Charlie Matheson had never been into boys. It was probably why she had such a hard time making girlfriends. She couldn't stand all the drama, the dressing up, or the glorified romance when boys were a bunch of blundering idiots. Sure she had dated a few in high school, even let one woo her, seduce her, and eventually take her virginity but in the end, he was just like all the other boys at their age - immature and stupid. She thought college boys would be better, but they were just as pathetic or worst. With the freedom of being out of the prying eyes of their parents, all they cared about was partying and getting laid.

That is why she was completely thrown off guard when for once she found herself consumed and overloaded with the thoughts of a particular someone from the male gender - but low and behold it wasn't a boy, he was most certainly all man.

Just a week ago she had arrived home from her third year in university to find her uncle Miles and his best friend, Sebastian Monroe, staying at her house. She hadn't seen her uncle in years. In fact she hadn't seen him much her entire life. He was in the Marines and he would be gone on tours for years at a time, only to pop up here and there to say hello. She had heard briefly about his buddy, best friend Monroe, but only that they were inseparable when her father on occasion complained that Monroe had replaced him as Miles's brother. Knowing so little about him or the fact that he would be staying at their house over the summer, it had been quite a shock when Charlie had unexpectedly met him coming out of the shower just seconds after arriving home from university.

Home. At least that was what it was going to be for one more summer. Charlie thought as she put her old beat up black Honda into park in front of her house. One more year at university and she could move into her own place. Most of her fellow students were nervous as they left for home this summer knowing that soon they would have to abandon the comfort of school and enter the real world. That wasn't Charlie. She was ready for school to be over, ready to be treated like an adult.

She pulled her keys out of the ignition and grabbed a few bags lying next to her in the passenger seat. Her parents wouldn't be home from work yet and knowing Danny he was probably off with some of his lacrosse buddies. She hadn't wanted to come home and unpack with them around - she loved her family, but she wanted some time alone to get things in order before the reunion of hugs and inquiring questions started.

Grabbing as much as she could carry, she headed for the front door fumbling with her key ring to find the one for the house. Magically she was able to shift expertly enough to unlock the door and pull it open without having to set anything down. The house looked the same as it always did, not much had changed over the past three years at university. She hadn't fallen victim to the classic go away for college and have your family totally rearrange the place on you, take over your room, or altogether move to another state. However that might change come fall when Danny made his way to university. She didn't particularly want to think about what her parents would do with an empty nest.

Making her way up the stairs to her room, she heard a noise. Odd. She was pretty sure no one would be home at this time. Shrugging her shoulders she continued up the stairs. Her muscles began to ache under the weight she was carrying. Charlie loved the feeling of straining muscles, that's why she spent most of her free time working out. The feel of pushing her body beyond its limits had an exhilarating high that she thrived on.

When she reached the second floor, her breath had picked up speed but she didn't stop to take a break. She made her way down the hallway noticing the bathroom door was closed. Danny must be home after all, she thought, and passed by it without a second glance. She was just about to turn knob to her own room when she heard the jingling of another and a man's voice call out, "Miles is that you?"

Charlie froze, her whole body locked up at the sound of the unfamiliar deep voice coming from behind the bathroom door. it's wasn't until one of the bags in her hand slipped and fell loudly on the floor that she snapped out of it, but it was too late, almost everything she had been carrying dropped around her creating a sequence of thumping noises as they hit the ground one by one. She heard the bathroom door creak and the sound of feet pattering across the floor. Quickly looking for the bag that would best double as a weapon, she leaned over to pick one up hearing the voice again, "Miles what is god's name..."

Charlie grabbed the bulkiest bag she could see and whipped behind her as she stood up preparing to throw it at the intruder if necessary. Her heart sped up as she found herself gazing upon a glistening muscular bare chest of a man wearing nothing but a towel. A towel that hung low on his hips revealing an etched v and a trail of hair that led down...

Her eyes flickered up to his face, "Who are you? And what the hell are you doing in my house? Taking a shower?" She demanded, although the last question came out softer and with a bit more confusion that she would have liked.

The stranger cast his eyes down to his low hanging towel which gave her a view of the matted wet curls on atop his head. He seemed perfectly unaffected by her threat which oddly assured her that this was just some big misunderstanding. A small laugh escaped his lips as he returned his gaze to her.

