Last Time On Bad Girls Club: Atlanta, Seven proclaimed Bad girls walked into a mansion and got to know each other. These girls have to live in a house for three months and must deal with their own room mates issues and pet peeves, this season will be in Atlanta, The girls come in the Atlanta mansion and finally meet each other. Before the girls go to the club Nathalia makes a comment about one of the girls to Jamie. After the girls come back to the house, Liz addresses Nathalia at the house when an argument happens a bad girls has made her mark to the rest of the house.

This time on Bad Girls Club: Atlanta, After a night out a sloppy Danie verbally attacks Jamie. When Ariana takes out her way to talk with Danie,she tells Ariana how she really feels about Jamie, which leads to Jamie attacking Danie. After the fight is over a bad girl decides to leave the house, when the replacement comes in the girls go out their way to be friendly with girl and Nathalia shows how she feels about the replacement which backfires on her.

I don't Own Bad Girls Club nor do I own any of these characters but I will be using some girls from Nick shows to be bad girls. Also, these girls were picked out by me, and I picked their personalities but altered some because they couldn't all be bad girls. Also I hate flamers so if we can keep that as a no-go I'm all good thank you guys for liking and review the season so far.



** Name**

Name- Interview


Bad Girls Age Hometown "Bad Girls" nickname

'Phone conversation'


Daniella "Danie" Monet 24 Los Angeles, CA "The Devious Diva" [Leaves in Chapter 2]

Elizabeth "Liz" Gilles 21 Haworth, NJ "The Rough Rider"

Nathalia Ramos 21 Madrid, SPN "The Sultry Siren"

Ariana Grande 21 Boca Raton, FL "The Snowflake"

Ashley Argota 21 Redlands, CA "The Cali Contender"

Jamie Spears 22 Kentwood, LA "The Rough Rider"

Lauren "Keke" Palmer 21 Harvey, IL "The Harvey Heartbreaker"


Victoria "Vicky" Justice 21 Hollywood, FL "The South Beach Rebel" [Replaces Daniella in chapter 2]

Departures/Reasons for leaving

Daniella voluntarily leaves the house after an altercation with Jamie.

["I was saying how it was fake of you to act that way when Keke came through the door when she got here" Nathalia told her as she stood up.

Liz- Like I said if she wants to fight than we can fight.

Liz looked at Nathalia "What you standing up for?"

"I'm trying to go to bed and you want to question me, like it's really none of your business" Nathalia told her.

"I knew you was shady because I wasn't even trying to come at you but since you want to get loud" Liz told her.

Nathalia pushed Liz.

"You stupid bitch" Liz exclaimed a she got back up and charged at Nathalia.

Nathalia punched Liz in the face. While Liz pulled Nathalia's hair and punching her in the side of the head. Nathalia fell back from the punch and she pulled Liz's hair. Liz started punching Nathalia harder in the back of her head. Nathalia was struggling a she tried to get up when she finally did, she grabbed Liz's hand and tried to punch Liz in the face. Two security guards came and tried to break them up when they did Liz was escorted downstairs, while Nathalia was forced to stay in her room.

"You stupid ass bitch I'll fuck you up you dumb ass hoe" Nathalia exclaimed as she tried to go around the security guard.

Liz charged right back into the room and grabbed Nathalia's hair and yanked on it real hard. A security guard tried to break Liz's grip but Nathalia started punching Liz in the face.]

A security guard tried to stop Nathalia's punches but she was still swinging. Liz reached out and grabbed Nathalia's hair and slung it to the side real hard. Nathalia fell to the ground from the force of the slung and felt punches to her face and head.

Liz started punching Nathalia in the face. Nathalia tried to grab Liz's hands.

A security guard grabbed Liz and stopped her assault on Nathalia.

Liz was escorted outside while Nathalia was sitting on her bed.

Nathalia- Liz you want to fight me I thought me and you was cool but obviously i thought wrong and the issue was with Keke not you.

Nathalia stood up and walked towards the hallway.

"What I do?" Nathalia screamed. "I tried to be cool but you guys want to fight me"

Outside, Liz was sitting on the steps shaking her legs.

Liz- Right now I'm a bit nervous because I instigated the fight between me and Nathalia, so I could be going home but I don't feel bad for what I did to her.

