Last time on The Bad Girls Club Reunion, Things became heated between Ariana and Jennette, while Teddy,who was fed up with Jennette, attacked Jennette. Erin comes back out and explains her side of things. Janel and Ashley come together in LA to reveal what really happened in the ATL, but Ashley had another plan as she attacked Ariana and Victoria, while Jennette tried to bum-rush Logan but failed. Miranda comes out and gets jumped by Ariana and Jennette. Lauren and Elizabeth comes out, but Lauren and Logan quickly got into an argument.

"Please give a warm and pleasant welcome to Liz and Keke"

Lauren walked from backstage with her black hair side-swept to her right, wearing a black gold zipper accent bandage dress with black gold studded high heel Gladiator Sandals.


(Screen turns black and white)

[Lauren's time throughout the house, her walking in the house, fighting Nathalia, arguing with Miranda, swinging on Miranda]

Elizabeth walked from backstage with her black hair straightened, wearing a Red Ruched Goddess One Shoulder Knit Dress with Red Gold Trim Strappy High Heel Sandals.


(Screen turns black and white)

[Elizabeth's time throughout the house, her walking into the house, fighting Nathalia, swinging on Ashley, arguing with Miranda, pulling Miranda across the bed,walking out the house]

Lauren sat down next to Ashley, while Elizabeth sat down next to Ariana.

"Welcome girls" Dina exclaimed to them.

"Hey" Lauren told her as she took her heels off.

"What's up" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"Okay here's the deal things have gotten a little heated out here, with Miranda" Dina told them.

Lauren and Elizabeth nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

"So while we're at it let's dig right on in" Dina exclaimed.

The audience started clapping.

"After seeing how things went down, Do you two girls regret jumping Miranda?" Dina asked them.

"That girl didn't get jumped" Lauren exclaimed.

"Yes, she did" Logan told her.

"Was you there, No, so stay in your lane" Lauren told her.

"Bitches who stay running their mouths always gets their asses whooped" Logan exclaimed.

"Bitch is you still talking?" Lauren asked.

"Yep" Logan told her.

Backstage, Miranda was in her dressing room put her hair in the right places,"Everybody wants to jump on me for what?"

"You can only push someone for so long until they snap" Miranda yelled as she was looking at herself in the mirror.

Miranda walked out her dressing room and headed towards Nathalia's.

Nathalia and Daniella both looked up when they saw the door open.

"Nathalia, are you in here?" Miranda asked.

"Yeah,What's up girl?" Nathalia asked her."I thought you was supposed to be on stage, and why do you have strings in your hair?"

"Girl it got crazy on that stage" Miranda told her, "Ariana ran up on me and started pulling my hair, and I'm like what about Miranda gets under your motherfucking skin, I'm from LA and I'm definitely about that life"

[Ariana charged at Miranda and punched her in the head, Miranda grabbed Ariana by her head and threw her over the couch. Ariana latched on to Miranda's hair and pulled her over the couch with her.]

"Girl come sit down, and breathe" Nathalia told her.

"No because I'm at that point where I can't even sit down" Miranda told her.

"Okay let's move on this is obviously going down south and I want to focus on Liz" Dina exclaimed.

Elizabeth covered her face.

"Liz, honey you was tripping out about your boyfriend back home, Andy, Ethan, whatever right?" Dina asked her.

"Avan, and yeah" Elizabeth replied.

"What your current status on that?" Dina asked.

"It's very complicated" Elizabeth replied.

"Let's roll the tape of a very complicated situation." Dina exclaimed.

[Downstairs, the phone started ringing, Liz walked into the phone room and picked up the phone.


"Yes, is Liz there?"

"This is her"

"Liz, it's Avan"

"Avan, what do you need?"

"I wanted to know that since you so far away if I can mess around with this girl?"

"Did you just seriously ask me that Avan? I want to know where did you get the idea from?"

"So I'll take that as no"

"Avan, you know what go ahead I don't give a fuck anymore."

Liz slammed the phone down.

Liz- I'm mad at the fact that he thinks that it is okay to ask that type of question and not expect me not to get mad at the question.

Liz walked out the phone room.


Liz headed to the bar and ordered shots of vodka. Ariana and Vicky were dancing on Keke and Jenn, while Ashley was with Miranda talking to a couple of guys.

Liz stood up from the bar and went over to a guy and started grinding on him.

Liz- I'm over Avan and honestly I'm here and he's not so I'm a have fun.

Keke was sitting with the girls drinking from a shot glass.

Ashley- I see Liz over there taking shots and grinding on this ugly ass guy and all that is going through my head is don't let shot pop off tonight.

Liz started kissing the guy she was dancing on.

Miranda- Liz is everywhere right now she's kissing this guy, she's on top of him like she is really going ham on this guy and it's not a good look.

"Liz!" Keke exclaimed.

The girls all grabbed Liz and took her outside to the limo, Ariana closed the door.

Liz started going around the limo trying to get out.

"Liz you got me bleeding over here" Ariana exclaimed.

Keke grabbed Liz and tried to restraint her.

"No, I want to go home." Liz exclaimed.

Ariana tried to stop Liz from moving.

Liz started punching the side of the limo "I just want to go the fuck home"

Keke moved her head back, "I'm not going to talk to you for a couple of days"

"No" Liz told her.

"No, because like you just elbowed the fuck out of my eye " Keke told her.

Liz leaned into Keke.

Keke- Seeing Liz like is and me knowing that her ex boyfriend made her feel like this makes me mad and honestly hurt by it.

Ashley started laughing.

Liz started struggling when she heard the laugh, "Who the fuck is laughing?"

Liz accidentally punched Keke in the chest.

Jenn scooted up "Chill out"

"Liz stop" Ashley exclaimed she tried to stand up in the limo.

Liz pointed at Ariana "I know you not", then she pointed at Keke "And I know you not"

"But you jut swung though" Ashley exclaimed.

Liz reached out and punched Ashley in the face. Ashley tried to reach over Jenn and punch Liz. Liz tried to swing at, but she was pulled to the back of the limo by a security guy.

"Come at me again" Ashley exclaimed as she tried to get out of Jenn's grip around her waist.

Keke- Liz is faded, like this girl has no idea what she just did and I feel sorry for her, because her so-called friend just let her get into a fight and didn't even have her back.

The limo pulled into the driveway of the house.

Liz got out the limo and had to be escorted to the side of the house..

The rest of the girls went into the house.

Jennette- Tonight was beyond what I expected from these girls but tonight showed that these girls are crazy.

Ashley went into her room and grabbed a hair tie.

Ashley- I feel like that if Liz wants a fight with me then I can fight Ariana.

Ashley walked downstairs and she saw Ariana in the living room on the couch. Ashley went over to Ariana and stood in front of her.

Ariana looked at Ashley.

"Okay, look here Ariana, I think that you are a bad friend" Ashley told her.

Ariana looked confused at Ashley, "How am I a bad friend?" she asked.

"Who lets their friend get drunk and then fight" Ashley exclaimed.

Ariana stood up, "Ashley if you mad at Liz then go be mad at Liz but don't yell at me like I'm dumb because I will fuck you up" she screamed.

Ashley pushed Ariana,"Fuck me up then"

Ariana pushed Ashley back.

Ashley reached out behind Ariana's head and uppercut her in the face. Ariana tried to grab Ashley's hands but she couldn't see since her hair was in the way. Ashley pushed Ariana down to the floor and started punching her in the back of the head. Security guards came and pulled Ashley away from Ariana. A security guard helped Ariana up, when she found her balance she took off at Ashley and started punching Ashley in the face. "Let go of my arm" Ashley exclaimed. Ariana punched Ashley in the mouth. Ariana pulled Ashley's hair and punching her in the face. Ashley felt one of her arms moving and she swung out and socked Ariana in the face.

Outside, Liz was sitting on the steps waiting for the van to take her to a hotel, when she heard a loud slap come from inside the house, she took off heading inside the house to see what was happening when she saw Ashley sock Ariana in the face she charged at Ashley and started punching her in the face.

"Come on you whack ass bitch" Ashley exclaimed as she started punching Liz in the face, security guards came and grabbed Ariana and Liz and took them outside to a waiting van.

Liz- So me and Ariana have to go to a hotel I'm not tripping I was going to one anyways.

Ariana- Honestly I don't feel bad for Ashley's mouth at all she shouldn't have never came at me and she wouldn't have bled from the mouth, thanks for the free night in the hotel Ashley hope your mouth stops bleeding bitch.

