Charlie stood under the showerhead, letting the stream of water wash over her body. She needed the cleansing after the competitive lacrosse game with her brother and the hot sensual daydream that was replaying over and over in her head. The steamy fantasy of Bass interrogating her using seduction techniques so arousing she had to leave the dinner table without giving any sort of explanation would not leave her alone. She didn't know she would say if anyone decided to ask what happened, she could barely comprehend it herself. No matter what she ended up giving as her excuse, she knew it would have to be anything but the truth. Liking Bass was something she wasn't going to advertise.

She could have stood there in the shower of streaming water forever trying to wash away the unwanted thoughts but when the water started running cold; she quickly shivered her way through the motions and got herself out of that freezing downpour.

She had spent so long in the shower that the mirror had fogged over and so she had to clear a spot in the glass to see her reflection. She stared at her wet blond hair that looked brown in its damp state. If she left it to dry naturally her hair would curl at the bottom; which she didn't find it her most attractive look. In college she could have cared less about how her hair looked, she hadn't been going around trying to impress anybody. If she ever did anything special to her hair it was for her own benefit. Since she's been home she's either straightened it or put it up in a pony. The last thing she wanted to do was step outside the wall of the bathroom so straight hair it was.

Unfortunately the warm confines of the room and the heat of the hairdryer didn't distract her from the sensual thoughts she was trying to avoid. Having stepped out of the shower, her memory went from the darkened fantasy to the night before. The fogginess of the room reminded her of the haziness of last night. She played out her drunken sexy seduction. Being in the actual physical location of the embarrassing event helped her remember more than she had previously. She recalled clumsily tripping, his bare muscular chest against her fingers, and the angry frown on his face when he told her she needed to get back to bed. Of course, she wouldn't have minded getting into bed with him, but that isn't what he had meant. Despite the opportunity for more teasing, her daft drunken self thought it was more important to comment on how she needed to relieve herself, and not the sexual kind of relief either. That she made plain and clear. Overly. At her blatant childish gibberish, she couldn't stop herself from laughing at the humor of the situation, which was not humorous in the least bit. She hadn't been able to stop and that had left her alone in the bathroom giggling.

Eventually, she had found it in herself to take care of her business and splash some water over her hands, pulling her dizzy mind and body slightly back into reality. The alcohol buzz had subsided and a looming sleepiness had swept over then.

At that moment her mind reverberated with the memory she had puzzled over most. Bass had still been in the hallway when she'd opened the bathroom, leaning his muscular upper body against the wall to the left of the threshold with his arms folded over his defined pecs. Any sort of inebriation she had recovered in the bathroom was thrown back on her in ten-fold at the intoxication of his presence. Again the combination of him and alcohol had turned her into some sort of seducing minx.

"Decided to change your mind?" she had asked moving herself into position in front of him and inching closer with the intent of blocking him in.

He had straightened his body as she invaded his personal space. He wasn't much taller than her but erect his body had seemed to dominate the mere inches he loomed over her.

"I'm here to see you make it to your bed," he replied. "That's all." He eyed her warily seeming to know that she was up to something.

"We'll see about that." She spoke in a husky voice, caging him in with her arms. Her palms pressed flat against the wall next to his shoulders.

She heard his breath turn heavy and mean while she watched his mouth swirl into a scowl. His eyes lifted to the ceiling avoiding with the tightening of his jaw. Her remedy to not being seen was to being felt as she closed the space between their hips. Touches of bare skin met and jolts of pleasure shot through her.

"Charlotte," Bass growled in a whisper. He quickly glared down at her and uncrossed his hands to tear down her cage. She tried to fight his hands pressing her arms down but the alcohol made her clumsy. He broke her arm cage in seconds and slid away from her. She felt a loss of pressure and heat from the amount of space between them and she stuck out her bottom lip in a pout to show it.

"Come on." He said holding out a hand to her which she took eagerly.

He led her down the hallway to her room. She gripped tightly on his hand not wanting to give him the chance to let go. Walking wasn't an easy feat. The alcohol in her bloodstream crept into her every moment, making her wobble and unable to properly coordinate her steps. When they reached her door, with him in front and her on his heels, her reaction time lagged causing a doubling over collision. Her front collided with his back and she wrapped her arms around him holding on tight to avoid falling down.

Under her fingers his bare abdomen breathed in and out with a sigh and he began to calmly unravel her from around him. Although she wanted to, she was too tired to resist the separation. He peeled her hands form him easily and created some space between them which he used to turn around so they were face to face.

Everything was still hazy which was emphasized in the dim lightening. She marveled at the way her drunken haze mixed with the shadows to create a mystical splendor on his bare chest. Too busy gawking to notice anything else; she was surprised when one of his fingers tipped up her chin. The light gentle touch filled her with warmth. Her eyes flicked up to meet his. The gesture felt intimate and Charlie was surprised on how much she reveled in the feeling.

"Goodnight," he said. The word meant to end the encounter but he didn't move. He stayed there holding her chin and staring into her eyes.

"Goodnight." She replied in a whisper.

With a breath he dropped his hand from her chin and opened her bedroom door for her. They had said goodnight but she didn't want him to leave despite the pull to sleep that desperately tugged at her. Grudgingly, she took the two steps to her room and walked inside. She turned around to get one last look at him. He gave her a small sexy smile before heading down the hall in the direction of his own room. She waited until he disappeared before she closed the door and collapsed into her bed.

The memory ended and she set down the hair straightener. Her hair was now dry and straightened. There was no mistake that there had been some pretty heated moments between them last night, at least on her end. Bass's behavior had her in a state of confusion over whether or not he was affected by their interactions as much as she was. She supposed now would be no better time to get to the bottom of it. He had said they could talk tonight and they would.

Charlie went to her room to dress and apply a bit more make-up then she usually wore then headed downstairs confident that this time she would have the upper-hand on in the upcoming encounter.