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Chapter 1

I walked down the stairs just as Sophie pulled her hat over her head, grimacing in disgust. "Where are you going?" I asked my fraternal twin (she was older by only a few minutes).

"Just to the bakery to visit Lettie. Do you want to come?" Sophie asked, turning to look at me. I grinned wide and raced back up the stairs to put on a jacket. As soon as I was ready we left, locking the door to the hat shop and catching the tram just before it left. Crowds were gathering for the May Day parade with planes and banners flying overhead.

"We'd better take the back way," I suggested, noticing the group of people blocking the usual way. "Do you still have the instructions?" I asked.

"Of course I do!" She said with a small smile, pulling out the small sheet of paper and leading me into the alleyway. Sophie gasped when she saw a soldier guarding the guns and soldier provisions, making him look up at us sternly as my sister pulled me away faster. We made another turn and I peeked over her shoulder to see if we were actually going the right way. She seemed puzzled. Sophie came to a sudden stop, making me lightly bump into her as I looked up and scowled, seeing a stray soldier blocking our way.

"Hey. Looks like a few little mice have lost their way." He said with a grin, leaning his elbow against the wall as his hand held his head. Sophie stepped back and stuttered a reply.

"Oh, no, we're not lost." She said, shaking her head quickly as she reached back to grasp my hand.

"These little mice look thirsty. We should take them for a cup of tea. Look, there's one for both of us," he said, blocking our way as Sophie tried to pull me past, turning at look at the other soldier who appeared.

"No thanks, our sister is expecting us." Sophie said, fearful eyes hidden under her hat. My free hand was clenched as my face burned with anger.

"They're pretty cute for mice," the new soldier said, peeking under my sisters hat and glancing at me with a leer, mustache twitching. I stepped forward, starting to raise my fists, but Sophie's look stopped me just in time.

"How old are you anyway? You live around here?" The first asked us.

"Leave us alone," Sophie said, stepping back.

"You see? Your mustache scares all the girls," the blonde teased his friend.

"So? She's even cuter when she's scared." He commented, looking directly at Sophie but speaking like she wasn't even there.

"If you even think of touching her–" I started, only to get cut off as a large hand was placed on my shoulder. I tensed slightly.

"There you are, sweetheart. Sorry I'm late. I was looking everywhere for you. Are you and your sister ready to go?" A man said smoothly. I looked up to see a gorgeous man with shoulder-length blonde hair with messy bangs, who's red and gray jacket hung haphazardly on his shoulders. I glanced at my sister to see her frozen in fear, glancing between the guards and the man who held me to see who was more danger to us.

"Hey, we're busy here," the first guard snapped as the other straightened up.

"Are you really? It looked to me like the two of you were just leaving," the new male said and I could hear the grin in his voice. With a flick of his finger, the two guards straightened forcefully and walked away without control of their own bodies. Both my sister and I glanced back curiously, then our attention was brought back to the stranger that saved us, and who still had his hand on my shoulder.

"Don't hold it against them," he said with a wink, revealing his bright blue eyes and a crooked grin. "They're actually not all that bad. Where to? I'll be your escort this evening." He said.

"Maybe we don't need one," I snapped, ignoring Sophie's warning look. The man chuckled and looked to my sister without releasing me.

"Oh, we're, um, just going to the bakery," she stuttered as she gazed up at him, not thinking he would have asked her.

"Don't get alarmed, but I'm being followed. Act normal." He said to the both of us as he moved his hand to let me hold his arm as Sophie took his other side, clutching her free hand to her chest tightly. I was giving my sister the evils before we started walking. Why did we have to get involved with him? Oh, right, because Sophie thought we could at least do this because he saved us. Always the nice one. His hair fluttered in the wind as his blue jewel pendant swung from side to side on his white shirt. Horrible sounds were starting to come from behind us.

"Sorry. Looks like you two are involved," he said as Sophie and I gasped, clutching his arm tighter as black blobs with hats appeared further down the back street. "This way." He said lowly, grin rising on his face as if he was having fun, pulling us quickly around the corner as the monsters chased after us. "Hold on." He advised us both as more blobs appeared in front of us, and suddenly his arms slipped from our arms to wrap around our waists as we took to the sky.

"Now, straighten your legs and start walking." He said, moving his hands back to our own as he helped us walk across the sky. We gaped astonished, seeing all the people below. "See, not so hard, is it?" He laughed and commented on us being naturals as we both grinned at him. We soon were placed gently on the second floor balcony of the bakery with sighs from both of us.

"I'll make sure to draw them off," he said, slowly letting go of Sophie's hand but still holding on to my own. "But wait a bit before you head back outside," he said, glancing at my sister to make sure the message got to her, before his gaze was back on mine.

"Ok," I said, dazed, as he finally let my hand go.

"That's my girl," he said with a grin before he flew back and floated quickly back to the ground. Sophie and I gasped, leaning over the railing, but he had already disappeared.

"'My girl', huh?" Sophie said with a slight grin and I blushed deeply.

"Shut up!" I snapped embarrassed. "Do you think that actually just happened?" I asked her. "It felt like a dream."

"How else would we be up here?" She asked with a small shrug moving us inside to stare out the window, just as our younger sister Lettie ran down the hall, holding her dress.

"Sophie? Verity?" She asked, moving to clutch Sophie's hand before taking one of my own. "What's going on? Someone just told me you two floated down onto our balcony." She stated worried and Sophie's eyes widened.

"So that did happen. It wasn't a dream," she stated awed.