Ariana and Liz got into the van and the door closed, the van took off out the driveway, leaving the Bad Girls House in its dust.]

"Liz, I have to say things happened that night that obviously you wouldn't have did" Dina told her.

Elizabeth nodded her head in agreement.

"Is there anything that you might regret from that night?" Dina asked her.

"I regret fighting Ashley in the limo, and I honestly" Elizabeth stood up,"I want to give her a hug for that night"

Ashley stood up and gave Elizabeth a hug.

"Awwww, isn't this so cute" Dina exclaimed.

"Before we move along I would like to address a situation from earlier tonight, I want to talk about the beef between Ariana and Jenn" Dina exclaimed.

The audience started clapping.

"Okay let me shed light on the situation, everyone on this stage has known one another or seen each other before we came on here, Danie, Vicky, Liz, and me;Ashley and Keke; Jennette and Miranda;Logan,Nathalia, and Janel; Erin and Jamie. So I'm mad because I don't feed into the bs but don't bash my brother" Ariana exclaimed.

Jennette rolled her eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes Jenn" Lauren told her,"It's messed up because if she talked about your mom, you'd feel the same"

"I don't care!" Jennette exclaimed,"She's mad because I'm doing an online show and a character I made up reflects what I thought of her."

"So you did make a character to make fun of Ariana?" Dina asked her.

"Yep, and I'm not going to argue with her about it" Jennette said.

"Well with all that being said, is the friendship between you and Jennette over?" Dina asked.

"On my part, I don't want to lose her as friend, because we actually had gotten to know each other and it was basically people instigating then with the 'Gloriana' situation didn't also help it become resolved" Ariana explained,"Will I move on from this situation? Yes, Can I forgive Jennette for the things she did? No."

"I'll fight them, for just constantly picking on you" Nathalia told Miranda.

"We can definitely split them up" Miranda exclaimed.

Daniella started laughing.

"Are you going back out?" Nathalia asked her.

"Yeah" Miranda exclaimed.

"I want to go out there with you, if they want to try anything" Nathalia told her.

"Let's go" Miranda told her.

"Okay, Miranda is backstage right now and she's getting fixed up, and I know that she's coming back out here with a lot more to say" Dina told the girls.

The audience started clapping.

"But first, let's discuss Miami" Dina exclaimed, "This clip features the girls going to Magic City to have fun, but that wasn't the case"

[Raven and Alex walked up the front steps and walked into the house.

"Hello" Raven exclaimed as she walked into the house.

"The Real Bad Girls are back" Alex exclaimed.

Raven and Alex walked into the living room and saw all the girls gathered around.

Miranda- Raven is here, with her following friend, Alex, and I watched last season and I didn't like what I saw.

"So we are here to tell you girls that a trip to Miami is waiting for you" Raven told them.

"And that there will be a surprise for you girls there" Alex told them.

All the girls started screaming at the shocked news.

They all ran upstairs and started packing.

Keke- Going to Miami, has always been a place that I wanted to go.

Ashley- Hopefully this trip can release some of the tension from the house.

Ariana- I hope that these girls are ready for what Florida has to offer.

Miranda- I'm hoping that nothing happens over this trip that can jeopardize my time in the house.

Liz- Ashley on this trip you might want to keep your mouth shut.

Jenn- I think that this trip can make our time in the house less stressful than it already is.

Vicky- Florida, My home I'm excited to head back to my home state for a vacation.

As the minivan pulled up in front of the house, the girls took their things and put it in the back and they took their seats and buckled up as the minivan took off out the driveway and headed towards the airport to drop the girls off.

After the plane landed, the girls went towards another minivan and got in and buckled up as the van took off out the parking lot of the airport. The van pulled up into the driveway of the Old BGC: Miami Mansion it stopped in front of the driveway and the girls got out and went inside. The girls were surprised to find, Dina, Cece, London, Tinka, and Ivy all sitting down in the living room.

Keke- Is this The Return of The Oldies because now I'm getting aggravated.

Dina stood up and walked towards the girls.

"Hey, girls" Dina exclaimed.

"Hey" The girls replied.

"So, you girls were given a chance to come to Miami" Cece told them, "But there is a surprise"

"Two girls from BGC: Miami will have the chance to redeem herself to look either better or worse on the this season and she can come into the house anytime she plans" Ivy told them.

"These said bad girls, are going to come later on into the show instead of being the next replacements" Tinka told them.

Ashley- So we just got told that any girl from BGC: Miami might be coming onto our season and all that is going through my head please don't let these bitches overstep their boundaries.

"Other than that, you girls enjoy Miami, and turn up" London told them as she and the rest of the alumni walk out the house.

The girls started screaming and ran around the house.

Miranda- We have this mansion all to ourselves and I'm just excited to be on this trip with these girls, nothing can mess up this trip.

(scene shift)

Miranda sat down at the bar. Liz sat down next to her.

"What's bothering you?" Liz asked her.

"Those girls are acting cheap" Miranda told her.

"How?" Liz exclaimed.

"They want to drink from a bottle that I bought" Miranda told her.

"Buy you another one" Liz told her.

Miranda shook her head "Why should I?"

"Because you should" Liz exclaimed.

"No, they should buy me another bottle" Miranda told her.

"Why?" Liz asked her.

"Because of the simple fact that they shouldn't have drunk any" Miranda told her as she turned and looked at Liz.

Liz stood up and walked back to the VIP Area.

Liz- Miranda, you want to cause a problem and I really wanted you to be the bigger person, but since you won't listen, it's time for you to go home, so be ready for your goodbye party it was nice knowing you.]

"How was the trip ladies?" Dina asked them.

"It was perfect" Lauren exclaimed.

"I had a blast" Ashley exclaimed.

Ariana gave a thumbs up motion.

Elizabeth smiled,"It was amazing."

Jennette and Victoria did a thumbs up motion.

"Well with this all being said, let's bring out our next Bad Girl," Dina exclaimed,"This bad girl went out of the house with her hair pulled out and her eye scratched, she left her mark on these girls, so let's give a warm Bad Girl welcome to Nathalia"

The audience started clapping.

Nathalia walked from backstage with her hair in two pigtails, wearing Black Gold Plate Romper with Black Silver Spikes Lace Up Hidden Wedge Sneakers, while holding hands with Miranda.


(screen turns black and white)

[Walking into the house, arguing with Elizabeth, fighting Elizabeth, getting jumped, fighting Jamie, walking out of the house]

Miranda headed over and sat down next to Erin.

"What's up Bad Girls Club Atlanta" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Hey boo" Dina exclaimed.

"Me and Miranda brought presents!" Nathalia told her.

"For who?" Dina asked.

"Jenn" Nathalia exclaimed.

Jennette had a confused look on her face.

Nathalia pulled out a jug of water from behind her back,"You wanted to dump water right?" she asked. Nathalia dumped all the water over Jennette.

Dina moved away from the splash,"WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!" she exclaimed.

Jennette stood up and tried to swing at Nathalia. Nathalia brought her fist back and punched Jennette in her temple. Security guards ran on stage and grabbed Nathalia and took her off the stage.

"Bitch, run it" Nathalia screamed.

Jennette started pushing the security guards off of her.

"Jenn!" Dina exclaimed as she stood up, "Come sit down"

Jennette was escorted back to her seat.

"Can we have a towel?" Dina asked.

"No, but you can have a shirt," Miranda exclaimed as she threw a shirt at Jennette.

Jennette charged at Miranda.

"Wait" Dina exclaimed.

Miranda grabbed Jennette hair and threw her over the couch. Jennette started pulling at Miranda's hair and started punching her in the head, Miranda was punching Jennette in her head. Logan hopped up and tried to pull Miranda back from over the couch. Dina stood up and tried to pull Logan off. Security guards ran up and tried to pull Jennette and Miranda apart.

"Get that ass, Jenn" Lauren exclaimed as she stood up.

Security guards pulled Jennette off of the ground and had taken Miranda to the other side of the stage.

Jennette was taken backstage.

"Okay let's all settle down" Dina exclaimed,"Nathalia take your seat and let's keep this reunion moving"

Miranda sat down after putting her hair in a messy bun, Nathalia sat down next to Miranda.

"Miranda, now that you are out here I want to talk about you getting jumped," Dina exclaimed,"Did you feel like you got jumped?"

