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It was freezing. He was wet and the wind was making it twenty times worst. It was awful, the screaming and blaring storm was grating harshly on his eardrums. The slap of the pomp-tree leaves colliding and the crashing waves on the beach combined with the erratic storm was making a horrible twisted sound. It was malevolent and sounded worse than a screech on a chalk board. Even if the temperature was 100degrees there would be no doubt in his mind that he would still be shivering from the mere noise surrounding him.

When he first woke up finding himself on this eerie beach, his first thought was; how did I get here? This was however, irrelevant and completely pointless to ask, since he didn't actually know where here was. So his mind carefully brought up another gripping question; why am I covered in blood?

The color of his skin wasn't even distinguishable; the blood looked like some sick warped coat covering his body bestowed on the highest of Evil; A coat of blood; symbolizing an epic battle, which he seems to have forgotten. But, really…..

'…this can't ALL be blood' he thought desperately 'blood is red! This looks horribly, horribly black.'

His heart started beating faster as he stared at his shaking, quivering hands, watching as a black slippery clump shed off his skin and disappeared into the sand. He closed his eyes and frantically tried to rein in his calm facade in this horrible storm, for no one but him to see. From the start, he was losing a battle with only himself.

A blood drenched hand came up and clutched at the shirt fabric that rested over his heart, he curled to the side and retched. He heaved, tears poisoning his eyes and threatening to fall.

"What am I?" a teenaged voice croaked, his choked sobs barely distinguishable over the push and pull of the wind.

Chapter 1: Unexpected Guest

"Why must Dragon insist, that we work in this stormy mess?" A rounded faced man with a straight nose whined tugging on his hood to keep it from blowing away.

"Because it was Mr. Dragon who commanded it!" A short man piped up faithfully looking two gusts away from being blown off his feet. At the declaration the scolded rounded faced man clutched at his hood tightly in annoyance but said nothing in return. So the duo trekked on.

They left the white sand dunes, where their base of operations was located, and entered the only jungle on the whole Isle. On the other side of the sliver of trees and vines the only dock was located. So Revolutionary soldier 1 and Revolutionary soldier 2 were to watch the dock and wait and see if any one were to arrive in this utter mess of a storm. Though very unlikely, there was no one more paranoid than their good old master and commander Dragon the Revolutionist.

They ducked and trekked through the dense trees holding their cloaks close to themselves to keep the fabric from getting ripped or torn. The intense wind was making it near impossible for the two men to make quick pace. Combined with all the falling debris and dodging trees it took them at least and hour longer than it normally would, but soon they were at the docking beach.

They gazed at the sea, fighting its way on and off the shore. It would have almost looked beautiful if not for the unnatural wailing the waves and the wind produced. The cloaked men stayed in the shadow and used the thin gangly pom-tree trunks as a windbreaker.

Joshua Spoo and Steven Whitehall never really got along so things were silent, adding a heavier atmosphere to the already creepy dark beach. The short Joshua Spoo stood on the tips of his toes and gazed past the wooden dock and along the beach. Something dark and distorted caught his eye no less than twenty yards away. From were he was standing it was hard to make out exactly what it was, but combined with the malevolence sounds echoing from the storm, it gave him a chill down his spine.

Joshua Spoo tugged on the sleeve of Whitehall and indicating with his finger, the dark shape isolated on the shore. Drawing his attention toward it they had a short discussion and traveled along the forest line beneath the cover of the trees.

They came behind the figure close enough to recognize it as a person. A person covered in tons of dried blood. The two men winced. Mr. Spoo felt sympathy but Whitehall was quickly analyzing and studying this individual. He was either a victim or an enemy, each one coming with their own troubling consequences, but he didn't stop Spoo from approaching the unknown being.

'Emotional fool' he thought sourly.


He couldn't move. He was either too cold or in some sort of shock. The only thing he could do was turn his head to keep him from inhaling the sent of his vomit. Dizziness and confusion clogged his brain into a giant mess of shattered pieces.

He remembered the color blue. Vast, immense seas of blue and a valley of windmills flashed in front of his eyes, like one of those picture shows. He shut his eyes tight, holding on to any sort of flashing memory he could, a small smile and a small frown; side by side adorning a black hat, which was the last dredge of memory his mind could find. He had a hat once…didn't he?

His hands trembled as they rose up to clutch at his hair in slight frustration, only for them too drop like dead weights when he felt cold liquid clinging to his hair.

He had a name once…what was it again? He had a title, but what was it? What was anything? Who was he?

Alone…he was alone on this forsaken beach with no one and no memories to comfort him. He was utterly lost, figuratively and mentally.

"Are you alright?" a soft voice whispered hesitantly barely audible over the wind. The lost boy blanched, shying away from the voice to look behind him. He saw a squat man with a square jaw looking at him cautiously but with a small smile none the less.

