Hello there Lokaners!

It's been way too long since I've delved into this ship, but with Thor 2 around the corner, the muses are slowly but surely trying to re-emerge.

Here's a little drabble inspired by one of the latest released screenshots.

Enjoy, and as always, I disclaim all the rights to all the things!

Thunder cracked above their heads.

Electric energy suffocated the air, and, combined with the dirt that flew up into her face as she was pushed down to the ground, Jane could not help but cough.

Her lungs seized. Her heart seemed to stop for a second before pumping again.

She whipped her head back, looked up at the man—monster-being that was hovering over her body.

Loki's dark green eyes peered back into her own, his head bending in with his body as he brought his face far too close for her comfort. Just beside them, Thor called unbridled power down from the sky, wracking the world around them. The adrenaline rush made her dizzy.

Or maybe that was the dark magic coursing through her veins, consuming her soul, killing her.

His eyes narrowed. Jane caught it. Effectively pinning her down, one hand on her back, the other brandishing a dagger awfully close to her throat, Loki staring silently and darkly down at her made her want to risk jumping up and getting herself electrocuted.

The hand on her back pressed in, his palm flat but firm.

She coughed again. Tasted something. Bile?

His mouth twisted and Jane wondered if he could smell it on her.

The noise around them resounded, vibrating into her hands, up her arms, into her chest…

For a moment in time, she looked at Loki and watched his eyes close as the raw energy in Thor's attack shook their bodies and seeped into their muscles.

His chest dipped inward. Expanded. A deep breath that she found herself imitating.

In the second it took him to re-open his eyes, Jane thought he almost looked…


And then they opened. Green disdain lashed out at her face in silence. Lips bent down and his jaw seemed to lock and he grabbed at her jacket and pulled her to her feet.


She tried to twist away from his grip, found neither the strength of body or will to do so. Jane glared at him as he smirked, watching her struggle to find purchase on her feet.

Their eyes met.

The chaos that spun inside the wicked green was too much for her to analyze, too much to follow in her sick state. She saw the amusement. The exhaustion. The hatred. The boredom.


He blinked and let her go.

Stumbling forward, Jane found herself being secured by one of Thor's arms wrapping around her waist, gentle and strong.

Behind her, Loki chuckled.

If she had bothered to look she would have seen the flicker of maddening loneliness that crossed his fleeting gaze on her back.