Miranda nodded her head.

"She didn't get jumped, she might have got tag teamed but not jumped," Lauren exclaimed.

"That's the same as jumping" Jessica exclaimed.

"Who the fuck are you?!" Lauren exclaimed.

"Bitch who are you?" Jessica yelled.

"Bitch you was a replacement, shut your damn mouth" Lauren told her.

"Let me say this, because I will drag your ass," Jessica exclaimed,"The difference between you and me is that I don't need a motherfucking army to do shit, I'll whoop you ass even if me and you are the only ones out here"

The audience started clapping.

Dina nodded her head in agreement.

"What motherfucking army?" Lauren asked as she stood up.

Jessica stood up,"Bitch you know what damn army!"

Logan, Janel, and Ashley stood up.

"Chill Keke" Ashley told her as she tried to push her back.

Nathalia stood up and walked towards Lauren,"Is there a problem?"

"Bitch why are you over here?" Lauren asked Nathalia.

"Really?!" Nathalia remarked.

Ashley tried to move Nathalia back.

"Yes really!" Lauren screamed in Nathalia's face.

"Okay can we get security over here?!" Dina remarked.

Nathalia mushed Lauren. Ashley tried to grab Nathalia and move her back. Lauren came back and she tried to sock Nathalia, but Nathalia punched her in the face. Lauren grabbed Nathalia's other hand, while Ashley tried to push Lauren and Nathalia away from each other. Nathalia took some steps back and kept trying to hit Lauren in the face. Lauren punched Nathalia in the face. Nathalia brought her fist back and punched Lauren in the jaw. Security guards ran on stage Nathalia fell on her back while pulling Lauren's hair. A security guard grabbed Lauren around her waist and pulled her away from Nathalia. Lauren was still trying to punch Nathalia because Nathalia started punching her in the face while pulling her hair. "Let Go! Let Go!" A security guard yelled at Nathalia as he picked her up from off the ground and tried to pull her away from Lauren. Nathalia had finally let go of Lauren's hair and Lauren was escorted backstage. Nathalia was taken to the side of the stage.

"Okay let's get back on track" Dina exclaimed.

Logan bent over and picked up one of Lauren's tracks,"Well this won't be" she exclaimed as she showed everyone.

The audience started laughing.

Jennette walked back to the stage;wearing Black Low Plunge Ruched Front Flare Sleeves Dress with black gold studded cage high heel sandals; and she took her seat next to Victoria.

"Jenn, are you alright?" Dina asked.

Jennette nodded her head.

"Well, Miranda what's your answer?" Dina asked her,"Do you feel like you got jumped?"

"Absolutely" Miranda replied.

"Liz, do you agree with Miranda?" Dina asked.

"I do but then I don't" Elizabeth replied,"Like don't get me wrong, Miranda did get jumped, but I then say she only fought Keke so I didn't have nothing to do with it."

"Liz and Miranda, do you two girls think that you guys can honestly be cool with one another?" Dina asked.

"Like I'm not going to sit here and be fake, Miranda I told Keke that I was coming for you if you did some of the wall things, but just me sitting back and watching instead of participating I feel bad and sympathy for you." Elizabeth told Miranda.

"I can't be mad at you for saying that," Miranda told her,"If Liz claims that she honestly grew from this experience and tell me her side without all the yelling and screaming, then me and her can talk things out, that's honestly what this reunion is for; not all this fighting and screaming;we're here to discuss our time and admit our wrongs"

The audience started applauding Miranda.

Dina nodded her head.

"With all that being said let's roll the clip that started mostly all the drama in the house." Dina exclaimed.

[The limo pulled up in front of the club and they got out the limo. They walked ahead of the line towards the club and directly through the doors and they all went towards the VIP area, the girls immediately began dancing, Ariana and Liz began dancing with each other. Ashley was dancing with Keke, who was just shaking her head making her hair fly everywhere, Jennette watched them while waving her hands making money fall, Miranda was dancing by herself just moving her hips; A man with green eyes, short black hair, and a lip ring walked up behind Keke.

Keke turned around and saw that the person behind her was Jay, she hugged him, Keke had got to meet Travis, Rolfy, and Randy. she introduced them to all of the girls except Miranda. Lauren told the girls that Jay and his friends were all on Bad Boys Club Atlanta, and were friends with Daniel who is in Miami at the time, they just made a stop to come see them and they will be on their way.

Lauren- I'm looking around and see that Miranda is just hanging off to the side like she is trying to party with us.

Keke walked up to Miranda, "You can't be in here with us" she told Miranda.

Miranda nodded her head.

"I don't have a problem with you it's just that I don't like people who look desperate" Keke told her.

Miranda- Keke, comes up to me and says I have to leave her VIP, Like I really don't have to do shit, you don't own this club, so I can be anywhere that I want.

Miranda kept dancing ignoring Keke and her friends.

One of the locals walked up to Miranda and put money in her shirt, Miranda dug in her shirt and threw the money on the ground.

(Scene Shift)

"Let's see if this bitch wants some" Keke told them.

Keke walked upstairs and went into Miranda's room "How you feeling tonight?" she asked her."You feeling like you want some, you feeling some type of way" Keke told her as she stood in the doorway.

Miranda was wrapping her hair up with a bandana.

Keke was standing in front of her "You not coming out with us no more"

Miranda scoffed at that.

"What's funny?" Keke asked her.

"That" Miranda told her.

"What's funny?" Keke asked her again as she stood in front of Miranda.

"That" Miranda replied.

"You not coming in my VIP no more" Keke told her.

"I won't be in your VIP" Miranda told her as she was tucking her hair into a ponytail and into the bandana.

Keke started clapping her hands in Miranda's face, "You not coming in VIP with us no more, You not coming in my VIP no more and if you want to pop off then pop off" she told her.

After she finished wrapping her hair, Miranda stood up and got in Keke's face.

"Pop Off" Keke exclaimed before she turned around,and started taking off her earrings and went to go give them to Ashley.

Miranda followed Keke, "Don't Clap in my Face Bitch" she told Keke before she punched Keke in the jaw from behind and pushed her.

"No don't clap in my Face" Miranda told her as she back up

"Keke Nonono" Ashley exclaimed as she tried to grab Keke.

Keke turned around and charged at Miranda.

"Keke No NO!" Ashley yelled.

Miranda slapped Keke in the face, while Keke punched Miranda in the face. Miranda stumbled a little from the punch, she tried to push Keke away from her. Keke started to swing at Miranda and pull her by her hair. Keke was punching Miranda in the head, Ashley ran over and grabbed Keke around her waist. Keke grabbed a hold on Miranda's hair and started to pull her hair and kept punching her in the head. Miranda grabbed a hold of Keke's hair and had a tight grip on it. Ariana walked in the room and tried to grabbed Miranda hand's and tried to get her grip off of Keke's hair, Miranda swung her fist out and punched Ariana, making Ariana fall to the ground. Ariana got back up and grabbed Miranda by her hair and threw her back, making Miranda fall to ground and break her grip on Keke's hair.

"Stop Miranda Stop" Ashley told her as she held onto Keke's arms, Ashley and Ariana tried to take Keke out of the room, but Liz came in the room and she tried to go after Miranda, but she was grabbed by Ariana.

"So y'all jumping now" Miranda exclaimed as she tried fixing her hair wrap.

Liz got loose from Ariana's grip and she charged at Miranda.

"Please Liz" Ashley exclaimed as she tried to grab Liz.

Liz leaped out and grabbed a hold on Miranda's hair and pulled Miranda across the bed as she fell from it,from the leap she took.

"Liz please!" yelled Ashley as she tried to stop Liz from pulling Miranda.

Miranda put her arms on top of her head as she kicked her foot out at Liz's head.

Liz retaliated by kicking Miranda in the head, and when she let Miranda's hair go she kicked her again in the head.

"Get the fuck off me" Jennette exclaimed.

Jenn tried to get around security but she was being held down by a security guard.

Security guards tried taking Liz and Keke out of the room.]

"That was sad and I can say it was because that's how it came off, but I'd do it again for anyone who was my friend" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"My entire thing with the situation was that all you girls decided to gang up on this poor girl" Nathalia exclaimed as she pointed at Miranda,"First you guys wanted to jump me, then Miranda"

"Now hold up you didn't get jumped Nathalia" Victoria exclaimed.

"Bitch how you going to tell me that I didn't get jumped" Nathalia remarked.