When he looked up, the strangest thing happened. The man looked shocked, surprised then looking at all the blood and became…concerned?

'Do I…know this person?' he thought to himself blurrily.

"Monkey D. Luffy" the man stated gruffly, "I am not your enemy." He approached slowly and slowly fell too his knees, despite the blood covering the ground.

His statement tickled at the boy's memory, but he remembered nothing. It felt important somehow, could it be….?

"Is that…my name?" He asked softly. The man cocked his head and cupped a hand on the side of his ear leaning in closer. He tried again, louder;

"Who is this Monkey D. Luffy person?" he croaked looking questionably at the man, shivering again as a new gust of wind swept passed them.

Mr. Spoo's stomach dropped, he really hopped the wind made him hear this wrong.

"You," Mr. Spoo commented wearily pointing at the bloody boy with a finger, "You are Luffy D. Monkey" He paused, staring, as a hopeful look of elation dawned on the boy's weary and bloody face.

Luffy…that was his name.

'That's a strange name' he thought slowly letting it sink it after his first initial delight at hearing his name.

"Do you know me then?" he asked a little more confidence coloring his voice than before.

"No, but I work with your father," he replied setting his hand slowly on Luffy's shoulder. The boy's eyes grew wide but before he could say anything continued, "Are you injured?" gesturing towards all the blood and casting a sideways glance at the vomit off to the side.

Luffy shifted a little were he was sprawled out on the sand. He didn't dare look at the blood on himself if his stomach decided to empty itself again. Breathing out his mouth he flexed his fingers and toes. He was slightly sore but nothing felt broken.

"I'm fine, I don't think it's-." my blood he added silently, looking at the man, who didn't look convinced but didn't press the issue.

"Then let's get you out of this storm." The man offered his hand and helped Luffy up. The teenager groaned softly at the movement of his sore muscles. The wind just about knocked him off his feet as soon as he righted himself, but the man steadied him. The man introduced himself over the wind; 'Mr. Spoo' he said as he helped Luffy walk to the edge of the trees.

They met up with another man who was introduced as Whitehall. He was much taller than Mr. Spoo but had a round boyish face that was almost lost in his rugged long nose. Again, the long nose, tickled at Luffy's memory but before he could mull over the thought to much he was interrupted.

"Dragon's son?" Whitehall reared back looking Luffy up and down, "What the bloody heck are you doing here?" he demanded flabbergasted and slightly insensitive to the fact the boy was covered in blood. Luffy instantly liked him.

The two soldiers, now accompanied by Luffy, made an even slower way back to the base then they did on the way out, but it was necessary. Luffy was panting even after a couple steps. Whitehall grudgingly helped Luffy walk as Mr. Spoo was too short to be much help.

On the trek there the two men informed Luffy that he was on the island Baltigo which was located on the Grand Line. Luffy was trying not to dwell too much on his lost memory, his lost life. So he soaked in this short geography lesson.

The world was made up of mostly ocean with tons of small islands everywhere. There was one long line of continuous mountains that cut across the world: the red line. Mr. Spoo added to the lesson that only one man has ever climbed this high mountain and, in a fit of childish thought, Luffy vowed to be the second. Perhaps, before he lost his memories, he was a big dreamer… (If only he knew.)

The world was at war. It was his father that led at the head. Luffy wasn't sure what he was supposed to think about his father being some kind of fearless revolutionary leader, he decided he would past judgment later. This mysterious Dragon was his father after all.

They exited the forest and much to Luffy's surprise, he found, instead of a grass field, pure white sand dunes. It was beautiful in a rusty, dry kind of way. His two companions noticing his awe chuckled and told him the Islands nick-name; Isle of White Earth.

In the distance he saw a building molded out of sand. 'Here we go, hopefully to some answers' Luffy thought tiredly.


Something about the building looked commanding. It was tall, white and imposing, towering over Luffy. There was a balcony jetting out from the top floor, Luffy tried craning his neck to get a better look at it but it was just too high up. While the menacing tower was intimidating, it was nothing compared to the stares he was getting.

From the moment he limped through the entrance people would stop to stare at him, if they were with a companion then they would point and whisper. It was like he was this terrifying respectable leader, who was too intimidating to approach. Or maybe it was the blood covering him combined with all the sand that had stuck and clung to the sticky liquid. He probably looked very silly.

They continued to travel up and they passed by many different rooms. If Luffy wasn't so tired he would feel the need to peak and look around in each one. The man, Whitehall, was still helping Luffy walk and each step was making him even wearier. So he gave all the open rooms a passing glance, much too tired to do anything else. His overall assessment of the people and the base was it functioned as one gigantic organized mess.

Some rooms were full of papers, while others were full of soldiers working out. It was noisy, but it wasn't annoying. The sound of papers shuffling and people laughing was a soothing sound; compared to the rueful beach he had come from, this was like angels singing. Yet he felt something was missing, something nudged the back of his mind, reminding him of the slight brush of waves hitting a ship.

