Chapter 3

Kiara's POV

Me: I hated how Lillian trains, so different from the way father thought me. He told me She could at least tell me how sharp the arrows were.

Lillian: Wow, I never thought Jessie could do something like that.

Me: Me too, she's as good as father

Lillian: That wolf guy?

Me: Yah, he's the Alpha male in my pack.

Lillian: You know I have never seen you in your true form.

Me: My father told me to take great caution when I am away from home.

Lillian: Ok? You wanta do some more training?

Me: Nah, I wanta wait till Fuchsia comes.This is going to great, I can fight her without getting in trouble at last

Lillian's POV

Me: Alright in that case I am going to the library.

Kaira: Are you sure I mean it is almost dark out.

Me: Yeah I am sure I will be down and back I just want to get a few more books to read

Kaira: Hurry back before Jessie notices that you went alone

Me: "Alrighty"

Me: *I walk to the librabray and get some books* that's not the real reason I went. I had a weird dream and I don't know if the others had it but they were there *I start walking back when I hear voices*

?: Thissss plan hassss to work

?: SSSkalessssssss told me before he left they were going underground to Ninjago cccccity.

Me (under my breath): "serepentine"

?: Did you hear that?

?: Yessss

Me: *I start to run but trip over something* I'm dead meat

Snappa: What a niccce ssssurprissssssse

Me: I will and can fight you and I am pretty handy with a bow and arrows

Mezmo: That won't be nessssicary how much of that conversation did you hear

Me: All of it from the point 'this plan better work until now

Snappa: I am guessing you know the plan though

Me: Yep and also *I jump to my feet and pull out an arrow and my bow* I hope you guys don't need to use your legs or arms for the next couple of weeks

Snappa: Attack!

Me:*I shoot arrows at the 2 snakes and then jump on the tree that I had pop up. Then jumping down I start to run toward the house when I bump into somebody. 5 somebodies*

Me: "I am so sorry I am running late on my way home"

Person 1: That's OK.

Person 2: Do you know where this address is? *He hands me a paper*

Me: Oh yeah just follow the violets down that away until you reach the giant billboard map *I grab my bag or aleast what I think is my bag*

Person 3: Thank you

Me: No problem *I stand up and see the 5 run down the sidewalk and then remember I have to get home*