"Exactly what I said, you and Keke had a one on one, so did you and Liz, along with Me, then you fought Jamie" Victoria explained.

"Bitch you came into the house thinking that you was going to be the baddest, but got that ass beat" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Who beat my ass?" Victoria exclaimed.

Jessica, Logan, Ashley, Teddy, Miranda and Nathalia raised their hands.

"Well there you have it" Nathalia exclaimed.

Victoria rolled her eyes.

"Nathalia, I want to know what's your beef with Vicky?" Dina asked her.

"She's just too extra for me" Nathalia replied,"She did shit just for her little five minutes and she's best known for fighting Me and getting her ass whooped."

"Vicky do you feel the same?" Dina asked.

Victoria shook her head in disagreement.

"Well since this won't be resolved let's roll the clips that resulted Nathalia's departure from the house" Dina exclaimed.

[Vicky was sitting next Ariana "This is going to be a great experienced for me because replacements are stronger than the originals"

Nathalia rolled her eyes at Vicky's comment while she straightened out her hair.

Nathalia- Replacements are stronger than the originals, that doesn't even make sense Vicky.

Jamie was curling her hair, when she finished she spun around in her

Ashley looking in the mirror at her lace inset one shoulder hot pink club mini dress and rivet high heel 6 platform Gold/Pink/Sliver sandals.

Nathalia stood up and spun around in a royal blue halter flowing drape dress with royal blue velvet faux leather rhinestone strappy open toe platform heels.

The girls all walked out the house and went towards the limo.

Nathalia- Tonight we're going to Club Starlight and I feel like something will happen at the end of the night.

The limo pulled in front off the club and the girls got out and went inside the club. Keke and Ashley went to the dance floor, Liz and Ariana was dancing on each other, Jamie and Nathalia was dancing on the floor with two guys, while Vicky was sitting down in the lounge taking drinks.

Vicky- I'm just sitting back and watching these girls and see who I have to watch out for.

Nathalia threw her drink back and grabbed Jamie's arm and pulled her to the side.

"I feel some type of way towards Vicky" Nathalia told Jamie.

"Why she just got here" Jamie told her.

"It's because of the 'replacements are stronger than the originals' comment" Nathalia.

"Do what you have to just know I got your back" Jamie told her.

Nathalia- Tonight I'm going to show Vicky who is stronger a replacement or original.

The girls all headed to the limo, Liz had closed the door. The limo took off heading to the mansion. When it pulled up into the driveway, the girls all got out, Vicky headed towards the phone room, while the other girls were in the kitchen.

Nathalia was leaning on the counter.

"You know what fuck Vicky" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Ohhh" Keke exclaimed.

"But I bet you won't say that to her face though" Ashley exclaimed.

Nathalia walked over to the phone room and opened the door.

"Fuck you Vicky" Nathalia told her.

Vicky looked up from the phone "You have a problem with me?" she asked.

"Fuck you Vicky" Nathalia told her again as she closed the door to the phone room and locked the door.

Vicky ran from the chair to door, she started tapping on the glass "Open the door" she told them.

"Open the door" Ariana exclaimed.

Keke walked to the phone room"I'm a let her out" she told the girls "I'm a let you out" she told Vicky, as she unlocked and opened the door.

Vicky walked up to Nathalia "Do you have a problem with me?" she questioned Nathalia.

"I do a little" Nathalia told her.

Nathalia- Everybody knows that I have no problem fighting anyone in this house especially Vicky. So if Vicky want some then she can get what Liz got to.

"Did I offend anyone else" Vicky exclaimed.

"You said Replacements are stronger than the Originals" Nathalia exclaimed.

"I've been calm" Vicky exclaimed.

"You said Replacements are stronger than the Originals" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Do you have a problem with me?" Vicky asked Nathalia.

"I'm not saying that" Nathalia told her. "I heard that-"

"Do you have a problem with me?" Vicky asked her.

"I don't have a problem with you" Nathalia told her.

"Punch me in my face then" Vicky told her.

Nathalia shoved Vicky "I'm not going to punch you in the face" she told her.

Vicky reached out and grabbed Nathalia's hair and slung her into the pantry door, Nathalia started punching Vicky in the head, when Nathalia's body hit the pantry door she stumbled from the impact and she started punching harder at Vicky's head.

Vicky started punching Nathalia in the face. A security guard came and pulled Vicky away from Nathalia, Vicky yanked on Nathalia's hair when the security guard came and pulled her away from Nathalia.

(scene shift)

"It's time for you to leave" Vicky told her.

"Why? Because you guys don't like me" Nathalia told her.

"It's not because I don't like you" Ariana exclaimed, "Because I haven't known you long enough to judge you like that but I will say that I just don't like your actions"

Nathalia- Once again me vs everybody and I know it's not going to be pretty for me when this is all over.

"Ariana, shut your ass up because you don't care about no one but your damn self" Nathalia exclaimed.

Liz reached over the other girls. Nathalia saw this coming and socked Liz in the face. Keke tried to go after Nathalia but Ashley was pushing her back.

"So you bitches want to start with me and then fight me y'all are weak" Nathalia exclaimed.

The limo pulled up into the driveway.

The girls all got out and went inside the house.

Ariana took a seat on the couch.

Nathalia took a seat on coffee table as the rest of the girls took their seats on the couches.

"Ok, I'm going to start first" Ariana told her,"We gave you the option to either to stay or leave, You chose to stay and I respect that but now you got to fix this mess"

Nathalia nodded her head.

"Why is it that you want to play the victim, because when shit hits the fan you never want to do nothing." Liz exclaimed.

Vicky looked at Nathalia,"My issue with you is that you had a problem with me because of what I said" she exclaimed, "But none of the other girls have a problem with me"

"But you said that replacements are stronger than the originals" Nathalia exclaimed.

"And I told you to punch me in my face" Vicky told her as she stood up.

"Sit your ass down you didn't do no damage" Nathalia told her as she got off the table.

"Bitch you ain't shit" Vicky exclaimed as she tried to walk up to Nathalia but was getting grabbed by Ashley.

Nathalia just shrugged her shoulders.

Vicky started struggling.

Jamie stood up "Everybody shut the fuck up" she exclaimed.

Jamie- I honestly feel like Nathalia is scared of Vicky, because Vicky is more riled up then she was before the first fight.

Vicky went around the couches, "Punch me in my face, you weak ass bitch" she exclaimed.

"Bitch you ain't nothing" Nathalia told her a she stood up and walked over to Vicky.

Nathalia- Obviously I'm not scared of Vicky, but like it's whatever I'll beat the bitches ass again, so let's fight because you guys want to attack me verbally then attack me psychically.

Nathalia was standing in front of Vicky's face.

Vicky looked at Nathalia "Hit me like you did before" she told her.

"I never in my life hit someone first" Nathalia told her.

"Push me like you did earlier,you had a problem with me then push me" Vicky told her.

Nathalia tapped Vicky with her hands.

"Hit me" Vicky told her.

"Bitch you talk too much shit" Ashley exclaimed.

"Because I can defend myself" Vicky exclaimed.

Nathalia looked at Ashley "She was talking shit first" she exclaimed as she waved her hand at Vicky.

"I know I'm that bitch so come at me" Vicky exclaimed as Nathalia got up in her face.

"So hit me" Vicky told Nathalia as Nathalia was in her face.

Ariana- So Vicky is calling Nathalia a punk, Nathalia's not liking it.

Keke walked up behind Vicky "Tag me in" she told her.

Ariana- Now Keke is like 'No why you want to pick on Victoria, I already know that the problem is going to escalate to something so I'm just sitting back and waiting and seeing how everything unfolds.

"You want to keep fighting Vicky for no reason" Keke told Nathalia "So I push you like you did Vicky, I pushed you like you did Vicky"

Keke shoved Nathalia back.

Nathalia shoved Keke back.

Keke pushed her back "And we're gonna get it in"

"Okay" Nathalia told her as she walked back up to Keke.

Nathalia pushed Keke.

"Bitch" Keke exclaimed as she grabbed Nathalia's hands.

Nathalia was trying to get her hands free from Keke's hands.

Keke let Nathalia's hands go and started slapping her in the head.

"Oh you want to hit now" Nathalia exclaimed before she started punching Keke.

Keke fell back as a security guard came and grabbed her.

Vicky, Jamie, and Liz reached out and grabbed Nathalia's hair.

