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Chapter one: Run away!

It was a nice cool day signaling the start of autumn I loved days like this, it wasn't too cold or too warm. I was walking home with my best friend when we reach a fork in the road one way leading to a neighborhood and the other leading through more winding streets.

"Bye Kyro!" Damaris chirped.

I look to her "What? You're not coming over today, we were gonna finally play my new Final Fantasy game." I said shocked, Dee never turned down free cuddles and video games!

the red haired girl's shoulders slumped dramatically "I know! But mom says dad's coming home from his business trip tonight and they wanna do the whole family dinner thing, sorry."

I sighed "Alright, get home safe drama queen tell the parentals I said hi."

"Pshhh, whatever fat ass... go the long way this time I don't want to hear about that douche harassing you again." Damaris said sternly her light green eyes almost glaring at me.

"Yeah and get yelled at for coming home late... wait, I do NOT have a fat ass!" I said frowning

Damaris snorted "So I'm guessing you don't own mirrors in your house." she stated sarcastically. "But seriously I gotta go."

"Fine." I huffed and hugged her.

She hugged back and it was actually nice and not perverted for all of five seconds before her hands drifted down and groped my butt. I yelped and jumped away from my perverted BFFFL.

"Dee what the hell!" I exclaimed blushing furiously.

Damaris giggled "I was just proving my point, but seriously bye." she said hugging me before she walked down a different street to her own home.

So I continued on my way home and all was peaceful until I heard an all too familiar voice.

"Hey freak!"

Andrew Johnson...

I just ignored him and kept walking, I could here him catching up to me so I started walking faster. After a bit I couldn't hear Andrew behind me so I stopped about to turn around to see if he was gone. But then I felt a hand come down on my shoulder hard and roughly turn me around to come face to face with the person who made my life a living hell. Why he thought it was oh so entertaining to fuck up my day I would never know and quite frankly I don't think I wanted to know. Either way that bastard made me mad enough to chew bricks!

"What do you want Andrew?" I asked glaring at the boy, not really in the mood for his bullshit.

"Hey, why the attitude I just wanted to see how my favorite FREAK was doing."

He said pushing me into the chain link fence next to where we were standing. My face colliding with the cold metal chain link fence first. Before I could even do anything he grabbed me by my short hair and rammed my face even further into the fence. It hurt like hell I already knew I was going to have a bruise on the side of my face now. I squirmed trying to get away but Andrew just twisted my arm behind my back making me groan and grit my teeth in pain. And it was in moments like these that I wish I had listened to my red head best friend. God, if Dee were here she'd kick Andrew in the nuts laugh for a while then tear me a new one for not listening to her 'wisdom'. Being eighteen has totally gone to her head... I frown remembering the situation I'm in and try to twist out of the demon spawn's grip.

"Get off me you dickhole!" I said threw gritted teeth

He twisted my arm harder "Tsk tsk tsk, that's no way to speak to people little freak." he laughed out like it was really that funny.

That kid made me sick, just knowing that the bastard got some sick enjoyment out of torturing me for fun made me want to puke, it was disgusting. That thought gave me the motivation to fight harder against his hold on me. I was surprised when I finally managed to get out of his grip knocking him to the ground. I would contemplate kicking him in the nuts, but I didn't really want to be in an even worse situation if it didn't work. What? That boy was like a devil spawn or didn't have a dick or something because I've kicked him there before and it didn't do anything! With no hesitation I put on my kid flash goggles, that I had gotten for my birthday from my best friend and took off running down the street as fast as I could. I skid around the corner running straight to my house. There was no way Andrew would be able to catch up to me, I was one of the fastest kids in my grade when it came to running and that was one thing I could say I was good at and thankful for. As I kept running down the street I picked up speed, which was weird cause I was already running at my top speed. Then I started to feel dizzy, light headed and nauseous all at the same time as it felt like my body lurched into fast forward as everything blurred around me going even faster. Then I just felt like my entire body was on fire! I wavered in my steps but surprisingly kept going.

~At Mt. Justice~

Robin and Kid Flash sat in the living room lounging on the couch playing video games. Finally having time off after a training session with Black Canary. Both boys were leaning forward in concentration, that is until a computerized voice announced the Flash's arrival in the cave. Robin looked up as the league member strolled into the room then back to the game he was currently playing.

"Where's the rest of the team?" Flash asked curiously.

Robin glanced away from the tv screen to Flash "Aqualad's in Atlantis, I think Artemis is gone, Miss M is burn-" Robin was cut off by an elbow to the ribs, he shot Wally a quick glare before continuing "I mean baking cookies and SB is in his room." he informed

looking back to the game to see his best friend about to win, the bat protege quickly typed in a cheat code draining the other character's life.

Kid Flash scowled at Robin "Dude you so cheated!"

"I have no clue what you're talking about, maybe you're just bad at this game KF." Robin said smirking.

"You're lying." Kid Flash accused glaring at his teammate.

Robin cackled, he was lying but KF didn't have to know that though. All the while Flash was laughing at the young heroes' antics. Wally looked away from his best friend finally noticing his uncle "Flash what are you doing here?" he asked.

