AUTHOR NOTES: Well, here it is! Dangan Ronpa 3! I will try my best to make it just like the games, playing it from a first person narrative but also probably sliding in and out of perspective every now and then. On that note, during moments when a large line cuts between paragraph and starts spelling in italics like this that means there's usually a cutscene going on. If theres any single sentences going on though without the line between paragraphs, then it's just a single thought.

The idea of this is to make it more fun, for you guys ^^! Use your imagination during the cutscenes, in fact, play some soundtrack music from the actual game while this is going on! It'll make it much more fun and memorable ^^!

So with introductions out of the way, on to the Prologue!...introduction...

Prologue: Despair Of The Unknown Part 1






"H...ake up!"




"Ouch!" I yelped as I jolted upwards, feeling some intense force suddenly smack me.

I was disoriented, confused, and as of now, just slightly in pain. I couldn't really tell what the heck was going on, but almost as soon as I regained consciousness, I could hear chatter all around me. It sounded like there were a lot of people around me, but even as I opened my eyes my vision was still blurry by quite a bit. When I tried to open my eyes, my vision was almost instantly blinded.

There were lights surrounding the entire ceiling, making it impossible for me to actually see anything above as first. As my vision began to improve, however, I could start seeing the people more clearly, and then I came to one realization: I WAS COMPLETELY SURROUNDED!

On the bright side though, they weren't all focused on me. That still didn't explain anything though, did it? All I could tell was that everyone was just as confused as I was. Least they could stand at the moment. I tried standing up myself but for some reason both of my legs were stiff. The reason came to me not to long after.

"About time you woke up! We're about to start!" The "reason" suddenly said. The voice belonged to a strange, young, little girl. She had bright pink hair and teal blue eyes. She looked pretty much like a regular girl, roughly about the size of a 7 year old. Either that or she was a very short teen or adult, seeing how she barely came up to anyone's thighs. Her outfit was a bit confusing to say the least, though.

She wore completely black and white hoodie that seemed to have opposing colors on each side. The right half of her hoodie was completely white, as well as the coat pocket in the middle of the hoodie. There was a strange Belly Button-like puff right in the middle of it too. Meanwhile the left half of her hoodie consisted of purely dark black, stretching all the way to the top, as well as the strings that tightened the hoodie together. And they weren't the only strange features of the hoodie. The top of the hoodie had strange bear-looking ears, which were perfectly round like bear ears. The white ear piece was the only ear that had an inner circle though, which was also black, while the other ear was only black.

Did I mention the other weird features of the hoodie? For starters, on he top of the hoodie were a strange pair of "eyes". The eye on the white side wasn't so strange, but the one on the black, left, side of her hoodie was shaped strangely. It looked more along the lines of some strange bolt mark that curved up along the eye, and was completely red. It was like they were completely opposite.

Lastly were two other "yin-yang" differences with the hoodie. First off, the cuffs of the wrists had a strange glove-like appearance to them that went up a few inches of the sleeve. Like the rest of the hoodie, they too were black and white, but on opposite ends of each other, meaning the black cuff was on the right white side, and the left black side had a white cuff. And both of them had a finger print like mark in both of them, consisting of the color pink.

And the second yin-yang bit to it was the top edge of the opening of the hoodie. On the right white side, there was a single black tooth mark under the nose. It was alone on itself, so it pretty much just looked like some strange buck tooth you have on the front of your upper teeth. But on the left side, there was an entire row of teeth showing, all naturally being the color white. I couldn't tell if I was just fooling myself, but I swore, the way the red eye had it's glaring appearance mixed with the entire row of teeth somehow had an evil-like grin to anyone looking straight at it.

So to add up, I couldn't really say I saw much else of the girl's clothing since the hoodie was large enough to cover past down her knees (and completely covering her arms), and the only other part that I could see with her feet, which were covered with pink slippers.

Altogether she was just a strangely dressed girl in a giant room full of other strange people I couldn't read based on their appearance or recognize.

"It's about damn time you woke up!" The little girl yelled angrily. I blinked suddenly staring at her. I didn't think people as young as her even knew how to swear. Just as soon she finished yelling her expression switched back to a simple smile as she swayed side to side. "Now we can finally start the fun! Yaaaa!" She cheered raising her arms.

Still confused here.

"F-Fun? What do you-" I began asking her. No sooner had I started talking however did she suddenly run off. "H-Hey!" I yelled after her. Unfortunately thanks to her small size, she easily ran through the crowd inbetween peoples legs.

"Time to get started!" She said excitedly. But I pursued after her.

"Hey wait!" I chased after her the best I could, trying my best to ignore the crowd of people around me. Despite having better maneuverability with her sizes, I managed to stay right behind her. I had no idea why, but something just told me to go after her. I was either worried about her or something else but I just had to chase after her. I was actually starting to near behind her the more we ran. I was about to grab her shoulder until-


"Huh?" Another girl, definitely older than the young one and possibly around my age, suddenly looked down at her chest. However old she was, she was definitely a teen like me. She had classic long blonde hair that stretched pretty much down to her shoulders, and pure green eyes that had a strange lightness to it, kind of like grass.

She looked rather tall if I compared the two of us together. I'd say maybe she was a 5'9 or so? Hard to say exactly without anything to measure with, but while she was taller than me, I pretty much came up to her nose, so I knew she couldn't be that much taller than me.