Nathalia felt people grabbing her hair and tilted her head back and tried to turn around and see who it was but she got punched in the face.

A security guard pulled Nathalia away from the other girls.

"Oh so y'all want to jump" Nathalia exclaimed "This is my real hair"

"Ain't nobody jumping you" Ariana told her.

Jamie- I pulled Nathalia's hair because the whole situation right now is hilarious so I had to get a pull in.

"I felt a bunch of people pulling my hair" Nathalia exclaimed as she stood in front of the couch.

"I was pulling you back" Ariana told her.

"I did" Liz told her.

"I have people swinging on me and you want to pull my hair" Nathalia exclaimed.

"I did and so what" Liz told her.

"I thought me and you was cool" Nathalia told her.

"So How you feel?" Liz asked her.

"I feel fucking pissed" Nathalia told her.

Nathalia- I really don't care who it is, take a number because you're 1,2,3,4,5 I'll beat everybody's ass.

Nathalia put her hair in a bun.

"So what you going to do" Liz told her as she walked up to Nathalia.

"Yeah but people punched me in the face" Nathalia told her.

"Come with those hands though" Liz told her.

"Come on Then" Nathalia told her as she put her fists up.

Liz posted her fists up "Pop Off"

Nathalia kicked at Liz's leg.

Liz swung out and punched Nathalia in the face.

A security guard tried to keep Liz away from Nathalia but Liz swung her fist around trying to punch Nathalia but she fell.

Jamie ran over to Nathalia, making Nathalia fall into the plant.

Nathalia started punching Jamie but Vicky was grabbing her hair.

Keke came from behind the security guard and pulled Nathalia by her hair.

A security guard grabbed Jamie, who was still swinging at Nathalia.

Nathalia walked to the Beauty Room, "Like I'm fucking pissed, this is my real hair, look it's coming out by the roots" she exclaimed as she told Jamie.

"Why you look like you were crying?" Jamie asked her.

"That shit ain't cool" Nathalia told her.

Jamie cleared her throat.

"Like if you want to fight, we can fight but that whole hair pulling shit, and three people pulling my hair" Nathalia told her.

"So swing Nathalia" Jamie told her "So swing, you mad because I pulled your hair?"

"I am" Nathalia told her.

"So swing" Jamie told her.

Nathalia put her brush down on one of the shelves and walked to her station.

"So you swinging?" Jamie asked her.

"Yeah let me get my hair brushed so you don't yank my hair out" Nathalia told her as she grabbed a hair tie. Nathalia but her hair up in a bun.

Nathalia- This bitch is crazy, she wants to jump people, she wants to back stab people, Jamie you getting your ass beat today, I'm going in.

Nathalia walked up to Jamie and shoved her back.

Jamie reached out and grabbed Nathalia's bun and yanked down.

Nathalia started punching Jamie in the side of her head.

Jamie started pulling Nathalia's hair harder while punching Nathalia in the back of the head. Jamie backed up pulling Nathalia's bun.

Nathalia followed the pull and started throwing hard punches at Jamie.

Jamie grabbed the back of Nathalia's head and started throwing punches and scratches at her.

"This bitch is pulling my eye" Nathalia exclaimed.]

"Nathalia what is you reaction to these clips?" Dina asked her.

"Like I don't regret anything that I did in this house" Nathalia exclaimed,"Everything that I did in that house I wanted to do"

The audience applauded Nathalia.

"Well Keke is ready to come back out, let's give her a warm welcome back" Dina exclaimed.

Lauren walked from backstage with her hair side swept to one side,"I'm say this one time and one time only,Miranda what was that you was saying all up in your interviews because Baby I'm in LA and your ass still won't do nothing you said you was going to do" Lauren started walking towards Miranda.

"That's fine with me" Miranda told her.

"What's up?!" Lauren remarked.

"Nothing" Miranda replied.

Miranda swung her hand out and slapped Lauren in the head. Lauren tried to punch at Miranda but she got grabbed by security guards. Lauren was taken back over to where her seat was, but Miranda had to be escorted backstage again.

"Okay ladies, let's talk about one bad girl who left after fighting Ms. Nathalia over there" Dina exclaimed,"Do you girls believe that Jamie started all the dram

"I believe that if Nathalia actually focused on Jamie instead of Vicky, she would've seen how Jamie was really acting towards her" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"Everything that happened with Nathalia, Jamie took a part in" Ashley exclaimed,"Jamie really played this girl and made her believe that they was friends"

"Nathalia who do you honestly believe started all the beef in the house between you and the house?" Dina asked her.

"Jamie's bitch ass, who didn't even show up" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Wait before this get heated, lets ask Jamie" Dina exclaimed,"JJJAAAAAMMMMMIIIIIIEEEEEE"

Everyone looked towards the entrance.

Jamie walked from the backstage wearing a Off-White Lace Nude Illusion Strapless Padded Midi Dress with Off-White Strappy Gold Zipper Accent High Heel Sandals.

[screen turns black and white]

[Jamie walking into the house, dragging Daniella, fighting Nathalia]

Jamie walked from backstage; Nathalia charged at Jamie. Jamie brought her fist back and punched Nathalia in the face; Nathalia tackled Jamie and both fell into the audience

The audience started moving around; screams could be heard while they were moving away from the fight.

Nathalia and Jamie was both throwing punches, Jamie fell back and started pulling on Nathalia's hair

"Bitch let go of my hair" Nathalia exclaimed.

Nathalia was pulled back and taken to the stage.

"Bitch I'll fuck you up" Jamie exclaimed.

Nathalia started kicking and trying to get away from the stage; she got loose and ran back at Jamie.

The curtain started flapping from all the movement; blonde hair could be seen being pulled out and flying on the ground..

A security guard grabbed Nathalia and lifted her off of the ground; Nathalia started yanking and punching at Jamie's head. A security grabbed Jamie; he was struggling trying to separate Jamie from Nathalia. Jamie's hair got loose; Nathalia tried to punch at her again. Nathalia was taken to the side of the stage. Jamie was being escorted backstage.

"Bitch come on" Jamie exclaimed as she stood backstage fixing her hair.

"I'll fucking rip you apart" Nathalia exclaimed.

Dina stood up,"Nathalia take your seat"

"No man fuck that bitch" Nathalia exclaimed as she started struggling.

"Can we get Jamie a seat in the audience?" Dina asked.

Nathalia stood on the side of the stage.

"Ok while we try to get Nathalia back under control, Jamie can you come back out?!" Dina remarked.

Jamie came from backstage, and took her seat in the audience.

"Are you alright?" Dina asked her.

"I'm good she just wanted me to give her attention" Jamie exclaimed.

"This is a dramatic season" Dina exclaimed.

The audience started laughing.

Miranda came right back out when Nathalia walked on stage and sat down on the 4-person couch.

"I just want to know Jamie and Nathalia, what started you guys beef?" Dina asked them.

"I never had an issue with Nathalia until she walked up to me and me and her fought" Jamie replied.

Nathalia rolled her eyes,"She wanted to jump me so after I whooped her ass she was talking shit in her confessional"

"So what it's my confessional" Jamie exclaimed.

"Hold up, let's roll the clip of a beautiful friendship ending" Dina exclaimed.

[Nathalia goes to Jamie and pulls her to the living room.

Jamie- So Nathalia pulls me to the side and she tells me she wants to talk like if she has a problem with anyone I don't want to know.

"So I just saw Liz and Ariana talking and now I think they're talking about that girl Keke" Nathalia told her.

Jamie- I'm shocked we haven't even gone out yet and y'all wanna start drama already, Like come on.

"Well let's hope that when it comes down the drama doesn't come towards us" Jamie told her.

(scene shift)

The next morning, all the girls, except, Nathalia, were sitting around the living room.

"So this is a house meeting, to see if Nathalia should be sent home." Keke told them.

Keke- Honestly after last night Nathalia it's time for you to go.

"I vote that she should leave" Liz told them.

"I agree" Vicky and Ashley exclaimed at the same time.

"it's time for her to go" Ariana exclaimed.

"Ok" Jamie nodded her head "Let's get this bitch out of our house"

Jamie went upstairs and went into Nathalia's room.

"Nathalia" Jamie screamed.

Nathalia came outside the restroom "What do you need?" she asked her.

"Come downstairs real fast." Jamie told her.

Nathalia followed Jamie downstairs and went into the living room, when she got there she saw all the girls sitting down on the couch.

