After The War

Chapter One: I Saw The Sign

I have finally come out of hibernating and decided to post a new story! I've lost interest in my other stories, but it you me to continue them, I will. I think this story will be something I won't lose interest too fast in!

I pushed myself up, my right shoulder bleeding lightly, my left eye just a bloody socket while my left foot was shattered, bone sticking up through the skin. Pain. I could only feel white-hot agony that made me freeze, not wanting to make my body hurt anymore than it already did. But I couldn't stay here, I had to get back to my troops, I had to fight the relentless Allies, I just had to. I had already been laying here for God knows how long after I took that grenade to the face.

Well, it wasn't directly to the face, but it was pretty damn close. Oh God, my foot, I just looked down at it. I can feel my stomach heave, but I have nothing left in my stomach, so all that comes out, scorching my throat, this yellowish stomach acid. My head feels light while my heart is an anvil. I take a step, flinching in pain as this is my shattered foot, I take another and another.

Pretty soon the pain becomes a dull ache, but occasionally I'll hit a rock and it'll hurt like hell. I look at the sky, the sun is brightly shining with massive puffy clouds floating lazily in the sky, I'm not all too thrilled with this weather, but it's better than walking through rain. I look down at myself and see my uniform has fallen into rags, it's singed, huge pieces have been ripped and it's barely clinging to my skinny form. Also, I can see that I am thin, very thin and my throat is oh so dry, I need some water, now.

I whip my head from side to side in search of any liquid, which was a bad thing because now my head is swimming and my vision is slightly blurry, and there's no trace of water anywhere. However, I do know now that I'm in a forest, I really need to find my way back to my army, we have a war to win. They're calling this war World War Two, a war between the Axis and the Allies. Many countries made up the Axis and the Allies.

I really don't want to fight, but my boss is sending my out, he calls me the Invincible Soldier, since I'm a country and I can't die. Where are my manners? I'm Romano also known as South Italy, but mostly known as Italy's Douchebag Brother. Yeah, I may half of Italy, but my brother, North Italy, is referred to as Italy. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother, he's talented, adorable, innocent, charming, can't do a thing wrong, everything I'm not.

And get this, I am half of Italy, but I'm never invited to the Axis meetings, I guess they only need one Italy. My brother, he's innocent, the most innocent little thing ever. I can't let him get ruined like I have, so I will fight this war while he makes pasta, I will take on the pain of our soldiers dying while he takes a siesta.

I take another look around me, slower this time and I see I have entered a small village. Or what used to be one, I see that the Allies have gotten here, bodies of my soldiers, German, my innocent people, but not one of the Allies soldiers is lying here dead. I get this sinking feeling in my stomach as I look at the blood and gore, we're going to lose this war, if this is how we are fighting, then Italy will be demolished.

As I walk through the village, I pause to take a breath and I see something that brings tears to my eyes. It's a child, a little boy who must've been four or five, his eyes are widened in horror and his face is forever frozen in the shock of death, a bullet wound in chest is the cause of death. I can feel hot tears streaming down my face as I kneel before the dead boy and shut his eyes while I close mine.

I stand up, this is a milestone in the war, before this I was fighting because I was told to, but now, this changes everything. If the Allies are going to kill my soldiers, fine, they're trained and can defend themselves, but if they are going to slaughter my children, then God help them because now, now Romano is coming back, with a vengeance.

I open my eyes, a flame of hatred for the Allies is igniting in my eyes as I walk. The ache in my foot has gone down a lot since I began walking, I guess I've gotten used to it. Dear fuck, there's a hill, I'm going to have to fucking climb this. I blink, but only my right eyes moves because if you remember, my right eye is just a bloody socket right now.

I have finally reached the top and look out, oh my God, it's Rome, I've made it back to Rome! It's looking good, too good. I look up to the sky, expecting to see American fighter planes shoot down my beautiful capital, but there are none, it's just a sunny day. I look down and see bright green grass with people having picnics, how can people be so calm, there's a war going on?

I'm rolling down the hill now,I tripped, my vision is blurry and the colours are mixing together. But I can tell when I stop and look up to the sky that it is my brother and Germany leaning over me. Fratello (brother in Italian) has tears streaming down his cheeks and he's yelling stuff, or at least I think he's yelling because I can't really hear anything right now.

"Fratello" I cry, but my throat is so dry it comes out all broken and cracked.

Fratello is still crying and Germany looks like he's trying to calm him down. That potato bastard, he picked me up, the nerve of Germans!

"PUT ME DOWN..." I trail off as darkness claims my vision and I fall into the wonderful world of unconsciousness.