chapter 3

Kai's POV

I was training Ann, Ali, and Lin with Mason. We were doing great until Cole announced that a thunder storm was coming. Mason screeched and ran inside. He was probably hiding in a hidden compartment in the closet beneath the deck holding a small tattered bear to his chest. Mason gets freaked out by thunder storms, which is really weird because he is the ninja of storms. The whole gang got use to it after about a year with him. We honestly tried everything to get him calm, but nothing works. "Where did he go?" Ann asked. I told her my suspicion and then she ran off the deck inside.

Mason's POV

Thunder storm's freak me out. When i was little my mom instead of doing that "one hippopotamus, two hippopotamus" thing, she sang me a song that reminded me that i was safe. I rang away four years, and my mom died six years before i ran away in a thunder storm. I hugged the stuffed bear my mom got me closer to my chest. I started to hum the song, then i heard more humming, i looked up to see Ann. She sat down next to me as i actual cried on her shoulder. she strocked my hair trying to calm me down. She began to sing:

See the rain fall on the ground

It helps the soil

A plant to be found

It will grow

It will shine

Hear the thunder

See the clash

Hear the pitter-patter of that

It will be

Your destiny

And know i'm right here

Next to you

I maybe wilting

But i am not dead

Know i'm right here with you

With you

The lightning may scare you

The rain may pound

But please know i'm right here

Where ever your found



Listen to the



Ann's POV

As soon as the soft song was done, i heard the rain start to pound on the roof. Mason looked up at me. "It's okay." I whispered to him. I looked really calm. We both climbed out of the hidden compartment and headed to the bridge. Every one looked shocked when they saw he came out of the closet when the thunder storm was still going on. "How?" Asked Jay with his mouth wide open. "First close you mouth, you might catch flies." Right when i said that he shut his mouth. "Second it's none of you business." I said walking to the maps. "Where are we headed?" I asked Zane who was at the wheel. "Right now a safe place to land." He responded. "Okay. Hey, I've been wondering what exactly are those colors for?" I questioned. Cole responded for all of them. "Black for earth. Red for fire. Blue for lightning. White for ice. Green for all four elements. Gray for storm." "Do you know if i will have an element?" I asked. "Yes. I do believe you are light." Sensei Wu said coming in the room. Both Mason and I froze from what we were doing, looked at each other, and ran out of the room. We both knew what that meant.

Mason's POV

I froze and ran. Both Ann and i went into the closet compartment. We started to hyperventilate. "I thought that was just a lullaby." Ann said pacing back and forth trying to breath normal. "I thought so to." I replied in my curled up ball. "Okay, okay. Just because that lullaby said all that stuff doesn't make it true. You cant see a rainbow in a hand. Can you?" She asked calming down then hyperventilating again. All the sudden the door open. We both screamed and calmed down. It was just Cole. "Um. What happened down there?" Cole asked. Both Ann and I looked at each other. "We don't like to talk about it." We said at the same time. Cole looked closer at us. "Joanna? Jay-mason?" Cole asked. We stared at Cole in shock. Ann TIGHTLY grabbed him and (when i mean tightly , i mean she's cutting off blood circulation tight.) brought him to his knees, pinning his right arm behind his back. "You better not tell anyone." He eagerly agreed now knowing what she was capable of.

Cole POV

She slowly let me go. If only she knew who i really was. If only she knew. if only

Jay's POV

I decided to make my self useful and fix Zane's arms. I don't think he should mess around with Ann again, It is going to take a while to fix. I heard the door open. Cole, Ann, and Mason stood there looking slightly traumatized. Ann and Mason i could understand, but why Cole. I then saw his arms. They had bruises as if an hand was there, and were slightly purple. Cole sat down and then explained that he went to get them, and he made it worse when he came up there. He did convince them to come down. As soon as Ann and Mason left i asked Cole something, "Hey, buddy. Did she threaten you?" He seemed startled and maybe with Zane in the room it wasn't helping. He stared at Zane, "Nope. Everything is fine." "You can fix me later Jay. I have to go." Zane said as he started to slip away. "Zane do not touch the doorknob." I said. I pulled a chair up next to Cole's "Zane sit." Zane scurried over to the chair. He sat down looking at his feet, seeming he did not want to look at me. "What is going on here?" I asked them. "Nothing, nothing at all." Cole said. "We are only sitting chairs." Added Zane. I knew they were both hidden something. I had no time to investigate. The alarm went off. Serpentine.

Scales POV (i am not going to bother with S's

We were trapped underground for to long. We were doing nothing. Most of us gave up hope, while others waited for as I call the "Lloyd Incident". "Give up Scales. The others have given up. Why not you?" Fangtom told me as i threw my self at the door for the tenth time. Just then we heard a click. We saw a group of people, probably tourists , had opened the door. We all slithered out. We tossed the tourists to the side and came back to the surface. "The serpentine are back Ninjago, and there is nothing that can stop us this time." I say as all of the serpentine were together. "MUH-HA-HA-HA" i evilly laugh.