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Let the show begin!

Ruby glanced over at everyone. Weiss was visibly breathing deeply, Blake's reaction time was slowing noticeably, and Yang's timing was getting skewed off.

She decided it was enough. They were all working themselves too far. "Alright, everyone, let's take a break," she said a little too high-pitched.

Weiss turned on her, indignant. "What?! No! We haven't even gotten half of the timing right!" Ruby mentally rolled her eyes at this. Weiss, ever the perfectionist.

Blake eased her stance, lowering her arms. "Ruby has a point. We've been performing poorly this past hour. We should take a break."

Yang yawned widely, stretching her arms. "Idunno 'bout you guys but I'm absolutely famished. Wonder what they have in the cafeter- Wait, I forgot, we're in the middle of nowhere..."

Weiss crossed her arms and audibly hmph'ed. "And where do you propose to get food at this ungodly place?"

Ruby looked around. They were dropped off in this spot some four hours ago, with a crate of something they didn't bother checking at the time. Granted, she was curious what it contained, but Weiss' rare burst of enthusiasm at the team assignment that Glynda herself gave each team to do pushed the idea to the back of her mind. Now it resurfaced, as she walked around the wooden box, nailed shut with Beacon Academy's logo stencil-painted over each side.

Apparently, Blake was also curious as to the box's content. "What do you suppose is inside?"

Ruby peered a little closer, trying to look for telltale cracks or openings. "I don't know yet..."

Everyone turned as a familiar cocking sound came up. "Then let's find out!" Three pairs of eyes were now on Yang, about a foot away from the box, directly opposite of Blake's. The blonde's right arm was bent back, in a pose all of them knew too well - Yang was readying for a power shot with her fist and Ember Celica.

"No! Don't do it you—!" Weiss' arm shot up, about to stop Yang...

Then the explosion came, and the smoke. "—You blonde dolt." Weiss finished in a low tone, her arm going down in exasperation.

The box's contents were apparently safe, so Blake decided to inspect closer. "This... Appears to be..."

Ruby pulled out a meat cleaver out of the pile effortlessly, holding it up. "Kitchen utensils!"

Blake's golden eyes narrowed. "... Are they going to have us stay here for more than a day...?"

Weiss sighed, plucking out a steel mug. "Perhaps. But I suppose they could have at least made sure there was some sort of food ready..."

Ruby smiled, gently at first, increasing by the minute. "But they did! Look, there's a river nearby, then there's the wild animals we've seen since we got here, and I'm sure we can find edible nuts and berries here—"

Yang interrupted the red-haired girl's increasing speedtalking. "Wait, wait, wait, wait. You mean there's ACTUALLY something we can eat here?"

Ruby, still in good spirits, nodded and grinned. "Yeah, I've read somewhere that a river is the easiest place to get food in a pinch. We can get freshwater mussels, or catch fish, and lots of edible plants grow near water."

Blake hid a smile. "It looks like all your time in the library is paying off."

"Yeah, and if we're just careful about it, we can also catch some wild animals and cook some stew!" Ruby went on, her hands rubbing together.

Weiss suppressed a smile at their leader's energy. "That's fine and all, but how do you propose that we— hey!"

Ruby had disappeared in a shower of rose petals, zinging past Weiss and leaving some petals drifting towards the heiress' face. A few moments later, Ruby came zipping back with a few cattail tubers in her hand, holding them out to the white-haired girl. "Here! Cattail tubers, these are pretty good. Although I think we should boil them, or something..."

Blake took them from the younger girl's hand and headed straight to the now-destroyed box, pulling out various pots and pans. "Leave these to me. You go and get us something to eat."

Ruby's grin grew wider. "On it!"

About half an hour later, they saw Ruby struggling with something by the treeline. Yang was the first to saunter towards the red cloaked girl. "Hey sis! Anything weighing you down?"

Ruby only grunted in response and tugged at something beyond the blonde's line of sight. Upon coming closer, Yang couldn't stop a gasp.

