A/N : I've seen lots of Cardin vs whoever... So I thought, why not Russel this time, just for a change?

Also, the lines that Myst recites : I DO NOT OWN THEM NOR DID I MAKE THEM. I saw them in a humor blog (I think it was 9gag), and I felt it would be perfect for Myst. Oh, the very last line is an actual verse, taken from the book of Ezekiel chapter 25, verse 17. (Google it if you want to see how it was actually written).

Initially I planned for Myst to have another weapon... But decided I'll leave that for another time.

I was also planning to release this around the time the Vytal Fair came about. Sadly I got too excited and ended up releasing it before their intended date... Oh well. *shrugs*

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Without further ado, let us enjoy the spectacle.

Myst wandered about Beacon's halls. Where in Vytal was Sirocca again? The Faunus girl kept on slipping out and getting herself in trouble; one of these days, Myst thought to herself, that recklessness will be the end of the tiger girl.

She found herself in the cafeteria, and spied the red-cloaked leader of Team RWBY, seated and enjoying her breakfast. She noted that the younger girl was uncharacteristically alone, the rest of her team nowhere in sight. Figuring it was as good a place to ask as any, she approached Ruby and cleared her throat. "Good morrow, Lady Ruby. Perchance you know whence my Faunus friend hath lost herself today?"

Even before she could finish, Myst could already hear raucous laughter behind her. "So that's the foreigner who brought her pet cat to Beacon! Maybe they keep other wildlife in their houses too, whaddya guys think?"

Ruby smiled at her, the look on her face slightly souring at the voices. "Just let them be, they're jerks all the time." The red-haired girl then turned back to Myst, an apologetic look in her face. "Don't mind them, you've got better things to do than worry yourself about them..."

Myst took a slow deep breath. "It cannot be helped. As my father would say, 'there hath need for nature to balance itself'. The world simply - AH!"

Myst was cut off mid-sentence as she felt someone poke her right at the small of her back, dangerously low on her waist. "Gee guys, she's soft - whoever said they're all hard women over there?" Russel poked Myst again, eliciting an angry gasp from Myst.

The flaxen-haired girl spun and readied her arm for a backhanded slap, and almost let her hand fly on Jaune, who was hurrying closer from the door. "Whoa whoa, easy there!"

Myst blushed in shame. "I-I beg thy pardon, sir," she lowered both hands to her chest and bowed slightly. "I-It was not my intention to harm thee, rather that uncouth -"

"Ooh, whaddya bet she sleeps with that cat in her bed? Oh, and did you hear how she sounded? I'm guessing she's really good, if you know what I mean," Russel was chuckling, already back with his team. Oddly, only Sky and Dove were there, their tall leader Cardin Winchester nowhere to be seen.

Myst's patience was wearing thin. First, Sirocca was missing. Now she was being indirectly insulted in public, and with an audience to boot!

Ruby noted with a worried face that Myst's fists were clenching as she lowered them to her sides. "U-Umm, you can just ignore him, half the time no one listens to him anyway-"

"And I'm gonna bet she does it with that cat, I mean, it's probably an Amazon thing, you know?" Russel's voice started to get too loud, at least for Myst.

Myst had already decided she would not allow any more, upon hearing the last words from the mohawk. "Thou there! Thou, the one with hair that would make a barnyard raised rooster hang his head in shame when comparing thy cockscomb1! How dare thee speak of something thou hath no knowledge about!"

Russel turned his head towards her, a look of contempt easily readable. "Oh, so the cat-loving butch has something to say... Well, what do you want to admit to - oof!"

Myst never let Russel finish speaking; she had crossed the distance between them in three fast strides, and swung her fist up to his stomach in a fast uppercut. She kept her arm in place as Russel doubled up in pain, surprise, and breathlessness. "Thy slanderous words have no place in this esteemed institution. I know that my words shalt not reach thee, so I have a proposition that thou wilt understand. Meet me later and we shalt settle this in fair combat. Bring them along if that is thy wish - I care not." She dug her fist a little further up before letting Russel crumple to the floor, gasping for air.

