Author's note: I am sorry for the mistakes I did in the last chapter (the date, for example)! And I am very sorry for the awful speed of update. I was wondering about one thing… What is your opinion about the story? Do you like it? Should I add something? Is something wrong with the way I picture Sherlock?


How sweet of you to write a diary. I never thought that of you.
But it does make you human. (I might write this on my blog ;) )
About those things you feel in your body, it is feelings, Mr Holmes. You don't have to like
them, but they will remain just
where they are.
Oh, and thank you for the compliment about my
actions in the case of Anderson's visit. I did quite enjoy it.
You should run your own blog. People want to
hear this. This is pure gossip from the heart of the
heartless Sherlock Holmes. Sorry, did I say "blog"? I
meant "novel". You'd sell better than Twilight and
Harry Potter together. Now, I'll leave your privacy alone.
Good bye, Sherlock.