Double Trouble Reds

It was another slow day for the leader of team RWBY. Her classes dragged on and on, and her head was pounding too hard for her to try and muddle through it with cheers and video games. No, what she needed was some time with her favorite toy and a good meal from Yang... maybe a cuddle or two from Weiss if she wasn't too busy- oh, Blake could read her a story afterwards.

Okay, so maybe she needed and wanted a lot of things, but who could blame her? She had a great team and they liked to spoil her sometimes. Who was she to complain?

"Ruby?" The sluggish leader turned to see the midsection of her tallest friend, Pyrrha Nikos. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Oh, well, I have a bit of a headache." Ruby admitted, knowing how the other was just as motherly as Yang could be when it came to her friends. "I guess I was a little worried about that test in history, and I might have over-done it a bit."

The small hum of understanding that came from the older girl let Ruby envision the soft smile that graced her lips. "I see, well, how about I rub your neck and shoulders? I have nothing planned and everyone else went to go see that new horror movie that came out."

"Oh, right... I forgot about that one." Ruby sighed before she looked up to see Pyrrha's blushing cheeks. "I would like that. Then maybe I can perk up and we can have a better time than them."

Pyrrha giggled, placing a hand over her mouth before her shoulders shook in mirth. "Yes, that sounds rather lovely."

So maybe she wasn't getting her bath, or her snuggles, or food; but what she was getting was some nice one-on-one time with a good friend that she didn't get to see as often as she liked. Pyrrha was helping Jaune, or sparing, or getting roped into something Nora was doing; and when she saw Ruby, it was to help her study to make up for the lessons she missed with her two year skip. One couldn't really call that 'hanging out' due to the fact of how serious Pyrrha was with her. In fact, she was even a bit harder than Blake!

Just thinking about it made her nose hurt... stupid corner. Who sticks a fifteen year old huntress-in-training in a time out corner for bad practice test grade?! That was for another time, what was happening now was enough to make up for that and more!

Strong hands rubbed and pulled the taunt muscles on her neck before they moved to her shoulders. The warm sensation of relief was enough to make her eyes roll backwards and her mouth to hang open. Her headache had gone and retreated into whatever little corner it could find, leaving her completely pain-free.

"Oh~" Ruby sighed, her muscles loose and her body sagging. "As much as this feels great, I have to admit my head isn't hurting anymore."

Pyrrha grinned as she pulled her hands away, patting her friend's arm softly. They were seated in her room with Ruby on the floor between her legs while Pyrrha herself sat on the edge of her bed. "Good! I'm glad you're feeling better. You look better as well, Ruby."

"Yeah, because of your magic hands! You're awesome at that!" Ruby grinned as she got up to sit beside the older. "So, now that I'm bouncing again, what shall we do?"

"Oh, well, I'm not sure." Pyrrha hummed in thought. "Truly, I was hoping for you to decide."

"Huh? Do you not have any idea on what you want to do?" Ruby asked, tilting her head before she waved a hand. "It's okay! I get like that sometimes. All bored and stuff yet I don't want to do anything."

Pyrrha relaxed a bit at the admission, smiling as she listened to her friend. "Well, is today one of those days?"

"Oh no!" Ruby laughed, her eyes sparkling. "I have a great idea for what we can do!"

~Line Break~

"Dear Dust! That was like, the greatest movie ever!" Nora shouted as the group walked back to their dorms. "I knew the little girl had to be evil! They're always evil."

"It's a bad habit in movies, really." Blake said with huff and a roll of her eyes. "If I were a demon, I'd take over the male of the group so I would have the strength to overtake the others. As a child, you can be easily overpowered."

"I think you've given this too much thought there, Blakey." Yang nervously chuckled. "Anyway, as mean as this might be to say, it was a good idea not to bring Pyrrha 'scaredy cat' Nikos and Ruby with us."

"Yeah... Pyrrha would have attracted every metal object to us, and that's no fun." Jaune sighed. "But I love her."

As they grew closer to their dorm rooms, Blake's ear twitched and she stopped, telling the others to listen closely. "It's coming from your guys' room." She said, the voices clearly that of their left behind friends, but they sounded... different.

"What are they doing to be so loud?" Weiss asked, the small group of friends creeping closer to the closed door.

"To be honest, I never knew Pyrrha could be this noisy." Ren admitted as he placed a hand on the doorknob and slowly opened the door. What they saw had their jaws hanging open.

"Prepare to be boarded, Cap'n Nikos! Your treasure shall be mine!" Ruby cried out, hanging from the curtain. She was shaking her fist at the smirking red head who was wearing some sort of homemade eye patch and holding a pillow.

"You shall be defeated this day, Cap'n Rose! Your plundering days are over!"

Six pairs of eyes watched as Ruby swing from the curtain, screaming a battle cry before she landed on Ren's bed, the two swinging pillows at each other and shouting other threats and taunts in that fake pirate voice.

"What... what's happening?" Jaune asked, turning to see if his friends were seeing what he was seeing. They were as speechless as he was... all except for Yang, who was recording the whole scene with her scroll and cooing.

"NO FAIR!" Nora finally cried out, stopping the two playing teens. "I WANT TO PLAY PILLOW PIRATES!"

"Oh!" Pyrrha gasped, red cheeked as she quickly took off the eye patch and looked to her friends. "We... um... we didn't hear you all come in."

"Yeah! Guess we were kinda loud." Ruby admitted with a grin. "Was the movie good?"

"Yeah, but I feel like we're the ones that missed out on something." Yang laughed loudly as she put her scroll away. "I'm glad you two had such a blast though! I've never seen Pyrrha so lost in something before!"

"Next time you guys play pirates, can we play?" Jaune asked. "I think Pyrrha makes a sexy pirate captain."

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates on this, but I've been working hard on my stories! That's not to say these will be dropped, trust me- I'm trying my best to be fair to all of you! Hope this lil' chapter makes everyone laugh and feel good- I mean, come pirate Pyrrha? HOW CUTE! Anyway, if you guys have questions about this story or my s, just drop an ask! I'll answer any question you have, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!