Random One-shot. Enjoy!




But what about me? :(

I've got a birthday

I wish for presents

I wanna celebrate New Years

So what about me?

*sigh* Forget it

No one seems to care

To them, your just a virus

Something to avoid



But, that's just on the outside, right?

Well, if ya saw me, what would you think? :\

*sigh* I seem to have been forgotten about

No one mentions me at all

Not surprising

If you readers knew who I was, you'd probably be all "WTF?" or "OAO"

That is, if I were behind you

X3 Wouldn't be shocked if you just randomly looked behind you


Today is his birthday

That means it's also mine :D

But no one gets me anything D:

Little do they know that the mirror opens on his birthday

Basically, if he's in front of a mirror, I can see what's going on like a camera

Apparently, that hedgehog just turned 22

X3 I guess I am as well

Maybe this day won't be-




Lucky guy!

He gets a table full of presents and I don't get shit

*growl* Maybe I should just go

No need to anger myself

Just leave that mirror

And walk away back into the shadows

(How did no one notice that hedgehog's reflection was...off?)


Onward I go

What happens next?

Oh, I can still heard that party is what!

Oh, that torture!


No need to stress over it

Just close your eyes

Let the tears flow

Slowly open them

And find a present

...Wait, what the hell?

A present?

But, HOW?!

Checking the tag

I see a... note?

"From, Sonic"


"I noticed you in the mirror today. How'd no one see you, I dunno :p I have a feeling you'll like this. Just open the box"

What the fuck?

How did he get this here?!

What's in the box?!

What's with all these questions?!

Lets just open the box

Opening it

I see...

...My long lost friend staring back at me

I was shocked at least

This guy was missing for over 10 years!

How'd he get back?

Just then, I remember who sent me that present

With a smile, I decided to send something back

Who knows?

Maybe I'll get something for Christmas ;D

Wondering who's POV it was? Well, reread the story and look at some of my other stories to find out. And that 'old friend'? Well, I have another story called An Angel's Reflection. The narrator and 'old friend' are in it. I'm sure you'll know who it is after checking the said story.

Again, just a random story. R&R!