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Chapter 1: Altered Destiny.

"Hello Professor Oak, it's me Ash, are you home?!" Ash knocks on the door of the professor hard, waiting for an answer, after a few minutes he then hears the doors slide open and an Old Man of some 60 years or so and no more than a meter and a half steps trough it, this is Professor Oak, the most renown man of the Pokémon world, he invented the Pokedex, the modern Poke ball system and the Potions most trainers use.

"Well, well Ash, are you not early today, what can I do for you?" in front of the professor Oak is a young teen, no more than 10 years old and maybe his stature is of 110 centimeters, he has black eyes and hair to match the meaning of his name 'Ash'

"Well I was wondering if i could get a starter Pokémon Professor, I want to set on a journey to be a Pokémon master but, to start later means I might not have the chance to see the Pokémon's of the spring season, so I might lose on potential Friends" Ash simply stated his reasons, he had done his research, Pokémon varied from season to season, and he would not like to miss potential friends, he would never consider Pokémon tools, if they refused to battle well he would take up contests.

"Hmmm" the Professor Oak went on deep thought, he certainly had not expected the brash and young child he had met years ago would start showing signs of being so dependable, he kept thinking and had to give an answer to the boy.

"Look Ash, as much as I would like to help you I have no starters on hand" however he suddenly remembered he had something he could help Ash with, however the teen was starting to leave disappointed he called him

"Hey Ash!, wait, I remembered something" the Old Professor went running after the teen as fast as he could, as soon as the stopped the old man had to start slowing down.

A memory assaulted the Professor that could help the teen, so he ran after the young man "Ash wait! I have an idea" at the sudden shouts Ash stopped allowing the Oak to catch up with him "I… am… getting… too… old… for this" taking a deep breath "Ash I remembered I have a Pokémon egg, I could give it to you"

"Wow a Pokémon egg! Thanks professor Oak" and so the Teen glomped the professor in joy.

"Well just come tomorrow for it, I promise I will have it ready and with all you need for taking care of it"

The teen nodded and went to his house.

"HI. Mom! Listen to this! Professor Oak told me he would give me a Pokémon egg!"

"Now now honey, calm down, what is this talk about a Pokémon egg?" Ash's mom questioned him.

"Well you see mom, he had no starters, so when I was coming back he caught up with me and told me he has a Pokémon egg, so he wants me to hatch it, he will give it to me tomorrow!" the teen kept narrating the events with starry like eyes

"Well that is nice of him, remember to give him your thanks when you see him!" She told him as she watched him rush up stairs. No doubt onto check the materials she had bought him onto raising Pokémon's. She smiled if Ash wanted to be a trainer the she would support him as best as she could. She smiled a small plan started to form in her head.

Ash's opened the door to his room, it's as he remembers it, messy with books, his old bed, and his Voltorb alarm along with his TV, always tuned onto the Tournament channels, he could not wait for tomorrow to start, so he started digging onto the books his mom had bought him years ago and those that he had borrowed from Professor Oak.

He pulled his chair and sat on his desktop grabbing the first book titled: 'Pokémon Eggs. What they are? Where do they come from? A' Guide for taking care of your Poke egg 'Well lets see, the book says I need to keep the egg warm, I think professor oak is going to give me an incubator for that, what is next?'

He kept reading and turning page after page until a chapter title caught his attention 'Food habits of a Pokémon and it's early months of life'

"The baby Pokemon needs a special formula for it to grow healthy; it can be acquired in any Pokemon Centre. Aspiring trainers who hatch an egg must avoid battling until the baby is at least six months old, otherwise there could be serious problems. Given the baby is a new born, its bones have not hardened yet, and so battling with the baby could lead to broken bones, internal hemorrhages, brain damages or death" Ash finished reading out loud.

"Oh well, that will give me a month to bond with my Pokemon, a whole month for me to get to know him is not that bad" Ash tried to look the positive side of things.

And so the next day; some one knocked on the Door of the Ketchum's very early, Ash's mom knowing that her son was still asleep went to open it. Standing there was a somewhat tanned man wearing a red shirt with beige pants and several gray hairs. His face presented the signs of an experienced adventurer his skin looked hard but healthy and his eyes spoke of wisdom and experience that few have.

"Hello Delia, good morning. How are you?" Oak politely greeted Delia Ketchum

"Very well Professor Oak, I assume that is Ash's egg?" pointing to crystal like case with an oddly marked egg inside.