She also had rather thin looking red shirt that came just down to her belly button, but just inches away from her purple skirt, which went down to her knees. On the same note, I had a strange feeling her shirt was a bit of a tight fit, considering it looked like it was practically attached to her like a second skin. I couldn't see a single wrinkle anywhere.

...Except for her left breast...

...Where someone had their hand on..

...My hand...which grabbed her by accident when I reached for the little girl...

Only one thought came to my mind at that moment:



And just as soon another thought came to my mind as I found myself face down into the ground, the back of my head feeling like it was just collided with a frying pan:

Owwww...Still kind of worth it! I thought, even though I could still feel the presence of my near death towering over me.

"HEY PERV!" Her voice roared like a thunderous T-Rex. I'm pretty sure I was boned. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" She shouted. At that moment I felt someone suddenly lifting me up.

She looked like another young girl around my age. Curiously she had on a strange yellow apron with blue flower marks patterned all over it, and a white bandana covering her hair and keeping it together. She had ocean blue eyes and orange hair from what I could make of it, with her shirt being the same color as her hair. Unlike the other girl she wore thin long pants that went to her ankles, and had simple yet nice pink flip flops on her feet. At least with this girl, she was the same size as me.

"My goodness, are you alright?" She asked kindly.

Taking a moment to collect myself, I looked all around me as I noticed the crowd gather in a circle around me. There were quite a lot of people here. Some were higher, some were shorter, some were buffed and skinny while others were either thin or fat. Yet there was one similarity all of us apparently shared; there were no adults among us. Everyone was at least a teenager or otherwise, even if some of them were large in size compared to me.

At first I got a bit nervous seeing everyone staring at me like that like I committed some form of crime. I mean, in it self, I suppose it was technically like sexual harassment or something, but can it really be considered that when it was done by accident? But luckily as I examined further, majority of them had complex and confused expressions on their faces. At that moment I realized they were actually startled and curious about what the other girl from earlier was shouting for. I guess I would be too if I suddenly heard some random voice shouting like a monster in a large crowd.

The girl who helped me up earlier finally looked back at the other girl with a stern expression.

"What was that about? You could've hurt him!" She stated.

Could've being kind of past tense at this point, considering my head was still sore. The other girl puffed and crossed her arms.

"That pervert grabbed my breast!" She yelped accusingly.

"B-But it was an accident, honest!" I quickly retorted. Sure, being a guy that was the closest I've ever been to a girl, literally, but it really was an accident. I quickly added in before she replied, "I was chasing the small girl!" I explained.

Now both girls were looking at me confusingly.

"What girl?" The girl next to me asked.

As if it was on que, all the lights surrounding us suddenly went off. Some of the people let out a startled gasp, some shrieked. Apparently I wasn't even needed to answer the girls' question, because it was just about to reveal itself to us.

Only a few seconds later after the lights went off did lights start coming back on. But they weren't the same as the lights on the ceiling. They were more along the lines of spotlights, and there were nine of them in a variety of colors from red to blue, purple, etc. They began dancing all around the crowd as a drum row beat began playing out. The way it played out was very similar to that of a grand presentation, which everyone recognized easily. While no one could tell "what" they were for, everyone could tell that it was gonna be big.

As the lights continued to dance around, the colors of them all began to change. From their perfectly colored reds and blues, they all began becoming either darker or lighter, eventually half of them turning into white lights, and another half becoming black lights. As mentioned before, however, there were 9 total lights flashing around the room.

When it came to that very last light, the spotlight's image itself began to change entirely on itself. It kept repeating a strange sequence of going from white to black to white again, speeding up faster and faster between changes until it eventually stopped changing all together. But unlike the previous lights, it wasn't just a single color.

The spotlight's image itself was completely different from the other spotlights. One half of the image was completely white while the other half was completely black. What made the image so strange was that the image was in the shape of a strange bear's face. And unlike the other circles, this one wasn't even a circle itself. It had strange bulbs on the top sides of it like ears, each a color along with it's side.

It was hard to make out what it was even as it's shape cleared up a bit. It wouldn't stop moving around to get a good focus for one thing, and even when it did, the lighting was too thin to make an exact figure out of it.

Despite everyone's confusion, even his own, our fellow protagonist was the only one who could recognize what the symbol was turning into. It was looking just like the hoodie that little girl was wearing. It even had the teeth detail and black and red eyes just like her hood had.

The only thing people still wondered about was what was going on?

Then, all at once, the music and spotlights came to a complete stop. A new sound of music was starting to play out like an opening celebration theme you'd hear at a Grand Opening Ceremony. All the spotlights then began to move to the front of the room, if round rooms even had a front, and began to merge together into one spot. As they did, the strange bear simple began to grow brighter and brighter. Eventually, it's colors were fully darkened, revealing it's images to the world.

There was no more transparency to it. It was a completely solid color that floated in the air. Everyone could see the resemblance of a bear in it, yet it still had the yin-yang feel to it with all the coloring. Behind the image itself was a red velvet colored chair with golden metal decorated along it, which looked more like a throne you'd expect a king or queen to sit in. And like all thrones, the back of the chair stretched into the air a couple feet. The fact it was also on a platform a few feet off the ground made it look even larger.

