Hi everyone. The Cory episode last night was very well done, and of course very sad. If we must say goodbye to Finn, this is a good way to do it. I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch Glee from now on, I miss Finn so much.

I'm too upset right now to write more of my current stories, but I promise I'll get back to them in a few days. In the meantime, this is a story that I wrote a while back but then thought it was too upsetting to post online. I thought now might be a fitting time to share it. I did update it so the new characters are part of the story as well. Just as a warning, this story does deal with the deaths of two major characters. I divided it into four parts, as posting all of it at once might be too much for everyone right now. It also might be too upsetting for everyone to read a story like this right now, so I completely understand if it's too hard. I hope everyone's doing okay.

"Finally, we get to move into the back seat and cuddle!" Finn whispered to Rachel as they pulled to the rest stop. The school year was over, Nationals had been won, the Class of 2012 had graduated and to kick off the summer, the New Directions had pooled their money to rent a beach house in North Carolina and spend a week there together.

"It's about time!" Rachel whispered back. The twenty members of New Directions had split themselves between two passenger vans, and they'd divided up the driving. Everyone had to drive at least an hour, and Finn and Rachel had taken the early driving shifts in their van so they could cuddle together in the back seat on the twelve hour drive.

Finn smiled as he kissed his fiancee's head. This had really been the best year of his life. Winning Nationals had been the best feeling ever, except for when Rachel agreed to marry him. Not getting into Pace had been a blow, but after some talking, he and Rachel had decided they'd go to New York anyway. Finn had sent in some applications to state universities and had applied for some part time jobs, and Rachel of course would be shining at NYADA. Kurt would be coming to New York with them as well, he'd applied to a few fashion schools. Finn and Rachel had decided to push their wedding back to Christmas break, so they could have time to get ready for New York and get adjusted there.

"Have fun driving!" Rachel giggled at Puck and Quinn, who were taking the next driving shift in their van.

"Oh, sure we will," Quinn said. "We just got back together, and now we have to drive."

"Hey, it's not bad!" Finn said as he put his seatbelt on. In front of them, Kurt and Blaine had fallen asleep on each other's shoulders, and Santana and Brittany were sharing earphones behind Kurt and Blaine. Behind Santana and Brittany were Jake and Marley, with Marley asleep on Jake's lap. Finn and Rachel were in the very back of the van.

"We still have about eight hours to go," Rachel sighed. She'd never been a very good traveler and got motion sickness.

Finn reached into his pocket and handed Rachel a stick of gum. "Maybe this'll help." Rachel smiled and gave her fiance a kiss.

"I hate to break up the PDA, but could you two maybe text someone in the other van and see how they're doing?" Puck called from the driver's seat.

"Sure," Finn said as he got out his phone and sent a text to Ryder. He hadn't seen the van that Sam, Mercedes, Mike, Tina, Artie, Ryder, Kitty, Rory, Sugar and Joe were riding down in since they'd left the car dealership.

Rachel looked at Finn. "Finn, that truck's going really fast." Finn looked at Rachel, telling she was nervous.

"Rach, it's fine." But then he looked at the truck that was approaching their van, as he himself began to feel nervous by how fast it was going.

"Puck, try to switch lanes!" Finn called up to the front as he grabbed Rachel. She put her arms around him as well, and everything went black.


"I just got a text from Finn, they're in Pennsylvania too, so maybe we'll see their van soon," Ryder told Sam, who was driving.

"Okay, that's good to know," Sam said. They noticed that the traffic was slowing down, and that a lot of ambulances were going down the street.

"I wonder what happened?" Rory asked.

"I don't know," Tina said. "Maybe there was an accident of some sort."

"Ryder, you should send Finn another text to see if they know anything," Mike suggested. Ryder got out his phone and sent another text. But nearly half an hour went by, traffic was moving slowly, and Finn didn't reply to the text.


"Okay, I'd say this one's about seventeen, he's probably about 140 or something," a voice said.

