My friend's been bugging me to rewrite this chapter, and I have to agree with her, this isn't my best work.

Everyone's age

Leon 23

Meiko 22

Kaito 22

Gakupo 20

Luka 20

Rin and Len 15

Lenka 16

Lily 16

Gumi 15

Neru 16

In this story everyone's a vocaloid except Leon.

Disclaimer: I don't own vocaloid

Meiko's POV

Meiko, walked into the vocaloid mansion, what to do, what to do?

She spotted Miku talking to kaito, oh how she hated Miku, you see before Miku came along she was the star, always being surrounded, being loved by Master more, when she came along Master started to spend less and less time with her, and more time with Miku, but it didn't mean that she didn't have any friends, Meiko smiled at that.

"Oh hi there Meiko," Miku greeted with a fake smile on her face.

Miku's POV

I hate that hag, doesn't she know that she's not wanted. Everyone likes me more, except that Bakaito. The One most important person I like is always trying their best to please Meiko.

No one's POV

"Hi Miku," Meiko greeted emotionlessly.

A flash of blue pasted by, "Hi, Meiko-Chan is finally back," said Kaito as he hugged Meiko.

All the vocaloid turned to acknowledge that, and then went back to what they were doing.

Meiko turned to Kaito and said, "let go now," with a scary look on her face. Kaito pouted "so mean Mei-Chan."

"Where have you been, you left me with the king of pervertedness," asked Luka, who was being followed by the king of pervertedness himself, Gakupo. "Luka don't be so mean," said Gakupo.

Then master came in, everything went silent, "Meiko can I see you in my office," Master said.

Meiko had a bad feeling at the pit of her stomach, as she followed Master.

Finally they arrive, master took his seat, "Meiko, you were my first creation and it pains me to say this but if you can't get your sells up by 6 months, I'll be forced to uninstall you," master said.

Meiko smiled a sad smile, she knew this was going to happen, Miku's better than her, more famous than her, more everything than her.

"I'll try my best master," at the end, her voice cracked.

She felt numb, emotionless, all she could do now is, go out and drink to her heart's content.

She got her red coat on and was going out the door when kaito asked where she was going; she answered out, and then left swiftly.

As she was drunk out her mind, she started thinking of all the vocaloids she had cared for, she was going to miss them. She suddenly felt something wet on her cheeks, she touched it and she realized she was crying.

Meiko does not cry, that's what weaklings do, she drank another shot. And then everything went blank.

~Time skip to the next morning~

Meiko woke up, with a terrible headache; she got up and realized she was not in her room, but a stranger's room.

"Oh you're up," said a male voice

Who's the stranger, and will Meiko rise to fame, and will Gakupo stop bothering Luka. Find out in chapter 2

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