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Chapter 2: Misunderstandings

When Luffy awoke, he was surrounded by white walls and beds. An infirmary; his mind supplied, taking in the recognizable equipment surrounding him. Luffy's eyes immediately darted to a man wearing a white lab coat with his back towards him leaning over a patient. He blinked for a second, deciding to ignore the man for the moment, when his head provided him with a recent memory; the malevolent beach and the two men who found him there.

Luffy chewed on his lip thinking. He grew frustrated, when he realized that the only memories he had were fuzzy! He remembered meeting the man who was his father but he barely could recall anything else! He could have screamed in frustration.

Luffy's eyes looked back towards the man with his back to him, but the bed held no patient like he originally thought; it was instead covered in papers and folders.

The man was obviously the doctor; he furiously scribbled across a paper taking notes with his tongue sticking out in concentration. As the doctors hand gripped the pen tighter in his haste to get his thoughts down on paper, Luffy's mind brought up an image of hooves doing the same thing.

Luffy shook his head in bemusement; 'what an odd thought.'

Since the doctor looked busy Luffy didn't bother him and instead scrutinized his surroundings. The place had a lot of beds but he was the only one there, actually it was just him and the doctor currently in the room. There were no windows and only one door, though the door was kind of big.

Luffy paused in his inspection when he suddenly felt the strong urge that he should be looking for something, but his mind couldn't supply what. It could be anything really; he gave a small sigh and patted his hair dejectedly.

At his small sigh the doctor turned, then screamed. Luffy yelled in surprise, stumbling off the bed while the papers that were in the doctors hand flew all around them. Luffy seemed to bounce back up as soon as he hit the ground, but not expecting such a phenomenon, he flung forward like he was a rubber band and face-planted.

The doctor shrieked again when his body unavoidably made a loud smacking noise. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt at all, but it could have just been because he was in shock that his body even did something so strange. Propping himself on his elbows he turned his head to look behind him, expecting some type of spongy material lying there; he saw nothing.

"-so, so sorry!" the doctor, meanwhile, was prattling nervously in the fallen boy's ear. Luffy's attention was drawn away from his obscure musings to the doctor in front of him. He opened his mouth to speak when the only door in the room swung open.

A bored looking man with a strange looking dog styled hat on and a mustache, complete with goatee stepped in and surveyed the scene. He took in the doctor hovering nervously over Luffy; who was wearing a confused expression but was relatively unharmed. He quirked a brow before looking at all the papers which were now settling on floor, some still floating in the background.

The doctor opened his mouth; probably to explain what happened, when the dog capped man held up a hand for silence;

"I don't want to know," he deadpanned. The man nodded to Luffy, stared blankly at the doctor, and then turned to leave, moving to close the door as he did so; but right before the door shut he added, "…and stop screaming."

The door shut with an echoing click. Luffy looked curiously at the doctor whose face was red with embarrassment and shame. He let the doctor help him up and gently push him back towards the bed he was previously laying on, but instead of sitting back onto it, Luffy decided to watch as the doctor shuffled around picking up his fallen papers. Judging by the doctors stiff shoulders and darting eyes he didn't appreciate the scrutiny, but the doctor said nothing.

"Why did you scream?" Luffy asked when he couldn't take the quivering mess in front of him anymore. His question surprised the man making him drop all the papers again, Luffy groaned before striding forward and gathering all the papers for him. The doctor flushed, but didn't move to help, but he did answer the question;

"You just…surprised me is all, I wasn't expecting you to be awake." The man answered in a desperate voice, wringing his hands. Luffy gave him a look that was close to disgust and his mouth opened on its own accord;

"That's it? You know, I really hate weaklings." The statement made Luffy stop and widen his eyes slightly. He didn't even notice that the doctor's shoulders slump even more at this admission. The doctor was staring at the floor so didn't notice the big grin that erupted on Luffy's face a moment later. If he had, he might have had a warning for what happened next.

Luffy scooped up the doctor in a bone crushing hug and spun him around while yelling, "I hate weaklings!"

Luffy repeated the phrase over and over again spinning the doctor around. Whenever Luffy took a breath, the ear piercing screeches of the doctor could be heard instead. It made for an unfortunate amount of racket. The room next to the infirmary; the archive room, the man with the dog hat resided and was trying to keep the twitching of his eye under control.

After spinning enough to make him dizzy, Luffy relinquished his hold on the doctor; making him fly into the bed which was covered in all the other folders and documents. The papers flew up and joined the others flying and floating around the room. The doctor didn't even notice as he cowered on the bed scandalized, as Luffy ran drunkenly to the door.

Luffy, ignoring his dizzy vision, threw open the door and shouted at the top of his lungs; "I HATE WEAKLINGS!"

The revolutionaries who were in the hall stared at Luffy's blinding smile with varying degrees of shock, surprise, and confusion. Noticing their looks the suddenly quite Luffy, giggled and slammed the door shut. The revolutionaries exchanged looks as they heard roaring laughter on the other side.

