To Charlie's surprise the horrible disgusting hangover cure worked like a charm. Less than an hour after she managed to swallow the drink she felt free of the overcast cloud she had been dealing with all morning and afternoon. The extremely nice weather outside had led to an impromptu barbeque in the backyard, so headache free with a fresh set of clothes, she headed to the back door to join the rest of her family.

Outside she could see her mother and Miles in deep conversation, her father under the shade of an umbrella with his laptop, her brother throwing around a lacrosse ball, and Bass nowhere to be seen.

"Hey could you get the door for me?" A voice startled her. Charlie turned around to find Bass carrying tongs and a plate full of hamburgers and brats; grilling meats.

"Yeah sure," she reached for the door. Fully sober and slightly shocked, she felt shy in his presence.

Last night she realized she couldn't hide from these feelings she had. Not with alcohol, at least. Alcohol had not been an escape but an impetus for her to take action, or at least she thought so. She wasn't quite clear on what actually happened last night. All she knew was that something happened and it was intimate, and awkward.

"Look about last night..." she began.

"Don't worry about it," he stopped her.

Don't worry about it? That's exactly what she didn't want to hear. Him saying don't worry about it meant that there was something to worry about. What exactly had she done?

"Thanks for the discretion and all but to be honest I don't really remember what you're saving me from. Everything that happened after I got home last night is fuzzy at best in my memory. I have no idea if I'm remembering what really happened or if I've conjured some distortion of reality in my head."

She wasn't sure what to say next. Should she ask him to do a rundown of what he remembered?

She just hoped he would say something.

"Hey! Move the conversation outside," Miles shouted through the glass. "We got some hungry people out here."

They both looked out the sliding glass door to see Miles waving them to come out. Bass turned his attention back to her; his mouth hung slightly open as he paused for words.

"Perhaps we could continue this conversation later in the evening?"

"Yeah sure." she nodded in response. Answers would have to wait.

"Could you get the door?" he asked.

"Oh right. Of course," she once again reached for the door handle, this time sliding it open. Her nerves was in jumbles. She knew for a fact she was blushing.

"Thanks," he said taking a step out the door but paused in the threshold. "You coming out?"

"Yeah, I'm right behind you."

"Good." he smiled. "Oh and Charlie, stop worrying."

Seconds later he was already over by the grill and she was still standing inside the house. Nothing to worry about, she repeated to herself before heading out the door and shutting the glass behind her. At a slow pace she made her way over to gathering, the whole time trying to keep her eyes off of Bass. Unfortunately she was failing miserably. Even now, he was impossible to ignore.

"Charlie," a voice called shifting her focus. She turned her head in the direction of the call and saw her father staring up at her from his shaded seat under umbrella. In front of him was his laptop. Her father was something of a perpetual worker; she rarely saw him not working.

"I'm glad you decided to join us."

"Me too," she said. "It's a nice day out."


It was beautiful outside. The sun was shining bright which was causing a little trouble for her eyes that were trying to adjust. Her skin was absorbing the heat from the direct rays of a cloudless sky and loving it.

"It's a good thing you got over that hangover," my brother piped in condescendingly.

"Shut up, goof," she retorted. "I bet you won't be able to hold your liquor as well as me."

"We'll see about that," he wagged his eyebrows at her. She ran over to him and intercepted the ball. Game on.


By the time dinner was ready, Charlie was adrenaline rushed and sweaty. Her brother always brought out the most competitive side of her. They were neck in neck in the game, Danny with the ball, when Bass called them over to the picnic table. Momentarily distracted by his voice, Danny saw an opportunity, shot, and scored on her.

"Victory!" he yelled thrusting his lacrosse stick into the air.

She rolled her eyes at his obnoxiously cheesy display of triumph. That last shot was completely unfair but she knew she would get nothing but shit if she brought it up as some excuse.

"Seems like you're not the worst player after all," she congratulated him.

"Oh well, beating you was no sweat." he taunted her.

"Oh really?" she said revving up for their usual post-game spat off. "You thought winning after being tied practically the whole game was no sweat?"

He shrugged like it was no big deal.

"You better not get too comfortable on that high horse there. I guarantee you next time you won't be to so lucky."

"I'm sorry. Did you say luck? You must be mistaken sis, because I'm all skill." he gloated stylishly throwing the lacrosse stick horizontally behind his neck.

"Sure. Whatever you say. The game could have easily gone to me." Charlie countered putting her stick down and grabbing her water bottle for a drink.

