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Chapter 7: School... why am I hear again?

I was startled awake the next morning to a loud knocking on my door... well it was more like banging but that wasn't the point.

'Ugh, what time is it...?' I thought as I slowly crawl to the edge of my bed, but my foot gets tangled in my covers and I fall off the bed.

"SON OF A BITCH!" I yelled in pain and surprise when my elbow hits the corner of my nightstand.

I sat like that for a few seconds, hanging upside down half off the bed just staring at the ceiling. I have school today and really DID NOT want to go AT ALL! I kind of wanted to just lay in bed and fake sick, but think better of it... mostly because the two people I was here with would be able to see right through my ruse before I even had a chance to lie about it. With that realization I finally struggle to my feet and answer the door. I only open it enough so that the person on the other side could only see my tired slightly annoyed face staring back at them. Turns out it was Conner, should've known M'gann would make him her little servant.

'Haha! They really need to get together already.' I smirk at my own thought and shake my head making the clone don a look of confusion.

"What?" he asked in his usual gruffness... or was it usual? For almost the entire time I had been at the mountain we hadn't spoken or had any other interactions with each other. Too busy with my own musing I didn't notice Conner shift uncomfortably "Wh-what are you thinking about?" the question came out as a mumbling of words, the scowl that was on his face from the beginning only deepened.

To someone else Conner would have looked angry, but all I saw was the curiosity in his eyes. What can I say? I'm an expert at this stuff! Not on purpose but hey, it comes in handy. Before I came here me and Damaris even made a bet about it. The thought makes my smirk widen.

"And Damaris thought I was the only one who could be that deadpan." I chuckled as I receded back into my room.

Seeing Conner's expression shift back into one of confusion and whisper a faint "What?" before my door shut completely.

I went straight to my bathroom to take a shower and start getting ready for school. Looking at my alarm clock on the way, it read: 6:37.

'No one should ever have to be up this early.' I thought tiredly as I turn the shower on.

I shower quickly and get dressed, wearing black shorts, black tights, thigh high cheetah socks, a black under shirt and that dark blue straight- jacket thing I bought when me, M'Gann and Artemis went to the mall. I brushed my teeth and straightened out all the left over curls out of my hair, spike up the back of my hair then put a cheetah bow in to make it pretty. I smile at my reflection and leave the bathroom to finish getting dressed. I slip on my black and cheetah creepers, throw on my favorite bondage belt and some black hand warmers last. I lazily stride out of my room and to the kitchen where I find M'Gann cooking breakfast for the three of us. I sit at the counter with my chin resting in my palm and watch her for a second.

"What time does school start?" it comes out as a slurred grumbling of words thanks to the way my chin was resting in my palm.

The martian whipped around with a surprised smile on her face "Oh hey Kyro! School starts at," she paused for a second to think " Seven o'clock."

"And it is...?" I trail off hoping she'll get the question.

"Oh hello Megan." the green girl chirped hit her forehead lightly "It's six thirty."

I look at her strange "Wait that doesn't make sense..." I stare off into the distance trying to make sense of this.

"How does it not-" M'Gann started

I sigh effectively making her stop talking "Did someone fuck with my alarm clock or something 'cause it clearly read a completely different time than you just said." I inform her grumpily.

I look away from the green girl to see Conner staring at the static on the tv. I furrow my eyebrows and looked back to M'Gann who gave me a bright smile I couldn't help but smile back.

Then mouthed 'Does he do that often?' M'Gann nodded with a wary smile as she served me semi-burnt eggs toast and bacon.

I wolfed my food down while Conner and M'Gann ate at normal speed, while they ate I had time to grab thirds and pack a few snacks for school. Once they were done we made our way to school via zeta tube. We ended up a block or two away from school and walked the rest of the way there. We were greeted by M'Gann and Conner's friends once we got there... well they were I just kind of sat there awkwardly, until an overly happy blonde girl wearing more pink than M'Gann came over to stand in front of me, I look at her a bit confused because she wasn't even a part of the small group of friends talking to Conner and M'Gann.

"Hi!" she chirped happily.

I took a very much needed step back, I didn't answer her either, I just wrinkled my nose in distaste 'People should not be that happy this early in the morning.' I thought because I really didn't like morning people nor did I care what impression I left on the people at this school.

'This bitch is fer real creepy!' I think taking another much larger less discreet step back.

I was about to walk away to try and find the office when this cheerleader standing next to Conner came up to me.

"Hi I'm Karen." She said with a smile.

"Uh, hi..." my words trail off when I realize that creepy blonde girl was still standing next to me.

Karen notices the girl too and gives me a look as if to say 'Do you know her?'. I shake my head 'No' so that's when we not so discretely walk away from her and continue our conversation.

"That was weird." I comment as I look at the girl for a quick second.

Something about that girl just seemed... off.

Karen frowned in thought "I didn't even know she went here I've never seen her before."