At that moment a burst of streamers and confetti blew out from behind the throne into the air along with a small figure who sat on the throne. The small figure was also carrying a strange looking teddy bear, which exactly resembled the image from earlier which disappeared after the girl appeared. She had her head completely covered in the hood, but everyone could see the little girl's face. Along with this, she also had a small golden crown on the side of her head, which looked like one of those comical ones jester's wore that pointed up.

All around the room, people could hear the sounds of applause and cheers as the girl made an appearance. However, everyone managed to figure out it wasn't the crowd who was actually cheering. The cheers came from the stereos hooked up into the side of the walls, meaning it was only special effects that were cheering for her.

Things were finally about to get under way...

The little girl suddenly pulled out a microphone from her hoodie pocket and began tapping it.




"Testing...Testing...1, 2, 3 sound check!" She announced, making sure the mike was working. The sound echoed perfectly throughout the room. It wasn't too loud, nor to quiet. Just right for everyone to hear. With an assuring nod, she spoke.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Kibougamine's 100th Annual Super Duper High School Program special! Yaaa!" She cheered clapping her hands. At the same time, the special effect sounds from the stereos made the cheering noise too.

Wait, did she just say "100th Annual"? I asked myself. That couldn't be right though! The school was still around it's 90's when I last heard about it. Now that I thought to myself more clearly, I remembered I was on my way to the Academy itself during it's 90th Anniversary year.

"Where the heck are we!?" A random man shouted from the audience. The girl pouted as she had a stern look at the guy. It was kinda creepy coming from somebody who only looked to be 7.

"SHUT THE HELL UP I'M TALKING FIRST!" The girl screeched. The same man gave a frightful yelp as he jumped, although I was pretty sure everyone was a bit surprised about the girl's strange behavior. Much like before when I met her, her expression quickly switched back to her regular joyful self.

"Now as I'm sure all of you know, you were all selected because each of you were the bestest of the bestest!" She cheered again raising her left arm she was using to hold onto her bear to cheer. "You were all the greatest at something, and here at Kibougamine, we only accept the bestest in the world!"

There was kind of an awkward silence in the crowd, though I couldn't blame them. But at the same time I couldn't really tell what the silence was for due to the current circumstances. From what I could gather from her few short sentences alone, I discovered a few things.

First of all, she said "we only accept students". The question to my mind was whether or not she was someone in charge or the school or not. Obviously she was way too young to be head of the school. Maybe she was the headmaster's daughter? That would make the most sense. Then it could just mean she was filling in for him at the moment or something.

The second thing that got to me was what year she said they were celebrating. The so-called "100th Anniversary Spectacular", as she put it. I was only admitted to the stupid school because I apparently won the lottery for it. I was suppose to be the "Super Duper High School Luckster", at least according to the invitation. Thing of it is, though, I don't even remember agreeing to go to it. I Don't even remember getting to the school at all! What'd they do, take my memories?

"For those of you wondering 'how'd I get here, I can't remember crap, blah blah blah," I would like to point out all your memories have indeed been taken!" She declared.

Ok, now I was worried this strange girl had ESP or something.

Getting back to my previous thoughts, in the final detail of what I believed everyone was thinking, I'm sure majority of them were wondering who the heck the girl was, why was she doing the announcements, or most importantly, why someone who seemed to work at Kibougamine Academy thought "bestest" was a real word?

I didn't get much time to think any longer as the little girl began speaking again.

"I'm sure all of you remember the one fact about Kibougamine Academy: Acceptance and graduation from our school means success for life! And it's true! Those who graduate here will definitely lead long, wondrous lives! Which is more than I can say for those who don't..." She veered off.

There was a long and awkward silence again as everyone thought about her last words. Even I was!

What did she mean when she said "more than I can say for those who don't"? Is it bad if we fail a semester or something? I never got the time to ask her about it since someone apparently beat me to the question.

"Ummm excuse me?" A feminine voice spoke up in the audience. I couldn't see who she was, but she sounded shy and nervous. The little girl up on the throne blinked curiously as she looked at the other girl.

"Yes, is there a question?" The seven year old asked.

"Umm what did you mean when you spoke about the s-st-students who don't graduate?" She asked sheepishly.

The little girl on the throne tilted her head down a bit, probably pondering in thought, before beginning to chuckle. There was an eerie feel to her all of the sudden, and more than I had before about her. When she had her head tilted, you could see the eyes, mouth, and nose of her hoodie staring right at you. What made it so creepy was that as she chuckled, the mouth of the hoodie seemed to move along with it, like it was talking itself! I couldn't tell from standing in the middle of the crowd, but I could've sworn, for just a brief second, that I saw the red eye on the hoodie light up. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to check more carefully as the girl tilted her head back up.

"Well, to put it bluntly, let me start off with a question; do any of you know how you graduate from here?" She asked. A majority of the audience looked at each other strangely. Of course they knew the obvious way to graduate from a school, but all of them had a questioning instinct that things would run differently here based on how the girl was letting on.

"Umm we just...get good grades and study a lot, right?" Another guy guessed. The little girl stared at him with a creepy, hollow, expression. For a moment, it looked as if all the life had drained from her eyes, like simply hearing those words alone were enough to kill her inside. Much like her personality at the moment, it was getting a little creepy. As if to purposely break the silence, the little girl finally roared again.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! TEHHEHEHEE!" The girl bellowed an enormous laughter, actually falling on her back on the chair and kicking her feet in the air as she laughed loudly. It even proved just how big the hoodie she was wearing was. You could only see the tip of her feet as she kicked up and down. It was hard to see clearly, but she was even appearing to tear up with droplets of water rolling down the side of her face.

