Chapter 3: Reaping the benefits of Patience.

After a long night of good rest Ash and Daisy woke up and left their Pokemons on Nurse Joy care then they headed for breakfast to discuss the previous day incidents.

"That has to be the most exciting way to start a journey! I mean we get challenged by a Mankey and then we get surrounded by a lot of Spearrows and then Pikachu toasts them and once we get to rest we see a strange Pokemon!" Ash in a hyperactive manner recounted.

"If you don't mind I'd rather not go trough the same thing again Ash, nearly being pecked to death by Spearrows is not my idea of fun during a journey however leaving that aside, what was that Pokemon?" Daisy pondered the bird was magnificent it was too big to be a normal Pokemon so it was a legendary, but from where? She was pretty sure it was not any of the Kanto bird trio.

Ash hummed "Maybe a legendary of other region? I mean if we are unable to locate and our pokedexes tell us that is an unknown Pokemon then…" Ash trailed off letting daisy reach her own conclusions on the matter.

"It must be from a different region as you said Ash" then Daisy frowned "why you think the Pokemon flew over you?"

Ash hummed once again, to Daisy it was an overtly familiar trait of her Grand Father and it seems like studying under Professor Oak had rubbed the habit on him.

"No idea could've been a coincidence" Ash simply replied.

Choosing to leave it at that Daisy choose to focus yet again on her food.

Not long after Nurse Joy voice spoke trough the speakers.

"Please Ash Ketchum go to the counter to pick your Pokemon"

Ash silently stood up and headed to the counter, where he saw a woman of about 1,40 cm with a smiling expression and a nurse attire, however the most interesting thing from her was her hair, she had it tied with a couple of calligraphy l's and her hair colour was pink.

"Are you Ash Ketchum?" the Pink haired woman asks the black haired boy.

"Yes ma'am here is my Pokedex so you can check for my identity" Ash handed the red apparatus to the nurse and she quickly checked to see if the young man was who he claimed to be given that team rocket was known to at times to masquerade their troops with the use of Dittos.

"Now please open your mouth and let me extract some saliva"

She inserted a stick a cotton point onto his mouth and then parsed it trough the machine with gave a chime indicating the person before her was indeed Ash Ketchum, so she handed him back the Pokeballs.

"I am sorry for having to make use of this method Mr. Ketchum but we had a few cases of Team Rocket Members that used ditto's to disguise their faces and steal the Pokemons of trainers so we implemented this system" The nurse explained.

"I understand it's not a problem Nurse…" Ash subtly asked for her name.

"Joy apologies for not introducing myself"

"No problem thanks once again Nurse joy"

After saying his thanks Ash remembered something he had been wanting to ask the Nurse so he took some steps back.

"Umm excuse me Nurse Joy I was wondering if this Pokemon Center has a training field area?"

"Yes indeed it does, let me go back for a minute" The nurse quickly went trough a door and after a minute she returned with a key on her hand.

"This is the key for the training field; you will need to pay 100 Poke dollars per day"

Ash simply nodded and paid the money.

However before heading to the training field an idea made its way onto Ash's head and so he headed to where Daisy was; she was currently sitting in an orange couch and then Ash grinned.

"Hey Daisy how are you?"

"Pretty good to be honest I was lucky all Ariala had was a case of exhaustion but by now she has recovered…" Daisy started to trail off once she saw Ash's grin.

"Well Daisy I know your Clefable is much more trained than any of my Pokemons sans maybe Axew I was wondering if I could count with your help to train mine in a mock battle"

"Well I do not see why not let me guess you already rented the training field?"

"Yep so let's head there!" Ash exclaimed as he dragged Daisy by the hand to the training field.

The field that Ash had rented was not exactly big, it was a grass field that had inked the usual marks of the Pokemon Association a huge rectangle to mark the field and on the centre two lines separated by a huge Pokeball the field itself could not have been more than 10 meters, just big enough to have a Pokemon battle.

"Pikachu! Battlefront!" And so the yellow mouse jumped from Ash's shoulder to the battle field.

"Ariala take the stage!" Daisy shouted as the Clefable appeared.

"All right lets see what moves you have Pikachu"

Ash took the Pokedex from one his jacket inner pockets and used it to scan Pikachu after a few seconds an electronic voice spoke

"Pikachu the electric mouse Pokemon this Pokemon has the next moves available: Agility, Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Thunder Shock and Thunder Bolt"

Ash nodded to himself he was expecting that Pikachu knew some good moves and he had a nice move pool

"All right Pikachu start things with Agility and follow it with a Quick Attack!"

The Yellow mouse started running at incredible speeds, the creature was so fast it was leaving after images.