The producer walked out the house and sat by Liz.

"So we've decided to send you to a hotel for the night to calm down from what happened, and we will see from there what will happen" The producer told her.

Liz- I'm glad that i don't have to leave but I showed Nathalia who is against her in this house and who can act on their actions because I'm not scared to have this girl leave this house.

Liz stood up and went back inside the house, she went upstairs and grabbed a change of clothes and went back outside she saw a blue van waiting for her and she got in. The van took off out the driveway heading to a hotel.

Nathalia laid down in her bed and went to sleep.

The next morning, Danie woke up with a huge hangover. Danie walked to the confessional


"So last night I got pretty wasted never in my life have I ever dunk so much alcohol but I know that if I do I need to stay away from Jamie"


Danie got up and walked out the room and went into the kitchen where she saw Nathalia.

Nathalia saw Danie and stood up and tried to leave the kitchen.

"Wait where are you going" Danie asked her.

"I'm trying real hard not to see Liz or Keke now" Nathalia told her.

Nathalia- So last night it showed where I stand in this house like to me it's divided into three cliques maybe two.

Nathalia walked out the kitchen and went to sit on the couch.

Ariana walked downstairs.

Ariana- Last night Liz had to go to a hotel and now I want to avoid Nathalia but I want to hear from her view what happened.

Nathalia saw Ariana and tried to get up.

"No sit, I want to talk to you" Ariana told her when she took a seat next to her.

"About what?" Nathalia asked her.

"About what happened last night" Ariana told her.

Nathalia closed her eyes and took a deep breath "Okay so I was getting ready for bed when Liz came in my room asking me questions, about why Keke came at me in the limo, I stood up and I pushed her she charged at me and then we started fighting"

Nathalia- Ariana is really cool I know I might not be good in Liz's and Keke's books but at least Ariana is giving me a chance.

"So this started because Liz came in your room" Ariana asked her.

Nathalia nodded her head.

"I just wanted to know how you felt about the situation" Ariana told her, as she stood up from the couch.

Nathalia shook her head and went upstairs.


Nathalia what can I say about you? Girl you must have issues I heard your side but next time I won't sit down and talk with you I'll just swing on you and you can go home after that.


Ariana walked out the confessional and sat on her bed.

Downstairs, Liz came through the door with a blue jean jacket, a dark green shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of black sneaker wedges on.

"I'm back bitches" Liz screamed as she put her stuff on the couch.

Nathalia- Are you kidding me, the bitch you should have sent home is back in this house do you understand how hard it is for me not to punch her ass now.

Keke ran from the kitchen and tackled Liz on the couch with a hug.

Ariana ran from upstairs with Ashley right behind her and dog piled Liz in hugs.

Danie walked from the bar area and saw the girls hugging Liz.

Danie- come on Guys like really she is not that important and if she was then I would hug her, Liz boo you are nothing but another irrelevant girl to me and unlike Nathalia I'll lay your ass out if you ever put your hands on me.

Danie walked back into the bar area sipping from her cup.

Seven hours later the girls are in the Beauty room getting ready.

"You guys I don't know if I should go" Jamie exclaimed as she had her hair in rollers.

"You should come" Nathalia and Keke said at the same time.

"I'm not feeling it you guys go on without me" Jamie told them as she stood up.

Danie- Honestly I'm glad that Jamie isn't coming she did nothing but dance all night, and when her friend got into it with someone where was she at? Jamie this to me shows that you are a bad mom.

Danie zipped up her ankle length heels and stood up she went to the mirror and looked at herself.

"Hey guys you ready to go?" she asked them as she pushed her hair back.

Keke looked at Danie.

Keke- Okay so here is Danie wearing a pink tank top with a white shirt hanging under it with a black lace jacket with a pair of booty shorts and a pair of spaghetti strapped ankle length zipped up heels.

Keke stood up and brushed her hair to one side, she looked down at her strapless black cotton dress and bent over to make sure her black cotton heels was the right shade to match her dress.

Ashley went to the same mirror Danie was at and looked at her self she nodded her head at her hot pink metallic U-ring fitted club mini dress, and pink spaghetti strapped heels.