"Apologies but this situation we've landed ourselves in is rather hilarious. Don't you think?" he asked, the laughter faded leaving a wide smile in its wake.

She refused to respond, he may think the circumstances were funny but his pure adulterated attraction had her mind distracted. Shoving thoughts of his wet bare skin out, she tried to remind herself to at least keep some level of caution. She still didn't know a thing about this guy except that he was beautiful and if she knew anything about beauty, she knew it didn't come without danger. She raised her eyebrow in response, hoping he would take it as a hint that she was still waiting for an answer from him to her questions.

It did. "Right, too soon," he caught on. "Name's Sebastian Monroe, I'm your uncle Miles friend, and you," he paused taking a step towards her, "you must be Charlotte."

"It's Charlie," she said reflexively ignoring the pleasuring way her disowned name fell from his lips.

"Well, it's a pleasure to finally meet you." He finished, closing the distance between them sticking out his hand to greet her.

So this was Sebastian Monroe, no one ever mentioned how handsome he was, not that she had ever cared enough to inquire. Jesus Charlie, calm down he's the same age as your uncle, he's got to be like twice your age. You're only feeling these things because he's wet and standing very close to you wearing nothing but a towel. Breathe.

She relaxed, letting the pack fall to her side before swinging one of the straps over her shoulder. Only then did she extend her hand and clasp it with his. Immediately her skin burned and tingled upon contact, sending the sensation up her arm and throughout her body. Clearly it was still overreacting. He's just a almost naked man shaking hands with you, she repeated in her head.

"Same," she replied. She had wanted to say something more but she wasn't quite she could manage it at the moment with her body acting out of sorts. Their hands shook together a little longer than necessary, but when parted at last she regrettably missed the contact. She guessed that it just happens sometimes when it's been awhile since the last time you've, well, been with someone.

"So what are you doing here?" She asked crossing her arms over her chest to evade the silent awkwardness that had crept into the air.

"Your uncle and I are staying her for the summer. Your parents didn't tell you? We've been here a week already." He explained with a hint of curiosity.

"No, they didn't. They always forget to tell me things like this," she commented bitterly. Although now that she thought about it, she had purposely ignored a call from them earlier this week, not particularly in the mood to talk. Then later instead of calling them back she had simply texted them that she was busy with finals but she would be home for dinner Friday evening.

"Ah, well, I'm sure they meant to tell you. Things always tend to get busy when the end of the school year rolls around. It becomes a difficult time for communication," he said casually but she couldn't help but notice the small smirk playing on his lips like he was insinuating more than he was saying. "For instance, your parents made it seem like you wouldn't be arriving until later this evening."

"I was, but plans changed. I finished early and decided to head home," she said, the need to escape growing inside her as the look on his face seemed to tell her that he immediately recognized the lie. If he kept this up, whatever he was doing to read and admire her like he was, she was certain she would either attack him like she originally had planned to do or rip that remaining cloth from his body and knock him back against the wall. She needed to get away. "Speaking of which, I better get back to moving all my stuff in. I've still got bags in my car I need to bring inside."

"Of course," he conceded without hesitation. "I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to talk after you've moved back in and I'm not in a state of dress that could leave me completely naked at any second." He smiled wickedly as he seemed completely aware that his comment practically forced her to picture what was left hidden of his body.

The heat continued to pool in her now aching core while it also slowly rose to her cheeks. Luckily she was able to recognize the feeling before it was too late and leaned over to gather up more of her fallen assortment of luggage sprawled around her feet to hide it. She couldn't remember the last time she'd blushed but then again she couldn't remember the last time she felt any of these feelings he was eliciting in her.

Under the crinkling noise of the plastic bag twisting together under her fingers, she heard the soft pat of his feet exiting probably one of the most bizarre moments of her life - but also one that she didn't think she would ever forget. Her eyes couldn't resist glancing up at his exposed back and lingering once again on the place where the cloth met his skin. It must have slipped slightly during their conversation because she could see the curve of his probably perfectly formed ass. Flashing images of running her fingers over the contours of his chiseled form and sinking her tips into his round hind as she writhed beneath him dashed through her mind.

Distracted by the mental movie playing out in her mind, she forgot that she was still quite blatantly staring at him and their eyes locked briefly before he disappeared into the bathroom. She kicked open the door and threw everything she had in her hands onto the bed. This was going to be one hell of a summer.