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To say that October 10th 1977 was a terrible day for Severus Snape's life would be an understatement.

An extreme understatement.

It was any normal day for me; I woke up groggily, earlier than the other Slytherin's in my dormitory, I quickly changed and headed down to the Great Hall. Where I hoped Lily Evans was. Despite the earlier fight we had about my 'friends', I still yearned to see her pretty face, even If I wasn't allowed to talk to her at all.

I was walking towards the hall, with my head hung low as usual, until a shadow steps in front of me. Looking up, I locked gazes with James Potter, who was smirking with his usual arrogance and flair.

"Snivellus," Potter sneered, whipping out his wand in an offensive manner. I knew that Potter was feeling unusually mean and spiteful, with the way his face scrunched up in anger. I quickly reached for my wand to defend myself but found it zooming out of my hand into Potter's, who smirked as he saw me, defenceless, without my wand.

It only took a split second before I was on my arse, an offensive hex hitting me square in the chest. The effect was instantaneous, boils the size of a golf ball appeared, the stinging of the hex nearly made me whimper, but I stayed strong and just chose to glare at Potter, who was laughing at me.

I noted with slight embarrassment the small crowd of jeering students, who send me hateful looks, even some of the Slytherin's join in. I realized with a slight jolt of despair that no one was in my defence. The one girl who would have fought back hates me, and is probably in said crowd…

Keeping in the tears that threatened to fall, I stood up slowly, wincing at the pain that came from the boils. James Potter laughs once more, throwing my wand to the side before entering the Great Hall himself, confident that I wouldn't do anything with Teacher's overseeing breakfast.

He was right as well, the bastard.

I limp to my thrown wand, thankfully knowing the reverse spell for the boils, so I don't have to visit the Hospital Wing… again.

When I fixed myself up, I nearly jog to the Slytherin table. Ignoring Potter's jeers as his fellow Marauders of his prank, I had to block out Sirius's boisterous laughter at my expense.

Sometimes I really hate my life.

Finally seated at the Slytherin table, I find myself with hardly any appetite, so I chose to sit in silence until classes start. I can't help but half listen to Lucius Malfoy's boastful explanation of his brand new broom, drinking lazily from his goblet.

"It is one of best, obviously," Lucius drawled. "Fastest, and the most best looking-"

In the middle of his boastful sentence, Lucius stops, a slack expression on his usually elegant face. I barely concealed a gasp when he slumped to the ground, unconscious.

My day would only get worse.


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