Nathalia looked at the rest of the girls and rolled her eyes, she stood up and went over to Danie and Ashley and checked herself out to, she looked up and down at her red pleated strapless cocktail pencil dress and red suede pumps.

Ariana was the last one to finish, she stood up and she spun around in her white mini dress silver sequin club dance dress and she looked down at her white strappy open toe heels.

The girls walked out the house and got inside the limo waiting for them. Jamie closed the house door when the limo pulled out the driveway.

Jamie- So I decided that I'm staying home for the night not because I know how drama starts but I'm out of it so when these girls get home I'll be asleep.

Keke- So tonight we're going to the Sutra Lounge and this time if shot goes down I'll be ready to defend myself.

The limo pulled up in front of the club, and the girls got out and went ahead of the line. When they went inside the club they were met with a 'Soldier By: Amba Shepherd' and people dancing.

Keke and Liz went to the dance floor with Ariana and Ashley.

Nathalia and Danie went over to the bar and ordered drinks.

Danie grabbed her glass and threw back.

Nathalia laughed at her.

Danie- I really don't care if this starts mess but I feel like me and Nathalia are real cool and I like it.

Nathalia grabbed her shot glass and threw it back.

Jamie walked to the phone room she moved the little pillow and took a seat on the red couch.

Jamie typed in a number.


"Hey" Jamie exclaimed to the phone.

'What you need'

"I just wanted to check my little girl how she doing" Jamie asked.

'she was crying after you left but she is alright she's asleep'

Jamie sniffed and wiped her eyes.

Jamie- coming to this house I had to leave my little girl and it's breaking my heart being far away from her.

"Okay I just wanted to check on y'all and see how you guys are doing without me" Jamie told them.

'we all miss you and we want you home so bad but you have to handle you business Jamie, even when it gets tough'

"Okay bye Ma" Jamie said before she hung up the phone.

Keke and Liz were sitting down at one of the tables.

"Okay tell me what happened last night" Keke asked her.

"I walked into Nathalia's room and asked her why you came at her in the limo, she started getting smart with me and she stood up, I asked her why she stood up and she said that she was trying to go to sleep and then when I got in her face she pushed me and we just started fighting." Liz explained to her.

"She deserved what she got" Keke told her as she swung her hair behind her head.

"All I know is if she comes at me she will regret it" Liz told her.

All of a sudden they heard glass was broken and then a big huddle started over there on the dance floor. They stood up and went over to the dance floor to see what the commotion was all about.

Danie was on the dance floor with her drink in her hand and a guy was behind her with his hands on her waist. Danie took a sip from her drink and started to grind on the guy behind her. Danie rubbed her hand through her hair. All of a sudden Danie felt somebody push her and she fell to the ground, when she looked up she saw her glass was broken and a woman yelling at the guy she was dancing with, Danie stood up and walked over to the woman and tapped on her shoulders.

"Excuse me, Did you just push me" Danie asked her.

"Yes I did" the woman told her.

"Can I ask why you pushed me" Danie told her.

"Because I don't let no hoe dance on my man" The woman told her.

Danie- So this bitch wants to call me a hoe let me show her what this hoe can do.

When the woman turned around, Danie grabbed her hair and slung her to the ground. The young woman started pulling Danie's hair, Danie punched the woman in her face and started dragging her on the floor.

Liz and Keke got through the huge huddle and was surprised to Danie fighting. Keke ran over and tried to grab Danie, while Liz grabbed the woman.

Danie was crouched over the woman punching her in the face while the woman was kicking her legs trying to get Danie off of her.

Keke pulled Danie off of the woman and held back by the waist.

"Bitch call me another one I'll beat your ass again you stupid bitch" Danie screamed as she was taken outside.

Nathalia, Ariana, and Ashley all ran outside to go check on Danie, Keke came back inside to check the damage Danie did to young woman. Keke saw that the woman was escorted to the back where she was getting checked on, so she turned around and went back outside.

Danie was outside with the other girls pacing around the in front of the club.

Ashley grabbed Danie's arm and told her to breathe.

Danie took a deep breath "That bitch is lucky she isn't Jamie because if Jamie would have said that bullshit to me then I would've fucked her up" she exclaimed.

The girls all looked at Danie.

Nathalia- Are you fucking kidding me, Danie you attacking a girl who isn't even here and plus you're drunk and you have no idea what you just said.