"What's going on here?" Nathalia asked them.

Keke stood up "It's time for you to go" she told her.

"To keep it straight up with you, We just had a meeting and majority rules say you have to go home" Liz told her.

Nathalia shook her head "I'm not going anywhere"

"You've been nothing but trouble since the first night, Nathalia" Ariana told her.

Nathalia shook her head "I mean like if you guys think I'm going to leave because you guys say I should then you are wrong"

"Well if you don't want to leave then you can stay but you won't last long in this house" Liz told her.

"Okay" Nathalia told them as she walked out the living room and went back upstairs.

Nathalia- I really don't care what you girls say or do because you guys are weak y'all want to pick on me in a group but if you guys are by yourself than y'all be quiet and trying to be my friend and Jamie just know if I find out that you are involved with this me and you are going to be enemies.

Jamie and Nathalia walked out the house, carrying a picnic basket.

Jamie- So things have been tense between the house and Nathalia and I want to clear the air with her on my own without these girls hounding on her ass.

Jamie and Nathalia placed the picnic basket on top of their blanket and sat down.

Nathalia- Jamie pulled me aside and told me she wants to talk with me, all I'm thinking about is don't let the one girl who has had my back turn on me in this house because then it'll really be me against six girls, and I really want Jamie to be my friend.

"So Nathalia, I wanted to talk to you about this morning" Jamie told her.

"Yes, because I'm so confused on what did I do" Nathalia exclaimed as she laid down on her back.

"OK, I don't know what the other girls problem are with you" Jamie told her. "But the issue with me-"

"You have a problem with me" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Like I said my issue with you is that you fought with Vicky on her first night here and you want to act like that the comment was a big deal" Jamie told her.

"It was a big deal" Nathalia told her.

"No it wasn't me and the other girls were alright with that comment but you took it too far with Vicky like she didn't know what she was saying and you wanted to attack her because of that" Jamie told her.

"You know what" Nathalia exclaimed as she stood up and dusted off her jeans "I'm done be friends with these bitches I really don't care no more because I see how it is going to be in this house already" Nathalia walked off and went back into the house.


Nathalia looked at the camera.

"Jamie you claim to be honest with me when you're not, you want to be friends with these punk ass girls well you know what go on ahead, I will leave this house better than Danie I will leave my damn mark in this house you girls are not about to run me out like y'all did Danie.


Nathalia walked out the confessional, "They got the wrong bitch in this motherfucker" She screamed.

(scene shift)

Nathalia walked to the Beauty Room, "Like I'm fucking pissed, this is my real hair, look it's coming out by the roots" she exclaimed as she told Jamie.

"Why you look like you were crying?" Jamie asked her.

"That shit ain't cool" Nathalia told her.

Jamie cleared her throat.

"Like if you want to fight, we can fight but that whole hair pulling shit, and three people pulling my hair" Nathalia told her.

"So swing Nathalia" Jamie told her "So swing, you mad because I pulled your hair?"

"I am" Nathalia told her.

"So swing" Jamie told her.

Nathalia put her brush down on one of the shelves and walked to her station.

"So you swinging?" Jamie asked her.

"Yeah let me get my hair brushed so you don't yank my hair out" Nathalia told her as she grabbed a hair tie. Nathalia but her hair up in a bun

Nathalia- This bitch is crazy, she wants to jump people, she wants to back stab people, Jamie you getting your ass beat today, I'm going in.

Nathalia walked up to Jamie and shoved her back.

Jamie reached out and grabbed Nathalia's bun and yanked down.

Nathalia started punching Jamie in the side of her head.

Jamie started pulling Nathalia's hair harder while punching Nathalia in the back of the head. Jamie backed up pulling Nathalia's bun.

Nathalia followed the pull and started throwing hard punches at Jamie.

Jamie grabbed the back of Nathalia's head and started throwing punches and scratches at her.

"This bitch is pulling my eye" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Get this bitch up off me" Jamie exclaimed.

"Let go" the producer screamed "Let go right now"

A security guard came and tried to grabbed Nathalia but Jamie still had Nathalia's bun.

"She started pulling my eye" Nathalia exclaimed to the producer.

"Stand over there" The producer told Nathalia, as she pointed at the other side of the room.

"Don't do it" The producer exclaimed.

"Stand over there" The producer told Jamie.

"What happened" Liz exclaimed as she walked into the Beauty Room, with the other girls following behind them.

"She came up here saying that if I pull her hair it's going to be a problem, I said so swing, swing, she walked up and that was it" Jamie told them.

"Yeah and when they pulled us apart she stuck her fingers in my face and grabbed my eyeball" Nathalia told them.

Liz- I don't want Nathalia to lose an eye, Jamie you crossed the line.

"Look at your face" Jamie exclaimed.

"Because you scratched my eyeballs" Nathalia told her.

"I didn't miss nothing I see it now" Keke exclaimed as she walked out the Beauty Room.

Nathalia walked out the Beauty Room and went into her room and pulled out her makeup mirror.

Nathalia- Because of all this fighting, and eye scratching I have to go to the hospital to check on my eye, like who does that in a fight.

Nathalia walked out the house and went towards a blue van, when she got in a closed the door, the van took off out the driveway and went to the hospital.

Jamie walked out the Beauty Room and went towards the producers.

"Hey there" The man old her.

"Hi" Jamie replied.

"We have to talk" he told her. "We reviewed the tapes and going through them from the fight between you and Nathalia there was excessive violence, you went for scratching her in the eyeballs, which leaves her eyeballs psychically scratched"

Jamie nodded her head.

"That type of violence is what we will not tolerate, so we are going to ask that you pack" He told her.


"So they want to send me home, Nathalia is clearly going about "Oh My God my eye, such a baby, but next time I see you bitch you will fear me, Because it's fine that I'm going home, I'm not upset that I went out with Nathalia's eyes getting fucked up, I didn't like her anyways.


Jamie walked out the house with her things and went towards a blue van waiting for her.

Jamie- Being in the bad girls house is not something that I really expected.

[Jamie walking into the house]

[Jamie grabbing Danie and punching her in the head]

[Jamie pulling Nathalia's bun and punching her in the head]

Jamie- My only regret is not staying to the end but it is what it is.

Jamie put her stuff in the van and got in, when the door closed the van took off out the driveway and disappeared into the night.

Nathalia into the house and headed upstairs when she got the she saw one of the producers sitting on her bed.

Nathalia put her things down and sat down next to the producer.

"Ok so we have watched all the tapes" He told her.

Nathalia nodded her head.

"Of all the altercations from the last couple of nights, the ones that you were the first person that made contact first on a few, so you have been deemed of liability, so you are actually be" He told her.

"Leaving as well" Nathalia finished for him.

"Yeah" he replied to her. "So I have to ask you to pack all you things"

"Yeah" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Are you okay?" He asked her.

"I'm actually glad to go home because it, hair can grow back" Nathalia told him.

Nathalia- I did want to stay to the end but it's almost like bittersweet because I kinda do want to go home, I already made my mark here, all these girls are scared of me, they're so boring, like I don't want to be living here in a boring house, I'm just ready to stuffed stuff into suitcases, and get the hell out.

Nathalia brought down all her suitcases and put them by the door.

Nathalia- Coming into the bad girls house is exactly what I expected to happen, the baddest of the bad is going home and these girls are a waste of my time.

[Nathalia pushing Liz]

[Nathalia punching Vicky in the head]

[Nathalia getting her hair pulled]

[Nathalia punching Jamie in the side of her head]

Nathalia- I'm glad to leave this house and I honestly hope that these girls are prepared to see me again.

Nathalia got inside the van and closed the door, the van took off disappearing into the night.]

"Wow you girls went through it!" Dina exclaimed.

"If Jamie hadn't jumped me then we would be cool right now" Nathalia remarked.

"Jamie didn't jump you" Ariana exclaimed.

"What you mean she didn't jump me?" Nathalia exclaimed as she stood up.

"She pulled your hair but you didn't swing at her" Lauren remarked.

"I suckered punched her in her face" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Wait, wait, wait" Dina exclaimed,"Keke and Ariana Hush," Dina turned towards Nathalia,"Nathalia do you think you and Jamie can ever re-establish the friendship y'all once had?"

"Only time can tell" Nathalia replied.

"Well with that being said our last final 'Bad Girl' graced us with her presence but after fighting Jamie she decided to leave, please clap your hands for Danie" Dina exclaimed.