"Yeah well, I hope I'm not the only one she gives the creeps."

Karen was about to say something when the bell cut her off. I smiled and waved bye to Karen as the bell rang to go to class, but instead I went to the office to get my schedule. Right when I stepped into the building the few students and the receptionist started to stare at me.

"Stare much!" I sneered at the students who automatically looked the other way.


I continue on my way to the receptionist and throw on my nicest smile "Hello I'm the new student Kyro I just need my schedule."

The woman nodded quickly taking her eyes off of me as she typed up my information "Oh, here you are. It will take a second to print your schedule then you can go to class."

While my schedule was printing I looked around her desk "Score a map of the school!"

'This will make things easier.' I thought looking at the map.

I smiled and happily took my schedule when the woman handed it to me and started my journey to my first class. It was easier than I thought it would be to find my first class which thankfully wasn't math, it was boring ass history, but was still better than math.

"You must be the new student I've been expecting." the teacher said with a smile.

'Obviously.' I thought rolling my eyes at the older woman.

"Yeah," I say with mock enthusiasm then in complete deadpan say "Where do I sit?"

"In the back, next to the boy in the red shirt." she said with a frown.

I walk back to my desk, take a seat and get out a piece of paper and pencil from my bag, ready for class. Thankfully first period went by fast and before I knew it I was sitting in my english class waiting for the lecture to start. Unfortunately I zoned out half way through the first half of the notes and ended up doodling little chibi versions of myself and the team. I was about to actually start paying attention when a girl sitting next to the window started screaming bloody murder, causing the whole class to look out the window and at the girl to see what was wrong. The class went into a frenzy of scared students as Klarion stood next to the window staring directly at me. Wait why was he staring at ME?! Then that's when something caught my attention, a girl with long red hair, black cat ears, she was short and...

Oh. My. God!

"Damaris!" I scream pounding on the window as hard as I can.

I keep banging on the window until it shatters completely. Not caring if I get hurt, I jump out of the window and run to my best friend.

"Damaris!" I yell to my best friend, finally getting her attention.

But before I can make it to her Klarion steps in front of her blocking the girl from my view.

"Look at that Teekl she finally found my pet." Klarion said giddily to his familiar.

"What in THE fuck, did you just call me your pet?" I spat at the chaos lord.

He smirked "Why yes I did and it's time for you to come to your master."

"Ok gross, because you have no clue how disgusting that sounds and I'm no one's pet!" I snarl at him.

I could feel my hands burn with my rising anger. I was mad as hell all I wanted to do was punch Klarion in his bratty little face, but unfortunately I was currently at school. And because of this fact I couldn't even throw a fire ball.

'Wait, can I even throw fire balls?' I thought in a moment of confusion.

'M'Gann!' I yell mentally as loud as I can trying to reach her.

'We're already on our way.' came her rushed reply before I saw her and Superboy land in front of the Chaos Lord.

"Oh great the justice brats are here." Klarion said sarcastically before throwing fire balls at Miss M and Superboy.

'Miss M do you have any way I can contact the rest of the team?' I ask to her mentally.

She blocked an attack from Klarion 'I've already contacted them, they should be here soon.'

My only response was a quick nod before I ran after Damaris again, but stopped half way there when I noticed she looked off. Her face was completely blank and her pupils were dilated to the point where you could barely see the color of her eyes. That's when she growled then charged at me.

"Ok, universe Imma need you to stop fuckin' around with me, if this is about what happened to Mrs. Patterson in the fifth grade it was an accident it wasn't my fault she was standing there... it's not like I killed her!" I scream at the sky as I run away from my brainwashed best friend.

This was so annoying I was being chased by my BEST FUCKING FRIEND and I couldn't even use my full speed to get away! I ended up running around to a deserted part of the school. I look back to see that she wasn't behind me thinking I was safe and actually relax a little. That is until I turn back around only to be met with bright yellowish- green catlike eyes staring at me. I panic and am about to run when she grabs me. I think I'm going to die and cringe waiting for the pain, but it never comes instead I'm only met by arms wrapping around my waist and being pulled into a familiar embrace. I'm a little hesitant but wrap my arms around her hugging her back.

"K-kyro." came a voice that sounded way too fragile and small to be Damaris' voice

But it was and she was standing in front of me with tears in her eyes. It broke my heart to see her like this.

"How... how did you get here?" I asked trying to make sense of everything.

She shook her head "That doesn't matter, you just need to get out of here before-" Damaris cut herself off mid sentence and stared past me for a second then looked back to me "I have to go, see you soon." she said smiling at me before she ran away.

I squeaked when I was suddenly swept off my feet with someone holding me bridal style. I look up to see it's Kid Flash making me sigh in relief.

He looked down at me with a smirk "Miss me beautiful."

Kid Flash set me down once we were with the rest of the team, I look at him with a sad frown and whisper "Wally, she's gone."

Wally looked at me concerned "Who's gone?"

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