Josh McAlister stood there in the middle of an abandoned warehouse on the planet Dertardok III facing what he presumed to be a nightmare. His heart was pounding within his chest just begging to break free, his breaths were short and jagged as if he was trying to be quite so that the creature wouldn't notice him. However the creature stood there with the front of its head facing his direction, although Josh could see no eyes he could feel its gaze penetrating his soul. He thought about running but his body wouldn't allow it. He tried as hard as he could and as much as it shocked him his body started moving backwards, he tried to move his foot but he couldn't. He was falling and his eyes were sealing shut threatening never to open again. The last thing that he felt was something cold wrap around his foot and start to pull him along the ground.

He awoke in a relatively small room; he could see a lounge set up in the middle of what he presumed to be the lounge room, a kitchen to the right and a bathroom to the left. He was shocked when he realised that he was standing up, but there was something wrong, he was a lot taller than usual. He looked down and noticed that his feet weren't even touching the ground. He tried to push his hands out in front of himself as a reaction but couldn't move them. He looked down at them only to notice that they were stuck to the wall in what appeared to be some kind of black sticky residue. It felt weak but he couldn't even move his hand a centimetre.

His eyes were frantically searching the room, and that's when he noticed it. There was a black pole like object the was sticking down from the roof, but what worried him was the fact that it was slowly swaying back and forth. His worries became infinitely worse when a large shape started to drop from the ceiling. He clenched is eyes shut in an attempt to wake up from the horrible dream, but to no use. He then felt a sharp pain coursing through his left hand. He looked at it and noticed some kind of organic blade slowly retreating from it as he cried out in pain. He whimpered looking at the deep wound and then started to beg "please just let me go" he shouted, "I'll do anything, just let me live. PLEASE!" he attempted to reason with the creature but it just tilted its head to one side slightly in a quizzical manner. It started approaching him and he knew that he was going to die, he knew that this was the end. Or so he thought, his eyes slowly opened at the feel of a smooth surface rubbing at his chest. He looked down and noticed that the creature was sniffing him, he got nervous when he noticed some kind of second mouth come out and rub along the black residue. And then all of a sudden the second mouth rammed into the black residue shattering it instantly and letting Josh fall to the floor. He quickly got up and prepared himself for an incoming attack even though he knew that there was almost no chance of survival if a fight did occur. Luckily for him there was no fight, just another tilt of the creatures head.

Josh just stood there looking confused as the creature 'looked' at him. The creature moved closer and Josh raised his hands in an attempt to slow the creature and so he was surprised when the creature rubbed its head against his hand. He looked towards it thinking about how it reminded him of a dog. Strangely enough once he had thought that the creature had moved away slightly. After about 20 seconds of silence Josh fell forwards onto his knees holding his head and screaming in agony. After what seemed like an eternity he could hear his own thoughts again. But they weren't his. He could feel something inside his mind, it didn't feel painful but intrusive. Just at that moment he heard a voice in his head, it was a slightly deep male voice. The surprising part was that he had never heard that voice before so there was no way that he could be imagining it. It only spoke one word, but that word was clear as his own thoughts 'Speak?'. "What?" he asked out loud. At that moment the creature in front of him started running around the room. Out of pure shock Josh fell backwards and slowly started to crawl away, only the feel something grab his leg and slowly start pulling him back.

He thrashed around screaming "Let me go! Somebody help me!" but he should have known that nobody would help him. Nobody could hear him. But then he heard the voice again, the same as last time it was just one word 'Calm' it spoke. Josh looked up in surprise and amazement. "Was that you?" he asked, 'Yes' the voice replied. The creature let go of his leg and Josh crawled up against a wall putting some distance between the two. 'Why?' the voice asked. "Why what?" josh blurted out without thinking. 'Why run?' replied the voice in a somewhat caring nature. "Because I don't know what the hell you are!" Josh shouted back towards it. The creature lowered its head at that moment looking somewhat saddened. This is my chance! Thought Josh as the creature was looking away. He slowly started nudging his way towards the door when he heard the voice again 'Please?'. Now Josh was really confused, not even 5 minutes ago he had been begging and now here the creature was begging to him. "Please what?" josh asked lowering his voice a bit. 'Please stay' the voice replied with a large trace of sadness. "Now why on earth would I do that?" Josh asked back. Somehow this made the creature look sadder. 'Because you are the only one I can talk to now'. Josh was getting even more confused, "What do you mean I'm the only one you can talk to now?" he asked now letting his voice return to its normal tone and level. 'My family…. There all gone.' It said as if forcing the last part out unwillingly. "Oh, I'm sorry" Josh replied "I didn't know". 'Its ok' said the voice as the creature lifted its head slightly. "I know how you feel" josh said holding back tears. "I lost the only person I ever cared for" he replied as tears started to form in the corners of his eyes. 'So, will you stay?' asked the voice pleadingly. Josh sighed seeing as he didn't really have a choice. "Ok" he replied "But just for a little bit". With that the creature stood up on its two back legs and started walking towards Josh. He backed up slightly not knowing what to expect. His heart stopped at what happened next. The creature was crouching down next to him and it seemed to be 'hugging' him. Josh, unsure of what to do slowly returned the gesture wrapping his arms around the creatures back. The next part was extremely shocking for Josh as he sat there he could hear a slight rumbling, it didn't take him long to realise that it was coming from the ultimate killing machine currently 'hugging' him. After a bit of thought Josh concluded that it was purring, and much like a cat. As Josh slowly started to retract his arms the creature squeezed a bit tighter before letting go. 'It's dark' said the creature as it slowly pulled its arms back. 'Maybe you can stay here?' it asked, its voice full of hopefulness. "Well….. I don't have anywhere else to stay" replied Josh after some thought. 'Thank you!' the creature shouted jumping forward and hugging him and pulling him to the floor at the same time. All Josh could hear for the next half an hour was the creature whispering into his mind 'Thank you, thank you, thank you….' Until they both fell asleep just lying there on the floor.

Josh woke up in the morning and realised he had slept next the killing machine as if he were a teddy for a child. He quickly pulled away realising how embarrassing this would have looked. The creature moved slightly but didn't look as if it was going to wake up. Josh sat there for a while thinking about what had occurred recently thinking about his sister, and then it came to him. He was going to start a new family with the creature. But first he had to find its name.

Hello to everyone or anyone reading my story, if you enjoy it so far and want to contribute i need a male Xenomorph name because i dislike calling him just "The Creature". if you have any ideas for a name just P.M. me or post it in the comments. Thanks for Reading and Don't Forget to Comment!