Flash smiled at the boy "Just came to check up on you kid, haven't seen you much all week." the scarlet speedster said ruffling his nephew's hair.

'Recognized Batman 02' a computerized voice rang out through the cave.

The dark knight came in looking as angry as always. Not long after M'Gann floated into the room with a bright smile.

"Oh hello Batman!" she said sweetly just as Superboy walked in the room.

Wally sped over to Batman "Do you have a mission for us?" the red headed boy asked in excitement.

"Yes meet me in the-" Batman was cut off when something beeped.

Flash walked up to stand next to his colleague. "What do you think it is?" he asked referring to the beeping.

A holographic computer came up showing a ripple on the map and a red dot moving across the country at alarming speeds.

The team, Flash and Batman all stood in front of a computer screen in the main room watching as a little dot quickly moved across a map of the U.S. Wondering what was going on.

"What is it?" Robin asked finally breaking the silence

Batman's eyes narrowed as he replied "That's what we're going to figure out."

Batman went back to watching the screen until Conner spoke.

"Did you hear that?" He said as if he were straining to hear something outside.

"What is it supey?" KF asked curiosity in his voice.

Conner squinted "It sounded like a boom."

"A sonic boom?" asked a now confused speedster.

"Well whatever it is, it's close and just broke the sound barrier." Flash chimed in.

Batman didn't say anything for a moment "It's moving too fast for the rest of us, Flash, you and Kid Flash go track it and stop it." Batman demanded.

KF smiled barely able to contain his excitement "Sweet!"

"Can do bats, be back in a flash." Flash said with a playful wink before both speedsters were gone.

'Recognized: Artemis B06'

'Recognized: Aqualad B02'

Both teens walked into the room ready to be sent on a mission.

"What about the other mission?" Robin asked

Batman looked to his protege "You and the rest of the team will be sent on a simple recon. mission at Star Labs, observe and collect data." he explained "I'm sending you the coordinate now."

That's when Artemis looked around noticing the team's speedster wasn't there and asked "Where's Kid Doofus?"

"On an individual mission with the Flash." Batman answered monotonously.

~Back to normal point of view~

I kept picking up speed and quite frankly it was scaring the shit out of me! I could barely breathe my lungs hurt so bad and the burning sensation made it feel as if they were being dipped in lava, but for some reason I kept running when I saw a red blur run up beside me. I looked over it was the Flash!…..Wait now I was thoroughly confused. I'm not supposed to be able to run this fast and the Flash is only supposed to be a fictional character. WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON! I was brought out of my musing when I hear him say something, I look over at him.

"What?!" I yell barely able to hear myself over the wind and blood roaring in my ears.

Flash cupped his hands around his mouth as he yelled "Slow down and stop!"

"I don't know how!" I yelled back in a panicked tone.

What the hell?! Slow down, I didn't even know if I could let alone stop. That's when a yellow and red blur came up on the opposite side of me the Flash was on, it was Kid Flash. I would have been totally fan girling right now if it were a different situation, but right now that was not happening. Out of nowhere I tripped over something sending me sideways right into Kid Flash. We went tumbling down the street into a building. My back collided with a hard thud, the whiplash causing me to hit my head on the brick wall just as hard making me dazed. Before I could even try to think correctly Kid Flash slammed into me full force making me slam against the concrete sidewalk this time, with his unconscious body laying on top of me pinning me to the ground. I groaned in pain as I tried to push KF off of me, God was that boy heavy. Suddenly I felt the immense weight being lifted off of my body. I look up to see Flash with his arm around Kid Flash's waist while Kid's arm was over his shoulder. I rub the back of my head as I feel a migraine coming on and the overly bright sun was NOT helping. Ugh! Could somebody turn the sun down. I groaned as I tried to stand up only to feel light headed and disoriented once I finally got to my feet. I'm only standing for a second when my eyes roll to the back of my head as I'm consumed by darkness.

I woke up to bright white lights burning my vision, I quickly snapped my eyes shut and cover them with my hand and slowly open them adjusting to the light as I sat up.

"Ugh, where am I...?" I whisper as I look around and notice I'm in what looks to be a hospital room.

Then I finally notice the subtle beep of a heart monitor and that there was an IV sticking out of my left arm.

"What?... How did I get in the hospital, the last thing I remember was..." I murmur to myself when all the memories of what just happened a few hours ago came rushing back into my brain hitting me like a ton of bricks.

I freeze when voices could be heard outside the room. Quickly I lay back down and act as if I hadn't woken up yet. I only tense for a second when someone opens the door, I could hear to sets of footsteps. One was faster than the other, but the other footsteps were barely audible. When I could feel whoever it was hovering over me I tried my best to stay calm breathing deeply and level keeping up the facade that I was still fast asleep.

"See Bats, she's still sleeping, we should let her get some more rest before you start your bat interrogation."

'Ok, that one's easy Flash.' I thought.

"I suppose you're right, she'll be fully healed and thinking clearly."


"I just hope she's ok, she did hit her head pretty hard twice."

'Thank you Flash, I'm ok.' I thought appreciatively.

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