"But it didn't." He whispered close to her ear. She raised her eyebrows at him while she finished swallowing the last gulps of water.

"You just enjoy your victory while it lasts," she said after she crushed the empty water bottle in her hand.

"You know what. I think I will," he gave her a big smile and headed off towards the picnic table.

Losing to her brother was a slight disappointment but the workout had given her quite the appetite. All she had eaten today was that horrible hangover concoction. It was time to get some real food in her stomach. She sat down next to her brother at the picnic table who had already surpassed his macho victory phase was talking animatedly with their father. Miles and her mother were having more a whispered discussion with each other while Bass was domestically bring the fresh grilled meat over to the table. Charlie smiled at the hilarity of the situation, never in a million years would she have thought she would have a family dinner served by Bass. He set the meat platter down in the middle of the table and sat down next to her.

"All right guys. Dig in!" Bass gave the order to begin.

"Oh man, I've been waiting for this all day," Miles commented being the first one to lunge at the meat. "I can't wait to devour this."

Everyone took their turn filling their plates. When it was her turn she happened to go for the ribs at the same time as Bass but he graciously yielded by saying, "Ladies first," but not before their elbows brushed. Even though the contact was short and small it didn't keep Charlie from feeling a rush. She was very glad he had chosen to sit next to her. He could be bumping into her all night and for once she welcomed those accidental grazes.

The conversations died quickly with the food occupying their mouths. They air filled with sounds of munching, utensils scraping, and the Miles small moans of pleasure. At his distracting sounds she turned towards Bass to get his reaction, and ended up sharing a smile with him. Her heart swelled at the natural but intimate exchange.

"All right Miles, we get it." Charlie's father broke the silence.

"I'm sorry," Miles mumbled mouth half full of rib. "It's just so good. I've missed it. Bass was our best griller."

Charlie caught Miles winking at Bass.

"He was so well-known for his art."

"Miles," Bass said a hint of warning in his voice.

"Come on Griller, don't be modest."

She raised an eyebrow that briefly caught Bass's attention.

"It's not exactly something to be proud of," Bass shifted uncomfortably.

"You have a knack for getting people to break. I'd say that's something to be proud of." Miles continued his praise. "Never try to hide a secret from this one, my friends. If he wants to know something, he sure as hell knows how to get it out of you."

It took a second to connect all the dots but the quickly the mystery disappeared; Bass had been an interrogator, and a really good from the sound of things.

Charlie could picture Bass as an interrogator. He had that air about him that demanded cooperation. She could see the scene play out in her mind. Him standing in a small lonely room with nothing but a table and a chair. A dark flickering light that cast shadows and set the mood. Him standing tall, legs open, asserting his dominance as he smacked a small whip across his hand. There on the other side of the room a criminal shackled to the chair trying to hide the quivers of his body. A sly evil grin crept on his face as he took a step closer to the criminal wrapping the torture tool around his finger.

Charlie felt a rush of heat come alive inside her. She knew that she shouldn't be so effected by these thoughts but she was aroused. The image of him working the secrets out of a no good criminal bastard brought out a wetness from inside her.

As she clenched her thighs together, her vision faded into a more erotic scene. The criminal disappeared and she took his place. She turned from an observer to a participant, now chained to the chair just like the man before her. Attempting to move, she felt the restraints holding her back. All of her limbs tied up. There was nothing she could do but look at him; look at him and hope she could handle whatever he planned to do to her.

She locked her eyes with him, trying to ignore the sexy turned up lips on his face and the way her body reacted to his presence alone. He was covered in muscle, dirt, sweat, and hints of blood. He was one hundred percent male. One hundred percent pure sex.

He made his way to the high top covered with various tools of torture. He scanned them quickly and then reached for a smaller item, a knife.

"I'm giving you one last chance to talk before things get a bit unconventional," he said staring her down, letting her know now that if she didn't stop this now, there was no going back.

She shook her head no. She wasn't going to give up the information. Whatever he was going to do to her, she was going to let him do it.

He looked rather pleased at her refusal. His smirk got wider and his eyes reflected a fashionable glow. For a man attempting to get information out of her, he was surely enjoying himself.

He walked slowly towards her flipping the blade around in his hand. When he was close enough to touch her, he grazed the edge of her sleeve. His fingers sending jolts of electricity down her arm. He smiled at the reaction then he slipped the knife under the cloth and ripped it open. He continued along the shirt exposing her shoulder and then her neck. Wreaked her sleeves at both sides before turning to the tip of the v on her v-neck shirt and slicing that open as well. He cut all the way through the material until it slipped off. Her bra was the only cloth left covering her on top, a lacy black number that pushed up her breasts.