"S-STOP IT STOP IT! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME PEE!" She laughed madly, hugging onto the teddy bear as she laughed madly.

I didn't even need to check to see if anyone else was. I could practically feel everyones' sweat drop simultaneously. Just the sight of her laughing like a mad woman was just plain embarrassing. If she was really an example of what Kibougamine Academy's personnel was was going to be an "interesting" year, to say the least.

The little girl finally began to calm down after two full minutes, sitting up again as she tried to compose herself. She wiped away the few drops of tears from her eyes as she collected herself, trying to get back on track.

"Heee hee...huff..." She let out a deep sigh before continuing to speak. "Ah, but no seriously people. Does no one know how to graduate here?" She asked aloud again.

She suddenly blinked as her eyes widened a bit, then tilted her head down towards the teddy bear's mouth. She began nodding every few seconds and whispering to it, as if the bear was talking to her, staring into thought as she listened to the bear speak. At the rate these interruptions kept going, I felt like we were going to be stuck here forever.

Fortunately, it didn't seem to take as long for her to "talk" to the bear as it did to get her to stop laughing. With a final nod, she held the teddy in front of her so it would face towards her, then spoke again.

"Oh, right, I forgot." She said with a nod. "They are all dumbasses aren't they?" She deemed.

Now I could tell people were getting a bit irritated. Throughout this whole introduction, the girl had yet to do the one basic thing everyone was waiting to hear; why are we here!? And now the fact the little girl was going on calling everyone else a dumbass, that began crossing the line a bit to some of the other students in the audience. With so many teens in one room, and considering how some students tended to get angry real easily, I had a rather bad feeling she would get in trouble soon if she kept delaying.

"Will you just tell us why the fuck we're here?!" A student suddenly shouted. You could tell by the sound of his voice that he was getting pissed.

This time I managed to actually see the person speaking for myself as he was a only a few feet away from me this time. And I really began worrying about my prediction coming true. I know you shouldn't judge books by their cover, but if I had to, I would label this guy as terrifying!

He definitely towered over me, probably being in the 8 Ft. category. He had a long black trench coat which covered the entire length of his back. He was wearing beige pants with golden chains dangling along the waist like a belt, some of which dangled down to his knees. His hands were armed with fingerless, black, gloves, letting you see the twitchy nerves and buffed fingers crunching in his hand as he squeezed them. And like his hands, he wore dark black boots, which looked more like combat boots based on their look.

His face was no less terrifying than his outfit either. He had blood shot red eyes, which surprisingly crept me out more than the glowing red eye on the girl's hoodie and the teddy bear she was holding. He had a deep large scar going across his left eye down to his mouth, yet there was no white-ish coloring in his eye. As such, it meant he could still see out of both least I think he could.

On his right cheek, he even had a golden star tattooed on the whole side! Seriously, you know a guy has got to be tough if you manage to get a tattoo through your cheek AND fill it in with color. And lastly, he didn't exactly have a full set of hair, though that would be preferred in this case. He had a single straight file of black hair, going from the front to the back of the head like a Mohawk. On it's own, you'd think he just wanted to give a bit of style to his hair. But given the other features that now have me shaking just from sheer thought, it could be easily assumed this guy was part of some street gang, and if TV taught me anything, street gangs were not exactly known for their patience.

On a side note, I have to admit, I kind of love it when I'm right about predictions. I just hope my next prediction about her doesn't come true. I won't go into detail about what it was, but to sum it all up it ends up with her lying in a broken bloody mess beneath someone's foot. Even if she's getting on everyone's nerve, on purpose or otherwise, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy even.

The little girl herself let out a started gasp at that shouting as she put her hand to her face. She seemed a bit surprised about hearing someone curse like that, which is actually saying a lot for a kid who seems to curse on average, even going around and calling everyone in public a dumbass. I knew she must have a little bit of innocence just from the look of her. As if to confirm that, despite the sleeves covering her hands as she did it, she started rubbing her finger over her other finger, as if to say "naughty, naughty".

I knew the situation we were in was serious, but I couldn't help let out a few chuckles as I saw her do it. It was just too cute and funny for a person her age wagging her finger at someone else like she was, especially when practically her entire body was covered in a single hoodie. What's more, it turned out I wasn't the only one who found it humorous, as I overheard a few chuckles and laughter in the audience too.

I doubt this was helping the big guy's ego, however. I could actually hear him grinding his teeth as he grunted. I would sort of feel bad for whoever he had his anger directed to, and I especially felt worse for the fact it was directed at a girl. This wasn't going to end well.

"Hey! Watch the bad language, butt mouth!" The girl nagged. This brought out another chuckle or two, either at the quirky nickname she gave him, or the fact she said the saying wrong.

"It's toilet mouth you little brat!" He yelled back as he began pointing at her, threateningly. "And I don't care how the fuck I talk, I just want some damn answers or an exit!" He shouted.

The little girl just continued staring at him for a few seconds before digging through her hoodie pockets. It was hard to tell what she was trying to grab out of there. Being a pocket from a hoodie itself, it couldn't possibly hold that much, and to top it off, the pockets from a hoodie were connected and opened on two ends, so it shouldn't have taken her that long to grab it.

