Shantae giggled as she was doing various dance moves while letting out as many of her farts as possible, the people of Scuttle Town giving her odd or disgusted looks, some of them actually being aroused by the half-genie's sexy flatulence.

"Sorry about this, but I gotta dance this gas out!" Shantae stated as she swung her hips, releasing a fart with each swing, smelling how rotten her farts were. "Phew! I don't know about you, but my farting butt is Ret-2-Go!"

Meanwhile, Mayor Scuttlebutt was watching from afar. "Oh Shantae, what am I going to do with you?" he sighed.

"She does this all the time." Sky shook her head, her arms being crossed. "You'd think she take herself seriously as this town's guardian half-genie." Sky watched as Shantae bent over, farting a huge poot in her direction, much to her annoyance as she fanned the air, disgusted by Shantae's stinky butt gas.

"Ho ho ho! Smell aside, it's fun watching her make a fool of herself!" Risky Boots heartily laughed as she fanned the fart gas away, before frowning from seeing Shantae shart herself all of a sudden. "Oh who am I kidding? She's so gross! And there's people out there that actually like it!"

"Oh crap…" Shantae frowned, noticing the brown stain on the back of her harem jeans. "S-Sorry about that, folks! This doesn't usually happen…"

"Oh, good one girlfriend!" Rottytops cheered, showing up out of nowhere, having come just to enjoy Shantae's farting, smiling as she purposely took in the half-genie's rotten wind, loving how it smelled.

"Rotty, why do you love my farts so much?" Shantae asked, being weirded out by Rotty's attitude toward her farting.

"Because, it smells so rotten, just like me!" Rotty giggled as she ripped a big fart of her own, smelling it as she fanned it away. "Peeyew! My own farts smell worse than I do!"

"Yeah no kidding!" Shantae remarked as she plugged her nose, letting out another huge fart in an attempt to drown out Rotty's.

"Oh yes keep it coming!" Rotty claimed gleefully as she stood behind Shantae's butt, taking in her gas.

Shantae looked at her friend, shrugging as she kept dancing, which continued to bring her farts out, the half-genie girl farting up a thunderous fart storm while she danced, whether the people of Scuttle Town liked it or not.