"Yes, yes it is indeed" He answered while accommodating the incubator so it would not cut the blood flow from his arms. "May I come in?" He asked her.

Delia simply gave him a beatific smile "Yes please do come in. Would you like some tea?"

"Yes please. If you have Green Tea it would be wonderful"

"I'll see what I can do professor Oak"

As the professor seated himself on the counter he could not help but marvel at how good Delia looked, despite pulling a number of years on her she still looked in her early 20's, her brown her still tied on a ponytail, an she was slightly taller than the average woman maybe about the meter and fifty centimeters.

"Here you go professor a warm cup of Green Tea" She handed him his tea in an exquisite white cup that was adorned with a relief of silver vines.

While Professor Oak was busy drinking his tea Delia sought to put her plan to action "Professor Oak would you mind if I made a request?"

Oak placed down the cup on the plate and stared at Delia. She rarely if ever made requests. And when she did they were usually important. He nodded "Sure Delia what is it?"

"Would it be possible for you to tutor my son? I wanted to do it myself but my work at the restaurant keeps increasing so I cannot give him my full attention. So I was thinking I could pay you so that he could receive proper education of what being a Pokémon trainer entails. Arceus knows that the regular school of Pallet Town does not puts enough time into that field"

Prof. Oak blinked surprised by her sudden proposal. He gave it some thought while he kept slowly drinking his tea Ash certainly looked eager to start a journey and had looked excited to actually take care of an egg. The Lord knows how hard that can be.

Nodding Oak reached a decision "All right Delia I'll mentor him until his Pokémon is ready to battle. However I will not accept any kind of payment from you"

She opened her mouth to object but the elderly professor stopped her "You are a great woman Delia and you have raised Ash by yourself and if I may say so you have done a wonderful job at it and your restaurant has also helped the growth of Pallet Town's economy. Also you are a dear friend. It will be my pleasure passing as much knowledge I can for the next six months"

Delia sighed she was not all that sure that Samuel would accept her proposal "All right Professor Oak. Thanks your acceptance helps to settle down my fears. I'll go wake up Ash now"

Oak saw Delia go up stairs and he took advantage of that moment to relax on the chair drinking the last vestiges of the tea he had been served 'As always Delia your food and drinks are top notch' he mused.
Delia walked up stairs to her sons room in order to wake him up "Sweetie Professor Oak is here"

"All right, Ash, now that you are awake we need to go over some safety proceedings, first the egg must not leave the incubator until it starts to glow. I know you are responsible, but once it's placed inside the machine it must not go out. The temperature change could leave damage on the yet to be born Pokemon. Second, seek a place where sun will hit it. The incubator does a good job at providing heat, however the sun rays are known to be beneficial for the egg"

Ash interrupts "Is not that Professor Birch theory on how weather conditions can and will affect a Pokémon's birth?"

Oak was stunned, he had really been underestimating the boy "Yes Ash, very good, yes that is part of my friend Birch theory on Pokemon hatching. As I was saying, the Sun will warm the egg more and will help to boost the Pokemon growth, an other rule is that you must be alone when it happens. The Pokemon will take the first person it sees as his mom or dad, you must also make sure it does not breaks, for good reasons a crack on the egg before the Pokemon does it can scar it's mind for life. Did you understand?" Prof. Oak finished his explanation with a rather serious tone that told Ash that a negative answer would bring negative consequences.

Ash nodded, however he sought to put a question forward, "errm, professor, can you help me select a place to put the egg in my room? I need to make sure the incubator will not be hit by anything on the day"

Oak was starting to feel relived at his choice. He was worried that Ash would be reckless. This Axew egg needed to be taken with extreme care given that it's biological father or mother did not wanted it, nor the trainer, he was not sure how the newborn would feel about this. Given that Pokémon's are somewhat aware of the world outside their shell

And so Oak helped to select a spot for the egg, he did told Ash he could sleep with the incubator but once he woke up he needed to put the egg on the sun, and he also told Ash to keep the secret of the egg, he had no idea of the tantrum Gary would throw, he also gave Ash a Pokeball to capture the Axew once it was born.

Before Oak left he informed Ash of Delia's request "Ash your mother has asked me to tutor you for six months. I'll be waiting you at five pm in front of my lab to get started"

And so the weeks passed, Ash always made sure the incubator was clean, was also placed so that the sun rays would hit the egg. On the nights he put it between two pillows and used a rope to tie them around the incubator in case it fell. It was not long until the fateful day, his egg hatched. It started to glow in a white color that Ash could only think off as beautiful he felt mesmerized and drawn to keep watching but he remembered Oaks advice.