Finally after another few seconds, which felt like minutes since all of us were still impatiently waiting for an explanation, she finally pulled out a tablet as she set the bear down laying next to her, the lights from the tablet flashing on her face as she turned it on and began pressing buttons on it. I had to admit it was a bit interesting to see a child her age know how to use a tablet. Maybe the school itself wasn't going to be as bad as I thought? The girl blinked again as if to indicate she found what she was looking for.

" tattoo on right side of face, deep scar running across left eye...Ah!" She beamed happily. "Togura Hanzo! Age 18 and 1/2, 7'6 in height, 149 lbs., and proclaimed owner of the title "Super Duper High School Street Fighter!" She described him in every detail which seemed to startle him.

Based on his reaction, she nailed down his bio. perfectly. I will admit in his defense, however, that it was scary as to how a little girl could gather such data on a single person. And to add to my worry, I just realized the possibility that she might have as much data on all of us! But seven years old or not, how could a young kid like her even get information like that on her own?

She smiled again as she looked back to him.

"According to this you've been renowned as the world's bestest street fighter, huh? Picking up any fights that come your way since you were eight years old, never backing down from a single challenge." She commented before letting out a seemingly sympathetic sigh, then smiled slyly. "All the while trying to hold in the pain of watching your mommy die from a stray mugger."

Ooouch! My jaw dropped along with a couple dozen other students' at that statement. Togura himself gasped in shock at those very words themselves. I couldn't tell what I was more worried about; was it the unknown place under unknown circumstances, or the fact this little girl had TOO MUCH information on people? I couldn't help but actually feel more sorry for Togura himself as she grunted to himself, squeezing his fists angrily as he turned away.

"Y-Y-Youuu..." He stuttered, rage piling up in the back of his throat. I could've sworn I was looking into the very eyes of a demon or monster as I saw the nasty glare he shot back at her. Pure red and full of hatred. "Yooouuuu..." He growled again.

I would've been disturbed at the sight of blood dripping from his palms due to how hard he was squeezing his hands if it wasn't for the fact I was already terrified of him. The little girl tilted her head curiously, as if having no idea why he was acting so strange suddenly. She was either feigning innocence, or reeeally had no idea what she did was wrong.

"What's wrong? You going to cry?" She asked. Now I really had no idea if she was faking innocence or not. The way she said that was just all too casual, and I couldn't tell at all if she was expecting this reaction from the way she was acting.

Then, all at once, Togura exploded in a rage of fury as he roared.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" He bellowed as he made a mad dash through the crowd, straight towards the platform. "YOU SONAVABITCH!" He screamed.

He made like an enraged bull and dove down the crowd. He had little to no remorse for anyone he pushed to the side, or in some cases trampled over. On the bright side no one was really hurt whether they were pushed aside or stepped on, but on the down it was just proving just how terrifying this guy could really get when he was mad.

Coming face to face with the platform himself, everyone watched and waited to see him climb up the wooden platform. The platform itself was only a few feet up in the air, but there was nowhere to get a good grip or handle on anything. If he wanted to climb up he would have to literally pull himself up on the pulls and climb all the way up. To be honest it would've been a bit too embarrassing to do so. I wouldn't mind the climbing part itself, but for some reason I would've found it embarrassing myself if I kept trying to climb it but ended up sliding down the whole time.

Togura had an entirely different idea himself.

Now if this was a cartoon, anime, video game, movie, or some other thing of fiction, then I wouldn't be surprised at what I just saw. But then again, that's none of these things, and what I did see completely made me freeze in terror and shock. Togura, famed titled "Super Duper High School Street Fighter", just jumped twenty whole feet in the air in one go. I would've sworn, if it wasn't for the fact I knew what he was jumping to, I would've believed he suddenly took off flying.

Everyone stared in amazement, and like me, others in shock, as they saw the massive fighter leap in the air. His jump was completely balanced and flawless all the way through. He even did a flip a few feet before he landed on the platform itself, landing flat on his feet and knee. The aura radiating from this guy nearly doubled in this one feat alone. And to be honest, I was a bit jelous. I don't know if it was a regular thing obtainable, but I swore, if working out like this guy did and probably eating like him allowed me to soar in the air, I wish I would've started training when I was his age earlier.

At long last, the street fighter himself was at his destination. There were a mix of different fears coming from the audience. Some were worried about the little girl they knew who pissed him off. Others were worried of the possibility if they ended up getting on his bad side. All they knew was that if they did, there would virtually be no hiding from this mighty beast. Even the little girl herself knew that now was the time to be afraid. Her pupils actually widened slightly in fear as she began shaking.

"Y-You're...r-really t-t-tall..." She meeped.

Taguro took no hesitation on the next phase of his "plan". In a rather startling scene, even to the audience, with his massive strength, he grabbed the little girl by the neck with his right hand, causing her to yelp, and easily lifted her up past his head. The little girl whined as she began struggling in the man's grip, kicking her unseen legs in the air while trying to pry the man's grip off her neck. From the looks of it, I came to understand the fighter took no mercy on anyone. Yet now I couldn't help but feel more sorry for the girl.

"Owwww! Owie owie owie owie owwwwww!" The little girl cried out loud with noticeable tears rolling down her face. "Y-You're hurting meeeeee! Ahhhhh haahhhhh!" She cried in pain.