Luffy was collapsed on the ground, at the foot of the door, holding his stomach as tears of laughter streamed down his face. Whenever his laughter seemed to die a little his eyes would brighten like he just remembered what was hilarious in the first place then he would bust up all over again.

It finally quieted down to chuckles when a muffled shout of; "SHUT UP!" could be heard from the room next to them. Luffy swiftly got to his feet and made his way to the mess of papers and the doctor, who was frozen in fear, clutching the bed post. It took longer to get there then it really should have, but whenever Luffy felt the urge to snigger again, he stopped to savor the feeling and clutch his side.

In a decidedly good mood, Luffy crouched down and started picking up papers, humming a tune he'd never heard before, but must have known as it came easily past his lips. The thought made him smile widely and he collected the papers with renewed vigor.

After half the papers were collected the doctor seemed to get back his nerve and decided he ought to help, though by the time he pried his fingers off the bed post, Luffy was handing him all the papers. He mumbled his thanks and carried the papers all the way to the other side of the room, and out of harm's way.

"So, what's up with my memory Doc?" Luffy asked, sitting down on a bed and looking eager to get to the bottom of everything. He was ecstatic that he learned a little something about himself, but it was only a small, tiny really, fragment of who he once was. He was enthusiastic to learn everything there was to know about one Monkey D. Luffy.

So far, he hated weaklings. An excellent start…he just hoped the doctor had something good to say.

The doctor straitened his posture at the question and looked Luffy dead in the eye. The sudden change in personality made Luffy blink owlishly, but the boy didn't comment as the doctor explained to him everything; most of it going over his head.

"When you were unconscious I was able to examine you thoroughly," The doctor started his eyes boring into Luffy's as he stated everything like he was stating straight from a report, "I first checked for injuries or lacerations all over your body, you being covered in blood was quite worrying, but none of your skin held any open wounds like we were expecting."

At this point the doctor huffed irritably and let out a quick breath out the nose, "Really, Spoo and Whitehall should not have made you walk all the way from the docks, with the possibility of you harboring fatal wounds! It makes me cringe just thinking about it!"

The doctor gestured with his hands wildly as he said this and with each passing second Luffy's grin grew bigger. A little bit of the old doctor shown through then as he eyed the smile warily but continued none the less;

"after we cleaned you up, the only wound you had was some bruising which wrapped around your right bicep," the doctors brow furrowed as he said the next part, "I checked your head and there was no sign of trauma, no bruising, nothing. It could have possibly been a devil fruit, since no mark of injury lies on your skull….,"he trailed off uncertainly, before gaining confidence again and continuing, "The mind is a delicate place; after all, you could have all your memory back in no time. Or you might never...anyways; it really is quite the mystery..."

After he left that statement hang, it was clear that his rope had ended and he slouched in on himself, to turn and shuffle to the left side of the bed nervously. Luffy instead of being affronted by another wimpy display, was instead fascinated by the dynamics of this strange doctor creature.

The doctor tapped a clear bag filled with clear liquid and said quietly; "Exhaustion and dehydration, combined with the shock that you got, is what caused you to faint."

"WHAT!?" Luffy screeched in horror, causing the doctors arms to fly up in alarm. The doctor managed to stop himself from screaming this time, but a little strangled squeak still escaped. Luffy quieted down instantly and hugged himself;

"Fainted?" Luffy asked in a scandalized whisper. The doctor blinked unbelievably at him for a moment before nodding hesitantly. At his nod Luffy groaned in agony and buried his face in a pillow. The doctor patted his back awkwardly;

"No one will think less of you." The doctor comforted him with a bewildered expression on his face; like he couldn't believe his mouth was saying those words. When it became clear Luffy wanted to wallow on his pillow the doctor walked away to organize his now mixed up paper work.

Luffy pouted for a good ten minutes before sitting up again;

"So what's with my memory?" Luffy asked again, the question sounding suspiciously like a whine. The doctor turned in his chair to stare at the black haired boy nervously;

"Did you understand what I said earlier?"

"Yes." Luffy immediately shot back with a blank look.

The doctor nodded; "Ah, that's good. What type of questions did you have then?"

Luffy gave him a dirty look, like whatever just came out of the doctors mouth was a sin. The doctor cringed at the look;

"W-what?" he stuttered, going so far as to pat his face to check if there was something unsatisfactorily lying there. Luffy crossed his arms and mumbled something under his breath. The doctor wondered if he should move closer to talk, but liking the two beds between them, stayed put. He needn't bothered anyway since Luffy clarified a moment later;

"I didn't understand it all." Luffy sulked jutting his lip out at the confession. The doctor just stared at Luffy like he'd never quite seen someone like him before.

"Why didn't you just say so?" he asked, genuinely puzzled by the character that was his leaders son. The boy was like a roller-coaster with his emotions, nothing deterred him. Whatever he felt, he exhibited with raw emotions, and nothing was filtered.