Daniella walked from backstage her hair was put with big bouncy curls while split down the middle,she was wearing a Black Plunging V Neck Jumpsuit with Black White Print Oversized High Heel Pumps.


[Daniella walking into the house, drinking shots, dancing in the club, being dragged by Jamie, walking out the house]

Daniella walked on stage.

"Hey there girl" Dina told her.

Daniella walked to her seat,"Hey Dina, and what's up to everyone I'm cool with"

"Danie you left the house after fighting Jamie, can you tell us why?" Dina asked her.

"Do y'all really want me to enlighten y'all on what really happened?" Daniella asked them,"Because what I'm a say will be the truth and nothing from it"

Dina nodded her head, "Enlighten me"

"Okay so that night I got into that fight in the club, right when I get home Ariana comes to me and tells me what's up and why I felt some type of way towards Jamie, so me and Jamie got into a fight" Daniella explained,"What they didn't show was me punching Keke in her damn eye before I walked out"

"Wait what?" Dina asked.

"I popped Keke in her eye before I walked out" Daniella exclaimed.

"I heard you, Keke what do you have to say?" Dina asked her.

Lauren rolled her eyes,"Like she's nothing but a waste like she really had most of us thinking that she had a drinking problem"

"And if I did so what, I'll wake up and drink" Daniella exclaimed,"You over there acting like you the peacemaker now because all you did was really manipulate situations, I'm backstage and Miranda comes in the dressing room talking about her getting jumped on stage, what the fuck is wrong with you girls, y'all claiming that you changed but haven't proved it yet"

The audience applauded Daniella.

"You are one talking!" Lauren exclaimed.

"Why you say that?" Daniella asked her.

"You wanted to be all on twitter saying how you was going to fight me, but you right there but haven't stepped to me yet." Lauren remarked.

"It wasn't just you, Icky Vicky over there was going to get some too" Daniella replied.

"Who the fuck is Icky Vicky?" Victoria exclaimed.

"Now see I told them backstage that if you got loud with me I was going to throw my shoe at you, say something else Vicky I dare you!" Daniella exclaimed as she started slipping off one of her heels. "Now like I was saying, Keke, what happened between me and Jamie was between us if she wanted to talk to me about things then she can at her own time."

"Shut the fuck up" Lauren told her,"You just now talking shit because you think Nathalia is your friend now, if that bitch was your friend she would've had your back in the house"

"All of you bitches were never my friend" Daniella exclaimed as she threw her hands up.

"Okay, Lauren what is your real beef with Danie?" Dina asked her.

"I don't have no beef with the bitch" Lauren exclaimed.

"Fuck that shit Keke, say what you told me backstage" Elizabeth told her.

"And what did I say?" Lauren asked her.

"Really?" Elizabeth exclaimed,"So you didn't say that Danie better speak up or get beat up?"

"At the end of the neither of you bitches will touch me" Daniella exclaimed as she pointed at Ariana, Elizabeth, Lauren, and Victoria.

"Oh trust, I'll do something" Elizabeth exclaimed as she sat at the edge of the couch.

"Come on then!" Daniella exclaimed.

Elizabeth and Daniella both stood up at the same time and lunged at each other. Daniella threw the first punch which landed at Elizabeth's eye, Elizabeth grabbed at Daniella's hair and yanked real hard, making herself and Daniella fall on the stage. Security guards ran up and pulled Daniella off of Elizabeth.

"I'm good she didn't do no damage" Daniella exclaimed.

Elizabeth stood up and walked back to her seat, while fixing her hair.

"Danie can you take your seat?" Dina asked her.

"No, I can't" Daniella replied,"I'm not going to sit until everyone who feel like they want to fight me act up on those feelings right now."

Nobody stood up or said anything.

"Okay now I'll sit" Daniella exclaimed as she sat down next to Nathalia.

Dina looked at Jamie,"Jamie can you tell everyone here why you attack Danie?"

"I sure can, that night Danie, Keke came to me and said that you was talking about me behind my back and when I walked upstairs I heard my name and my child being brought into it so I had to defend myself and child"

"I respect you for saying that because I was lost when you came at me and swung at me, but just to clear it up did I bash your child?" Daniella asked.

Jamie shook her head in disagreement.

"Thank you that's all I wanted to know" Daniella told her.

"I want to roll the clip" Dina exclaimed,"Let's see what started a fight between these two lovely girls"

[The girls all gathered around the living room.

"Okay so we all heard what Danie said right" Keke asked them.

"Honestly I feel like we should hear from Danie why she doesn't like Jamie" Ariana told them.

"I agree we already have enough tension in the house we don't need more drama" Liz exclaimed.

Ariana stood up and went upstairs.

Ariana- I feel like we shouldn't talk about someone unless we hear both sides and if i feel that way then let me go and find out the issue.

Ariana walked into her room and turned on the lights, she walked over to Danie's bed.

Ariana poked Danie "Danie wake up I want to talk to you"

Danie looked up at Ariana.

(scene shift)

Keke- since Ariana had this brilliant idea why don't I add something to it how about she talks to Danie and I talk to Jamie.

Keke found Jamie in the kitchen "Hey Jamie, I wanted to let you know that Danie said that she wanted to fight you but Ariana is upstairs talking to her so wait for Ariana to leave" Keke told her.

Jamie looked right at Keke wide-eyed.

Jamie- Keke just came up to me and said that Danie is talking about me only thing going through my mind is that if this bitch is trying to pull some bullshit over me then I'm coming after her.

Jamie nodded her head and she went upstairs.

(scene shift)

Ariana sat on Danie's bed "I just want to know how do you feel about Jamie"

Danie shrugged her shoulders "In all honesty I feel like she shouldn't be here when she has a child at home it's your responsibility not anyone else's and she is a waste of time in the house"

"How is she a waste of time" Ariana asked her.

"Like I know that you would jump in a fight for your friend,Liz, but Jamie would let Nathalia and Ashley get their ass whooped." Danie told her.

Jamie was outside the room when she heard all of this.

Jamie- So Keke was telling the truth, let me handle Danie real quick.

Jamie walked into the room.

"You want to bring my daughter into this" Jamie exclaimed as she grabbed Danie's hair and pulled her out the bed.

Danie swung her fist out and socked Jamie in the face. Jamie pulled Danie's hair and started punching Danie in the face

Ariana stood up and reached out trying to grab Jamie's fist before Jamie punched Danie again.

Danie started punching Jamie in the face repeatedly. A security guard came in the room and pulled Jamie away from Danie. When Jamie felt herself getting pulled away she dragged Danie on the floor by her hair.

Danie- Jamie who does that you caught me off guard like that shit isn't cool.

Danie pulled hair back as the security guards took Jamie outside the room.

Danie- After that fight I'm over this whole experience, you guys can fight over the drama I'm out.

Danie walked out the house towards a blue van waiting in front of the house.

Danie- What I've learned being in this house is you don't know who to trust , Honestly I don't have to prove to these girls why I'm a bad girl.

The van pulled out of the driveway of the and headed towards the airport.]

"Jamie do you regret fighting Danie, just from looking at that clip?" Dina asked her.

Jamie nodded her head in agreement,"I honestly do because she said nothing but the truth; yeah I should've been at home instead of on a reality show where I can get bashed 24/7; I didn't know Nathalia or Ashley enough to jump in a fight for them, so of course I feel bad for hitting this girl"

Dina start clapping,"Y'all give her a round of applause for that"

The audience and some of the girls started clapping.

Dina looks at Lauren,"Keke I'm a be honest with you; I want to smack the taste out of you because it looked like you wanted to instigate that even after you knew that Ariana was going upstairs"

"No I didn't" Lauren exclaimed.

"Yes you did," Dina told her,"You purposely went into that kitchen and tried to have Jamie confront Danie for something that was said, Ariana was trying to avoid that from happening"

"Whatever" Lauren mumbled.

"It's not whatever Keke" Ariana exclaimed,"I didn't even know you did that to begin with"

"Okay big deal" Lauren told her.

"It's not a fucking big deal it was petty" Ariana told her.

"Girl bye" Lauren told her.

Ariana stood up,"Let me get real close to you real quick" she exclaimed as she walked towards Lauren.

"You don't understand that was a bitch move" Ariana told her as she got in Lauren's face.

The audience started going 'ooohhh'.

