A/N: Welcome to the Sisterly Antics: Ruby! Or S.A.R. for short. This is a series of one shots that revolve around Yang and Ruby's relationship as sisters, but in this side of the tales, it'll mostly focus on Ruby! My older sister (my personal Yang Xiao Long) will be writing S.A.Y. or Sisterly Antics: Yang. So look out for it! Hope you guys enjoy! X3

Snowy Playgrounds

It was Winter now in Vytal and no one could be happier then the leader of team RWBY, Ruby Rose. The ground was covered in snow and the air cold and damp, signaling that more flakes would soon fall. It made the young teen smile as she walked into the white field to stand and watch the fluffy, grey clouds slowly creep across the sky above. She had no problem with the cold, in fact, she loved the cold and it seemed like it loved her back since she felt no harsh chill and violent nip to the nose like all the others around her complained of.

Ruby let out a small, content sigh; watching her breath ebb and twirl in the air before disappearing from sight. It was always snowy where she had been born, high in the mountains away from people save for the ones in her small village that lived with her there. She could remember the years she had spent there, all the times she spent in the snow and the laughs that echoed in the surrounding forest. She could also remember when her village was destroyed, but that was a memory for another time, another day.

She shook her head free from the sad thoughts that were plaguing her before she turned to face the window that led to her dorm room and saw her older sister staring back at her. The sight of her made her happy and bubbly and so she couldn't help but wave to her.

~ Dorm Room~~~~~~~~~~~

Yang gave Ruby a small wave before watching the girl turn back around and begin to play in the snow, a heavy feeling settling in her heart and an equally heavy sigh escaped her lips. She always hated the cold, finding it easy to come down with the flu but that wasn't the only reason to hate it, in fact it wasn't even the biggest reason, it was Ruby. It was the feeling of guilt and wondering that killed Yang the most. What if Ruby wasn't happy with her? What if she wanted to go back to her mountains and live there with people that were like her?

She shook her head, trying to dislodge the endless cycle of depressing thoughts that came every year with the snow, but found them frozen in her mind. She could feel the beating of her heart in her throat and tried in vain to swallow it though she would have no such luck.

"What are you looking at?" Yang turned to see Weiss standing beside her, peering down to the ground below before huffing out. "She's going to get sick like that."

"Nah, Ruby rarely gets sick, I on the other hand get sick very easily when it comes to the cold months." Yang somberly replied, her eyes never leaving her sister's snow covered form.

Weiss glanced over to the taller woman before she sighed herself. It was clearly evident that something was troubling her, the sad eyes, the crossed arms and the slumped shoulders all cues to her downed mood. "Is that why you aren't with her now?"

"Yeah." It was a simple reply, but the tone in it spoke of another reason that the blonde kept tight against her chest.

"What's wrong, Yang? Don't tell me that there isn't anything bothering you because it's completely obvious that there is." The heiress crossed her arms over her chest and leaned on her back foot, posturing herself for the string of lies the older was about to tell her, however, when the other girl's shoulders sagged even more and she shook her head, she knew there was no fight to be had.

"You know Ruby and I aren't blood related, right? I mean, that much is obvious, but...she's not from this part of Vytal either." Yang threw her head back, her arms crossing behind it before moving to her and Blake's bunk beds. "She's from the Northern Mountains far away from here."

"Oh?" Weiss quirked an eyebrow, her gaze not leaving the laughing girl below her. Now that she thought about it, the statement did hold some truth. Ruby had unnaturally colored hair along with those beautiful silver eyes that shined like a fresh layer of powered snow. On top of those, her skin was a heavenly pale and with her style of dress, well it was a simple matter of keeping warm is all. "I suppose that explains the cloak."

"I'm so worried that...that she might want to leave, Weiss!" Yang cried out before she could catch herself. "What would I do? How could I let her go?"

Weiss turned her head to see her friend throw herself on Blake's bed and close her eyes before she glanced back down to the girl outside. The red cloak making her stand out far more then usual. Ruby seemed to be quite at home in the snow; happy and at peace with the coldness that covered her, the sight made her give a silent chuckle. Everyone always called her the ice queen, but it was Ruby who ruled over the frosted plains. She in fact did not like the cold weather either. "Have you talked to her about it?"

Yang quickly sat up, mouth agape and eyes wide. "Are you kidding me?! There's no way I'd do that!"

"You should."

"And why should I?"

"Because you're so damn whiny when you're down and I for one don't want to hear you groan." Weiss shot back, though Yang knew it was just her way of showing she cared. She knew that Weiss wasn't to good at showing softer emotion, but she was getting much better at it.

"...I guess..." Yang scratched her cheek idly before throwing on her jacket and heading outside.

Weiss watched her leave, only releasing her breath when she heard the door close. She wouldn't admit it but...it hurt her to see her friend so troubled. Taking one last look out of the window, she lightly bit her lip in thought. Ruby was always very pretty in her eyes, but now, in that field of snow...she was simply breath-taking. She blinked before shaking her head, why in the Hell did she just think that about Ruby?

~ Outside~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ruby laughed as she flopped onto the ground and began to make a snow angel in the powder. She didn't care if it was childish or if people looked at her funny, though no one was outside to stare at her at the moment, she was going to do it anyway and have fun while she was at it!

"Ruby!" The red-cloaked girl sat up, seeing her sister approach her; her arms hugging her body tightly to fight off the cold and her stride long and quick so she may reach her faster.

"Yang? What are you doing out here? You hate the cold." Ruby ran to her elder and looked up at her with questioning eyes.

"Ruby..." Yang gulped, not sure how to start or even if she wanted to now. Yang Xiao Long was not one to back down though and she was already out here so. "Are you...happy here?"

"Hm?" Ruby blinked a few times before grinning. "Of course! Beacon is pretty awesome! I've made more friends then I ever had at Signal!"

"That's not what I meant, Ruby. I meant...are you happy here...with me? Aren't you home sick?" Yang asked, her voice cracking a bit as she fought back her burning tears. She feared her little sister's answer, but knew that se needed to hear it. When she felt clod fingers gently touch her wrist, she turned her vision towards the smaller hand before meeting her younger's eyes.

"Home is where you feel safe and warm, loved and wanted. The snow, it reminds my of where I was born and of my first mom..." Ruby paused, noticing her sister's sadden expression.

"Oh...Ruby, if you ever want to leave, you can." Yang heard a small sigh before she felt those cold fingers wrap themselves around her hand and give it a gentle squeeze.

"Don't you get it? Yang, you are my 'home'."She smiled as she watched a single tear roll down Yang's cheek. "You keep me safe and warm and I know you love me more then any blood related sister would. As far as I'm concerned, where ever you are is 'home' to me."

"...I love you, Ruby." Yang whispered to sister as she enveloped her in a hug.

"Love you too, Yang."