Chapter 4

Jessi's POV

Me: *i walked out of Fuchsia's room and into the backyard* Kiara do you know where Lillian is?

Kiara: nope, why would i know were she is

Me: kiara, kiara i have known you long enough to know that you lying *i said staring into her eyes*

Kiara: stop staring at me

Me: she's at the library isnt she

Kiara: wait how did you know she's there

Me: first off the library is her favorite place, second i see it in your eyes

Kiara: why did you have to learn to read secrets through my eyes

Me: i'm going to go get Lillian i didnt actual want to get Lillian i had a strange dream and i think Lillian had it to. I saw it in her eyes. I arrived at the library. I saw Lillian leaving and saw serpentine in her eyes Lillian what happened

Lillian: oh why am i hear

Me: i know you are talking about the dream, i meant about serpentine

Lillian: what oh yah i sorta encountered bad serpentine.

Me: we can talk about this back home, safe.

Kiara's POV

Me:Wait did they have a strange dream too, I may not remember it to well but I still remember it

Fushsia: *Comes out of house* Hey wolfy

Me: Don't call me wolfy! You can say wolf but not wolfy!

Fuchsia: Why not, wolfy? *Smirks*

Me: *Growls and jumps on Fuchsia, penning her to a wall* YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE ME WHEN I'M MAD! *Hears wolf howls*

Fuchsia: Who's that?

Me: My cousin Ok great, like Fuchsia wasn't plenty already.

Kopa: Hey cousin

Me: *Lets go of Fuchsia* What are you doing here? Even in his human form her still looks like himself

Kopa: Though I would see the alpha female of the future

Me: "Well you have seen me so go back to where you came from"

Kopa: Make me *Smirks*

*Jessie and Lillian come back*

Lillian: Who's that?

Me: My cousin, Kopa

Kopa: Hey you're those humans I have never herd about

Me: *Rolls eyes* I wonder if I knock him out when he comes to will he be dummer that before?