I could hear some gossips and worried tones in the audience around me. It seemed I wasn't the only one having second thoughts about what this guy was doing. But much like me, we were all to afraid to step forward.

We could hear the man speak up from the microphone still clutched in the girl's hand.

"No one ever...EVER...talks about my mother's death like that..." He gnarled, his grip tightening around her throat.

"Baaahhaa-! Ack-hack!" The girl began coughing loudly inbetween her cries. This guy was definitely serious about what he was going to do.

"You little bitch...BITCH!" He shouted angrier than before, provided that was possible. He pulled the girl's face closer to his. "Give me one reason...Just one, and I swear I'll make it quick!" He demanded.

I could honestly state I was terrified. Now I definitely felt worse for the girl. Even though I wasn't the one up there being hassled, I felt nothing but overwhelming fear from the rage coming off of this guy. Regretfully, at the same time, I was also too terrified to help the little girl. He was obviously taking things too far, and I wanted to stop it. But for some reason I just couldn't get myself to move. It was like my legs were frozen in place or something.

"Say something..." The man muttered again before grasping both his hands around the little girl's neck. "SAY SOMETHING YOU LITTLE BRAT!"

The little girl whimpered and whined as she tried to breathe again. All I could make out from this point was that if she didn't choose her next words carefully, she would be done for. Little did I know her next two words would be all she needed. The little girl coughed a bit again, trying to gather what little breath left she could.

Then she screamed.


The entirety of the dome went pitch black once again, causing slight fear and panic from the audience. The feel was the same method as done before when the young girl made her appearance, only this time, despite the drum playing, there were no spotlights going off and dancing about. Clearly this was not the same introduction that was made for the little girl. This was further provided by the sounds of the drum beat getting louder and more fierce.

Something big was about to happen. Just not in a way anyone expected.

Two spotlights illuminating regular light finally came on as they focused on the far back of the crowd, on the complete opposite side of the dome. There, two large figures stood, indefinitely towering anyone they could approach. But it wasn't their size that made the duo terrifying. It was what they looked like, or at least one of them to be specific.

The first one on the right was a completely white version of the teddy bear the young girl had. It was sporting a completely white fur coating all over it's body, including it's bulging belly button. And unlike the other one, as well as the other half of the doll the girl had, it was only sporting two front buck teeth. Much like the doll, the buck teeth were black. Overall this one had a seemingly peaceful and calming feel to it.

Going back to the second figure, this one was much more terrifying person. It was the black other half of the girl's doll, and like the other bear, it's black bellybutton sticking out of the middle. It was given it's own sense of derangement and terror from the mere look of razor sharp teeth smiling on it's face. That topped off with the menacing red glowing eyes it had definitely made it the one you would not want to mess with.

Despite their differences, they also had similarities. For starters, even with the approximate 8 Ft. Street fighter, these two could easily surpass Togura's size, both being an exact 10 Ft. tall. Secondly, like the teddy bear, these two beings were also in the same shape and manner as the bear, having "teddy-like" limbs for legs and arms. Even the whole "teddy face" was displayed. However, the last similarity was also a difference they had compared to the smaller bear; they both were sporting razor sharp-looking claws. And they were about to be tested.

No sooner had they been introduced did they suddenly take off. To the amazement of the crowd, both took off like a rocket, zooming around the dome in great speed! And to be accurate, it was LITERALLY around the dome. It's hard to say how fast they were going, or how they were preforming such a magnificent feat, especially one that surpassed the previous incredible feat we just witnessed. Even their very movements were in perfect harmony and sync, moving in the same speed and rhythm as the other, all the way until they reached the front of the crowd again.

And then, in one swift motion, they leaped.

No one could see them coming. They fired like bullets from a machine gun they were moving so fast! As to how two ten ft. monstrosities managed to actually move at such speeds were beyond all logic. It was crazy to think actually things like these two were even real! Seriously, how often do you see two ten ft. robotic teddy bears actually moving like this? This was only the works of things you'd expect to see in a video game or something. And as mentioned before, nobody saw them coming as they leapt again, both bouncing off the wall and headed straight towards Togura.

He never even had time to react. By the moment the two monsters came to each other and intersected, Togura's life was over. In one fell swoop, the black bear delivered a massive kick to Togura's head. That was all it took. For a few brief seconds, Togura was stunned and amazed as he saw the down fly over himself. But it wasn't the dome that was sent flying. Togura himself was the one who flew, or to be more accurate, his head, which was kicked clear off his body, and into the oncoming crowd.

The forceful reaction was enough to cause the rest of his body to suddenly throw the little girl up in the air, but luckily, the second, white, bear caught her gracefully. As the head landed right in the middle of the audience, a round of applause and goal SFX played as a holographic GOAL! sign suddenly appeared over the black bear. The bear raised his arms in victory, standing next to the headless body that was Togura which stood in place, while at the same time, the white one was tossing the little girl up and down playfully in the air, easily calming down the now-giggling girl.

All the while ignoring the dozens of screams and fears coming from the shocked audience...

"Egghhh..." I groaned, slowly regaining consciousness.

I was only out for a few seconds as whatever knocked me out wasn't all that big, it just struck me fast. My head was still dazed, though. In addition, whatever hit me apparently landed on my chest as I could make out a small figure on my chest as I slowly came to. Talk about de sha vue. This time my vision managed to come back quicker too, which helped a lot as I managed to make out the figure this time.