The limo pulled up and the girls let Danie get in first, after that they got in and Ariana closed the door. The limo took off towards the mansion, when it pulled into the driveway and stopped in front of the door, the girls all got out and went inside the house. Danie closed the house door and went upstairs to her bed.

The girls all gather around the living room.

"Okay so we all heard what Danie said right" Keke asked them.

"Honestly I feel like we should hear from Danie why she doesn't like Jamie" Ariana told them.

"I agree we already have enough tension in the house we don't need more drama" Liz exclaimed.

Ariana stood up and went upstairs.

Ariana- I feel like we shouldn't talk about someone unless we hear both sides and if i feel that way then let me go and find out the issue.

Ariana walked into her room and turned on the lights, she walked over to Danie's bed.

Ariana poked Danie "Danie wake up I want to talk to you"

Danie looked up at Ariana.

Keke- since Ariana had this brilliant idea why don't I add something to it how about she talks to Danie and I talk to Jamie.

Keke found Jamie in the kitchen "Hey Jamie, I wanted to let you know that Danie said that she wanted to fight you but Ariana is upstairs talking to her so wait for Ariana to leave" Keke told her.

Jamie looked right at Keke wide-eyed.

Jamie- Keke just came up to me and said that Danie is talking about me only thing going through my mind is that if this bitch is trying to pull some bullshit over me then I'm coming after her.

Jamie nodded her head and she went upstairs.

Ariana sat on Danie's bed "I just want to know how do you feel about Jamie"

Danie shrugged her shoulders "In all honesty I feel like she shouldn't be here when she has a child at home it's your responsibility not anyone else's and she is a waste of time in the house"

"How is she a waste of time" Ariana asked her.

"Like I know that you would jump in a fight for your friend,Liz, but Jamie would let Nathalia and Ashley get their ass whooped." Danie told her.

Jamie was outside the room when she heard all of this.

Jamie- So Keke was telling the truth, let me handle Danie real quick.

Jamie walked into the room.

"You want to bring my daughter into this" Jamie exclaimed as she grabbed Danie's hair and pulled her out the bed.

Danie swung her fist out and socked Jamie in the face. Jamie pulled Danie's hair and started punching Danie in the face

Ariana stood up and reached out trying to grab Jamie's fist before Jamie punched Danie again.

Danie started punching Jamie in the face repeatedly. A security guard came in the room and pulled Jamie away from Danie. When Jamie felt herself getting pulled away she dragged Danie on the floor by her hair.

Danie- Jamie who does that you caught me off guard like that shit isn't cool.

Danie pulled hair back as the security guards took Jamie outside the room.

Danie- After that fight I'm over this whole experience, you guys can fight over the drama I'm out.

Danie walked out the house towards a blue van waiting in front of the house.

Danie- What I've learned being in this house is you don't know who to trust , Honestly I don't have to prove to these girls why I'm a bad girl.

The van pulled out of the driveway of the and headed towards the airport.

The next day Ariana and Liz woke up to an empty bed in their room.

Ariana- Danie left last night and she didn't tell anyone goodbye.

Liz- Danie what type of Bad Girl leaves the house because of a fight, you looked week anyway.

Ariana walked downstairs and went into the bar area, when she walked in she saw a new cut out where Danie's use to be at.

The new girl's cut out was a picture of a girl with brown hair and tanned skin.

A young woman wearing a red blouse with black tights and cheetah print heels, was sitting in a limo. "I'm a fun person when I want to be but when the Hispanic Girl comes out run like hell" Victoria. Age: 21. Nickname: The South Beach Rebel. Hometown: Hollywood, FL. "I know what I'm capable of and I hope that these girls don't try me because I'll show them what it really means to be a bad girl.

Vicky got out the limo and went up the front steps.

Vicky- I hope that these girls don't try anything with me because I'm ready for anything.

Vicky opened the door and walked into the house.

"Ladies" Vicky exclaimed as she walked into the house.

Ariana came downstairs and saw Vicky.

"Hey there" Ariana told her.

Vicky smiled at Ariana. Keke came from the living room and saw the new girl and Ariana talking. Keke walked up to the new girl.

"Hey I'm Keke" Keke told her.

"I'm Vicky" she told her.