"Mom! The Egg is hatching! Don't enter my room please!" He told his mom just in case she wanted to enter the room to check on both of them.

"All right sweetie! Tell me when the hatching is finished!"

The bright glow eventually stopped to reveal a small creature; it had a brown body, from its mouth two small white tusks emerging from its mouth. Its head was of the same color until one's sight reached its forehead where it took a brownish green color and it connected to a large horn like crest that also shared the same coloration. It's face was round it's eyelids oddly were of the same color has it's horn. But what demanded Ash's attention were the baby's eyes.

The eyes of the newborn were a vibrant red. It reminded Ash of rubies beautiful jewels of a blood red color he felt he could lose himself staring at those bright eyes filled with joy at watching its father.

"Hi buddy, what's your name?" Ash asked the newborn Pokémon; in return he got a tackled hug as the little creature said 'Xew, Axew!' a few dozen times.

Delia hearing that scandal opened the door and she saw the small dragon Pokemon hugging her son, and she fell head over heels for the Pokemon "Aww, who is the little fella that is hugging you Ash?" as Delia tried to approach the small creature it hugged harder her son shirt "Ash chuckled "Axew you have nothing to be afraid off, that is my mom Delia" Ash told the newborn as he patted it on the head and then proceeded to rub gently the scales.

Ash thought after a few minutes had gone by to ask the little fella something "Say Axew I do not want to keep referring to you as an it, so are you a guy?" before Ash could ask any further the Axew nodded his head up and down.

And so the days went by on the house of the Ketchum's, Axew was quickly accepted and both mother and son warmed quickly to the poke. Among his numerous defects, the dragon Pokemon had the habit of eating all he could get his hands on. More than once Axew seemed to have an endless appetite, enough to rival the legends that surround the stomachs of any Snorlax, aside that he developed the habit of biting his dad's head lightly when he was either happy or distressed. There had also been an annoying incident regarding Gary…

"Hey Ashy Boy, what is that you have on your shoulder?" Gary then took out his Pokedex and aimed it to the Pokemon, much to his surprise there were no results back.

"Impossible Ashy boy has an unknown Pokemon?!, Quite the joke, probably gramps let you borrow it in order to try and impress me, now let me take it back to gramps" Gary said in a matter of fact tone.

"I got the egg from your grandfather Gary, if you do not believe me go and ask him, but I am not giving my Pokemon to you, I took good care of the egg and hatched to reveal my friend Axew" Ash told Gary trying to not to lose control at the implication he could not do anything as a trainer.

At the suggestion that Ash might not be his daddy Axew started growling at Gary, as if he were thinking 'I do not like this guy, he is insulting my daddy!'

Unfazed by the growls of Axew all Gary had to say was "Well if that's true then what about your Axew trying to fight with my Evee?" Gary challenged Ash.

However Ash frowned at his rival challenge. Gary was proposing him to battle. He should know that Axew is a newborn it's too soon for him to battle… unless Gary had been thinking that the Professor had given him the egg several months earlier and not a couple weeks ago.

'Only one way to confirm it' Ash thought "Gary when would you think I got the egg?"

Gary snorted. If the Pokémon was so bonded to him then it was obvious it had been month's not even imprinted newborn latch that quickly into their Paternal or Maternal figures "Eh I don't know maybe eight or nine months ago?"

Ash's eyebrows shot up "Gary I got Axews egg no less than two weeks ago"

The statement made Gary's face loose all color. He had been about to enter a battle that would have killed the new born. However his pride did not allow him to show his true feelings "Well Ashy-boy if that is how you want fine by me, you know well I have no desire to hurt badly any Pokemon much less weak Pokémon's".

Ash could only smile as it was his first time beating Gary in an Argument, he was glad Gary had retreated and left him and Axew at peace, however Axew starting biting his fathers head softly signaling he was hungry.

"Ah I guess you are hungry Axew, lets head back to my mom's place to get you something to eat"

And so Ash headed back to his house, where another day of his life went on, Axew kept eating food like no tomorrow, while Ash and his mom tried to get a bite in before his Pokemon thought of eating their food, truly it was a wonderful life.

The days and month's went by Ash attended every afternoon at Oaks classes on Pokémon. He started to remember his first lesson with the man as he walked to the shooting range the assistants and aides had set up near the back of the ranch.