However Daisy was about to show why her Clefable was able to defend her.

"Ariala quick Protect and Follow it with Zen Head Butt!"

Pikachu could not dodge in time and had his head slammed by a painful Head Butt but to say that he was down and out of for the count was an understatement.

"Pikachu get up! You know you can do it!"

Hearing the sincere emotions of his trainer Pikachu rose up, slowly but he rose up ready to rumble again.

"Good job Pikachu! I want you to use Agility followed by Quick attack and then Thunderbolt!"

Pikachu started to run however he never released the thunderbolt instead he went the opposite route by moving fast his body started to be enveloped on a yellow light he moved quickly and crashed against the Clefable, the whole movement took less than thirty seconds Daisy did not had time to react.

"Oh no Ariala are you all right?!"

The Pink Fairy Pokemon nodded as she stood up, the attack had done some damage to her but not enough to knock her out.

"Good job Pikachu! Come back please"

The mouse gave Ash an annoyed look.

"Pikachu I am asking you back because Axew here wants to battle, remember he is much younger than you"

Hearing his trainer explanation the Pokemon retreated from the battlefield and climbed to the shoulders of Ash at the same time the odd coloured dragon jumped down from the shoulder and took the stage.

"Well Axew it's your turn!"

The dragon nodded and his face had a faint smile, he was having a real match again his second match in a way it filled him with joy that his dad was having confidence on him.

"Axew start with a Dragon Pulse!" Ash quickly ordered

And Axew opened his mouth and a Green coloured ball was expelled however Daisy reacted quickly this time around.

"Ariala Protect! Follow it with Bounce!"

Ariala Blocked the incoming attack and jumped only to literally bounce from the floor, Ash was left with a gaping mouth for a couple of seconds before he realized the problem he was in that was when he had a funny idea…

"Axew use Harden!"

The Tusk Pokemon nodded and hardened his skin in order to reduce the damage he would be getting from the bounce however what he heard next made him a bit startled and excited maybe his dad was crazy but he would follow him.

"Axew as soon as Ariala crashes bite her tail!" Ash quickly commanded a game changing strategy.

Respecting the Natural Laws of Gravity Ariala indeed fell down and crashed onto Axew who took well the hit and bitted the tail of the fairy Pokemon.

"Ariala shake him off by using Bounce again!" Daisy countered Ash command thinking quick on her feet.

However she had fell for Ash's trap Axew was now in the air with the Clefable and things would turn horrible for her in a matter of seconds.

"Axew stop biting the tail and fire off a couple Dragon Pulses!" Ash ordered the movement that would put an end to the fight Axew following his Trainer commands chose that precise moment to let go and start shooting the pulses, both hit like a truck and dead on at the pink Fairy knocking her out for the count.

"Well Done Axew! That was great! You too Pikachu! You learned volt tackle! That is a feat that not many electric Pokemon can brag!" Ash praised Axew and Pikachu

And both Pokemon beamed for different reasons, Axew because his dad was praising him for his attention and quick actions, Pikachu because he had never been praised by a human the only human he knew off had beaten the crap out of him with an Alakazam and stuffed him on the Pokeball to see the kid being happy for him learning a move was throwing off balance given all he heard off trainers was that they were expected for the Pokemons to do always the best not really caring what they did beyond winning a battle and Pikachu was glad that Ash was different.

On the other hand Daisy was also praising her Clefable, she had put a good match even when she held herself back.

Daisy could have ordered Clefable to use Icy Wind on Axew but she still had given Ash a good fight and it was all that mattered the boy that was 'escorting her' was at least able to think quick on his feet if inexperienced, Ash could and should've told Axew to avoid the Bounce attack there was no guarantee that his plan would have worked but she was not ready to spoil his first victory in a trainer battle.

"So Daisy; how did I do?" Ash asked to his friend.

"Not bad really I have seen worse rookies than you, you handled yourself pretty well and were able to remain in control of yourself, you did not fall onto despair when the flow changed to my side and you are able to take it back" Daisy listed Ash goods points, however she knew Ash might get cocky just in case she also started telling him about his flaws on the battle.

"On the other hand you did had some flaws you should correct, first is that you ordered Axew to open with Dragon Pulse that is a big no no"

Ash titled his head in confusion "I don't follow" he said.

"Look Dragon Pulse is the third most powerful Dragon Move that dragons can use, it's only outclassed by Outrage or Draco Meteor, and by using it that early you remove a surprise factor on battles. The less your opponent knows about what your Pokemon can do there more power to you" Daisy finished explaining one of the key tactics known simply as 'fooling the enemy' the less your opponent knows what you can do the harder it is to counter you.

