Casablanca – We will always have Paris that was what Tony thought of when he looked at the window of the plane and smiled. He remembered the scene at the end of the movie where Humphrey Bogart told Ingrid Bergman they would always have Paris. That made him smile as he and Ziva would always have Paris. Instead of Boggie on the tarmac of the airport it was Ziva waving goodbye and Tony flying off to a new life. The life he was meant to have.

He only hoped that once she found herself again that she would return to him. Unlike Boggie's character he would not let go that easily of her, and he hoped she would not either. He loved Ziva so much sometimes it hurt to think how much he would miss her.

A few months after returning home, he had his Skype window open again, hoping Ziva would be on line. He waited for her every night hoping she was out there, as he was about to shut down there was a ping.

"Hey Stranger" she said

"Hey yourself" tony replied "I miss you"

"Miss you too Tony, how is everyone?"

"Good, where are you now?"

"Open the door?"

"What" leaving the computer and running to the door he is shocked to see here standing there. Taking her in his arms he kisses her long and hard. When they come up for air he closed the door behind him and says "here's looking at you kid" He smiles to himself now all is right with the world he got his girl back and would never let her go again.

(fad to black)