"That's it you're fucking delusional if you think that is normal" Ariana told her,"You dumb bitch"

Ariana mushed Lauren's head back, Lauren lunged up and tried to punch Ariana, but Ariana mushed her again. Lauren latched on to Ariana's hair; Ariana started decking Lauren in the head. Two huge security guards ran on stage and grabbed Lauren and Ariana; Ariana swung between the two guards and punched Lauren in the head. Lauren started pulling Ariana's hair; security guards were trying to pull Ariana away from Lauren. Lauren started walking across the stage while pulling Ariana's hair with her, so when she got by Elizabeth, Lauren punched Ariana in the head and let her hair go. Lauren was escorted backstage.

"While things are calming down I want to talk about one thing that threw everyone off" Dina exclaimed, "Ashley you was supposedly BFFs with Miranda, do you regret anything towards her?"

"I regret not having her back" Ashley replied.

"How can you say you had her back when you didn't even have yours" Erin exclaimed.

"Anyways" Ashley remarked.

Erin lunged at Ashley, Ashley kicked out at Erin while swinging out her fists. Erin scooped Ashley by her head; Ashley landed on the floor while still swinging at Erin. Security guards ran on the stage and tried to grab Erin and Ashley; one security guard grabbed Ashley and tried to take her off stage.

"Let me go! LET ME GO!" Ashley exclaimed as she tried to get away from security guard; she was taken backstage.

Erin was fixing her hair while looking towards Ashley.

"You on my list bitch, you a hating ass bitch, you didn't make the cut fit replacement GO HOME BITCH!" Ashley exclaimed as she was being held back.

"You flew" Dina exclaimed towards Erin.

Ashley took one of her heels and threw it towards Erin.

Erin ran off the stage, and went backstage.

"What's up BITCH" Ashley exclaimed.

The started flapping from all the movement, a security guard ran backstage.

"They back there fighting" Jessica exclaimed.

"BACKSTAGE" Dina exclaimed as she stood up.

"COME ON BITCH! COME ON!" Ashley yelled.

"DUMBASS BITCH!" Erin yelled.

"OH shit" Dina exclaimed.

"RUN UP AGAIN BITCH" Ashley yelled.

"Suck my dick bitch" Erin exclaimed.

"I know you got one bitch because you look like a man" Ashley exclaimed.

Ashley was being held back by security guards and producers while Erin was being told to go back out there.

"I said it already, bitch got me fucked up" Erin exclaimed as she walked back out.

"Erin are you good?" Dina asked her.

"I'm good bitch didn't do no damage" Erin replied.

"She hit me while I was sitting down; bitch if you got a problem tell me we can square up,"Ashley exclaimed,"But you ain't got to do that punk ass shit, YOU PUSSY ASS BITCH"

Erin stood up.


Erin sat back down,"I told them already I was going to fight her and she got that ass whooped"

"BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP" Ashley yelled.

The audience started laughing.

Erin was about to stand up.

"No, Erin chill" Dina told her.

"Let me fade that bitch" Ashley asked the producer.

"Well this is a shocking way to end the reunion but there is one question that I will like to ask," Dina exclaimed,"If given the opportunity would you girls do the Bad Girls Club all over again? Let's start with you Danie"

"Yes I would do it all over again" Daniella exclaimed.


"I'd definitely do it all over again, I'd just wouldn't entertain the petty things" Nathalia replied.

The audience applauded her for that.


"I would definitely do this again, it's a learning experience" Miranda replied.


"I wouldn't do it again just for the simple fact that it wasn't for me" Erin replied.


"I wouldn't because I have a daughter to raise" Jamie replied.


"If given the chance I would do it again but I'll definitely want to be an Original" Jessica replied.

"I respect that, Logan?"

"I'd definitely would do it again, but only if I get to be on there with Jessie" Logan replied.


"I'd definitely would do it again" Janel replied.


"This Party Girl will definitely do it all over again a 3rd time" Teddy replied.

The audience laughed at Teddy.


"I'd do it but with a whole different cast this time" Jennette replied.


"Yes, this wasn't for me to begin with but I don't mind telling girls about themselves" Victoria replied.


"No, this took a lot out of me and I don't think I could do it a second time" Ariana replied.

"And finally Liz"

"Yes, I'd do it just having the experience of what it was like I wouldn't mind being on the show again" Elizabeth replied.

"Well I guess this is a wrap from the peaches of the ATL, thank you girls for coming out and I think we all know who the baddest was and CONGRATS to Nathalia for winning Fan-Favorite of Atlanta." Dina exclaimed.

The girls all walked off the stage and went backstage.

"Well this season definitely takes the cake for having the most drama and replacements but what does Season 3 have prepared for us all the way in The Windy City, that's right Season 3 will be in Chicago and I can't wait to hopefully see and meet these girls face to face, without anymore delays check out this sneak peek for Bad Girls Club: Chicago" Dina explained.

(Yellow overlay effect)

{Overview of Chicago}

"Chicago; The Windy City"

{The house is shown from aerial view}

"I'm working on being me" Savannah screamed.

"Don't put your hand in my face" Camilla voiced out.

[Camilla throwing a pillow]


"I'm tired of smiling in bitches faces and acting like I don't care, I'm here to work on me" told the lifecoach.

"Don't fuck with me then" Camilla exclaimed.

[Maria and Milyn walking down the sidewalk]

"I'm learning how you need to be honest in this house, and just go with the flow" Milyn told the lifecoach as she was sitting on the couch.

[Savannah standing on the balcony, looking over Chicago, while her hair is blowing in the air]


"Bitch MOVE" Deja exclaimed.

[Security struggling holding Deja back, while she is hitting someone]

"You talked about everyone here"


"Come On You Dumb Hoe" Camilla exclaimed as she was standing in the living room.

"Bitch" Deja exclaimed as she tried to walk around Savannah.

[Deja punching Camilla in the face]

"How you going to be real with the next bitch?!" Savannah exclaimed.

Next Season on Bad Girls Club Chicago

(Neon Jungle starts playing in the background)

[Milyn twerking on a stripper pole]

"We're going to HAWAII" the girls started screaming.

[Hilary stumbling and trying to push Maria away from her]

"We're going to run this house" three girls yelled inside the confessional.

[Milyn standing in front of Camilla]

"I've never called her weak" Cassandra exclaimed.

[Deja slamming Camilla on the ground]

"Bitches always talking shit"

[Maria running up on Shay]

[The girls dancing in the club laughing (the screen goes black and white)]

[Savannah wrapping her hair up]

"There's seven girls here, we all won't get along you're my bitch I got your back" Camilla exclaimed to Savannah as they was outside in the backyard.

[Camilla and Savannah arguing in the limo]

"You suppose to be my sister, but you just making it worse" Rebecca exclaimed before she threw a pillow.

[Rebecca and Camilla arguing]

"Learn the motherfucking rules of this house before you make another bitch mad" Maria exclaimed.

[Maria fighting Rebecca on the patio]

"I'm ready what's up" Savannah exclaimed as she walked down the stairs.

[Rebecca getting dragged across the bed and punched in the back of the head]

[Rebecca pushing Hilary]

"I've kept it real" Camilla exclaimed.

[Camilla struggling in the security guards arms]

"PATTY WAGON ASS BITCH" Camilla yelled.

[Milyn reaching out and pulling Hilary's hair and falling into the flower bed]

"GO HOME BITCH" Deja exclaimed as she tried to move around security.

"This is my room, BITCH BYE!" Savannah yelled as she stood on top of her bed pounding her fists.

[Savannah and Maria pulling each other's hair]

"I don't give a fuck no more" Cassandra exclaimed as she broke down crying.

[Savannah punching Maria in the face]

[Deja sucker punching Camilla]

[Hilary and Milyn fighting in the club]

[Blondie getting her hair pulled and swing and then getting punched]

[Rockstar 101 by Rihanna {Butch Clancy Remix} started playing in background]


[Milyn's hair getting pulled while she is pulling Rebecca's hair and getting thrown to the ground]

"What the fuck you thought this was? You gotta GO!" Savannah exclaimed.


[Savannah and Maria in the hot tub]


[Milyn leaning over security in the limo]

"Bitch I'm a knock you the fuck out" Milyn told Hilary as she was leaning over her.


[Maria putting her hair in a ponytail]


[Camilla get pulled down to ground]


[Milyn getting carried out by the police]

[Deja socking Camilla in the face and dragging her around the floor]

[Hilary getting punched in the face]

[Cassandra getting pulled across the bed]