Young Justice: Rise of the Silver Scarab

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Chapter 2- Two New Heroes and a Mission

The Watchtower

August 4th- 8:10 EDT

Kaldur was looking at a news report regarding a new hero in New Jersey who gooes by the name of Blizzard Girl. She recently broke up a

drug deal. Just then, the zeta tube anounced Robin and Batgirl's arrival. "Recognized: Batgirl-B16, Robin-B20" the two heroes walked to

where their leader was.

" What's the status on our target?" He asked. First , Robin spoke. "We've been following Silver Scarab and from what we can tell, she's 13

years old and lives in New york. Other than that. that's it." Next , it was Batgirl's turn. " What we can tell is that she shares the same armor Blue

Beetle does and we have no idea who she really is na dI would like to know where she got the scarab."

Kaldur thought for a moment and looked at Blizzard Girl's picture on the screen., then he had an idea. "Gather the Team. We may have a new

mission, and two new recruits." And so, the two partners of Batman left to get the others for what was to come

Mission Room

The Team gathered for their mission briefing and kaldur came and got started. "We're splittng up into two teams. Miss Martian, Beast Boy,

Wonder Girl, Bumble Bee, you're Alpha. You're going to New Jersey to locate a hero named Blizzard Girl. We do not konw the extent of her

powers, so it's best to approach with extreme caution. Miss Martian, you're leading Alpha. Robin, Static, Blue Beetle, Superboy, you're Beta.

You're going to New York to locate Silver Scarab. She shares the same alien armor as Blue Beetle but we don't know anything else about her. So be cautious.

I want her brought in for question. Any questions?"

Everyone was silent . "Alight. Let's get to work." And so, everyone went to get for ready what they had to do on their mission.

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