"What a shame," she heard him whisper before he cut one of the straps, and then the other.

The straps fell around her and she felt her nipples harden inside their soft cups. He walked around her trailing the flat part of the blade across her skin. Despite the cold touch, she felt a rush of heat flush her body. Then his hand was on her lower back and she gasped at the skin on skin interaction. He trailed his finger up her spine until he reached her bra, which he expertly unclasped, the undergarment flung open and plopped down into her lap.

Her nipples were already erect but she can feel them tighten at the exposure. Her nether region yearning for satisfaction. His footsteps echoed throughout the room and her body rang in anticipation of him coming around to view her. He stopped right in front of her. His eyes dropped on her plump bare breasts, which were thrust out towards him. He looked as if he was about to devour them and the pool of heat to her core intensified. Her muscles clenched and her whole body squirmed to find that much needed friction.

He leaned in close and squatted down in front of her, just centimeters away. Her whole body shook with desire.

"If you talk this will all go away," he said as he looked straight at her the knife up for her to see. She stayed silent so he took the flat edge to her naked skin, pressing it hard against her erect nipple. The cold metal caused a pained pleasure through her body and elicited a moan from her mouth. The sensations drove her mad but she didn't give in. He pulled the blade away moving across her body to do the same torture to her other breast. This time a "please" escaped her lips which she whimpered with regret. She knew he was wearing her down and that can't happen.

"I'll give you everything you want and more if you just tell me sweetheart." he whispered his breath catching on her ear making her struggle against the bondage. The need for him to touch her becoming too much to bare.

"I'll take that as a no then." He backed away from her. She whimpered as the space between them felt cold and empty. "We'll just have to turn things up a notch."

He came back to her and got down on his knees. He raised an eyebrow and showed her his hand holding the knife. He spun it around like some cute parlor trick and then brought it down to the edge of her shorts. He leaned in so his face was inches away from her chest. As he adjusted, he briefly brushed his nose against the inside of the breast causing her to gasp. Then he brought the knife against her skin.

"Don't move a muscle or else you'll end up with a cut wound across your thigh," his voice laced with warning.

She sucked in and swallowed begging her body not to move as he began to cut away her shorts. His head moved as he cut causing his curls on his head to tickle her chest in a murderous torture. She was sure she was going to move, and get cut. She was so nervous she didn't even realize he was done until his fingers ran down the cut material against her skin. Her whole body jerked and she shut her eyes waiting for the pain of the dagger but there wasn't any. Instead there was a bombastic laughter.

She opened her eyes to find her shorts and panties tattered but her body unscathed. The knife far away from her thighs. He reached down and pulled all the remaining clothes from her. Her ass now plastered against the cool metal seat.

She was now completely naked before him. He ate her up with his wicked eyes and she swore she could feel his gaze touching her. He stood up deliberately using her thighs to push himself to his feet. He created friction in just about every spot but the place she wanted him to.

"God Charlie, please, tell me what I need to know so I can let you go and fuck you."

She looked into his eyes and there was a flash of vulnerability there amongst the lust.

When she didn't say anything, he dropped the knife. She watched it fall in slow motion the sound a clattering ensemble ringing against the floor.

"Please, Charlie, tell me what I need to know." He whispered again desperate as he came in close enough to run his fingers over her breast and down her belly. The lightest caresses that had her aching painfully.

"Charlie, please" he called. "Charlotte."

"Charlotte," a hand landed on her shoulder. She practically jumped out of her seat.

"Are you all right?" Bass asked from beside her.

She turned to look at him blinking excessively as she slowly registered that she was not in an interrogation room nor was she naked and strapped to a chair. She looked around at everyone wearing worried expressions. Her mind was racing and her body was tingling all over. She needed to get away. She needed to sort herself out. She had never lost herself so completely in a daydream before. She had completely blocked out the entire world around her.

"Sorry um!" She said as she stood up, Bass's hand falling off her. "Excuse me."

She rushed away from the table and into the house. Once she was inside she pressed her back against the nearest wall, taking deep breaths and sliding down to the floor. It wasn't the best idea. As soon as she hit the ground she felt how soaked her panties were.

"Son of a bitch." she got up and stomped her way upstairs to clean herself up.