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-Meiko looked at the stranger, and asked what any sane person would ask, "who are you, where am I, and what the heck happened last night," at this the stranger smirked "you didn't have a problem with who i was last night," said the stranger. Meiko could feel a headache coming on, she rubbed her temple, at that the stranger said,"wait here I'll go and get you some aspirin." Meiko was surprised that the stranger noticed.

As she waited for him, she looked at her surroundings,she was in a plain room, white walls, draws, and a closet. she also saw a few boxes laying around, as she was looking around, she felt something vibrate, she reached into her pocket and took out her cell phone, it was Kaito calling her, she press answer call,

"hello, Mei-Chan, you there?" asked a worried Kaito, Meiko decided to amuse Kaito.

"yep I'm here," Meiko replied.

" where are you, I was up all night waiting for you," Kaito said in an angry voice. At that time the stranger happen to come in, he smirked, this was going to be fun.

" Look Kaito I so-," before Meiko could finish her sentence, the stranger stanched the phone from her hands, "She has been with me," the stranger answered. Kaito was really pissed off now, not only did Meiko make him worry, but now she was with another man, Kaito needed some answers now, "Give the phone back to Meiko," he said in a deadly voice, "Meiko, so that's her name," said the stranger."Hi Meiko, he wants to speak to you," said the stranger.

"where are you, I'm coming there immediately," Kaito demanded.

"What's your address?" Meiko asked, "oh my, leaving so soon, well we can't have that now can we," said the stranger, then he took Meiko's phone and ended the call. Then the stranger sat down in front of Meiko, on the bed, "Let's introduce ourselves," proposed the strange man. Meiko stayed silent as ever.

The stranger sighed, "Here I'ii go first, my names Leon Green," now that meiko knew the name of the stranger she observed him, he had blue eyes, blond hair, he also looked well in shape, and he was a good head taller than her.

"I'm Meiko sake," she said. "well then, now that we know each others names, would you like breakfast," offered Leon.

"No thank you, I really should be going," Meiko said as she got up and exited the room, she looked around and didn't know where to go, Leon came out shortly, "your probably confused, follow me" he said, and then he started walking in a direction, Meiko follow closely, but her big toe hurt for some reason so she had a little difficultly, it was very noticeably, but then Leon suddenly stopped walking they were now in front of the stairs, "you should have told me you were having difficulty walking," he said, and then he picked up Meiko bridal style, "What the heck are you doing!" exclaimed Meiko.

"your feet were hurting so I thought why not carry you," Leon explained, they were finally down the stairs,to their left was a fully packed kitchen, and to their right was the living room with a big sofa, and a t.v big as a whale, and straight was the door, Leon preceded towards the door. Meiko shifted a bit, and then she asked,"can you let me down," "no, I refuse to let a lady that is in pain walk, I'll carry you to my car and into to your home." Leon stated. "No way am I letting you carry me to my house, or letting you find out where I live, so you'll only be carrying me to a taxi, and that's it," Meiko stated fine.

As they went out of the apartment building Meiko could see where she was, she was in the most expensive and busiest part of Tokyo. Passerbyers only stared for a second or two and then left, after all it wasn't every day you see a handsome man holding a woman out in the middle of the street.

They were looking for a taxi, Meiko decided to thank Leon, After all he did take her in when she was drunk as ever, "hi, listen Leon," Meiko said, Leon gave Meiko his full attention, "Thanks for everything," she finished. "your welcome, after all I wouldn't leave a lady like you alone drunk in Tokyo," he said with a genuine smile, Meiko smiled back.

"Get your hands off Meiko," an angry Kaito said. Kaito was standing there huffing, he must of ran here.