Ruby was singlehandedly pulling a male hart stag, freshly killed and almost halved - quite obviously from Crescent Rose - by herself.

Yang edged Ruby off, took a deep breath, and shoved her hands under the large carcass. She then grunted deeply and heaved the dead animal off of the ground and onto her shoulders, the weight somewhat unexpected as she nearly buckled forward. Ruby tried to help by attempting to balance the weight, but Yang just grinned at her. "You go on ahead sis, I'll take care of this for ya."

"What in the world is the meaning of th— wow." Weiss was struck speechless at the size of the animal on Yang's shoulders. It was easily the size of a full grown Ursa, and about the same bulk.

"That's quite the kill. Should last us for a few days, at least." Blake had also come closer, nodding slightly in approval at Ruby's kill.

"Uh, guys, can y'all get outta the way? This thing's HEAVY!" Yang gritted her teeth and started trudging towards camp.

"Huh, and you were the one who asked what was weighing me down." Ruby said to no one in particular, causing Yang to groan and Weiss to stifle a chuckle.

Later, the three other girls decided Ruby would be the one to cook. "Why me?!" the younger girl had wailed.

"Because it was your idea we stop for a break," Weiss pointed her forefinger at her leader's nose. "And besides, you can't expect me to do something so menial as cooking—"

"But you'll have to, eventually." Yang cut in, slyly winking at Blake. "It's always a wise move to learn what you can."

"Did you just insult me?" The Schnee girl narrowed her blue eyes at the blonde's lilac ones. "I swear I have never been so—"

"Relax, Weiss, Yang didn't mean anything rude," Ruby gently put a hand on her partner's shoulder while stepping directly between them. "But she's right, it's a wi-I mean, a smart move to learn whatever you can. It's what anyone would have expected of you."

Yang shrugged while Blake only sighed from behind her book. "Not my fault your name sounded close. But I'll just shut up now."

Ruby turned back to cooking while the two remained staring daggers at each other, Blake completely unmoved.

Ruby wore a makeshift apron and held the meat cleaver in her left hand. "Now... Taste my blade!" The knife went up, paused in mid-air for a few seconds, and descended upon meat, tomatoes, mushroom, carrots, and celery.

She paused at the last item on the chopping board (Yang's initial reaction to it was, "Seriously? EVEN a CHOPPING BOARD?! Wow, how thoughtful"). It was a big, red onion. Ruby approached it with trepidation, aware of its ability to reduce everyone to tears. Literally.

Hesitation finally overcame Ruby, for the first time. Blake noticed this from the corner of her eye,a nd lowered the book. "Is anything the matter, Ruby?"

Ruby turned, a sheepish grin on her face. "Y-Yeah, t-totally fine!" She turned back to the chopping board and the lone onion, psyching herself up. "I can do this! If I could find a way to take down a Nevermore, I can take down one onion!"

An idea struck the red-haired girl. She put down the knife, reached behind her, and whiffed Crescent Rose a few times around her. Three seconds later, the onion slid downward, sliced cleanly diagonally across. "Success!"

About an hour later, Ruby was humming as she was taking off her apron. The aroma of a hearty stew was in the air, and Yang was already fidgety waiting for it. Blake would glance up every now and then, impatience becoming obvious in the golden orbs. The Schnee heiress was also obviously trying to hide her impatience, but broke first. "How much longer is that going to be, Ruby?"

"Not much longer," the redhead answered without looking. As if cued by something unseen, Ruby turned and gently eased the Dust crystal-powered stove to 'Off', and donned a mitt on her right hand. The scent proved to be even better when the lid was off - it promised a very satisfying meal.

And as Ruby ladled out generous servings, she was slightly (not) surprised to find Nora coming closer, eyes closed and letting her nose lead, followed closely by Ren, Pyrrha and Jaune. "Oooohh... That smells good..."

And suffice to say it all ended up like a picnic.

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