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The ambience turns black and white. The oxygen in the air seems to no longer be present. My neurons are shutting down. I have no sense of the atmosphere around me. The only thing that I'm focused on is Ella and Setrakus Ra. They´re like gray shadows in the whiteness of the room.

They don´t see me. I´m hidden. I creep slowly down the wall while they were turned and hide behind a rare piece of furniture that i found.

As weird as it seems, i´m relieved. I have found Ella, and i was right about my prediction. She is not captured, trapped in a cell with no water and no food, but having a peaceful conversation with one of the most deadly and dangerous warriors of all time. That seems better than okay.

But somehow, i can see, that in the inside, she´s screaming. She´s suffering and i´m here and i can´t do anything yet. I need to stay quiet until Setrakus Ra goes. Marina is passed out at my side. I can´t move now.

"So what are your plans, then?" I hear Ella say excitedly.

"Destroy all of the Loric, my dear, and make a better and superior universe with new species, fusing the rage of the Mogadorians and the power of the Loric. That will be an unstoppable empire. MY unstoppable empire. and when i die, it will be yours forever." Setrakus Ra recites with passion and fury.

Ella doesn´t say anything. I peek a little and see her smiling. Has Setrakus Ra washed her brain out and put her to their side? Or is she pretending?

He says goodbye to her and leaves the room. My impulses take me further than i expected. I bolt upright when Ella sees me and is about to scream when she notices i'm intending no harm.

"What are you doing here?" She asks quite nervous.

"I'm here to take you out of here. Setrakus Ra could wash your brain out, you know that right?"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Please, Ella, come with me. You are not safe here."

"No. i'm not safe with you. Get out before i kill you." I raise my brows. I really didn't expect that answer.

"So, they've already washed your brain." I say.

"What? They never washed my brain. Five was right. We belong here. This is the winning side, Nine. Come join us. They are much stronger. You'll live if you come with me."

I really can't believe what i'm hearing. Is that really Ella? Has she changed her mind? Is she in shock or is she mad?

"Nine. Just go. I'll have to kill you if you don't obey me."

Obey me? What has Ella become?

I have to tell the others. I have to grab Marina and get out of here. I turn around, very disappointed, grab Marina, and start to climb a wall. But it's too late. Mogs are coming. I hear their footsteps. Ella is looking at me, with a very cold hard look in her eyes. It's not her. It's got to be someone else. We can't loose Ella.

I manage to get out of there. With the weight of Marina in my shoulders, i'm pretty frustrated and tired. I don't know where i am. I don't know where the others are.

I tried very hard to get into Ella's mind, to see if she was lying or not. I couldn't read her thoughts. She has got to have developed her telepathic legacy to block mine. I don't know the truth.

I look around. I haven't realized that i'm in the middle of a rainforest. A pretty good way to hide a Mogadorian base.

I have to climb a very tall tree so the Mogs don't find me.

I walk around for a few minutes till i find the one, with a very wide-spread canopy and plenty of lianas and leaves to cover me up. I climb it, put Marina down, and wait for a sound. But, since i hear nothing, i decide to relax and think.

Where are the others? Are they in there? I have to wake up Marina and tell her what i saw. As i try to wake her up, i hear footsteps. Running. Shotgun sounds. I remain as silent as i can. I look down, and i see a great group of Mogadorians running and scattering all around the zone. They can't see me. I'm too high up. When they're all gone, i try once more to wake up Marina.

"Marina. Wake up." Shaking her shoulders and arms, she opens her eyes.

She looks around, breathing fast, looks down at her finger, and when she sees it's nearly ruined, she grabs it with her hands and heals it, but is screaming. I cover her mouth. We can't afford the risk of the Mogs hearing us.

"Where are we?" She asks.

"I don't know."

"Where are the others?"

"I don't know either."

"How much time has passed since, you know, then?"

"I really don't know."

"Can you please tell me something?" She asks desperately.

"Can't. I haven't got any answers. You can use your telepathy to communicate with Six or John though, it wouldn't be a bad idea."

She tries hard to communicate, shutting down her eyes so hard that wrinkles are forming. But she opens them again, and without luck, looks at me.

"I can't. Something is bugging me and i don't know what it is."

I realize she must have the same red rock clustered in her body somewhere, and i tell her.

She takes her shirt off and starts putting a hand on her back but sings of trouble are visible in her face.

"I can't reach it; would you mind?"

She turns around and i take the red piece of rock out of her back. She sighs in relief, grabs the red rock, and looks at it for a while.

"I know what this is."

"What is it?" I question, intrigued.

"It's the piece of rock Ella threw at Setrakus Ra while we were fighting him that day over at New Mexico. It turned off Setrakus Ra's powers, remember?" She says.

I nod. That must be it. I save the two rocks in my pocket and look at Marina.

'It's getting dark. We should sleep here tonight." I bring up.

"Okay. Tomorrow's mission is finding Sarah,John, Malcolm, Sam, Six, Adam, and Ella."

"I saw Ella today." I blurt out.

"What? How? Where? Is she in there?" She gets up at once and jumps of the tree. I scream at her.

"Marina! Wait! She's on the Mog's side now! She isn't the Ellla that she used to be!" I run down the tree. I grab her by the waist and carry her back up, covering her mouth so she doesn't scream.

"I don't expect you to understand now, because i don't understand either, but she is not on our side anymore. She has made up her mind. She threatened to kill me."

She looks astonished.

"No. This can't be true. They have brain-washed her. No. Ella is good and she didn't threaten to kill you! Don't lie!" She's looking very upset.

"Marina, listen. Maybe they washed her brain. We don't know that. But for now, she is not the Ella that she used to be. We have to stay here tonight. For our sake, and for the rest of us. We can look tomorrow."

She's calming down now.

"I can't loose her after i lost Eight. I would have nothing left."

"You have us. Lorien needs you too."

"You're right. But those are the people that i most love."

I'm kind of taken by surprise of her answer. We're friends, right? Why doesn't she care about me? I cared about her. I climbed this tree and carried her myself. She doesn't realize, she's surrounded by people that love her too.

"We love you too, Marina. Don't bother to love us if you're looking into the past every second of your life. People are going to die, if you'd noticed, there is a war going on. People will loose trust on you. And i trust you, and care about you, and protect you. You are selfish, you know that do you?"

"I wouldn't be like this now if you hadn't killed Eight."

As soon as she says it, she regrets it.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say it."

"You meant it just like that." I say no more, turn around and look at the sky. I would bring this tree down with the rage i should have, But i am not really mad at her. Actually, i'm hurt. For the first time, i'm hurt.