"And here I thought you were so sure of yourself only a few moments ago," I said sourly to her. Lettie turned to me confused then turned back to the only sibling that would actually give her answers.

"Lettie, would you like to use my office?" A man asked behind us.

"I should really get back to work. Thank you, though," my sister said with a cheerful wave as a door closed. She led us down into kitchens and Sophie explained on the way. Lettie sat us down on some small piles of crates and commented on what she heard.

"Wow. He must have been a wizard then."

"But he was so kind to us. And he seemed to have taking a liking to Verity here," Sophie said, gesturing to me as Lettie whipped around, face worried.

"He rescued us, Lettie." I supplied, turning away with a slight blush.

"Of course he did. He was trying to steal your heart!" She exclaimed, leaning forward. "You are so lucky, Verity. If that wizard were Howl he would have eaten it. That goes for you too, Sophie." Lettie said, turning back to face the oldest sibling.

"No, he wouldn't." I said, looking up at Lettie and letting Sophie continue.

"Howl only does that to beautiful girls."

"Don't give me that," Lettie said with a disapproving scoff, moving a hand to her hip. "You both need to be more careful. It's dangerous out there. Even the Witch of the Waste is back on the prowl," she said, but both Sophie and I were lost in our thoughts. "Are you listening?" She asked us, groaning when we asked what she said.

"Lettie, the chocolate eclairs are done." A man told her, moving one of the crates and sticking his head through to talk to her.

"Ok. I'll be right there." She said with a smile that remained even after he thanked her and slid the box back into place. I snapped myself out of my thoughts for just a moment to nudge her in the side, winking at her teasingly.

"Oh, be quiet you!" She said with a giggle, pulling me up off my seat.

"All right. We better get going then," Sophie said to both Lettie and I. "I just wanted to make sure that you were doing ok," she told Lettie. I nodded, hugging my other sister as Sophie put on her hat then hugged Lettie herself. She led us to the delivery door just as a man with a sack of flour over his shoulder walked though, greeting my sister cheerfully.

"Now Sophie, do you and Verity really want to spend the rest of your lives in that hat shop?" She asked us seriously.

"I do the advertising while Sophie makes the hat. We're fine with it." I told her with a smile.

"The shop was just so important to Father. And we're the eldest, we don't mind." Soph said with a small smile.

"I'm not asking what Father would have wanted. I want to know what you want."

"Well..." I started as both Lettie and Sophie turned to me, but I was cut off by the delivery man walking out again and saying his farewells, reminding me that we had to be going before the last tram left. "We'd better be going," I told them, stepping away with Sophie.

"It's your life, Verity, Sophie. Do something for yourself for once."

"Bye, Lettie." We twins said together with a backwards wave, heading back to the tram station and catching it just before it left. I stared back at the city, wondering what happened to the wizard, as Sophie stared at me.

Sophie used the key to get us back into the hat shop, locking the door behind her once we were inside before placing the keys back in her pocket. I looked in the mirror and scowled at my unruly, curly brown hair, bright green eyes glaring back at me. My pale skin was even paler in the gray dress once I slid my white jacket off, making me seem almost sickly. The bell rang as the door opened as soon I moved behind the counter to blow out the light Sophie lit, staying my hand. A larger woman in all black stepped inside, looking around with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, but the shop's closed now, ma'am." Sophie spoke up, her hat still in hand. "I could have sworn I locked that door. Must have forgotten." I know she locked the door, so how did the woman get inside? I had a very bad feeling about this.

The woman stepped inside further. "What a tacky shop. I've never seen such tacky little hats." I winced as Sophie stiffened beside me, knowing she was offended since she had made quite a few of the hats herself. "Yet you two are by far the tackiest things here." I clenched my hands and grit my teeth, knowing Sophie wouldn't want me to be rude to a customer, no matter how rude she was, which was why I was so surprised when Sophie herself stomped across the room and held open the door for the lady.

"I'm afraid you'll have to leave now. The door's over here, ma'am. We're closed." My sister said firmly. I cracked a grin.

"Standing up to the Witch of the Waste, that's plucky." The woman said as both Sophie and I gasped.

"The Witch of the Waste?" Sophie asked fearfully and two fully clothed blob men (like the ones from earlier) appeared in the doorway. The witch turned transparent and flew through a hunched over Sophie.

"Sophie!" I called out worried as the Witch stopped in the doorway.

"The best part of that spell is you can't tell anyone about it." She said with a smirk as I ran out from behind the counter to Sophie. "Oh, can't forget the sister, can I?" She asked herself, then pointed a finger at me and a red lightning bolt shot from her finger and struck me in the chest. "Well, you're lucky you can talk at all, aren't you?" She hummed from above me as my eyes stayed shut. "My regards to Howl." She said before she finally left, door swinging closed behind her.

When I finally opened my eyes, I saw Sophie's hat directly in front of my face as I sat on all fours. I looked up at Sophie to see her as big as a giant and as old as a 90-year-old woman. I gasped as her joints creaked as she bent to pick up her hat, noticing me.

"V-Verity?!" She asked shocked and I looked at her confused.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked worried.

"Y-You're a cat!" She gasped, then noticed her old, wrinkly hand and started panicking, hobbling to the mirror. I looked down at myself and noticed my arms covered with fur. I shrieked and raced to the mirror, hopping up onto the desk easily.

"I'm a cat!?" I asked, seeing the cat's white mouth move, whiskers twitching. I hopped off and walked out to the courtyard where Sophie was pacing, making plans for us to leave the next morning.

I'm a cat!

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