I blinked to myself as I tried to clear out the image of the figure. It felt slightly wet for some reason, and there was something dripping down my hands as I held it. Blinking again, I just tilted my head at what I was holding.

Oh Togura's head, I was wondering-...This is that awkward moment in someone's life when he realizes what he's doing. There I was, sitting on the cold hard ground, holding the head of a recent person who I also just witnessed get murdered before my very eyes a few seconds ago. Naturally, I wanted to piss my pants and pass out again at what I just saw.

But there I was, surrounded by a hundred (minus 1) people, not including the little girl or two murderous robots I just watched kill someone, and was looked upon by everyone around me. I knew it- this was it. My moment to shine! As long as I kept my cool, remained calm, and took opportunity of the matter, I could get us all out of this. I just had to remain calm, and say the perfect line.

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed, throwing the head away from me and scotching back from where I was. There was already a large blotch of blood on my grey shirt, and throwing it like that only worsened things as it dripped some blood down my pants and white shoes. And it was probably worse idea throwing it forward because that actually ended up making more people pissed at me as I threw the head near them.

And just like that I lost whatever dignity I had.

To be fair, not many people could say that they held the lifeless head of a person they just watched get decapitated in front of them, so I could at least say I preserved somewhat of my dignity. And to only add to my luck, too many people were already screaming and panicking about what they just witnessed, so I don't think that many of them saw me lose it just now. What's more, they were mostly trying to scurry themselves to the far back of the dome, as far away from the recently murdered Teen's corpse as possible.

"Shut up ya lame asses!" A cartoony-voice boomed throughout the room.

Considering everything else that has surprised me up to this point, nothing surprises me anymore. Yet if it did, I would've been surprised by the sight of the black giant robotic bear talking, it's eyes glowing red as it did. The robot had a strange static sound in it's tone, so I highly doubted that it was anything close to fake.

"Opopopopo..." It let out a strange squeal-like laughter as it held it's face together. "Whether or not it's alright with you, I shall be taking over introduction for the little angel..." He commented, gesturing to the little girl he dubbed "angel".

I'm not exactly sure if I'd dub her as an angel, but at least she was less terrifying than the two killer robots I was observing. She even seemed just a bit more peaceful as the white robot was nuzzling her snout around the little girl's head. Creepy, for sure, but it was at least cute in some way.

"First of all, I'd like to clear things up! First, this is indeed the 90th Anniversary of Kibougamine's grand opening! It's only dubbed the 100th Anniversary, because this year we'd thought it'd be special to invite 100 special students this year around! SO YOU ALL BETTER BE DAMN GRATEFUL!" He roared.

"Apapapa..." The white bear began where the black one left off. Like the black bear's voice, this one was also distorted and strange, as well as having a cartoony-hint with it. Unlike the last one, this voice had a much more feminine tone to it. "And to get back to what the cutie was saying earlier," the white bear continued, nuzzling her snout against the little girl's head, "there is a simple yet quick way to graduate from here." She then gestured to the remarkably still-standing-headless corpse that used to be Togura Hanzo.

This small gesture was actually enough to send the crowd into an even more dire fit of fear and terror, all wondering if death was the only escape from here like the white bear was suggesting. I could actually hear the poundings on the walls around me which caught my attention. I was soon revealed the reason why no one had simply left yet or ran away from the start.

All around the dome were numerous entrances and or exits that allowed one to leave this giant round room. However, the only problem was that all of them were locked down with metallic shutters. It was hard to tell how thick each of these shutters actually were, but regardless, they were indeed enough to withstand the multiple poundings from the crowd of panicking teens from around the room. From the looks of it, there stood about ten different entrances within the entire room. The only bit that did confuse me though was why even the walls around the dome itself were covered in metallic shutters. Was there something else going on that we weren't seeing?

The black robotic bear looked back to the white bear questionably. It was hard to tell what their expressions were since their faces were stiff and all, but there was at least some noticeable movement around their brow.

"I...think you gave 'em the wrong idea toots." The black bear commented. The white one gave a nervous chuckle as she rubbed the back of her head with her free paw.

"Heh heh...whoops..." She chuckled.

Taking grand opportunity of this moment, the small girl casually pulled herself out of her "mommy's" arm, climbing all the way to her shoulders and sitting in a piggyback-style formation. Then with one deep breath, she put both her fingers to her mouth and whistled.


Ow god my ears! I shouted in my head, doubling over in pain as I clamped my ears shut.

I was among the many who had the exact same idea as I saw numerous other students groaning in pain, all of them trying to squeeze their ears as tight as possible. Some of them were even taken fully by the large booming whistle, actually ending up collapsing to the ground in agony. I had to give props to the few who actually managed to stay standing and resist it, despite the few facial twitches they made. If I had to give the small girl a title, it would either be menace, or Super Duper High School Whistler...and that's added she could even go to a high school at all.

One after another, the students finally managed to make it back to their feet. Like all important qualities, I managed to retain my dignity and was among the middle of the order in terms of getting back to my feet. Sure it did take awhile, and I couldn't get up first, but at least I didn't make myself look too weak. I hope.

And as she planned, by the time all the kids managed to get up again, all faces turned back to her.

