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I was waking up to a comfortable feeling, the feeling of Tharnux holding his arms around me. I felt so much safer and happier just knowing that he was here. I pulled my body closer to his, enjoying the warmth that it gave off. The sun was only just starting to rise now and I could hear the birds calling from outside. I would have to get up soon, have to leave Tharnux's embrace. I didn't want to let him go though, I had already let him go before and I couldn't bear letting him go again. I pulled my arms around him tighter and rested my head against his neck, enjoying the feeling of his slow and steady breathing. Tharnux was starting to squirm and I knew that he was waking up, I slowly lifted my head off him, letting him move more freely. He squeezed me tighter and I could feel his presence enter my mind. It felt warm and friendly, and I knew that it would never cause me any harm. "How was your night?" Tharnux asked me as he began rubbing his head along the side of my shoulder. "It was the best night I've had in days" I replied to him. I wanted to just lie there all day but I knew that that wouldn't be possible when Tharnux's stomach began rumbling. "Do you want me to find you something to eat?" I asked him, slowly making my way to my feet. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet as well, pulling him into a short hug as I did so. "I won't eat without you" he replied to me softly. It touched me that he cared that much about me, the fact that he wouldn't eat if I wasn't around. "Have you eaten anything since I have been gone?" I asked him, suddenly worried for his wellbeing. My brain finally kicked over and I noticed that he was looking much skinnier than when I had last seen him, at least I think so. "I have eaten something, just not much" he told me "I'll explain later" he finished, tugging me towards the entrance. We slowly made our way down the base of the tree and into the dense forest, it didn't take us long to find a decent meal. We didn't bother bringing it back to the tree and just sat down and ate it in the clearing that we killed it. We discussed what had happened to each other and Tharnux had helped fill in the blanks of my memory. Then I remembered what Jess had said, she wanted to see Tharnux. That was probably the only reason that she let me out. I couldn't let her down after she helped me, but I couldn't let Tharnux near humans ever again. I had to find a way to tell her where she could meet us; maybe she would be walking in the woods some time. That wouldn't work, I needed to let her know that I had found Tharnux and that we were both ok now, I had to go back to the human base. I told Tharnux what I was going to do and he begged me not to go, I tried explaining that I owed her but he wouldn't listen. We finally agreed that we would have to try and signal her from the tree line, so that we would be able to run if any other humans spotted us. We spent most of the day just talking to each other, and slowly walking around the tree line that marked the human base. I enjoyed his company just watching him walk near me let me know that he was safe. I was constantly on the lookout for the female Xenomorph though, she had torn us apart before and I was sure that she would do it again. I had pushed Tharnux away from dark patches throughout the forest where the female Xenomorph could hide, hoping that he wouldn't notice me doing so. We could see a large window running along the side of the human base and sure enough Jess was standing there, just staring out into the forest. Now all we needed was a way to signal her without letting all the other humans know where we were. I crawled up a tree and tried swishing a branch around a little bit, she didn't seem to notice and I knew that I would need to try something more visual to catch her attention. I tried to pinpoint where she was looking but it seemed that she was scanning the forest, looking for something. Was it me? I flicked my tail out of the tree line a few times and she focused her searching in that general area. I flicked my tail out again and she straightened herself, finally getting the message. It took almost half an hour before she had finally exited the building, and when she did there were several other people with her. Now I needed to figure out a way to separate her from the humans, I would need some kind of decoy. It was me. If the humans saw me they would surely chase after me, then all Jess would have to do would be to wait for Tharnux. While I would be leading the humans on a 'wild goose chase' he would have time talk to Jess. We put the plan into action and I waited in some nearby bushes as the humans started getting closer. Tharnux was waiting in a tree high above the ground and he knew the plan, he had tried protesting but we had gone over the route that I was going to lead the humans through. There was almost no way the humans would be able to shoot me because of the thick bushes and low tree branches that I would be leading them through. The humans got close enough and I jumped out of the bushes and started running away from them, one of the humans fell over in surprise and the others began giving chase almost instantly. I could hear gunfire behind me but in a few metres they wouldn't be able to hit me. I hit the first thick bush and had to slow down a bit so that they wouldn't leave me, I would get Tharnux all the time that I could.

