Shantae's Farting Problem

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: Shantae farting. It was only a matter of time, right? Even though I'm not exactly psyched for Shantae & the Pirate's Curse.

Shantae jumped her way up to the deck of Risky's ship, which was docked near Scuttle Town.

"Not you again! What do you want this time?" Shantae exclaimed, clenching her fists, ready to kick some pirate booty.

Risky laughed heartedly at Shantae. "I'm just here to raid your precious little town of its booty! And I won't let you and your big booty get in the way!"

"Hey! My butt is not that big!" Shantae growled. "Besides, I'm sure yours is bigger!"

Risky hissed at the half-genie. "Oh you'll pay for that one, Chump-tae!" Risky pulled out a brown colored genie lamp from out of nowhere, holding it up in the air and aiming it at Shantae, the lamp glowing and firing a beam at Shantae.

"What did you do?" Shantae blatantly asked.

Risky grinned mischievously. "Oh you'll see soon enough. Ho Ho Ho!"

A group of three Tinkerbats came out of nowhere, grabbing Shantae and throwing her off the ship. Shantae got up, dusting herself off. "What was that all about?" Shantae watched as Risky's ship sailed off. "Oh well. At least she's gone." Shantae put her hands on herself. "I don't think that lamp had any effect on me..."

Then much to her surprise, Shantae farted loudly, her red pants being puffed up by the loud gas blast. "Did...did I just...?"

Shantae put her hands on her butt, her next loud fart puffing up her red pants. "Why am I so gassy all of a sudden?"

Another loud fart burst from Shantae's butt, catching her off guard before she shook her fists in a pout. "Ohh, that notorious b-witch Risky did this to me!" Shantae sighed as she pooted loudly again, her fart sounding deep pitched. "At least now I know where she got her name."