A/N: Hey guys, what's up! I know it's been FOREVER since my last post- I sincerely apologize for the major delay X/ without "oomph/mojo", I can't force myself to work. Don't ask me, it's an autism thing. Fortunately though, now with the thanks of Danganronpa 2 Coming out, and having finished it, I am re-in love with the game ALL OVER AGAIN ^^! Hence forth, I will be coming back to this as much as possible! What's more, to commemorate my return, I am also starting a little mini-series! This mini series will be kind of a bonus of one of the mysterious characters who will be introduced later into the story. In order to compensate for said delay and whatnot, I decided to write this little spin-off to apologize for my lack of delays. On the positive side of things, despite the shortenedlength compared to my chapters, this will at least give you something to read inbetween my delays :P! So without further ado, enjoy ^^

Bonus Episode 1: Diary Of Me!


Dear Diuhre, 2day, my dade cam to fisit me 2day for my berthda! He got me my fary own diuhre for my first berthday! He sas hes sorre 4 not bing abel to fisit me as muj as I wesh, but he promisis me hes werking fary hard efery day to helb sombudy. I dont kar tho! I luv my dadde fary muj!


Dear diare,

Tuday, my dadde helped poot in a new lerning program to help me lern how to rite better. He sas I'm getting better ech and efery tim I do ths! I no he's fary bise ech da, but I relly wish he would fisit more offen. I still dont care thoh, cause I love my dadde!


Dear diary,

Bunnes! Hop hop hop hop hop! I luv bunnes! Toda, my daddy got me a cute liddel bunne that talks! He says he's sorre that he kant be around konstantle, but he promisis he's doing somtheng to help momme! I nefer got 2 se my momme be4 but I bet shes pritte! Dadde says he mite be bise more offen and haf les time 2 fisit me, but I dont mind. Every time I can c my dadde, I luv it! I lufe each time I can c my dadde! And the bunnes rilly funne! She sas her name is oooo...uhh...sumthing. But I wanna call her Usse bekas it sounds funny! I stil luv my daddy, and kant wait to c him again.


Dear Diary,

I've improved greatly in my spelling and writing! I haven't made a single spelling Misteak in over a month according to Ussi! It's been awhile since I last wrote in my diary, so I decided to write some more. Daddy keeps sending me messages from time to time, but he hasn't been able to come see me lately. He says he's sorry he can't visit me as of late, but I know it's not his fault. He says he's really busy helping his friends and all, so I don't blame him but I still miss him.

Ussi says daddy's work is very important. I know that too... I think...but I still wish he could come to visit me more often :( He keeps saying he's making a breakthrough each day, but I can't tell what the breakthrough is or what he's talking about. I hope it's something good because last time I broke a window, I got a time out according to daddy. It happened when I was half a year old, but I really didn't know what I was doing. I was just trying to pass the time and all. Between you and me diary, I still found it funny :)

Still, I do hope daddy comes by soon sometime. Because I always love it when he does!


Dear diary,

...I'm starting to get a little worried lately. Daddy hasn't visited me at all in almost two months, and he hasn't written any messages to me in the last 3 weeks. Ussi is the only one to keep me company as of late, but it's still not enough for me. I know daddy is a hard worker and all, but I haven't seen or heard from him at all lately... I'm starting to think he might have forgotten about me :*( I still love him and everything, but why hasn't he said anything?

Daddy says I'm special, and some things that happen to him won't happen to me. But I'm scared if something happened to him that I don't understand. Why am I different from daddy anyway? Is being different bad? Is that why daddy won't come see me anymore? I miss my daddy X*!


Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Today was the bestest day of my life! Daddy came back and spent the entire day with me at a Carnival that just appeared the other day ( it also disappeared after he left). But either way I still loved the day, and I love my daddy always ^^!

He says he's very sorry about being gone for so long. He says one of his friends woke up or something (it must've been a very long nap?). They're in a vegetable state, so I can't tell if he means they moved somewhere else or something, or if he means they're a plant to begin with. Has he been spending time with a plant all this time?

