Previously: She finished softly while clutching her heart and looking at her tarot cards in the corner of her floor. Suddenly, that's when she saw it…

"That's it! It's perfect!"

She wasted no time, donning on the outfit set in mind.

"Hah! Wait until he sees me in THIS!" With that, she rushed downstairs to prepare the meal.

~*Chapter 7*~

Feeling ever confident in her newest attire, Amy rushed into her kitchen with a speed that could actually rival her "lover-to-be's", so she would go unnoticed. However, just when she had the perfect meal set in mind, she unfortunately realized that her inventory was rather low.

"Oh no!"

Amy yelped and quieted down immediately, hoping Sonic couldn't hear her.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid me! It can't be!" She yelped in a harsh whisper. "I had plans to go shopping today, but because Sonic ACTUALLY took up on my date offer, I didn't have time and I…DANG IT!"

After angrily stomping her heel on the ground, the hedgehog slumped down on the floor, trying to hold back her escaping tears. To think…After everything, would her perfect night come to an end just like that...for lack of groceries?

Not on her watch.

Looking determined as ever, she dusted herself off and opened all her cabinets, storages, and her refrigerator, scanning quickly through her supplies.

"Stay cool Amy...Think...think...What have we in here to work with? Let's see. Peppers, cheese, a few sausages, garlic, tomatoes, flour…Hmm...Not too bad I guess, but Sonikku likes Chili-dogs! All this stuff is right for a Pizza maybe, but not Chili-dogs!"

She huffed while folding her arms.

Then it hit her...

"That's it!"

Not wanting Sonic to get any more curious than he probably was, she peeked out her kitchen to hear him grumbling about how there was nothing good on T.V. and how he concluded that the phrase should be changed to "Damsels cause distress" instead of "in- distress". After rolling her eyes, she went back into the kitchen and shouted,

"Sonic! If you go into the other room next to the hallway, you'll see a bunch of 'Action' movies in there! Knock yourself out, but please stay in that room! I want to make this dinner perfectly, okay?! Seriously...Do NOT come in here or you're getting the hammer for sure!"

Bored completely out of his mind, Sonic just sighed and complied with her request.

Amy wasted absolutely no time. It was "Survival of the Fittest" at this point for her as she threw on her apron, pulled out the ingredients, kicked on the oven, and got to work. Things were finally getting back on track and going perfectly for her once more.

Feeling somewhat redeemed from the "Action" flicks, Sonic stretched as he yawned and continued to wait for dinner. After about half a second, he became severely impatient and attempted to open the door to leave and go into the kitchen.

Only to find the door locked…

Of course he could easily fix such a problem. Amy surely had home insurance and besides, Tails was a genius and tended not to charge his friends any high-cost rings for fixing damaged appliances. Especially if those damages were caused by Sonic's actions of spin-dashing the door down due to being in a hurry.

However, Sonic also did not feel like waiting in the infirmary tonight due to a possible head concussion by a certain hammer, so he resulted to holding his ear to the door instead.

"What is she doing in there?"

He raised his eyebrow and then sniffed the air.

"Well, whatever it is, it smells really…nice…" He thought to himself as he smiled almost dreamily at the aroma.

He eventually snapped out if his trance once he heard,

"Okay Sonic! Dinner's ready!"

With that, all the precautions of keeping the room intact and staying out of trouble went out the window as he rushed out of the room. Skipping over the remains of the door on the floor, he came to an abrupt halt at a certain sight...

She had just finished lighting the candles on the table and turned to him wearing a dazzling smile.

"Thanks for your patience! I was actually surprised you could hold out that long. Must have been hard I know, but I really appreciate it! Ready to eat? I made everything just ri-hey…are you okay?"

He did not seem to catch the details of the décor or her dialogue as his mind and face were literally frozen.

There she stood in the dimly lit room, candle light radiating the sparkle in her eyes and the shimmering detail of her dress. She was dressed in the exact same style attire she always wore, only with a slight difference. The dress was a soft yet bright shade color of blue instead of red, and matched with a set of blue shiny boots and headband. The white trimming of her dress was still in the right place, except it flowed just slightly above her knees without the poof effect, resulting in the shocking reality that she had a nice set of curves that seemed to be embraced by the sparkling fabric. Finally, he caught the sight of the familiar white shaded colored rose he gave her earlier tucked gently in her quills next to her ear.

As if that wasn't enough, the light yet fresh rosy fragrance she wore was not lost on him either.

There were many places, elements, and things that Sonic considered to be beauty taken to the next level, but as far as to the max? He couldn't conjure anything other than who stood before him…currently waving her hand in front of his face and snapping to get his attention…

Sonic finally shook out of his frozen state and looked her over carefully.

"Well now..."

He walked around her, placing a hand up to his cheek, and then circling her at a shockingly slow pace. He then stood in front of her again and smiled up at her.

"Did I ever tell you that you look great in blue?" He teased, then looked to the silver dome covering the food.