He snapped out of his daze when the two men leading him stopped. He looked up to find giant wooden doors staring 'innocently' at him. If he was feeling lightheaded before, it was nothing compared to how he felt now.

'Here we go' Luffy gulped as Mr. Spoo went on his tip toes to grasp the handle and swing the doors open.


If Dragon ever regrets one thing, it would be missing his son's childhood. He wasn't one to regret a lot of things, when you were a leader you couldn't afford to think like that. You would go insane before you could accomplish anything.

He's seen broken families. Children forced to works as slaves never getting the opportunity to cry over their dead parents. He's seen and heard things he would long to forget, but he never does forget. So he uses it as a sort of fuel to keep him going, to keep fighting.

Though it forced him to leave his only son, he had to do it. It wasn't optional, this world needed changing and he knew he had the power to do it.

Dragon contemplated bringing his son with him, under the guise of him being a slave that he had found and rescued… but he just couldn't. He wanted to give his son freedom if nothing else, and if he was to give his son anything; it would be freedom. It was exactly what they, as revolutionaries, fought for after all.

When he first saw his son's WANTED poster his smooth cold facade almost broke in front of his revolutionaries. His son indeed looked free, and he couldn't help but give a small smile.

He was pulled out of his musings when the door swung open and he looked up and saw Spoo and Whitehall along with another. Dragon stood up swiftly to approach them expecting the unknown person to be a trespasser. However he wasn't expecting what he actually saw, and with one little look, his parental instincts (that he wasn't aware he even had till this point) kicked in.

He strode over and rudely shoved Whitehall out of the way, who grunted and backed up in surrender. He helped his son walk over and into the chair he was previously sitting. Luffy was looking at him with big round questioning eyes as he ordered someone to call one of the doctors and fetch him a damp cloth and a bowl of water.

Luffy looked awful! His eyes were glazed over as he looked up at him, his hair was a mess and his body was covered in grains of sand, blood acting as glue. When what he ordered arrived, he worked on cleaning Luffy's face gently, making sure he wasn't injured or frightened. (Note that the doctor prattled nervously in the background.)

Nothing was said as Dragon silently fussed and cleaned his son. The Revolutionaries were wordlessly shocked at such tenderness and care coming from their leader.


Luffy couldn't stop looking up at the man that was stroking away the blood that was caked on his skin. They didn't talk, they didn't have too. Luffy knew this man was his father; nothing nudged or tickled at his memory when he saw him but he didn't need that reassurance. Sometimes you just knew.

His Father, Dragon, was handsome in a rugged kind of way. He had a long mane of black hair that went down his back that spiked everywhere, and a square jaw and a harsh brow that shadowed his eyes.

Luffy could definitely see the leader in him, even if he was gentle as he washed him. He also had a tattoo; it reminded Luffy of a diamond pattern that sometimes runs on the back of snakes. It was red and it was located on the right side of his face. The X's that went down his cheeks could have been scars. Really, his dad looked badass, he thought in awe.

"What happened?" His Father asked quietly as he worked on washing his shoulder, checking for any open wounds underneath the layer of blood.

"I'm not sure," Luffy replied softly, "I don't remember anything; Mr. Spoo had to tell me what my name was."

His father's hand froze as he stiffly glanced at Luffy, then after a second went back to washing him.

"What do you remember?" Dragon inquired calmly his face forming into a blank stare with worry touching his eyes.

"I remember a field of windmills and a hat adjourning a smiley face and a frown face." Luffy squeezed his eyes wiling himself to remember anything else, "Oh, and I think I might have owned a hat at some time…but I…can't remember." Luffy frowned replaying what he said; before adding, "And the ocean is involved in this somehow."

"Well….," his father sighed "you've traveled across the ocean a lot since you turned seventeen." While he was talking he pulled up a chair so he would not have to bend over.

"A field of windmills? That is most likely a memory from your hometown, were you grew up." He paused thinking, then continued, "And that black hat…well, that belonged to someone you saw as a brother…he passed away a little under three weeks ago."

Luffy frowned; he wasn't sure how he was supposed to feel about this. He never knew this 'brother' it was hard to feel sad about someone he didn't know; though he paid his respects in his mind none the less.

"Why do I travel the ocean?" Luffy asked curiously, he really wanted to know anything he could about his past. His father looked at him for second, and then coming to some kind of conclusion put down the bloodied rag got up and walked to a stack of papers. After shifting through them he grabbed the one he needed and passed it to Luffy.

Luffy stared at the goofy looking kid on the paper. Then to the big WANTED: Dead or Alive, Monkey D. Luffy, Captain of the StrawHat pirates. He started choking on air when he read the bounty: $400,000,000!

The great Straw Hat fainted in shock. Although later he roughly denied anything of the sort happening at all.

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