But like I said, he said he's sorry for not being around. After his friend woke up, he says he's been busy trying to help him and everything. He seemed really excited that his friend is awake at all. He seemed a bit depressed when I asked him why his friends a vegetable, and I got worried again, but he said he wasn't sad or anything, and he said he wasn't because of what I said either. He just kept assuring me how I'm important to him too, and how I'm the most important thing in his life.

He also said how Ussi told him about how I was being all sad and lonely. I was a bit sad again to hear that I made him sad, and almost cried a bit. But he wasn't mad at me or anything, and was actually mad at himself instead! He says he should've been spending more time with me all along, and promised me I would never go so long without seeing him again.

I know I always say this, but I love my daddy very much :D!


Dear Diary,

Today my daddy says he was really happy again! He says one of his friends started talking and moving a lot more! He said his friend was still speaking in jibberish or something, whatever that means, but he said his friend is doing much better! I still don't know about the people he's talking about though, but I wish I did. Sometimes I wonder if they're imaginary people daddy are talking about or if they're invisible. Or maybe they teleport from a new world like he does! That sounds cool!

He also said he's working on a new project of some kind. He says when it's done, he'll be able to have one of his friends visit too! I can't wait to see one of daddy's friends :D!


Dear Diary,

Today, something really weird happened to daddy- his entire face changed color! I didn't know daddy had superpowers!

It was really weird too. It all started earlier today when he said he had a surprise for me, and told me to close my eyes (I secretly kept one of my eyes uncovered using my fingers, but I think he might've known). After looking at an opened space for a few seconds in my room, another girl suddenly appeared! She was really tall and pretty, but that wasn't the most shocking part.

When I saw them, I had to ask her. I asked her why she got her boobies so big. I don't know why but she suddenly fell to the floor holding her stomach in laughter. When I looked back to daddy, he let out a large cough as if joking on something, and the other girl said she felt like she might pee from laughing. I don't get why though, I never laugh that hard.

After she finished laughing for 5 full minutes, she patted my head and asked me what my daddy's been teaching me. While he was still covering his face, groaning for some reason, I just told her daddy's been teaching me writing and math stuff. She laughed again as she asked me what kind of "writing stuff", but I just showed her some of my English programs and all. Her eyes got really huge then and said she was surprised. She said it was amazing someone as young as me could do so well with writing and stuff like this at my age.

I don't get why though...

Either way, after daddy was done coughing for whatever reason, we all spent the day together having fun! We explored the island, played some games like hide and seek, and even went swimming! To be honest, I was a little scared at first, cause I had no idea how to swim. Luckily it wasn't too hard though. The lady with the big boobies got nakey while she was swimming because she says it helps her move faster.

When I looked back to daddy to ask him if I should get nakey too, before I could, I saw he had some red stuff dripping from his nose and his face was red again. He says couldn't look at her for some reason with her clothes off. Maybe it was a daddy thing?

At the end of the day, we cooked something called "smores" over a bonfire. When it was time for daddy and the boob lady to go, the boob lady gave me a hug goodbye before saying she disappeared the same way daddy usually does. Daddy gave me a kiss on the forehead goodbye before asking Ussi to talk to me about something about "girls"- I don't know why though... Oh! Maybe daddy doesn't even know I'm a girl!...I thought he did though?

He also got a bit red again, but not as much as before, and scratched the back of his head when he asked me not to talk about a girl's boobies anymore. I don't know why though. Maybe they scared him or something? Or maybe that made him sick! That explains why he was coughing when he turned red! Now I understand ^^ He said it might be awhile before I could see him again, but he promised he would be back in time for Christmas!

I never got to ask him what a Christmas was though before he left...


Dear Diary,

Today's Christmas!... I still have no idea what it is, but Ussi said we should be excited for it, so I am! Yaaaaa! Also, while it's been awhile, Ussi told me about the reasons why I don't talk about girls' boobies in front of other boys.