{-}- {P.O.V. Change Tharnux 1st Person}-{-}

I watched the humans start to chase after Trask'ktlr and began running through the tree branches overhead, the plan wasn't working very well as Jess was following the humans. They hit a thick bush and when Jess slowed down I jumped down from the tree. Jess held back a scream as she jumped back in fright, she calmed down once she realised that it was me. I gave her a quick hug, a simple gesture of friendship, not like the ones that I and Trask'ktlr shared. I pulled her into a dark patch that would be hard for humans to see in, this way if humans came back along the track they wouldn't see her straight away. I sat down in front of her and waited for her to say something, almost a minute had passed and she still hadn't said anything. I was starting to get nervous so I made a gesture for her to talk, there were tears starting to form in her eyes and her voice was coming out slightly croaky "I missed you Tharnux" she started "I felt so happy when they said that they had found you at the camp, only to see that you were gone by the time I got there" she finished as tears began to fall down her cheeks. "I'm going to miss you when you're gone Tharnux" she said, I got confused at that. When I was gone? But I wasn't going anywhere, was I? "The planets core is collapsing Tharnux" she told me, I had heard a little bit of this so called planet core before but I had never really payed attention. "The planet will be destroyed" she explained to me a bit more clearly "And there's no way to get you off" she finished as she started sobbing out loud. I pulled back against a nearby tree trunk; I couldn't take in what she said. The planet was going to be destroyed, and there was no way for Trask'ktlr or me to get off. I pulled my knees up against my chest and wrapped my arms around them, I had only just been freed and now I was sentenced to death. "They said that there's only a few weeks left" she told me as more tears fell down her cheeks, her eyes were red and it sounded like it hurt for her to talk. I needed to find Trask'ktlr, he would know how to get off the planet, he had to know. I shook my head in disbelief towards Jess, she was lying. She had to be lying; there was no way that a whole planet could be destroyed. But if she wasn't lying then there was no reason for me to be with her right now. I wanted to spend my last moments with Trask'ktlr, I wanted him to know how much I loved him, I wanted him to know how much I cared for him, how much I would give for him. I thought about not telling him what was coming, thought about just letting him live the rest of his life in peace. But I couldn't do that to him, couldn't just let him be oblivious to what was going to happen. I pushed through my sadness and used a fair bit of my strength to create a link with Jess. "Sure?" I asked sadly through the link. "I've always wondered what you would sound like" Jess said as she wiped some tears away and forced out a small smile, "I wish I was wrong, but there's nothing that I can do about it" she finished, looking at me sadly. "Please?" I begged her, hoping that she was just lying to me, that she just had some sick sense of humour. "I'm so sorry" she said "But the only way you're getting off the planet is in a body bag, nobody trusts you anymore and no one wants you on a ship with them" she finished as more tears fell down her cheeks. Hope filled my body at those words; there were ships that were taking people off the planet. Maybe Trask'ktlr and I could hide in one of the ships. "Hide?" I asked her hopefully. "I- I don't think it will work" she said to me trying not to sound disappointing. "Please" I begged her once again, really hoping that there was a way for me and Trask'ktlr to get off the planet. "Tharnux if they see you they won't try to catch you, they will just kill you" she explained to me, I didn't care though. Any chance was better than no chance. "Chance" I told her, hoping that she would understand my message. "I- I guess you right, I would do everything I could to survive" she replied to me. "Trask'ktlr?" I asked her. It took her a while but in the end she seemed to know what I was trying to ask. "I guess so, but I can't guarantee anyone's safety" she replied to me, wiping her red eyes as she did. I bowed my head in respect and stood up. "Wait?" I asked her, trying to ask if she could wait here for me. She nodded her head and I quickly climbed a tree and started running through the treetops. When I finally caught up to Trask'ktlr he was already running back towards me, he must have lost the humans a while ago.

