horrified to know it means 'bitter' in some definitions. I didn't really care what they thought and ignored their accusations because Mae in fact means 'spring and kinswoman'.

Brooks means 'river'. It wasn't a bad name and Maxon found it cute, so we named him Brooks. Advisors eventually stepped in with his middle name Kenneth which means, 'handsome; born of fire; royal oath'.

It's not that I hate their names…anymore, it's the fact that I barely had a say in my own children's names that angers me so much.

My anger towards this has passed and searched for a much different topic. Astin is now 18 and the next Selection will be coming up after his next birthday.

I know I participated in the Selection and it turned out wonderful for me, but I want Astin to find love for himself without anyone interfering. That is why, the only way I agreed to the next Selection is if Astin and Astin alone chooses who he wants to leave or to stay. The advisors were hesitant, but eventually agreed.

I open the door to our suite and find Maxon leaning back on a chair near the balcony. He looks up at me and smiles. I walk towards him as he rises from the chair. He plants a soft kiss on my lips, one that always leaves me breathless.

"I'm surprised your back so early," I tell him. "Not enough meetings today?" I tease. He laughs lightly.

"Actually, I was in the middle of one meeting when I left," Maxon explains. I stare at him, jaw dropped in shock.

"You left?" I ask. "It mustn't be important then,"

"It was actually a meeting about the Selection. Some of advisors were complaining about your attitude towards it even though you were once in it." Maxon spoke matter-of-factly. "I assure you, those advisors were harshly scolded before I left the room."

"What…what did they say?" I ask, stunned.

"Oh nothing of important value, I stopped listening after 'I am quite curious and annoyed towards Queen America's attitude…'" He stared back searching my eyes for any sign of emotion. "Quite an inconsiderate man I might say,"

I took a step closer resting my hands on his chest.

"And…" I start. "What did you say?" A cunning smile creeps on his face.

"I said that Queen America was a beautiful, caring, devoted, perfect mother and wife who simply wants the best for her children and that you should be grateful enough to serve her."

"You didn't really say that," I smile.

"It was something along those lines," Maxon says. He grabs my hand and pulls me along to the open balcony doors. We step out into the chilly Angeles air.

Placing my arms along the railing and staring out into the sky, Maxon wraps his hand around my waist and pulls me into his warm body.

I think of Astin and how he could be feeling towards the Selection. Will he hate us forever for putting him through this? How do Aria and Brooks feel? Are they mad as well or are they jealous?

Sensing my thoughts, Maxon holds me tighter.

"Everything will be fine," he whispers. I spin slightly to look him in the eyes.

"How do you know? What if Astin hates us or he chooses some-"

"It turned out great for me didn't it?" Maxon interrupts.

"But Astin isn't you!" I protest.

"Yes, but he is a lot like me," he soothes. "He is charming, witty, a gentleman and he has fantastic sense of taste…just like me!" Maxon beams and I manage a laugh. "Don't worry, America," he whispers in my ear again and I nod.

For a few moments everything is silent except for the rush of the cool wind.

"How did you feel during the Selection, Maxon?" I ask softly, remembering back to the day when they first announced the 35 Selected during my participation. I was sitting around my family with popcorn and the sight of Maxon on screen. He was, and still is, very handsome, but I hadn't any feelings towards him then.

I heard Maxon sigh before answering my question.

"I was nervous, anxious, unfocused. I tried to stay positive, but up until the very last moment when I met you…I was a total mess," Maxon looked down shaking his head. "But I know Astin won't be like that. He inherited your stubbornness and confidence, he will be just fine."

I smile and nod at his reassurance.

"Come on," he whispers one last time. "Lets get some sleep." I nod and head back inside.