Apparently, all men have a weakness where if you talk about boobies in front of them, they start dying! I hope that's not true, or else it would've meant I almost killed daddy! Luckily Ussi assured me he wasn't dying, and that he wasn't choking on anything (she also told me how to spell choking right too...).

Also, today, something really weird happened! White stuff suddenly started falling from the sky! I have no idea what it is, even after Ussi tried explaining it to me, but it looked pretty! And it was fun to play in too! Around Noon, daddy finally appeared, and this time he showed me another new girl! She had long pretty hair.

For some reason, daddy almost choked again today. I don't know why either. I warned the pretty lady not to mention boobies in front of my daddy because apparently men are weak against that. She simply laughed though and told me how she heard about something like "that" from the big boobies lady that came here earlier, and said she would ensure not to.

So for today, me, daddy, and the pretty lady spent all day in the snow! The pretty lady also turned out to be a princess! I couldn't believe it either! I read about princesses in storybooks that daddy used to read me before about how there were evil monsters and dragons that would kidnap princesses, and a hero would come and save the princess and marry! And have lots of pretty kids too ^^!

I wonder if that's how daddy met mommy?

Anyway, like I said, we spent all day in the snow. We made snow people, had snow fights, and made little snow houses. The princess lady said she was surprised it was so "not cold" or something. I asked her what she meant by that, and she said it's when your body starts shaking a lot and you feel cold. I still didn't understand what she meant. It felt like the same to me as always.

When it finally started getting dark out, we came inside of the house again, and daddy had a surprise for me! It was a really big tree with a lot of shiny objects all around it. He said he had one more thing called a "Deck-er-ation" which was a really big shiny golden star. He lifted me in the air and helped me put it on top of the big tree. He and the princess lady cheered excited for some reason, but I decided to laugh too because I was having so much fun with everyone.

He then had other presents for me to open, including some dresses the other lady made for me too. He even had a Christmas movie which the 3 of us watched- it was also the first movie I ever watched with daddy so I had a lot of fun :D! I wasn't awake through the whole thing and fell asleep at some time, but later I woke up in the middle of the night with him tucking me in and kissing me goodnight on the forehead again. He said he and the other lady had to go away again, but promised me he would be back later again.

I didn't care too much. I love my daddy and always will...


Dear diary...

Today, something really weird happened. I was playing with Ussi like I always did after I finished my studies and stuff like always, when suddenly everything stopped. I mean everything. The wind moving the trees stopped, the trees looked like they were frozen in place, and even Ussi stopped moving entirely. I had no idea what was going on.

Then I started hearing some weird buzzy sounding noise and some round thing was starting to flash and buzz a lot. It almost hurt my eyes trying to look past the blinding light, but once I could I saw a tall pretty girl, but she looked weird. She was really tall like daddy and had pretty pink hair. But she was smiling, so I guess she was nice. She asked me if I wanted to come with her and play with her for some reason.

Before I could answer her though, she was suddenly trapped in a cage and some really loud and weird ringing noise was starting to go off. She said "how annoying" for some reason before daddy suddenly appeared...or who I think was daddy. I couldn't really tell. I think it was daddy, but he was really different. He was really angry looking and everything, and giving a mean face looking at the other pretty lady.

Soon after, Ussi and everything else started moving again, and Ussi panicked when she saw the pretty lady. I don't know why, but daddy was sounding really scary and angry for some reason and told Ussi to take me to the house immediately. The pretty lady held up two fingers and waved to me saying "CU later" before disappearing again. Daddy said some word I hadn't heard before saying "dammit" before disappearing too.

Before I could ask anything Ussi grabbed my hand and started pulling me as she ran to the house. Now I'm just waiting for daddy to come back since Ussi said we can't go out until daddy comes back to tell me.

Who was that weird lady though : /...?