{-}- {P.O.V. Change Trask'ktlr 1st Person}-{-}

I could see Tharnux and I was now running towards him at full speed, it took me a while but I had finally gotten the humans far enough away that I could lose them and come back. "How did it go?" I asked Tharnux curiously. He looked down to the ground before replying to me "Not good, you have to follow me" he explained. I was confused, how could a conversation end that badly? Had he hurt her? No he would never hurt someone for no reason, would he? It didn't take long before Jess came into view, she had been crying. I could tell, even from a distance, that she had bad news. I walked into the dark patch of forest behind Tharnux and took a seat next to him. The next ten minutes that followed were horrifying to me. I didn't care if I got left behind but I had to make sure that Tharnux would get off the planet, I couldn't leave him to such a fate. It took a while but eventually we had come up with a plan. We were going to sneak aboard a ship and then Jess would 'scare' us into escape pods and send us into a nearby sun. Except she wouldn't send us to a nearby sun, she would send us to a different planet. There would be more people on this planet and she explained that we would have to stay away from the towns. We both agreed to it and got ready, she said that she was leaving in three days and that would be our chance to escape.

{-}- {Three Days Later}-{-}

We had been preparing for this day; we had a large breakfast in case we were to go without food for a few days. We ran straight to the human base where there were several large ships landing and taking off, even the base was being taken apart. We slowly circled the clearing until we noticed Jess standing near one of the ships. That was the one we were going to sneak onto, it would be a hard task seeing as it was in the middle of a small field, but it seemed that all of the humans were facing the opposite direction from the tree line. She eventually spotted us and made her way towards the tree line; she pretended to be looking at some sort of plant while she talked to us. "Are you ready?" she asked us both. "Yes" I replied simply, I felt sick in my stomach and wished that we had more time. We went over the plan one last time, in a few minutes all of the humans would gather around a stage where one of the leader type humans would make a speech, that's when we would sneak onto the ship. We could hide in the piping on the ceiling according to Jess; the people would walk right under us so long as we didn't make any noise. The humans started to gather in a crowd and we got ready to run, Jess walked over and joined the crowd and once I was certain that nobody was there I gave the signal to run. We made it to the front of the ship and slowly started making our way around the side, trying to blend in the best we could. I could see the small ramp leading into the back of the ship now, I knew that we had to get in there fast or we would be seen. I turned around and grabbed Tharnux by the shoulders "No matter what happens we have to stay hidden until Jess gives the signal" I told him, reminding him of the danger. "I know" he replied to me. "Promise?" I asked him, pulling back slightly. "I promise" he told me as he pulled me into a hug. I returned the hug but quickly released him; we had to get into the ship now, before somebody noticed us. Tharnux was the first to run around the corner, grabbing hold of the side to turn quicker. I followed him around but my heart stopped beating when I heard someone shouting. I turned around and noticed one of the humans pointing at me and shouting something. I looked back at Tharnux and shook my head sadly. "You promised, remember?" I told him, he would leave the planet now. "NO!" he screamed at me as I turned around and ran straight into the group of people. Several screams rang through the air as I took down as many as I could. Several loud bangs filled the air and the silence followed shortly afterwards. I could feel my body becoming weak; it was hard to breath now. I could hear Tharnux screaming for me, but I couldn't resist the call of darkness. It was pulling me closer and Tharnux's voice was becoming farther and farther away. I could hear the ships taking of now and looked up to see Tharnux pressed up against a window, desperately trying to get to me. I could die peacefully now, I had kept him safe and now he had survived. I felt the cold barrel of a gun press against my chest and turned my head to see what was happening. I let out a whimper as I saw the remorseless expression on the humans face, I had killed many of them and now he was just avenging them. I heard a loud bang and a searing pain shot throughout my body, I couldn't move anymore and I struggled to see anything. The last thing that I saw was the human's foot on top of my chest, he was shouting in victory as darkness began to engulf me. This was it; I was finally going to see my queen again. I would tell her about Tharnux, I would tell her how much I cared for him. I would find peace in knowing that Tharnux was safe, I didn't care that I was gone now. He would live and I was proud of that, I had failed to save my queen but I saved him. I just hoped that he wouldn't forget me. I felt the foot atop my chest press down, the last of the air in my lungs escaped and everything went black. It was so peaceful, so calm. I had finally sought what I had been seeking for so long. I finally had a peaceful death. Or so I thought…

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