There he sat in the coldness of the abandoned office trying to hold back the sobs in fear of being caught, he had pulled an old office desk up against a wall and had been hiding behind that for hours, but to him it seemed like an eternity. He had found trouble trying to remember the events that occurred last night, he was out with the rest of the team, and they were doing a drug bust or something. He wasn't quite sure on the details of the mission but he knew that he and his team were after some high valued targets. The leader of the criminals was known as "Jester" but no-one had actually known his real name. He didn't trust anyone, and he never did any of the dirty work. Until now, there were deaths appearing around the town of Dertardok III located 4 solar systems away from earth and had only recently finished terraforming. There had been reports of missing or dead cattle but the wounds were unlike anything seen ever before. The incident the he was currently in had followed about 4 months after that, he had never suspected the two incidents to be related in any way, but here he was cowering behind an office desk pleading silently for his life. That's when he heard it, the scrape of something against the metal ground and headed in his direction. He knew what it was. He had seen it kill his entire team; they tried to fight it while he ran off like a coward. He had caught a glimpse of the being, its elongated swivelling around on top of its slender neck whilst pouncing on its nearby prey. The captain had called him back but he just kept running. He could hear his screams calling him back to help "McAlister! Get back here now! I'm going to kill you myself you son of a bit-". That was the last that he had heard before a deafening scream nearly destroyed his ear drums. He had kept running hoping he would find someone to help him but there was no one there. No one living, the beady eyes of the nearby corpses staring into his soul piercing his train of thought like a knife in the back.

He had waited for the creature to enter the room but it never did, he peeked over the table before he decided it was all clear. He heard a crack and spun around jumping backwards noticing that it was only a mirror. His short black hair threatened to touch his shoulders but never made a move, his dark brown eyes filled with fear of his own reflection. He was moderately tall standing at around 1.9 metres tall for an 18 year old recruit that had just signed up for the PDF (Planetary Defence Force) he had never wanted to join the military but after his little sister was murdered by a back street scum bag he had no other choice but to at least try to avenge her, so he did what he thought was right. He joined the military to try to protect others like he had been unable to do for his sister. He had blamed himself for not being there when it happened. He had tried to drink away the pain but things just got worse from there. He was heavily in debt and was nearly getting killed every day by the loan shark's agents. He only had one friend, "Mella" the local bartender's daughter. She was only 17 but they had been friends since they were little kids and were almost inseparable. One night Mella had tried to push their relationship past 'Just Friends' but Josh got scared and ran off. He hadn't talked to her since.

He slowly nudged his way out of the room unaware of the danger that lurked above him on the roof. He had been walking aimlessly through twists and turns of the old building for over 10 minutes now but somehow he could feel the unhuman gaze set upon him and he peered behind himself from moment to moment. He knew he was being stalked. By the creature or one of Jester's men he couldn't tell. He felt the air around him cool as a whisp of air entered the room he currently stood in. he heard the same noise that he had previously heard and turned around to find him face to face with the one thing that scared him most in all of the universe. The creature.

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