Authors Note: This is a Johnlock established relationship story. I have no rights for any of the characters; just borrow them for my own good! I hope you can see it as a sweet break in among the ambitious fics.

John woke up from the sound of footsteps walking back and worth right next to his bed. There were slow steps, as if their owner was thinking. When he opened his eyes, he met the sight of Sherlock wandering around in circles while bowing his head down in query.

"Sherlock, what are you doing and why are you in my room?" John asked and sat up.

Sherlock looked up and stopped walking. "Ah, John, you're awake! Outstanding, I've taken some measures on mine and on your room, while you slept, to see which one was the largest and I came to the conclusion that mine was bigger so if you get out of the bed we could carry your bed in there."

John was really confused.

"But… What?" What was Sherlock talking about?

With a you-must-be-joking-no-one's-that-stupid-sigh, Sherlock said: "I am asking you to rise from your bed so that we can settle a shared bedroom. And if the reason for your perplexity is that you feel improperly dressed, I must remind you that I have seen you in your most exposing wearing before. That is one part of being you know what."

"Yes, of course, but in case Mrs Hudson shows up, hand me that shirt, please."

Sherlock turned around to pick the black shirt up from the chair and throw it at him.

"What do you plan to do with this room, then?" John asked as he buttoned the shirt.

The other man stared, mesmerized, at his working hands and it took a moment before the answer came. "I thought I'd use it as a lab. I have noticed you're not approving in putting body parts in the fridge."

John choked his shoulders and rose. "Seems like a good idea. Let's take the bed now."

Quickly they threw the sheets on the floor and grabbed each side of the bed. It was a piece of cake for the two men to carry the bed. They put it right next to Sherlock's bed.

"This is nice." Sherlock said, stiffly watching the re-arrangement of the furniture.

"Yes, I think it will be tremendous. But why couldn't you wait with your measuring and planning 'til I'd woken up?" John answered with his hands on his hips.

Sherlock didn't answer, instead he turned his heel towards the door and yelled "Come along, John, let us get your sheets too" before walking out.

John sighed and followed. Sherlock would always be Sherlock and he loved him for that. Heaven knew he really loved the anti social genius. Wonder if I'd ever told him that… Probably not, but I'll put it on my pro memoria.

He watched Sherlock picking up the pieces of the sleeping kit and walk back in their now shared room.

John threw his body down over the beds and patted the spot next to him, as an invitation for Sherlock to lie down next to him. But the observant Sherlock didn't catch the wink. Instead he just stood in the corner and watched the rain pour down outside the window.

"Is there something wrong, Sherlock?"

"John, I need a cigarette or a clever case. I feel wasted."

John shook his head and said: "Well, you get neither of them so, please, lay down here and let me entertain you for a short while."

Sherlock approved and hung his jacket over a chair.