Ash stepped inside Prof. Oak home making his way to the inner lab which was plagued with a chaotic atmosphere. Paper sheets were all around the floor, several machines that had Pokeball slots were side by side, a couple of rather big square screens attached to computers and cameras were on the furthest room, eventually Ash saw an old brown couch meant for at least three people, Ash simply sat down awaiting with patience for the expert explanation and in the mean time the professor simply sat on a armless chair with wheels.

"All right then Ash, here is the thing, first and foremost your friend is a Dragon Pseudo Legendary and has the Title of the Tusk Pokemon, for it's rather obvious tusks that come from his beak, are you with me so far?"

The young Trainer nodded, Pseudo Legendaries are a middle race, they are a notch above your run of the mill Pokemon but are below legends in raw power, being a dragon means that they are weak to ice and they are yet again a notch among other Pokemons, they can learn a large variety of moves that in most cases allow them to cover all their weaknesses, Ash quickly summarized in his thoughts.

"Since you wish to train the kid I'll scan it to check his moves"

"All right professor, Axew, see that man on the chair?"

The Tusk Pokemon nodded

"Well he is going to give you a quick look with a machine to see what moves you know, I want for you to not bite him and be very still, think you can do it?" Ash asked this of his Pokemon.

Axew took a few minutes before nodding and jumped to the Professor Arms.

"All right Axew, just stand still while I use the Pokedex to give you a check up on your moves" The Old Professor tried his best to calm the dragon, and he seemingly succeeded on his goal, a short moment a mechanical voice spoke up.

"Axew Tusk Pokemon known moves are: Dragon Pulse, Harden, Iron Tail, Counter and Endure" the mechanical voice finished.

"Well those are a good set of moves; I am more impressed by him knowing Dragon pulse at such young age, it is one of the most powerful Dragon moves, only Outrage or Draco Meteor are higher in that category, it also has a very strong combo, Endure and Counter, the former allows Axew to resist one single strike that would knock him down, while counter returns in full the damage done to your Pokemon, so you can endure the hit and return the damage" Mr Pokemon informed Ash in a very impressed tone

"And Harden along Iron Tail means that Axew can increase his defences while Iron tail takes care of rock and ground Pokemon, is not that so Professor?" Ash asked his teacher.

"Well said young man, yes your friend here has the right number of tools to make short work of anything sans some of the strongest steels Pokemons, but remember all he has are the tools it is your responsibility to teach him how to use them, after all he could have Draco Meteor but if he does not knows how to use the move it is useless" the Oldest of the Professor finished his lesson.

Ash and Axew maneuvered to the back of the lab in order to step inside the ranch. As soon as they stepped outside Ash was mesmerized it did not matter to him how many times he saw it the ranch was a paradise on earth. Pokémon's calmly eating, swimming, playing or simply resting be it on either sun or shadow. The entire place looked as a resort meant for relaxation.

"Quite a sight, wouldn't you say Ash?" Oak spoke behind Ash startling the raven haired trainer a bit.

"Thanks Again Professor Oak for allowing me to train here!" Ash said while he gave a strong handshake to the Old Professor.

"Well I have to go now Ash, I am leaving that Pokedex to you, it has been already registered to your name so it will work as your personal ID, . " the professor pointed this with the utmost care.

"I will not lose it professor, thanks once again"

Then the Professor took his leave to leave Ash to his training, given how docile the Dragon was Oak saw Ash had potential, a large one to be honest given that even newborns tended to be aggressive and took at least a beating by a trained Pokemon to make them obey, what was surprising is that Ash had the complete trust of the youngling.

Meanwhile Ash was training with Axew, he had discovered that the Pokedex has videos of a number of techniques; this was going to make it easier for Axew to learn attacks.

"All right Axew I want you to look at this video that shows a Haxorus launching a Dragon pulse, now Axew I want you to gather energy into your mouth and then fire it, take a deep breath before firing, let yourself relax and then try it"

After telling this encouragement words to Axew the little Tusk Pokemon trying his best, the first six tries did not work, the seventh Axew managed to form a small ball that promptly disappeared, the eight and ninth one Axew actually managed to fire off the ball but disappeared mid fligh, on his tenth try he actually formed a good sized one but lacked the pull and on his twelfth try he fired off a true dragon pulse.

"Well done Axew!" Ash congratulated his Pokemon who began to run to him tackling him in the process, then began to lick Ash's face in happiness "Well buddy lets end the training for today" and so Ash and Axew went back home tired but happy with the results.