My name is Trask'ktlr and I am the last surviving Xenomorph on the humanised planet Dertardok I that I know of. Not many creatures know that I'm alive and I would like to keep it that way for as long as I can. I have been walking the planet since the destruction of the hive, searching for a place to call home but so far I have found none. I was to be a royal Praetorian but without the queen to guide me my body has stopped growing and now I'm something in-between. I just like to think of myself as a large warrior now. Less agile but I can overpower almost anything on this planet, except the humans. They have weird things they hold I their hands, they make loud noises and I just feel extreme pain. They had almost caught me once. Almost. I had been hunting my prey a large creature that the humans had called a 'horse' I think it is. But it turns out that they were hunting their prey as well, me. They had those weird things in their hands but there was weird little sticks coming out of them. They made me tired, so tired but I pushed myself to the safety of the river. I can hold my breath for a long time and that's what I relied on. They left eventually and I came up for air only to find that they were still waiting for me. I was too tired to run, I just fell to the ground and the last thing I remembered was waking up in a metal box. The metal box was moving fast, I could see out a small opening. There was no way out, I was trapped. Until I noticed my blood on the floor, melting the ground. I knew what I had to do but I didn't like it. I impaled my hand with the tip of my tail; I couldn't hold back my screech of pain. Then I heard banging on one of the walls and then one of the humans spoke 'Hey shut up you stupid bug' they didn't know what I was doing. I let my blood drip to the floor and start to melt. After about 30 seconds there was a hole big enough to fit through. I crawled through it and hung onto the thing that was moving, I timed myself and jumped off to the side and ran into the forest. I didn't stop running for two whole cycles. I felt almost dead when I did stop, surrounded by wildlife. Not a human in sight I climbed a tree and lay down at the top. I had nightmares that night. Nightmares of the humans, of what they did to the hive. My body trembled in sadness but I held back my screeches in fear of being caught. My mind was starting to lose itself; I needed something to focus on. That's the real reason I'm looking for a new home. But everywhere I looked there was something missing. Someone to love and care for, I needed someone. But I am the last, there are no others left on the planet. That is why I am going to attack the human base tomorrow. I don't care if I die, then maybe I will see my queen again, or any other of my speces at least.

} = {The Next Day} = {

I was sprinting through the forest, heading towards my destination at an amazing speed. I hit the edge of the forest and stopped looking around checking if the coast was clear. I ran up to one of the human buildings called a 'house' and noticed a square hole in the side of it. Inside was a small family that consisted of a mother (presumably the queen, I would have to kill her first) a father (he would act as a Praetorian towards the queen) and two newborns. I swiftly killed the mother by impaling her through the chest with my tail, than pounced on the father shooting my inner mouth through the back of his head. The children were of know threat so I left them there. I made my way to the next building and repeated the process, killing anyone that could pose as a threat but leaving the children. I must have gone through at least 12 of the buildings before more people came holding those weird things in their hands. I ran towards them holding the element of surprise, I killed one with my inner mouth, stabbed my tail through another ones chest and clawed ones face off. That was three down and there were only seven left now. The noises started and the little pointy sticks came out. I killed two more before I couldn't barely move anymore, I had a human pinned to the ground and was about to kill him but I was too tired. I fell on top of him letting my body fall into a deep slumber. I awoke in a strange white room with weird stuff on the walls that looked see-through. I tried to stand but my body was still too tired, I looked out the see-through thing and saw some humans. They were somehow making marks on white stuff with little sticks. One of them tapped on the see-through stuff and I just lifted my head slightly letting out a low hiss. I had been in the strange metal building for many cycles now; I didn't know why they wouldn't kill me. I wanted to see my queen again but they would not allow it.

One cycle I woke up strapped to a chair thing with something on my head. I tried to move but something held me down. I heard a buzzing noise come from the metal thing on my head and then intense pain. I screeched begging for it to stop, and it did. I was looking at the see-through stuff now. What I saw shocked me, it was another Xenomorph. Another of my kind, I tried to get up and run to them but I was stuck to the chair. I looked down at what was holding me down and noticed my hands, my human hands. Something was wrong, I looked back into the room and saw the Xenomorph stand up and walk over to the see-through stuff. That's when I noticed it. The body shape, there was only one Xenomorph with that body shape. Me. Somehow they had made me switch places. I was a human now, and they had my body. The wall behind them opened and they walked over to me. I hissed at them and more humans around me laughed. I tried to reach them telepathically "Stop it! Give me back my body you filthy human!" whoever was in my body because they could hear me. The stumbled back in surprise and the other humans stepped back asking what was wrong, if there was something wrong with the 'link' then whoever was in my body walked back into the other room and sat back down in the chair. The buzzing noise came again and I started screeching. I looked down and I was back in my body. I tried to stand up and found that there was nothing holding me in the chair anymore. I ran towards the see-through stuff to see who was in my body. They were talking to the other humans telling them how they could hear me. "When I get out of here I'm going to kill you slowly and painfully" I threatened. The human grabbed his head as I said this and told them that he could still hear me. They all turned to me and one of them said 'It seems that this may be an intelligent creature' "You have no idea" I replied. The human that could hear me told the others what I had said and they all looked surprised. One of them asked 'Can you understand us?' "Don't talk to me you pathetic human!" I spat at them. The other repeated and they looked at me in shock. 'What do you want?' one of them asked. "I want to get out of here" I replied suddenly full of hope. The human that could hear me repeated and the other one said 'But why?' I told them how my hive was destroyed by them and I needed to find a honourable death because I was the last of my kind. They whispered to each other for a while before one spoke 'We have something to show you, but you must promise not to harm us' "I will make no promises" I said. After the human repeated what I had said the one that was talking to me shook their head. 'Well that's too bad' they said. They pushed a button and green air came into the room, I screeched because I didn't want to sleep. Not by force but it was too late.

I woke up in a larger room with some trees and bushes. I slowly stood up on weak legs and looked around. There was movement in one of the nearby bushes and I hissed at it threateningly. What came next surprised me as a warrior Xenomorph walked out from the bushes. This couldn't be, I was the last of my kind. There were no others, but here in front of me stood living denial. I asked what their name was and they replied "Tharnux".

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