Here it is! This starts after the Fall Of Five- Eight's gone, Ella's kidnapped, and those who remain are injured inside and out.

How will they reunite? How will they rise again?

Read and you'll see.


John's POV

We are driving. Passing trees and buildings and shops and speeding through the streets. The wind is ice cold, passing by as if it were a freezing air train. Bernie Kosar is sitting at my side unconscious. Sam's Mog friend is driving, and we are about to meet Sarah, Malcolm and Sam near the zoo.

What a disaster. One of our kind has betrayed us, Five, the few-skilled guy that came here apparently innocent. He kept informing the Mogs of our tracks and we were fooled. Ella's gone. We lost a friend because of him. Not only a warrior, not only a Loric, but a friend. And now I'm stressed because I don't know who it is that's dead. Could it be Eight, Marina, Six, or Nine? I don't want to know, and at the same time, I do want to know who's alive.

Disappointment rushes through my veins, and my heart sinks slowly until it bumps again and sinks lower. This is the worst day.

After 10 minutes of driving, which seems an eternity, we find Sarah, Malcolm and Sam parked at one corner near the zoo. They're in one of Nine's fastest cars, and this time it's not an old one. It's a red Ferrari 458. We all climb in, Luckily we fit, and we speed towards the driveway. Our chests and the rest of the Inheritances are in the trunk. And Bernie Kosar is at my side, waking up after I healed him.

"What next?" Says Sarah, for the first time in 15 minutes that she is out of shock.

"We find a hide-out, and then we communicate with the others." I say firmly.

Six's POV

I'm carrying Nine and Marina's holding my hand. We are walking not visible to anyone. I'm trying to get out of the marshland as quick as possible. We are now away from the Mogadorian ships and away from Five. Or should I say, Scumbag.

Marina's not talking and Nine is out cold. I am not talking either. I don't want to think about it. I don't want to think about it. I don't… the thought passes through me and crashes my "Don't think about it" barrier. Eight's gone. One of our kind killed him. I am too sad yet I still have to go on, carry Nine to a place where we can rest, and then I can cry. Then I can give up and stop being strong. But no, I can't hold it.

While I carry Nine in my shoulders and Marina's grabbing my hand, I start to cry. Marina can't see me. She's invisible too.

I sob, and I sob, and cry, and let it all out. I can't take it anymore. For too much time I've been strong. Now I want to be as weak as I can be, letting my tears shower down my face like a waterfall. I don't care being tough Six. I want to be sad and mourn my friend Eight. I want to be sad because Lorien was attacked. I want to be sad for everything.

We reach a road, the first sign of civilization. I decide to ask Marina if we can run as fast as we can until we find somewhere to travel to Miami, a best place to stay than staying here at the Everglades.

She speeds forward as fast as I can ever remember, rushing past the few cars and trucks and through the trees until we reach another road. We decide to rent a car with the money Nine has always equipped in his pocket. Then, we go.

My tears are now drying up. Marina's driving and I'm with Nine at the back. I don't know how it happened, but I'm now hugging him. I just realized how much I love all of my friends, wether Loric or human. Nine is mean to me sometimes but at this point it doesn't matter anymore to me. I'm stroking his blond hair that he trimmed when we were back at home, in Chicago. I don't know if we have that close to a "home" anymore. What could've happened with the ones that are still there? Did John and Ella wake up? Have the Mogadorians taken all of them? I'm glad they're all alive. No new scars have burned in my ankle.

I'm stressed to know if Sam is alright. I can't know if Malcolm or him have died. They don't have the charm. One more reason to cry. Tears start streaming down my face again. Now I'm full aware that I'm visible and I don't care the least. I dry them out of my face with my awfully dirty hands, and cry myself to sleep.

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