Vicky-This girl walks up to me and she looks real cool so I'll keep myself close to these two girls.

Vicky, Ariana, and Keke all started laughing.

The girls were in the Beauty Room getting ready for the night.

Keke spun around in a black and white squared sheath dress with peep toe thin stripes stiletto high heels suede sandals.

Liz was wearing a royal blue studded cutout pattern one shoulder club dress with cobalt blue patent leather & suede pumps.

Ariana fluffed her hair while looking in the mirror at her exotic apparel white dress and white 2013 spring PU surface 15 cm high heels.

Vicky was sitting next Ariana "This is going to be a great experienced for me because replacements are stronger than the originals"

Nathalia rolled her eyes at Vicky's comment while she straightened out her hair.

Nathalia- Replacements are stronger than the originals, that doesn't even make sense Vicky.

Jamie was curling her hair, when she finished she spun around in her

Ashley looking in the mirror at her lace inset one shoulder hot pink club mini dress and rivet high heel 6 platform Gold/Pink/Sliver sandals.

Nathalia stood up and spun around in a royal blue halter flowing drape dress with royal blue velvet faux leather rhinestone strappy open toe platform heels.

The girls all walked out the house and went towards the limo.

Nathalia- Tonight we're going to Club Starlight and I feel like something will happen at the end of the night.

The limo pulled in front off the club and the girls got out and went inside the club. Keke and Ashley went to the dance floor, Liz and Ariana was dancing on each other, Jamie and Nathalia was dancing on the floor with two guys, while Vicky was sitting down in the lounge taking drinks.

Vicky- I'm just sitting back and watching these girls and see who I have to watch out for.

Nathalia threw her drink back and grabbed Jamie's arm and pulled her to the side.

"I feel some type of way towards Vicky" Nathalia told Jamie.

"Why she just got here" Jamie told her.

"It's because of the 'replacements are stronger than the originals' comment" Nathalia.

"Do what you have to just know I got your back" Jamie told her.

Nathalia- Tonight I'm going to show Vicky who is stronger a replacement or original.

The girls all headed to the limo, Liz had closed the door. The limo took off heading to the mansion. When it pulled up into the driveway, the girls all got out, Vicky headed towards the phone room, while the other girls were in the kitchen.

Nathalia was leaning on the counter.

"You know what fuck Vicky" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Ohhh" Keke exclaimed.

"But I bet you won't say that to her face though" Ashley exclaimed.

Nathalia walked over to the phone room and opened the door.

"Fuck you Vicky" Nathalia told her.

Vicky looked up from the phone "You have a problem with me?" she asked.

"Fuck you Vicky" Nathalia told her again as she closed the door to the phone room and locked the door.

Vicky ran from the chair to door, she started tapping on the glass "Open the door" she told them.

"Open the door" Ariana exclaimed.

Keke walked to the phone room"I'm a let her out" she told the girls "I'm a let you out" she told Vicky, as she unlocked and opened the door.

Vicky walked up to Nathalia "Do you have a problem with me?" she questioned Nathalia.

"I do a little" Nathalia told her.

Nathalia- Everybody knows that I have no problem fighting anyone in this house especially Vicky. So if Vicky want some then she can get what Liz got to.

"Did I offend anyone else" Vicky exclaimed.

"You said Replacements are stronger than the Originals" Nathalia exclaimed.

"I've been calm" Vicky exclaimed.

"You said Replacements are stronger than the Originals" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Do you have a problem with me?" Vicky asked Nathalia.

"I'm not saying that" Nathalia told her. "I heard that-"

"Do you have a problem with me?" Vicky asked her.

"I don't have a problem with you" Nathalia told her.

"Punch me in my face then" Vicky told her.

Nathalia shoved Vicky "I'm not going to punch you in the face" she told her.

Vicky reached out and grabbed Nathalia's hair and slung her into the pantry door, Nathalia started punching Vicky in the head, when Nathalia's body hit the pantry door she stumbled from the impact and she started punching harder at Vicky's had.

Next Time On Bad Girls Club:

[Nathalia and Vicky fighting]

[Nathalia being pushed by Keke]

[Jamie and Nathalia fighting]

[Two girls walking up the steps of the house]

The next episode is called: Tap In Tap Out

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