"You don't have to die to get out of here sillies!" She giggled. I was a bit surprised by the audible sighs I heard from the crowd. It wasn't so much surprise that people were relieved, but mostly due to the fact people could actually take her seriously after all that's happened so far. She continued. "All you got's to do is what momma did and without anyone else knowing it was you and getting caught."

There was silence in the audience again. Some had confusion on their face while others had expressions of terror. Me? Well...I was probably in the midst of it. I was slightly confused due to how she based it, but I was also worried if she meant what I thought it did. The same nervous-sounding girl from earlier spoke up again, raising her hand politely as she did.

"U-Umm...W-What?" She asked with a whimper. The small girl chuckled again.

"Kikikikki...I'll give y'all the non-retarded easy-to-understand version-," she tilted her head down again, showing off the creepy red eye print from her hoodie, "kill each other!" She exclaimed.

"Bullshit!" Another person shouted. In all honesty I gotta admit; that reply came faster than anything I expected. I would've expected at least a minute to let everything soak in with everyone, but whoever this unseen-rioter I couldn't see was, being 5'6 is difficult to live with, he sounded just as badass as the last guy who spoke out.

I just hope he ends better than the last guy did..

"Bull-soup?" The little girl repeated confused. Obviously she never heard the word before.

"I don't care what you do to me, but I can guarantee no one here's gonna kill each other! There's no way we're playing your twisted little game!" He shouted with gusto. I had to admit even I felt some encouragement from his words.

And he was right to say the least. That was how this was all playing out. To the twisted mind of the little girl, this was nothing more than a "game" for her to play with. But if no one was to join her in her game, then technically there wouldn't be a game at all.

Looking back to the girl again, she just continued to stare the guy perplexed. I'm guessing it took her a moment or two to understand what he even said with his scary shouting, but she finally blinked after a minute. Sadly of course, like all little kids who don't get their way, she brought out the worst of feelings that make guys feel like jerks and started sobbing loudly. Managing to finally poke my head around, I saw the guy who shouted, or at least his head. He was probably a full 6'0 and had a buzzy flat black hair top and blue eyes. I wasn't really surprised though when I saw the numerous glares he received from nearby girls. I had to admit the little girl knew how to work the waterworks.

"Now now now," the white bear cooed softly as she pat the top of the little girl's head, "you didn't even tell them about the other part." She commented. Almost instantly the little girl brightened up again with a beaming smile.

"Oh yeah I forgots!" She said happily before looking back to the guy that made her cry. "Too bad! You don't have a choiiice!" She cheered.

"And what the hell is that supposed to mean?" He grumbled. The little girl paused briefly as she dug around the inside of her sleeves, pulling out a simple-looking remote.

"Oooh not much, just this!"

With the simple click of a button, the room became silent. The students everywhere watched as the stereos and loud speakers all began rising to the ceiling of the dome, closing off the hole-way as they did. There was a firm yet simple "thump" noise as all of them began to close off one after another.

This small feature was just an intro to the greater shocking event that came after. By the time the final stereo went into hiding, the entire dome itself began humming violently with the sound of grinding gears as everything began to shake violently. The little girl herself giggled as the white bear held her again in her arms, just for safety so she wouldn't fall off. Which was probably a safe bet on her call as the shaking only began to get rougher and more in tense, some of the students actually falling over from a misstep or two.

Then finally, it happened.

Everyone watched in wonder as the very metallic plating covering all the walls began moving and sliding around the dome itself, twisting and turning as it unfolded from itself. At this point the violent shaking finally came to a halt. Some of the students could actually be seen helping each other up. It was a nice sentiment showing that some of the students were kind hearted, yet no amount of kindness was going to prepare them for what they bore witness to next. The dome wasn't in it's own sense a "dome". And it wasn't even walls that the metal plating had covered. They were windows. And what was on the other side of these windows? Something that made virtually everyone's jaw drop.

Space. Space, space, and more space. Not as in amount or size, but space. The dark, coldness of space itself, was the very being that greeted the students. The students walked like zombies in a stiff motion as they began inching themselves step by step closer to the surrounding windowed-dome itself, getting as close to the outside as the dome would let them. It wasn't so much as to getting outside that they were trying to achieve. They only wanted to confirm the dark truth that they were really in space.

A simple tap of the glass confirmed it. No matter who pressed their faces against the glass or how many times they tapped the glass itself, nothing was an illusion. And to those who looked past this, they had indeed hoped they were correct in presuming that big blue planet with land mass was their home: Earth.

They were indeed in space. They were definitely awake and in reality. And as the came zoomed out from the very space station they were entrapped in, it was clear that their despair had just begun...

The little girl spoke up for one final time, despite the feint attention she received.

"Oh, and I almost forgot the most important piece of this introduction. Allow me to introduce ourselves! My Momma's name is Shirokuma! You can call my daddy Burakkukuma! And last but not least, their cute and adorable girl, me! Monokub, with a K! And togetherrrr..."

As if planned and practice, all at once the three leaped into the air. When they landed again, they were in the a pyramid formation with the Burakkukuma on the right, Shirokuma on the left, and the dubbed "Monokub" standing on top of both of them with her arms raised straight to each side. And on her shoulders, she was even piggybacking her beloved teddy bear.

"The Monokuma Trio!" They all said in unison. Soon after, the girl's hood dropped down in front of her as she spoke.

"And we up you graduate very soon..."

Current Survivors: 99

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