"So if I use few moves and avoid revealing my whole hand then I can take by surprise my opponent and save the energy and stamina of my Pokemon" Ash thought for a bit and continued "So they can battle a lot longer?" Ash concluded.

Daisy was happy that her chaperon was able to be able to understand things quickly.

"What are my other flaws?" Ash asked knowing that Daisy's advice could help him to improve.

"Well mostly is lack of experience for example using Harden to take in a Bounce rather than dodging it is a very risky move due that it has a chance of leaving your Pokemon paralyzed for a while so he or she would not be able to move"

After finishing telling Ash about what to correct they headed back to the reception front to let Nurse Joy to heal them when they heard a group of trainers speaking,

"Hey Vladimir where is your Aron?" one voice asked

"I abandoned him on route one the runt refused to learn Metal Claw! I have no need for useless Pokemon!" And he started to laugh a bit.

Hearing this Ash stood up but Daisy forced him down and asked him what he is planning.

"Going to punch the living lights out of him" Ash explained in a plain tone.

"That's a bad idea you can get arrested" Daisy pointed the obvious to Ash.

"And what would you have me do?! Abandon the Pokemon?!" Ash spoke in a bitter and angry tone.

Daisy was mildly hurt by that however she thought of a better idea and in her face slowly but surely an evil grin started to face.

"Ash I am not going to tell you to abandon the Aron I have a better idea. We will split I will record with my own Pokedex what the Vladimir guy said and you go and convince that Aron to come with you" Daisy ordered Ash and her tone told the raven haired boy that there was no room for arguments.

Ash gulped and went off running to try and convince the Aron to come with him he was sure that Axew and Pikachu could help so he fetched from Nurse Joy both Pokemons

With Daisy:

"Hey are you Vladimir?" Daisy asked a boy who had just recently 'released' the Aron.

"Yeah so what if I am?"

"Oh I was curious why you released it I could not exactly hear what you were saying and I wanted to know what else you got, after all I am seeking a nice partner to travel"

As Daisy finished charming the boy she turned on the audio recording function of the Pokedex so once the lips of the kid were loose she would get all the juicy information.

"Well you see I wanted for the runt to learn metal claw as he only knew Tackle and Harden I showed to him the dammed move a thousand times via Pokedex and he still could not do it so I threw him out there on the wild. I hope he gets lost…"

Despite Daisy maintaining a calm Façade on the outside on the inside she really really wanted to punch this Vladimir guy. The more he spoke the more she despised him.

"How do you train your Pokemon?" Daisy asked.

"Well I make them learn a move then we work from there they have exactly one day to learn the move otherwise they are fired from the team"

"Why use such a harsh method for training?" Daisy asked in hopes of milking extra information that she could hand to Officer Jenny.

"Well 'cuz the faster they learn the move the faster they can learn more moves and win more battles for me and however cannot keep they get fired from the team because they are worthless. If they cannot even learn a single move what use I have from them?"

Daisy was no sure she had enough material for Officer Jenny so she turned off the Pokedex recording function.

"Thanks for all the great tips Vladimir" Daisy said putting one of her best smiles "I have to go now but talking with you has been an enlightening experience" she said as she walked off her first order of business find Officer Jenny then wait for Ash.

"Excuse me are you Officer Jenny?" Daisy asked a tall woman with green hair and brown eyes.

"Yes indeed I am what can I do for you young lady?"

"I want to report a Trainer called Vladimir he is currently sitting at the Pokemon Center I have a recording of him speaking how he abandoned an Aron and possibly other Pokemons for not learning a single move that he wanted"

Daisy then preceded to hand the Pokedex to the Officer so she could listen to the recording.

As minutes went by the Officer's face turned onto a frown.

"You think you could ID him?" the Officer asked in her most serious tone.

Daisy nodded "Yes, I can and I will" Daisy gave her most determined answer.

And so the Officer set out with Daisy to help with capturing Vladimir.

What they did not expect was to see Ash back already and standing close to a knocked out Vladimir.

"STOP!" the Officer Shouted "What is going on here?!"

Ash jumped startled and took him a minute to recognize the usual blue shirt and mini skirt uniform that the Officers wore "Ah umm Officer Jenny?"

"Yes?" she asked her tone showing that she was running out of patience.

"Well you see we heard this guy about throwing out an Aron so I went to pick him up after some serious convincing the little guy agreed to come with me when this Vladimir punk tried to attack me for bringing back 'that loser trash' So I defended myself and I was able to punch him in the stomach knocking him out"

"I see be grateful this is a case of self defence otherwise I would have put you under arrest"

So Ash how did you manage to convince the little guy? Pointing to the odd Pokemon an Aron looks like a small puppy only that his head is of oval shape and his body is covered by circular armour all light grey in colour.