Myst simply huffed, blushing bright in anger, ignoring Ruby, Jaune, and the rest of Team RWBY and JNPR who got wind of the commotion.

Later, Myst stood alone on the stage, blue eyes scanning the populace. She spotted Team CRDL, this time with their leader, who looked somewhat hurt as each step had a slight limp. No matter, he won't be any trouble.

She also spied Teams RWBY and JNPR by the door. Not like she would be asking for any help; after all, she was next in line for high priesthood. She can handle this, diplomatically or otherwise.

Russel climbed up the stage and stared her down. "You know, there's gotta be payback for what you did earlier." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Dove and Sky flank her. "You know what to do, guys."

There goes the diplomatic option. Myst simply sighed, then spoke loud enough for everyone present to hear.

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities..." She dodged in time as Dove lunged from her rear left, giving him a whack behind the head for good measure.

"... Of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men." Myst sidestepped Sky and tripped him up in one fluid motion, sending him barreling to Dove.

"Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill..." Myst leaned back as Russel's hand shot out for her hair; her staff snaked out from under him, cleanly whacking his chin and making him suddenly face the ceiling.

"... Shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness." Myst spun around, going low and her staff making contact with Russel's calf. This made him lose balance and fall on the seat of his pants with a loud grunt.

"For he is truly his brother's keeper, and the finder of lost children..." Myst continued spinning, standing up again as she ended the turn.

"... And I wilt strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger." Her staff whistled in the air again as Sky made another attempt to grab her, this time she connected with the blue-haired boy's forearm, shoulder, and the back of his neck, making him fall down on Russel, who was still on the ground.

"... Those who attempt to poison and destroy my brethren..." Myst did the same with Dove, who aimed for her waist.

"... And thou wilt know My Name is the LORD when I lay My vengeance against thee." She lowered her tone considerably, pointing her staff at the three fallen boys on the stage, eyes radiating cold fire.

"Yeow. Looks like someone made the mistake of pissing off Mud-Eater... Look at 'er face."

Teams RWBY and JNPR turned to the space between them. Where there was an empty spot earlier, now stood a tiger Faunus, one hand behind her head and the other picking her nose with her pinky. Blake spoke, addressing the newcomer. "You know her?"

The Faunus grinned. "'Fcourse! That kick-ass girl you see over there is my best friend! Oi, Mud-Eater! Over here!" she yelled, waving both arms in the air.

Cardin's eyes widened at the voice. Oh f*ck. Not her. He turned at the same time as Myst did, both looking at the Faunus. Myst made her way to the tiger girl while Cardin quickly climbed up the stage and helped his team get out of sight as discreetly as possible.

The wide grin immediately gave way to a hurt scowl as three quick whacks landed on the faunus' head. "Yeow! What?!"

Myst's eyes were hard. "Do not play the innocent with me, Sirocca Feanor. From whence did thou come, and why didst thou not leave a note, at the very least?"

Sirocca's eyes were twinkling. "Eh, just had a li'l... Fun." Her grin had a slightly dark undertone as her sight followed Cardin Winchester, but said no more. Myst sighed in exasperation as she grabbed the faunus by the scruff of her mane and pulled her away, yelps and high-pitched mews mixing together.

1Quoting Wikipedia: "A comb is a fleshy growth or crest on the top of the head of gallinaceous birds, such as turkeys, pheasants, and domestic chickens. Its alternative name cockscomb (spelling variations abound) is because combs are generally larger on males than on females (a male gallinaceous bird is called a cock)."

Basically, Myst was likening Russel's mohawk to a rooster's comb. No reference at all to Roosterteeth, mind you. It was just the first thing that came to mind.

Oh, and for some reason the superscripts didn't show up correctly the first time... I wonder why. :\