"So..?" He licked his lips, "Besides you, what's for dinner? Oh, and I mean that in a 'nice' way."

He teased once more.

"Cause my eyes are just 'eating this up'." He playfully flirted.

Amy just blushed happily and giggled.

"Glad you like it! Thought it be a nice change of pace. Anyways prepare to feast your eyes on this!"

She happily took off the dinner dome top to reveal something that made his eyes widen and a gasp escape his lips.

It was round, it was big, it was cheesy, hearty, colorful, and although different than the ingredient style he was used to eating, it succeeded in making his mouth water in wonder.

It was a homemade Chili-dog Pizza.

"The meal's a pretty short notice result I know...But I didn't have time to go shopping, and I KNOW how much you love chili dogs and…and I wanted it to be perfect, but...

She sighed.

"But this was the best I could do instead...I Hope it's okay…" She finished shyly.

Sonic sat down at the table and continued to stare down at the chili-dog pizza with a blank yet very much focused expression. He then looked up to Amy, very slowly, his eyes sparkling immensely and slowly widening as a small dramatic tear drop formed in his eyes.

"It's perfect..."

He said in an overly dramatic yet serious, sweet childlike voice. Still keeping up the act, he pulled out her chair and went over to her, tugging her dress cutely like a toddler and stated,

"Eat with me?"


Amy giggled softly at his antics while pouring the sparkling apple juice in their glasses and taking a seat after serving him a big slice of pizza. After taking a bite for herself she hummed in satisfaction.

"Mm...Not bad for on the spot! What do you think of…it? Um Sonic?"

She once again tried to snap for his attention as he looked as if he lost himself in the endless strands of cheese, crust, and chili.

It was as if he was chaos controlled into paradise at the first bite. Nonetheless, he continued to chew and swallow and looked dramatically to the girl across from him, taking her hand in his gently.

"...Amy..." he started, "If I had to marry anyone based on a chilidog'd win. Take pride in that." He then let go of her hand and started devouring the pizza without mercy, enjoying every bite, and not really seeming to care about the romantic effect he just performed.

"I'll hold you to that…" She giggled joyfully, holding back a loud squeal but blushing all the more and continued to eat.

"Hey Sonikku?"

She asked cutely.

"Emm? Whaht?"

Sonic replied not looking up, his mouth full with over 3 slices of the pizza, and putting 4 more slices on his place in an un-orderly stacked fashion.

Amy sweat dropped at the sight but continued.

"Thank you...for staying...for everything really. It-it means the world to me."

She smiled.

"Even if you can be a slob!" She grabbed a napkin and gently wiped the corner of his sauce covered mouth.

He felt her napkin touch his face, and his eyes blinked in sudden surprise. Looking back at her, he didn't say a word, but slowly moved his hand up to hers. In Amy's confusion, he moved up slightly, leaned forward, and then kissed her gently on the head.

Amy froze for a second but then blushed and swooned as usual.

"W-what was that for?"

He sat back down and thought for a minute,

"...I don't know..." he finally concluded, and started eating again.

"Kind of did it without thinking. Instinct, maybe? Mostly a gut feeling, wait, what were we talking about?"

Sonic seemed a bit distant for some reason.

Though it could be considered taking advantage of him in his distracted state of mind, this was the moment when Amy's inner swoon and squeals would not be denied or delayed any longer! Multiple answers came for his distant state question in her mind that ran along the lined of…

"How much you adore this..."

"How much we adore each other!"

"How much you love me!"

"How we're going to drop all the charades and be together forever!"

And especially…

"How much you want to marry me!"

Those were the thoughts running through her mind just waiting to manifest in every hug, cuddle, and kiss she longed to bestow upon him. Nonetheless, her desires were silenced by the actual answer she decided to give that was like a sacrifice in her opinion.

"Umm...we were...talking about how much you...y-you liked my cooking."

She said softly with a smile.

"Oh yeah, it's delicious! You should make this for me more often!" He replied not missing a beat and continued to eat.

Later that night, he was stuffed, and patted his belly with a slight rub.

"Ahh…Now THAT'S how you end a day."

He grinned, then looked out the window.

"Hmm...I think I should leave, I've spent WAY too long here. But it was fun, surprisingly."

He got up, dusted himself off, and prepared to leave once more. Giving Amy a final wink and a thumbs up, he stated,

"Thanks for the cooking!"

It was then Amy rose out of her chair at an alarming speed, knocking it over and rambling.

"Wait! A-are you sure you don't want dessert? I can make a cake or cookies...oh wait, low inventory, no I can't…Never mind we can go to a bakery somewhere in town! I know one that's open 24/7 a-and everything! It's really nice at this time is of night too! Or we could...we could..."

She continued to ramble at a fast pace, clearly stalling. Despite everything, she knew very well that her time was up. That the bright sun has come to awaken her from the blissful dream of a lifetime reality with him.

She was fighting a losing already lost battle.

But she didn't care. She wanted him stay, so she tried.

Oh...she just had to try...

~ (End Chapter 7.)~

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