With Ash:

"That Aron must be around here…" Ash was frowning they had been walking along route 1 and they had been unable to find the Pokemon yet when Ash suddenly got an idea picking one if his Pokeballs he chose his spearrow.

"Spearrow please come out!" Ash shouted at that a red, brown and black sparrow came out of the Pokeball "Spearrow I was wondering if you could help me find a Pokemon that was not from here or this route anyways" Spearrow understanding the simple message flew up in search of any Pokemon that were not found in the route and it was not long before he found one the sparrow Pokemon starting flying in circles alerting Ash of where the Aron was.

"All right Pikachu, Axew I need a favour go ahead of me and try to talk with the Aron to see if it helps him to calm down" Ash started to explain how he befriended the Aron.

Sadly things are never easy the iron Pokemon was scared out of his mind and started lashing against Axew and Pikachu seeing this Spearrow flew towards Ash trying to convey the message that Axew and Pikachu were in big trouble given that the Pokemon had learnt Take Down and when combined with the natural ability of rock head the recoil was non existent.

So once Ash got the message he came running to the small forest he quickly spotted the noises of battle and hug-tackled Pikachu in order to avoid a fatal hit. While Ash was bracing for impact his Mankey came out of the Pokeball and intercepted with a low kick the Take down and delivered a karate chop that knocked out the Pokemon.

After the Aron woke up Ash calmly approached the little one and explained to him he meant no harm he only wanted to take him to a Pokemon Center so his injuries would be healed and afterwards he would set him free.

Seeing the condition of the wounds Ash opted for a quick medical treatment when he was rummaging his pockets for a Potion a Premier Ball fell and the Aron touched it out of curiosity to say the less he became captured on it.

As Ash finished his tale Nurse Joy called to him in order to pick all his Pokemons he headed to the training fields with Daisy following him behind.

"Aron Battlefront!" from the white Pokeball a grey like metal dog Pokemon came out.

"Aron now that you are healed what you want to do. Want me to set you free? Or you want to come with me?"

Pokemon Speech scenes:

As Pikachu heard the question he started to feel happy this kid was his trainer he was keeping the promise of always offering the Pokemon a choice, sensing the Arons doubt Pikachu leaped down from the shoulder and started talking to it.

"Look my Friend is not like most trainers he will not abandon you"

The Aron scoffed at that "Yeah right when I cannot learn a move he will just call me Trash and abandon me" the Aron grunted.

"DO NOT TALK ABOUT DADDY LIKE THAT" Axew shouted making the Aron and Pikachu flinch in pain at the loud tone of voice.

"Daddy rescued my brother Pikachu from your Take Down and he was fully expecting you to impact him, Daddy does not cares if you learn the move in a moment he cares you eventually learn it" to confirm this Axew opened his jaws fully and charged a weak Dragon Pulse.

"It took Daddy and me two months to perfect the move and he did not despair one bit" Axew pointed out "So I would like it for you to stop berating my Daddy and give him a chance"

"You know I gave the kid a chance after he showed me when he meant that Pokemons are his friends and family he meant it" Pikachu took a pause.

"I used to dislike humans. Heck the old fart who captured had his Alakazam give the beating of my life and then he threw the Pokeball, however Ash proved to me that we are not tools and he is kind and patient with us"

Aron was a bit speechless they kept two months on the moved and the kid never abandoned him? And from what he heard from the Pikachu that Ash kid was actually caring. Now that he thought about it he was ready to bite that Take Down for his Pikachu maybe he deserves a chance?

"Fine you win I'll give him a chance" Aron grudgingly said.

Aron approached Ash pointing at his premier ball. The young trainer took this as a sign that whatever Axew had done with that Dragon pulse demonstration had convinced him along with whatever Pikachu had added seemed to do the trick.

"Welcome to the Team Aron!" Ash then patted with care the head of the Aron before returning it to the Pokeball.

"Well if you are done here Ash then we need to get a move on to Viridian Forest" Daisy said.

Ash simply nodded and headed off to Training Field giving back Nurse Joy the keys and then with Daisy went out of to new adventures on the Forest.

Author Note: sorry it took me this long but university along health problems made me take a bit more of time before i was ready to launch this.

I have been sent a couple of Pm's regarding Harem, here is my answer: I might or might not do it. IF i do it i will take the same paths ans lemons as Platinumsabr took for his fanfic Here In My Arms (Awesome fic by the way) he developed each of the girls beyond simple cardboard cuts, each girl would be far more than a 'girl' and more of a 'person'.

SO FAR the pairing I have on my mind is Ash X Daisy Oak X Erika