''Geez,'' I mutter to myself. ''That damn girl again.…''

I fix my glasses and walk on, book in one hand. As I pace the long hallway, I feel her startling grey eyes pierce my back. Her footsteps, no matter how light she tries to keep them, echoes throughout the empty corridor. After at least an hour, I sigh and lean against the right wall. It seems as though I really can't get rid of the pesky one.

''How long do you plan on standing there?'' I say aloud. I hear the pesky one jump before sprinting to my side.

''Anou…Togami-kun…'' she stutters. Her face glows so red I can practically feel my arm heat up. ''Eto…Togami-kun…What—what book are you r-reading?''

I ignore her and read on. I'm not going to entertaining nonsensical questions today.

''Togami-kun,'' the damn girl coos, inching closer to me. ''Is it possible that—that you—you're reading one of my bestsellers?''

The mere thought of me reading her books seems to make her glow even brighter. Goddamnit.

''Which one are you reading? A Walk to Change an Eternity? My Only Sunshine? Or could it be Before the Sea's Scent Fades Away?''

When is she going to leave me the hell alone?

''T-Togami-kun!'' At this, the damn girl claps her hand onto her mouth and takes a deep bow. ''I-I'm very very very very sorry! I didn't mean m-mean to y-yell at you! T-Togami-kun, please forgive me!''

Unable to hold my annoyance any longer, I snap, ''You are aware that you're yelling at me right now, aren't you?''

The pesky one clasps her mouth even tighter.

''And I thought you did something about that breath of yours already?''

She lowers her head in shame.

''Besides, why would it matter to you if you find out what book I'm reading?''

The damn girl suddenly looks at me with tearful eyes. Oh dear. Not a crying weasel…

''Togami-kun is so concerned about me!'' the pesky one unexpectedly exclaims. I raise an eyebrow as I watch her shake with joy. What a nuisance. ''You care so much about me that you even take the time to criticize my bad breath and comment on my irony and advise me to ask only for things that benefit me…Togami-kun~!''

I wince. Whatever. It won't make a difference if the damn girl misinterprets things; she'll still be a weasel. I carry on with my reading.


Hmm…I don't usually read novels of this genre, but I have to admit it's unique from all the previous crap I've stumbled across…


What? Why would he say such a thing? Doesn't he care about the consequences that simple phrase could bring?

''Togami-kun. Togami—'' I feel something touch my shoulder, ''—kun!''

Wait…I talked mentally about the book, didn't I? That's a first. I usually just intake details and move on. I assume that's a sign of how captivating this story is.

''Togami—'' she starts poking me repeatedly.

That's it. I can't possibly hold it in any longer. I grab the pesky one's arm angrily. She gasps, eyes full of surprise, as I pull her in for something I will undoubtedly regret. At least this will get her to shut that stinky mouth for a while. I hear a cracking noise from the distance. No one better be witnessing this….

Finally, I pull away. The weasel falls to the floor in slow motion, whispering ''Aaah…chuu….'' while a pool of blood from her nose rapidly starts to form.

''Now that that's taken care of….'' I casually ascend the nearest flight of stairs. I just hope she never finds out that I was reading her latest bestseller...

The lilac-haired girl quietly turned the knob until a gap big enough for her to peer inside formed. Making sure the Super High School Level Bookworm was asleep, the girl entered the room. She headed to the closest desk and with one gloved hand placed a photo on it. Then, just like that, the mysterious girl left.

The room the girl had just visited belonged to Fukawa Touko who was mistaken for a corpse on the second floor several minutes before due to the amount of red liquid surrounding her. It appeared that the hemophobic writer fainted at the sight of her own blood. She should be waking soon, however.

And wake she did.

''KUSOOOOO!'' the unmistakable voice of Genocider Syo, Fukawa Touko's alter ego, shrieked. ''SCREW HER! I'M GONNA KILL HER! Oh, I can't believe these are the lips that touched Byakuya-sama's…KUSO! HOW COULD I MISS MY CHANCE!? THIS IS PHOTOSHOPPED, ISN'T IT!? KUSOOOOOO!''

Kirigiri Kyouko smiled. It seemed like the female high school murderer had found the picture Kirigiri had taken earlier while on detective work; the picture of Super High School Level Bookworm and Heir kissing.