The Doctor was reeling with ideas; he wondered if this was a side effect of the boy's amnesia, but his theories were cut short when Luffy started mumbling, more to himself then the doctor;

" weren't supposed to agree with me." He sounded exasperated as he said this, like he couldn't believe the doctor hadn't caught his little white lie. This made the doctor even more confused than before, but he decided to focus on the part he could work with;

"What don't you understand?"

Luffy shrugged his shoulders and furrowed his brow, unknowingly making him look a lot like his father when the revolutionary leader was dwelling on something difficult. He shrugged again and the look was gone;

"When will I get it back?"

"Your memory?" The doctor asked. Luffy nodded his head enthusiastically, a big grin erupting on his face. The doctor smiled wirily at the boy's sudden enthusiasm;

"That is unknown; we don't know how you lost your memory, so all we can do is wait it out, and see if any memories reveal themselves in the meantime." The doctor said apologetically, knowing how vague and hopeless everything sounded.

Luffy's expression didn't really change through his explanation, and the doctor wondered if he even understood it at all. Was it possible that he had brain damage? The doctor grew concerned and he sat up in his chair and eyed the boy more closely. He observed with a slight appalled expression as the boy picked his nose absently.

Maybe he was just stupid? As soon as the thought flitted through his brain the doctor gasped in horror and jerked his head back and forth like he was expecting Dragon himself to come in and beat him to a pulp for thinking such things. Luffy found his panic and jerky movements comical for some reason and clapped his hands, almost as if he was egging the doctor on.

That was how Dragon found them when he strode through the door; Luffy laughing on an infirmary bed and clapping his hands while his best medical man was having a panic attack in a chair. He paused, not sure how he was supposed perceive this situation, before deciding to just ignore it completely.

"Doctor Pines." He intoned commandingly.

Dr. Pines gave a short surprised scream but stood up immediately and nodded to him respectfully, though the nod was lost as Luffy's and Dragon's eyes were drawn to his bugged out eyes. It gave Luffy an excuse to laugh again.

Dragon eyed Dr. Pines oddly; his look held no suspicion, but it still made the poor doctor break out in a cold sweat. Dragon gestured with his hands for the two of them to speak privately and they moved to leave the room. Luffy looked at them curiously and Dragon waved at him telling him it would only take a second, and he would be back. Shrugging the younger boy relaxed on his bed examining his hands.

"Anything new?" Dragon asked as soon as the infirmary door shut and they had walked a few feet away. The doctor gave a very heavy sigh and yanked on his lab coat;

"I'm not sure." Dr. Pines said tiredly. He apparently said the wrong thing, and he flinched at the glare being sent his way.

"You're not sure?" Dragon repeated with a glower. Dr. Pines stuttered and wrung his hands trying and failing to speak three times.

"Pines." Dragon growled, clearly having no patience in this matter. Dr. Pines closed his eyes and took two shaky breaths;

"I can't tell if the damage is bad because I have no personality to compare to the one he has now." Dr. Pines answered.

Dragon blinked, not expecting the answer he received. If someone who knew Dragon well was there, they would be able to tell that he was uncomfortable with the current subject. As a father he should be able to help in this situation, but he didn't know anything about his son; only what the newspapers told him and as it were, his unspoken dilemma went over Dr. Pines head.

" is he acting currently?" Dragon asked

"Unreserved, hyper, childish...yet there were moments when he was serious, harsh and observing," Dr. Pines shrugged slowly, tapping his chin as he said this, before continuing, "I think, his lost memories has made him fall back on a silly, childlike persona."

Dragon nodded troubled by this fact, "What did he do that was serious?"

Dr. Pines flushed in embarrassment but answered resignedly; "He sized me up like one would an enemy, he came to a cruel conclusion, and stated this fact with no remorse."

Recognition shone in Dragons eyes; "I hate weaklings?" Dragon laughed while the doctor whimpered in humiliation. Dragon shook his head;

"That honestly didn't sound very harsh, it was said in a tone of voice that a child would use when he spots an ice cream parlor." Dragon stated disbelieving before pausing and his eyes widening mutely.

Dr. Pines started wringing his hands again and nodded hurriedly; "When he first said it, it was said in a flat serious voice, but he quickly came to the conclusion that he remembered something and started bouncing off the walls in his excitement."

Dragon nodded, understanding, as the doctor unconsciously started rubbing his ribs. Dragon noticed and one side of his lips twitched;

"Hugged you, did he?"

Dr. Pines groaned in response. Dragon chuckled briefly before all signs of amusement left his face once more;

"Well, you're the Doctor...what do you suppose we do?"

Dr. Pines chewed on his bottom lip thoughtfully going over everything that had happened. Coming to a decision he nodded and looked Dragon in the eye;

"I suggest you teach him how to behave and act like he would normally, treat him like an adult and hope that these childish tendencies will fade away and he will be back to how he was."

Dragon looked as though he had been slapped. This was either a blessing or a curse; on one hand, he had the chance to actually teach his son. On the other hand, he would never wish for it in these circumstances, when his son was clearly to old for it.

Dragon let out a shaky breath; "I will do whatever I can."

Of course, the doctor's theory ended up being completely wrong, but they didn't have to know that.

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