Blaine opened his eyes and saw paramedics standing above him. His ribcage was very sore, he was sure at least two ribs were broken. He looked around, not seeing anyone else in sight.

"What happened?" Blaine managed to ask.

"Thank God you're conscious," one of the paramedics said. "There was an accident, a truck hit the van you were riding in."

"Where's everyone else?" Blaine said, immediately starting to panic. Was Kurt okay? Was Finn? Was Rachel? Was anyone?

"Son, just focus on yourself now," the paramedic said. "Focus on your breathing. We're going to get you to a hospital."

"But what about my friends?" Blaine shouted.

"A lot of emergency staff came," the paramedic said. "We're evaluating everyone at the scene as much as we can. For now, we need to get you to a hospital."

Blaine didn't have the strength to argue, but he had a feeling nobody was okay.


"Finn still hasn't texted?" Sam asked Ryder. The site of what must have been an accident was now in sight. The road was blocked off in that lane, and emergency vehicles surrounded the area.

"No," Ryder said.

"Maybe his phone's not getting a signal or something," Sam said, trying to hold his worries in. There were so many emergency vehicles here that whatever this accident was, a lot of people had to have been involved. Finally, the van approached the site of the accident and Sam's heart skipped a beat when he saw that the van that looked almost completely crushed looked exactly like theirs.

Tina spoke first."Oh my God."

"It was them!" Mercedes managed to say. "Sam, pull aside, we have to check on them."

Everyone knew then and there that something must be horribly, horribly wrong. Sam pulled the van off to the side of the road, and everyone got out to walk over.

A police officer saw the youth. "That's not safe, you're putting your lives in danger! Two people are already dead!" The whole group stopped in their tracks. Two of their friends were dead?

"Those were our friends in there," Artie managed to say.

Everyone was avoiding the question - who was dead?

The police officer looked sorry for what he just said. "Oh my God. If I knew... this probably wasn't the right way for you to find out..."

The group stood there in silence. At least two of their friends had died, more might die later.

"We got everyone's phone and contacted their emergency contacts," one of the police officers told the group. "If you guys want, we'll get you to the hospital where we're taking them." No one in the group knew what to say. All they knew was that two of their friends were dead.


A few hours later, the members of New Directions who hadn't been in the van that had been hit sat in the waiting room of a Pennsylvania emergency room. The parents of those in that van had arrived, as had Mr. Schuester and Ms. Pillsbury. Nobody had heard anything yet about anyone's condition. All anyone knew was that nothing looked good. Each set of parents had gone to see their respective children.

"We shouldn't have decided to go on this trip," Mike said after a little bit of quiet.

"Guys, you didn't know this would happen," Mr. Schue said.

On the TV in the waiting room, a news report broke about the accident on the freeway, showing coverage from that morning.


"Carole, he's waking up!" Kurt heard a familiar voice say. He looked up and saw his dad and Carole.

"Dad?" Kurt whispered.

"Oh, Kurt," Burt said, starting to cry.

"Dad, what happened?" Kurt asked.

"Do you remember this morning?" Burt asked softly. Kurt tried to remember what had happened. Then he remembered. Finn and Rachel had said something about a fast truck approaching their van. They'd heard a big crash, but nothing after that.

"Yeah," Kurt said. "My neck hurts."

"You'll be okay," Carole said. "Nearly everyone's hurt in some way." She looked like she'd been crying a lot earlier.

"Is Blaine okay?" Kurt asked.

"Blaine has a few broken ribs," Carole said softly.

"What about Finn?" Kurt asked. "What about Rachel?"


"We're going to have to tell them at some point," Emma said to Will as they waited in the waiting room. The kids didn't know the status of everyone's condition, but Will and Emma had been told. They knew who made it and who hadn't. And it was better for the kids to find out now rather than see something on the news or online. Since everyone else's parents were here, the injured would be hearing the news from their parents.

"Tell us who it was?" Kitty asked, looking more vulnerable than anyone had ever seen her. "Who were they?"