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Yang huffed as she made her way back to their table. Lunch was the usual fare, nothing too special or noteworthy, but for some reason she just felt something was off with the slice of bread that came along with her tray of food.

Ruby immediately noticed her sister's somewhat dour mood. "Hey sis, why the long face at lunch? Something wrong?"

The blonde smiled gently and shook her head. "Nah... Just... Something's not quite right..."

Nora pointed at Yang's plate with her fork. "I know what's not right there. You're not eating a balanced meal!"

Ren simply shook his head before spearing a few carrots on his own fork. "Don't talk with a full mouth, Nora. You know that already." He then turned to Yang, who still eyed her plate rather disdainfully. "But she's right, you must balance your diet. Yin and Yang must be in perfect balance to achieve harmony, inside and out."

Pyrrha glanced sideways, thoughtfully chewing on a mouthful of steak. "Is that one of your mystical philosphies, Ren?"

The conversation went on around them, Blake not really participating, but keeping an eye on the blonde. She still hadn't touched her plate.

Blake inwardly sighed and was about to close her book, when a sudden slam of palms on their table shook her back. Yang was now standing up, eyes still on her plate, but with a look that implied she had found a cure for all illness. "I've got it!"

"You've got what?" Weiss asked, rather uninterested, as she continued her meal in silent grace, unaffected by the blonde's sudden burst of energy.

Yang grinned at them and grabbed the bread slice, then popped it in her mouth. "Tomorrow, you'll see what I mean." She then proceeded to sit and wolf down the rest of her meal.

The next day, all of team JNPR and Ruby, Weiss and Blake were at their table, but Yang was nowhere to be seen. Ruby kept on turning her head, trying to spot her sister's unmistakable cowlick across the sea of heads. "Where is she...? Yang said yesterday..."

Blake was also discreetly searching, but failed to find her partner's bright hair. That is, until about three seconds later when she saw a rather surprising sight.

Yang was approaching them, her normal clothes covered by an apron and her head with a chef's toque blanche set on top. She was pushing a trolley and something divinely fragrant was coming from the platter it held.

The aroma was simply enticing, as everyone the blonde passed stopped whatever they were doing and turned, eyes closed and taking a deep whiff. Even Weiss couldn't help but do the same and whisper, "That is certainly heavenly..."

Ruby was on her feet, standing by the trolley. "Er... What's in this, sis?"

Yang grinned and put one flour-dusted hand on top of the shiny cover. "I proudly present to y'all..."

She paused for dramatic effect. Feeling the eyes of everyone on her, she lifted the cover with a flourish, unleashing the full aroma of the platter's content. "Ta-daaah! My own specialty baked buns!"

The platter held eight pieces of round bread, each one roughly two hands' full, and quite obviously freshly made. On the surface, nothing was too special about the appearance of the golden brown crust, but even Blake's mouth was starting to water when the blonde cut into one and halved it. Inside was a filling of a combination of soft meat, steamed vegetables, and a few peas.

Jaune was the first to comment and reach out for one. "Wow, you made these?"

Yang grinned triumphantly as she handed out one for each. "Yup, and I'm damn proud of 'em!"

Blake tried to hide the eagerness in her voice, but her eyes belied it. "I never knew you could do something like this." Ruby nodded assent as she bit into the bun in her hands, savoring the meaty and savory aroma.

"Eh, not like I could do this everyday. Besides, nobody asked."

Weiss rolled her eyes. "Showoff." However, she herself couldn't hide the satisfaction in her face as she slowly chewed.

Yang clapped her hands in front of her. "Alright, mission accomplished! Oh, and I also taught the cooks how to do that. They liked it so much, said they'll make this once a week." With that, Yang took a big bite out of her own bun, chewing in contentment. Hey, it's not everyday I get to do something like this, she thought to herself. Besides, you don't see a brawler baker everyday, do ya?

Heh, I wasn't really thinking while my hands typed all that out. I put all blame to the sinfully soft bread I was snacking on earlier.

Oh, and toque blanche means 'white hat' (literally) in French, and if you do a Google image search you'll see that this is the chef's hat everyone's so familiar with.

Now that I have had a few moments to read through this, I think it makes sense. After all, innately warm hands make for a good batch of loaves. (Yakitate Ja-Pan, anyone?)